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The Founding Families of the University of Missouri

This information has been provided courtesy of the University of Missouri-Columbia and the Missouri State Archives.

In early 1839 a contest was created between the central counties of Missouri to determine which county was to host the State University. To those farsighted pioneers of Boone County, we owe them a debt we can never repay.

A Bill was passed in Jefferson City that read:

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Missouri, as follows:

Sec. 1. That Peter H. Burnett, of Clay; Chancey Durkee, of Lewis, Archibald Gamble, of St. Louis; John Bryan, of Washington; and John S. Phelps, of Green county, are hereby appointed commissioners, any three of whom shall have power to act in the selection of a site for the state university.

Sec. 2. The site of the university shall contain at least forty acres of land, in a compact form, within two miles of the county seat of the county of Cole, Cooper, Howard, Boone, Callaway, or Saline, to be selected in the manner hereinafter provided.

Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the commissioners to meet at the city of Jefferson, on the first Monday of June next, and thereafter to meet at such time as they shall appoint at the county seat of each county mentioned in the preceding section. When assembled in any county, the commissioners shall receive conveyances of such land as may be offered as a site for the university, which conveyance shall be for at least forty acres of land within the distance of the county seats above specified, and shall be made to the state, with general warranty, specifying that the land conveyed is for a site for the university and conditioned to be void if the university shall not be located thereon.

Sec. 4. Where other real estate shall be granted to the state, either by the county or private individuals, the same shall be conveyed by deed of general warranty, for the use and benefit of the university, conditioned, that the said deed shall be void if it is not located in the county making such conveyance.

Sec. 5. All the real estate conveyed, shall be examined and valued by the commissioners, keeping in view the object for which it is intended, and they shall at the time of the valuation inscribe the value thereof, upon the deeds, by which said lands are conveyed, and also place the amount of such valuation, in a book to be procured by them for that purpose, describing the lands conveyed, and naming the county wherein it is situated.

Sec. 6. The commissioners shall also receive sealed bids from the different counties and from the citizens thereof, for such sums of money and may be secured to the state for the use and benefit of the university.

Sec. 7. In all instances where individuals bid, they shall sign a subscription paper to the following effect: - "We the undersigned whose names are hereto subscribed, agree and bind ourselves to pay to the state of Missouri the sum oposite [sic] our names, one half in one, and the balance in two years, from the first day of June 1839, for the use and benefit of the state university, provided, that it is located in ___________ county, and each sum subscribed shall be written out at length in words.

Sec. 8. The commissioners shall receive, in each county from at least fifteen responsible individuals, a guarantee for the payment of the whole amount subscribed by the citizens thereof, which guarantee shall be in writing affixed at the bottom of each subscription paper, and in the following words: - "We the undersigned jointly and severally hereby guarantee the payment of each sum above subscribed." and the same shall be signed by them.

Sec. 9. After the commissioners shall have visited the different counties, and received the bids according to the provisions of this act, they shall repair to the seat of government, and the bids shall be there opened in the manner hereinafter prescribed.

Sec. 10. Each county court of the counties entitled to bid, shall appoint one citizen from their respective counties, whose duty it shall be to attend on such day at the seat of government, as shall be appointed by the commissioners for the purpose of opening and comparing the bids made by the different counties, and any county failing to bid or send a citizen, it shall not invalidate the action of the commissioners, but they shall go on with their duties in the same manner as if every county had bid and was represented.

Sec. 11. The bids shall be opened, and the additions made, in presence of the commissioners, and of the individuals, appointed by the different county courts, or such of them as are in attendance, and receive the bids of the Counties named in the second section of this act, and the place presenting the most advantages to be derived to said university, keeping in view the amount subscribed, and locality and general advantages shall be entitled to its location, and shall be published in each newspapes [sic] published in the City of Jefferson.

Sec. 12. The commissioners shall return to the counties which do not obtain the university the subscription papers, and the deeds of conveyance, which they may have received from them, or their citizens, and they shall be cancelled.

Sec. 13. If there shall be on any lands granted for the use of the University, and within two miles of the site selected, any building adapted to the use of a College or Seminary, such building shall be appropriated to such use untill [sic] other sufficient buildings shall be erected on the site of a Univesity [sic].

