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Boone County info The Cities of Boone County Missouri - Past and Present

The following is a description of the locations of some of the towns, communities and villages of Boone county that were extinct as of 1899 when this issue of the Missouri Statesman was published.

Missouri Statesman
Columbia, Boone County, Missouri, September 29, 1899


Names of Villages that Flourished in the Early History of Boone County, but are no More.

The early history of Boone county and the deeds on file in the office of the circuit clerk contain references to towns and villages that are now extinct. Some of them were of importance in their day and we expect to publish more concerning them in the near future.

For the present we will content ourselves with a partial list of the towns which have long since disappeared from the map and almost from the memory of man.

Petersburg -- the birthplace of Mrs. John A. Logan, in Bourbon township, between Hallsville and Sturgeon.

Old Summerville -- a village east of Deer Park and near the Callaway line.

Stonesport -- a promising young "city," about a mile above Claysville, laid out in 1836.

Middleton -- 4 miles west of where Hallsville now stands.

Lexington -- on Thrall's Prairie.

Germantown -- a small settlement in Perche township.

"Persia" -- a little town at the junction of Perche creek with the Booneslick Trace.

Nashville -- laid out in 1819 just below Providence. Had several business houses, warehouse, post office. River swept it away.

Lebanon -- once stood near present side of Browns Station but was never half so large.

Smithton -- half a mile west of Boone county court house. Town was moved to Flat Branch to get near water and named Columbia.

Prairie City -- a Bourbon township village with a promising future.

Bourbonton -- afterwards called "Buena Vista," was just west of where Sturgeon stands, and was abandoned in favor of the new town Sturgeon.

Greenland -- flourished for a short time only, between Woodlandville and Harrisburg.

There may have been other early towns now extinct and almost forgotten. Any information about those mentioned or any not named will be thankfully received.


The current cities, towns, villages and communities of Boone County. Many of the unincorporated communities are simply "wide spots in the road", but are listed here for completeness.

Name Date
Class 1990
Ammon unincorporated Switzler p.1076
Ashland 1877 4th 1,252 Switzler p.633-638
Switzler p.519-521
Browns Station unincorporated Switzler p.739-741
Centralia 1867 4th 3,414
Columbia 1826 Home
Claysville unincorporated
Deer Park unincorporated
Easley unincorporated
Elm Tree unincorporated
Englewood unincorporated
Fairway unincorporated
Hallsville 1957 4th 917
Harg unincorporated
Harrisburg 1897 Village 169
Hinton unincorporated
Huntsdale unincorporated
McBaine unincorporated
Midway unincorporated
Murry unincorporated
Pierpont unincorporated
Prathersville unincorporated
Riggs unincorporated
Rocheport 1835 4th 255
Rucker unincorporated
Sapp unincorporated
Shaw unincorporated
Sturgeon 1856 4th 838
Summerville unincorporated Plotted in 1848 by Ensibus Hubbard and David Jacob, it derived its name from a town in Kentucky.
Lat 385138N, Lon 0921239W
Wilton unincorporated
Woodlandville unincorporated

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