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Welcome to the WWW home page for Boone County Missouri genealogy. We hope that the information provided on these pages will be useful in tracing your Missouri ancestors. We intend to continue to add information to these pages and to improve this site as much as possible. Your suggestions are always welcome and thank you for visiting our little corner of the WWW.

Because these pages are spreading wider and wider, it can be difficult to locate newly added information. Check out the updates page to see what has been changed or added recently. You can also search the pages for a particular name or place.

Just so there is no confusion, the following disclaimer is included. These pages are NOT part of and have NO affiliation with the Government of Boone County. These pages are created and maintained by a private organization which happens to be residing in Boone County Missouri. The use of the Boone County seal is not intended to mispresent the origin of the pages.

Missouri county outlinesThe county of Boone was formed on 16 November 1820 as a territorial county emerging from the vastly larger territorial county of Howard and for a time being known as part of "Boone's Lick Country". This county was named in honor of the famous Kentucky explorer, Daniel Boone, who spent his latter years in eastern Missouri. Note that the early records of the area use both spellings: Boone and Boon. For a longer history on the founding of Boone County, click here.

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