Sec. 14. If such lands and buildings, shall have been granted by the trustees of any incorportated College or Seminary, the corporation shall not thereby be dissolved but such College or Seminary, shall be deemed a College or Seminary of the University, and subject to regulation and government as such.

Sec. 15. Until a State University shall be instituted and incorporated, and provisions made for the government of the Colleges and Seminaries thereof, the trustees making a grant as in the preceeding [sic] section specified, shall continue to have the powers and privileges vested in them by their charter of incorporation; except the property granted by them should be vested in the State, for the uses specified in the grant.

Sec. 16. It shall be the duty of the Commissioners immediately after selecting the site for the University, to deposit with the Auditor of Public accounts, all conveyances for land, and all subscriptions within the County in which the site is selected.

Sec. 17. The Auditor of Public accounts as soon as the subscription or any part thereof shall become due, shall place the evidences of such subscription in the hands of the Attorney prosecuting for the state, in the county in which the subscribers reside for collection, taking the receipt of the Attorney therefor.

Sec. 18. It shall be the duty of such Attorney to collect the money subscribed without unnecessary delay, and cause the same to be paid into the State Treasury for the use of the University.

Sec. 19. All money which shall be collected under the provisions of the act shall be applied, so far as the same may be necessary for the purpose, to the construction of necessary buildings, on the site selected in such a manner as the General Assembly shall by law direct.

Sec. 30. [sic] Any vacancy happening in the board of Commissioners either by death or otherwise, the remaining Commissioners shall fill the same, but shall select no person having a direct interest in choosing the site, and who does not live at least 100 miles from each county entitled to bid.

Sec. 21. Each Commissioner before entering upon the discharge of his duty shall take an oath before same Judge or Justice of the peace, that he will faithfully and impartially perform the trust reposed in him.

Sec. 22. The said commissioners in addition to the oath already required to be taken, shall first take and subscribe the following oath to wit: That he is not directly or indirectly interested in any real estate, in either of the counties herein named to wit: Callaway, Boone, Howard, Saline, Cooper, or Cole.

Sec. 23. The commissioners appointed under the provisions of this act shall receive the sum of three dollars per day for each day they shall be engaged in the discharge of their duties, and 12 cents per mile, for every mile they shall necessarily travel in performing in the duties confided to them, and upon the presention of their accounts to the Auditor, he shall draw his warrant upon the State Treasurer for the amount due each commissioner, who shall pay the same out of any monies belonging to the State and not otherwise appropriated.

Sec. 24. The persons who attend the meeting of the commissioners shall receive the same per diem allowance as is received by the commissioners, to be paid out of the respective county treasuries.

This act to take effect from its passage.

On the 24th of June, 1839, the commissioners reviewed the following bids, made the following award.

The Commissioners appointed by law to select a site for the State University have agreed unanimously in the choice of Boone County for its locations.

Given under our hands at the City of Jefferson, this twenty-fourth day of June, in the year 1839.


The following is a list of the 869 donors for this successful bid for the site of the state university. Where the amount is known to be over $100, it is listed. If multiple source information conflict, the alternative information is listed in ( ).

