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Boone County Missouri 1830 Census

This is the initial test of the Boone County Missouri Census project. We will provide scanned images of the census microfilm and as transcription is done, that will be added and indexed to the site.

We scanned the images at 2700DPI (dots per inch) which yields a fairly large image (about 2700 x 2500 typically). Since most people do not have their computer monitors set to that high a resolution on their monitors, (many are at 1024x768 or perhaps 1280x1024), we thought that dealing with the larger images, while they do have merit in interpreting hard to read script, was a bit much. So we provide half sized images (usually 1300 x 1200) which are still very readable but easier to see more of the page.

The 1830 census is microfilmed in two sections for a single census "page". The first section for a page is of the left half which normally contains the head of household name and primary count information, labeled A in the table below. The second section is the right side which contains additional count information, notably slaves, free colored persons and disabled, labeled B in the table.

We extracted the section with the head of household names from the large images and provided them as a easy way to view just that section of the census. Those are labeled N in the table below. We expect this to be used primarily in transcribing the names. Please note sometimes we had to include the first count column since some individuals names extended into that column.

WARNING -- the full sized image are very large (around 600KB) and on a modem link can take some time to download. If you are using a cable modem or DSL link, they are quite tolerable. The half sized images are naturally around 300KB, large if you are downloading frequently or many, but once the transcription is done they should seldom be needed except to double check a spelling or just to see the page on which your ancestor was recorded.

As transcriptions become available, the transcription column will contain links to that information. The status conditions in the Transcription column are:
"Needs TR" - transcription volunteer needed
"Doing TR" - transcription in process
"Needs PRF" - transcription done, needs proofing

I am somewhat confused about the area covered by page 104. Page 103 shows totals for the Rocky Fork township. Page 104 is marked RockyFork with no totals, and page 105 is marked Perche township. Whether page 104 is part of Rocky Fork as labeled or really part of Perche is an open question. The total pages at the end have the results added as part of the Rocky Fork totals, so I presume it must be counted there. Also of note, the microfile records have no page 134. Presumably it was blank between the last of Cedar township and the page totals pages.

To jump to a particular page, click the page number in the left most column and the transcript will be positioned to that pages data (if it has been transcribed). To jump to the beginning of the 1830 transcript, click here.

Transcription Status Images
Name Extract Half size Full size
microfilm roll title
0       roll  
Boone County intro page
88       88B  
Columbia township, Town of Columbia
89   Needs PRF 89N 89A - 89B 89A - 89B
90   Needs PRF 90N 90A - 90B 90A - 90B
91   Needs PRF 91N 91A - 91B 91A - 91B
Town of Columbia ends on 91, Columbia township continues
92   Needs PRF 92N 92A - 92B 92A - 92B
93   Needs PRF 93N 93A - 93B 93A - 93B
94   Needs PRF 94N 94A - 94B 94A - 94B
95   Needs PRF 95N 95A - 95B 95A - 95B
96   Needs PRF 96N 96A - 96B 96A - 96B
97   Needs PRF 97N 97A - 97B 97A - 97B
98   Needs PRF 98N 98A - 98B 98A - 98B
99   Needs PRF 99N 99A - 99B 99A - 99B
Rocky Fork township
100   Needs TR 100N 100A - 100B 100A - 100B
101   Needs TR 101N 101A - 101B 101A - 101B
102   Needs TR 102N 102A - 102B 102A - 102B
103   Needs TR 103N 103A - 103B 103A - 103B
104   Needs TR 104N 104A - 104B 104A - 104B
Perche township
105   Needs TR 105N 105A - 105B 105A - 105B
106   Needs TR 106N 106A - 106B 106A - 106B
107   Needs TR 107N 107A - 107B 107A - 107B
108   Needs TR 108N 108A - 108B 108A - 108B
109   Needs TR 109N 109A - 109B 109A - 109B
110   Needs TR 110N 110A - 110B 110A - 110B
111   Needs TR 111N 111A - 111B 111A - 111B
112   Needs TR 112N 112A - 112B 112A - 112B
Missouri township
113   Needs TR 113N 113A - 113B 113A - 113B
114   Needs TR 114N 114A - 114B 114A - 114B
115   Needs TR 115N 115A - 115B 115A - 115B
116   Needs TR 116N 116A - 116B 116A - 116B
117   Needs TR 117N 117A - 117B 117A - 117B
118   Needs TR 118N 118A - 118B 118A - 118B
119   Needs TR 119N 119A - 119B 119A - 119B
120   Needs TR 120N 120A - 120B 120A - 120B
121   Needs TR 121N 121A - 121B 121A - 121B
122   Needs TR 122N 122A - 122B 122A - 122B
123   Needs TR 123N 123A - 123B 123A - 123B
Cedar township
124   Needs TR 124N 124A - 124B 124A - 124B
125   Needs TR 125N 125A - 125B 125A - 125B
126   Needs TR 126N 126A - 126B 126A - 126B
127   Needs TR 127N 127A - 127B 127A - 127B
128   Needs TR 128N 128A - 128B 128A - 128B
129   Needs TR 129N 129A - 129B 129A - 129B
130   Needs TR 130N 130A - 130B 130A - 130B
131   Needs TR 131N 131A - 131B 131A - 131B
132   Needs TR 132N 132A - 132B 132A - 132B
133   Needs TR 133N 133A - 133B 133A - 133B
Count totals pages
135   Needs PRF   135A - 135B 135A - 135B
136   Needs PRF   136A - 136B 136A - 136B
137   Doing TR   137A - 137B 137A - 137B

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