Again, Thomas
Akeman, John
Alexander, Joshua
Allen, Thomas M. - [$600.00]
Ambrose, Allen H.
Ambrose, William
Anderson, Henry A. - [$100.00]
Angell, Robt.
Armstrong, Abner E. - [$100.00]
Arnold, James - [$100.00]
Arnold, M.R. - [$250.00]
Arnold, Thos. T. - [$200.00]
Asbury, Calvin
Asbury, Rolly
Austin, James
Baker, Hiram
Baker, Jeptha
Baker, John H. - [$100.00]
Baker, Joshua
Baker, Moses - [$100.00]
Baker, Willis T.
Balden, John A.
Ballenger, Edward
Ballenger, Elijah
Ballenger, Elijah Sr.
Ballenger, James E.
Ballenger, James
Ballenger, Minor W.
Barclay, John
Barger, A.B.
Barger, James C.
Barnes, Azal
Barnes, Benjamin - [$100.00]
Barnes, James - [$100.00]
Barnes, John
Barnes, Matthew
Barnes, Philip - [$100.00]
Barnett, Athanasius
Barr, Robert S. - [$1077.00]
Barrett, Richard
Barton, Jonathan
Basnett, John
Bass, Eli E. - [$3000.00]
Bass, Lawrence - [$300.00]
Batterton, George
Batterton, John - [$100.00]
Batterton, Moses
Batterton, Samuel
Beasley, Hiram
Beasley, Thomas
Beasly, Ephraim
Beasly, James - [$100.00]
Beattie, Armstrong
Beattie, Mary - [$100.00]
Bedil, Wm.
Bedworth, Noah
Bell, T.E.
Bellamy, William
Beman, R.
Bennett, Dabny
Bennett, J.H.
Bennett, Levi
Bergen, Jno.
Berman, R.
Berry, Benjamin - [$100.00]
Berry, David C.
Berry, William
Berry, William T.
Bishop, Levin
Black, James
Black, Jno. M.
Black, Reuben D. - [$200.00]
Blackburn, Jesse
Boggs, Tyre R.
Boggs, William
Boldin, Samuel
Bondurant, Caleb - [$100.00]
Bandurant, Geo. M.
Bondurant, R.A.
Bonnett, J.H. - [$1500.00]
Boothe, David
Boothe, Elijah
Boothe, Sarah
Boswell, Marshall
Bowling, Jas.
Boyce, James J.
Bradford, Austin - [$400.00]
Bradley, Joel
Branham, C.C. - [$100.00]
Branham, R.C. - [$500.00]
Brinegar, David
Brinegar, Jno.
Brinegar, Wm.
Brink, Hibert L.
Brooks, James
Brooks, Thomas W.
Broughton, John H.
Brown, Haden
Brown, James
Brown, James R. - [$200.00]
Brown, Joseph - [$150.00]
Brown, Thomas
Brushwood, Fountain
Brushwood, Jno.
Bryan, Jas. H. - [$1000.00]
Bryan, John H.
Bryan, Littleton - [$350.00]
Bryan, Milton
Bryan, Thos.
Bryant, Benjamin
Bryant, Hiram
Buckley, Thomas - [$200.00]
Bullard, Jesse
Burgin, John
Burk, James
Burk, Wm. H.
Burks, Wesley
Burnam, Squire
Burnett, Dabney
Burnett, Levi
Burris, Chas.
Burris, John
Burroughs, Travis
Campbell, Audley
Camplin, Edward - [$3000.00]
Candy, John
Carey, Lewis
Carpenter, Jos.
Carr, William S.
Carter, Armstead
Carter, Nelson - [$300.00]
Caruthers, Jno.
Castleman, Elbridge
Cave, Benjamin
Cave, E.H. - [$100.00]
Cave, Henry
Cave, William S. - [$150.00]
Cave, William Sr.
Chandler, James - [$100.00]
Chandler, Thomas
Christian, Wm.
Clark, Richard - [$100.00]
Claypool, Jacob N.
Claypool, Joseph M.
Coats, Henry
Cochran, John G.
Cochran, Robert - [$100.00]
Cochran, William - [$100.00]
Collins, Bartlett
Collins, Lewis H.
Colvin, Ambrose
Colvin, Garland
Colvin, Nancy
Conley, Benjamin - [$200.00]
Conley, Sanford
Connelly, Francis
Conner, Jas.
Conway, Francis F. - [$100.00]
Cook, Henry
Coons, Thomas
Coons, William
Copeland, Jno. Jr.
Copeland, Jno. Sr. (John Sr.) - [$100.00]
Coppage, Simeon
Corlew, John Jr.
Cornelius, Milton - [$100.00]
Cornelius, William - [$1000.00]
Cotton, John J. - [$200.00]
Cowan, Andrew - [$150.00]
Cowan, Elizabeth
Crews, Hiram
Crews, Stanley
Crews, Tho.
Crockett, James
Crockett, Joseph
Crockett, Samuel - [$100.00]
Cromwell, Richard - [$200.00]
Crop, Hy.
Crosthwaite, James
Crumbaugh, Henry - [$200.00]
Crump, Anderson
Crump, Joseph
Cunningham, James L. - [$100.00]
Cunningham, John - [$200.00]
Cunningham, Jno. M.
Curtis, Fielding - [$100.00]
Curtis, Nelson - [$300.00 or $350.00]
Dale, Jesse B. - [$150.00]
Daley, James W.
Daniel, Turner R. - [$200.00]
Davenport, Abraham - [$125.00]
Davenport, Jas.
Davenport, John
Davis, Elijah
Davis, James W.B.
Davis, John - [$200.00]
Davis, John
Davis, N.A.
Davis, Saml.
Dawson, John W.
Dennis, John B.
Dickerson, Barnett
Doan, Joseph
Dodd, Nath.
Dollard, John
Donnally, J.W. - [$100.00]
Dooley, Henry
Douglass, Alexander
Douglass, Jonathan
Douglass, William - [$100.00]
Downey, James M.
Downey, William
Doyle, Burton
Duggins, Thomas C.
Duncan, Nathaniel A.
Duncan, William H. - [$350.00]
Dunn, George W.
Dunn, James (Jas) - [$150.00]
Dunn, John
Easley, Edward - [$100.00]
Easley, Jno.
Ellington, A.M.
Elliott, Eppa
Elliott, Reuben
Ellis, John - [$100.00]
Ellis, Peter
Ellison, Parris
Englehart, Geo.
Estes, Berkley - [$300.00]
Estes, Joseph - [$200.00]
Estes, Richd.
Evans, Green
Evans, Stephen G. - [$150.00]
Evans, William
Fawcett, Wm. H.
Fenton, Caleb - [$100.00]
Fenton, Joel
Ferguson, James - [$200.00]
Ferguson, John - [$250.00]
Ferguson, Robert
Field, John H. - [$600.00]
Finley, Brutus W.
Finley, Filander - [$100.00]
Fleming, James
Fletcher, Thomas
Flournoy, Francis
Flynt, Thomas
Forbes, Reuben
Forbes, Robert
Forbis, Dennis
Forbis, Ed. Waller
Forbis, Jas. W.
Forbis, James Sr.
Forbis, R.P.
Fortney, John
Fortney, Kizzy
Fortney, Martin
Fountain, Joseph
Fountain, Matthew
Fountain, Peter Jr.
Fountain, Peter Sr.
Fowler, Joseph - [$100.00]
Frakes, Joseph
Fray, James S.
Freeman, Jonathan
French, Hugh
Furnish, E.C.
Gallop, Enoch Jr.
Gallop, Willis
Garth, Jefferson
Gentry, O.P. - [$250.00]
Gentry, R.H. - [$250.00]
George, William N. - [$150.00]
Gillispie, Abm.
Gillispie, David C.
Gillispie, Robert
Glenn, Alexander - [$100.00]
Gordon, David - [$500.00]
Gordon, George W. - [$200.00]
Gordon, James M. - [$150.00]
Gordon, John B. - [$300.00]
Goslin, Reuben
Goslin, Sylvester
Goslin, William - [$100.00]
Grady, Wilson
Graham, John
Graham, Robert M. - [$100.00]
Grant, Daniel - [$150.00]
Grant, Daniel Sr.
Grant, Eliza
Grant, James
Grant, Thomas D. - [$300.00]
Graves, Asa
Graves, Ed.
Green, Isaac
Green, James Sr.
Green, John Jr.
Green, John Sr.
Green, Squire
Griffy, Edmond B. (Edward B.) - [$100.00]
Grindstaff, Alexander
Guitar, John - [$1000.00]
Haden, Joel H. - [$100.00]
Haden, T.R.
Hamilton, F.A. - [$300.00]
Hancock. Stephen
Hannah, Andrew - [$150.00]
Hannah, Samuel - [$150.00]
Hard, Daniel
Hardin, Hannah - [$500.00]
Harris, Caleb R. - [$400.00]
Harris, J.W. (John W.) - [$100.00]
Harris, James - [$100.00]
Harris, James M.
Harris, John
Harris, Overton - [$100.00]
Harris, Tyre
Harris, Tyre Jr.
Hathman, James
Hatton, McMitchell
Haun, Jacob
Haun, Peter
Haun, Wilson
Hawkins, Elijah
Hawkins, James
Hawkins, Joel
Hawkins, Jos.
Hayden, Richard (Hapden, Richard) - [$100.00]
Hays, Charles
Hays, James G.
Hayton, William
Henderson, John - [$100.00]
Henry, Edward D.
Henry, John Todd - [$200.00]
Henry, Samuel S.
Hensley, Clifton
Hickam, E.C.
Hickam, George (George L.) - [$100.00]
Hickam, George H.
Hickam, John
Hickam, John H.
Hickam, Joseph W. (Hickman, Joseph W.) - [$100.00]
Hickam, Richard (Hickman, R.) - [$100.00]
Hickman, David H.
Hickman, David M. (D.N.) - [$200.00]
Hickman, William T. - [$100.00]
Hicks, Willis
Hicks, Young E. - [$500.00]
Hickum, George L.
Hill, Eli J.
Hill, John T. - [$200.00]
Hitt, William Y. - [$800.00]
Hockaday, P.B. - [$200.00]
Holloway, Calvin
Holloway, Thos. D.
Holmes, Silas
Hopper, James - [$100.00]
Hopper, John
Hoskins, James L.
Howard, J.B. (Joseph B.) - [$1750.00]
Hubbard, Daniel
Hubbard, Durrett
Hubbard, Durrett H.
Hubbard, George
Hubbard, Thomas B.
Huddleston, Saml. (Hudels, Samuel) - [$100.00]
Hudson, Richard
(Hudson, Samuel) - [$150.00]
Hughes, Elisha
Hulen, Ambrose
Hulen, John A.
Hulet, Lewis
Hulett, Stephen
Hulett, Wilkins W.
Hulin, C.T.
Hulin, Tayton
Hume, George - [$100.00]
Hume, Lewis
Hunt, L.B. - [$100.00]
Hunter, Daniel
Hunter, Enoch
Huston, Wm. (William B.) - [$150.00]
Jacobs, Greenberry
Jacobs, Harrison
Jacobs, Isaac
Jacobs, James R.
Jacobs, John B.
Janes, Wm.
Jeffrey, Isaac
Jeffrey, Isaac T.
Jennings, James C.
Jewell, Geo.
Jewell, T. Boyle (J. Boyle) - [$100.00]
Jewell, William - [$1800.00]
(Joel, George) - [$200.00]
Johnson, Elijah - [$200.00]
Johnson, J.E. - [$150.00]
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Samuel
Johnston, Jacob S. - [$100.00]
Johnston, John T.M. - [$100.00]
Johnston, Noah S. - [$100.00]
Johnston, William Henry
Jones, Christopher H.
Jones, Milton
Jones, Robert
Jones, William
Jones, William Sr.
Jones, William T.
Keene, Henry - [$125.00]
Keene, James S. - [$100.00]
Keene, John G. - [$100.00]
Keene, Matthew
Keene, Richard L. - [$100.00]
Keeton, Henry D.
Keith, John (Kieth, John) - [$200.00]
Kelly, Jas. (James) - [$100.00]
Kelly, William
Kemper, Peter
Kennan, Samuel - [$100.00]
Kennan, Thomas
(Kernan, John A.) - [$150.00]
Kidd, Allen H. - [$100.00]
Kimbrough, George W. - [$100.00]
Kimbrough, John W.
Kincaid, John
Kincaid, Joseph T.
King, James - [$100.00]
Kirkbride, Jonathan - [$500.00]
Kirtley, Sinclair - [$800.00]
Kuykendall, Jacob - [$100.00]
Lamme, David S. - [$1200.00]
(Lamme, D.S., L.P.L., & D.S.L.) - [$2000.00]
Lampton, Benj.
Lampton, James
Lampton, John - [$100.00]
Lampton, John G.
Lampton, Joshua - [$200.00]
Lampton, William - [$350.00]
Langston, Abraham
Lanham, Richard
Lawrence, George
Lawrence, William
Lear, James
Lee, William
Lemon, Robert - [$100.00]
Lemon, Robert Sr.
Lenoir, Walter R. - [$100.00]
Lenoir, William (William B.) - [$100.00]
Lepard, John
Lientz, Montgomery P. - [$125.00]
Little Hiram W.
Little, Jos. M.
Logan, John B.
Lowry, James (Lowery, James S.) - [$100.00]
Lyman, Rollin
Lynch, Jno. H. (John H.) - [$500.00]
Lynes, Wm.
Lyon, Eli
McAfee, R.L. - [$200.00]
McBaine, Ignatius
McBaine, Turner - [$100.00]
McBride, David
McBride, Jacob
McCarty, Dennis
McClintock, John - [$150.00]
McClure, William
McDonnell, James
McGuire, Allen
McGuire, Levi
McKinzie, Isaac
McNickel, John
McQueen, Ed.
McQuitty, Danl.
McQuitty, David
McQuitty, David Sr.
McVay, John P.
McVay, Wm. C.
March, Absalom
March, David
March, Stephen
Marney, Amos - [$500.00]
Marney, William
Mars, Eli
Martin, Foster
Martin, James - [$250.00]
Martin, John
Martin, L.R.
Martin, Robert
Martin, Tyre
Matthews, James L. - [$100.00]
Matthews, Milton S.
Matthews, Wm.
Maupin, Jno.
Maupin, Jno. M.
Maupin, Sidney
Maupin, Tho. C. - [$200.00]
Maupin, William - [$400.00]
Maxwell, John
May, Richard M.
Mayo, James
Mellen, Jesse
Melloway, Scott
Melvin, Hugh
Melvin, James W.
Melvin, John
Miller, Thomas - [$200.00]
Minor, John
Mitchell, Newman T.
Morris, Jacob
Mosely, Jacob
Mosely, William
Moss, James
Moss, Lucy
Murphy, Jesse
Murrell, Samuel - [$200.00]
Neale, Danl. B.
Nelson, J.C. - [$100.00]
Nelson, J.L. - [$150.00]
Nelson, J.T.
Nelson, John T. - [$100.00]
Nelson, Robert - [$100.00]
Nelson, Saml. M.
Newland, George
Newman, Elias
Nichols, Abner
Nichols, Amos
Nichols, Garland
Nichols, Isham (Isam) - [$500.00]
Nichols, James B.
Nichols, Jesse
Hichols, John
Nichols, Jonathon
Nichols, Robert T. - [$100.00]
Nichols, Samuel
Nichols, Thomas
Nichols, William
Noe, James S.
Northcutt, Benjamin F. - [$250.00]
Northcutt, Eli - [$150.00]
Northcutt, George - [$800.00]
Northcutt, John
Northcutt, Joseph - [$100.00]
Northcutt, Thornton M. - [$100.00]
Northcutt, William
Northcutt, William Sr. - [$300.00]
Norton, Joshua - [$100.00]
Oldham, Martin, E.
Oldham, Wm.
Oliver, Isaac
O'Rear, Daniel
O'Rear, E.C. - [$150.00]
O'Rear, Jeremiah - [$100.00]
O'Rear, Jesse
O'Rear, John B.
O'Rear, Joseph B.
O'Rear, Matthew
O'Rear, Wm.
Osburn, John - [$300.00]
Pace, Jonathan (John) - [$100.00]
Pace, Richard
Pace, Samuel L.
Palmer, James (Jas.) - [$100.00]
Park, Allen - [$100.00]
Park, Isaiah
Parker, John - [$300.00]
Parker, Oliver - [$2200.00]
Parks, Levi - [$200.00]
Parks, Price R. - [$100.00]
Parmer, William
Payne, Archd.
Payne, Ballinger
Payne, E.G.
Payne, James
Payne, Moses U. - [$1250.00]
Payne, Noah - [$100.00]
Pearson, Wm. F.
Peebles, A.L. - [$150.00]
Peebles, Cary (Carey) - [lot 10 in Rocheport]
Pemberton, L.H.
Persinger, Alexander - [$200.00]
Pettis, Stephen D.
Petty, Jos. P.
Petty, Phoebe
Phillips, Thos. C.
Phillips, Hiram - [$500.00]
Phillips, Jno. Y.
Pierson, Wm. F.
Pigg, Reynard
Pilcher, Jas.
Pipes, Wm.
Pitt, John
Pockman, John B. - [lot 305 in Columbia]
Points, Jos.
Pollard, Reuben
Porter, Thos.
Powers, Thos. E. - [$200.00]
Prather, Thomas - [$200.00]
Prewitt, John
Prewitt, Moss - [$1500.00]
Proctor, Jno. S.
Provines, William - [$400.00]
Prowell, David
Prowell, Robert F.
Pulliam, William
Purcell, Daniel
Purcell, John
Ramsey, Josiah
Ready, Henry H. - [$500.00]
Redman, Nancy
Reed, Coleman
Reed, Frederick
Reed, John
Reed, John A.
Renfro, Carson
Renfro, Chloe
Rice, John
Rice, John M.
Richardson, James - [$500.00]
Ridgeway, Jno. W.
Ridgway, Orace
Ridgway, William - [$100.00]
Ridgway, William W.
Ridgway, Zacariah J.
Riggs, James
Riggs, Silas - [$100.00]
Riggs, Zadok (Zadock) - [$100.00]
Roberts, James
Roberts, Jno.
Roberts, John M.
Roberts, Lewis
Roberts, Richmond T.
Roberts, William L.
Roberts, William M. - [$100.00]
Robertson, Wm. H.
Robinson, A.M.
Robinson, Michael
Robinson, Robert B.
Robinson, S.S. - [$100.00]
Robnett, Jas.
Robnett, Jno.
Robnett, Noah
Robnett, Pleasant - [$300.00]
Robnett, W.C. - [$400.00]
Rogers, Frank - [$300.00]
Rogers, James - [$100.00]
Rogers, Nancy
Rogers, Washington - [$100.00]
Roland, Jno. C.
Roland, Wm.
Rollins, A.W. (Anthony W.) - [$1500.00]
Rollins, James S. - [$2000.00]
Rollins, Robert Rhodes (Robert Rodes) - [$150.00]
Rouse, Simeon
Rowland, David B.
Rowland, Jno.
Rowland, John C.
Rowland, Thomas
Rowland, William - [$250.00]
Rummons, Abner
Rummons, Abraham
Rummons, James
Russell, David
Ryan, Jas.
Ryan, Wm.
Samuel, G.W. - [$100.00]
Samuel, James
Sanford, W.T.B. - [$100.00]
Sapp, Henry
Sapp, John
Sapp, Thomas
Sappington, Elijah
Sappington, Foster
Sappington, Green B.
Sappington, Joseph
Sappington, Mark
Schooling, H.K.
Schooling, James
Searcy, Lemuel B. - [$100.00]
Selby, Thomas - [$400.00]
Self, James, D.
Self, P.J.
Senor, Michael
Sexton, Geo. H.
Seymour, Jos.
Shackelford, Richard
Shaw, Theophilus
Shaw, Wilie M.
Shields, Wm. (William) - [40 acres of land]
Shock, David
Shock, John
Shock, William
Short, John P.
Sims, Abraham
Sims, Elias
Sims, Irwin
Sims, John
Sims, Tarlton E.
Sinclair, Charles
Skinner, Jno.
Slack, John - [$150.00]
Slaven, William
Sloan, Jos.
Slocumb, Riley
Smith, Henry - [$200.00]
Smith, Henson
Smith, Lewis
Smith, William - [$100.00]
Snell, Elizabeth
Snell, Richard D. - [$200.00]
Speaks, Hezekiah
Spence, Andrew - [$200.00]
Spencer, Perry
Spiers, Samuel
Sprinkle, Charles - [$200.00]
Staphlet, David
Stark, Newman B.
Stephens, Elijah
Stephens, John L.
Stephens, Joseph
Stephens, Nicholas M.
Stephens, Thomas L.
Stephenson, Garret
Stephenson, John
Stephenson, Samuel
Stice, Bluford
Stip, Michael
Stone, Caleb S. - [$400.00]
Stone, Caleb Sr. - [$100.00]
Stone, Madison D. - [$100.00]
Stone, Nathaniel (Nathan) - [$100.00]
Stone, William
Stone, William W. - [$100.00]
Straughn, Jacob
Strode, Jacob S.
Sullens, Jno. C.
Sutten, William
Sutton, Seneca - [$100.00]
Sweeney, Archibald
Taylor, Thomas
Thomas, Elijah
Thomas, J.H.
Thomas, James
Thomas, James W.
Thomas, Robt. S. - [$500.00]
Thomas, Thos. J.
Thornton, Calvin A.
Thornton, Joseph
Thornton, William
Thrall, Augustus
Threlkeld, Benjamin
Threlkeld, Henry
Timberlake, Richard
Tipton, Esrom
Tipton, Jabez M.
Tipton, Thomas M.
Toalson, Thomas
Toalson, William - [$100.00]
Todd, David - [$800.00]
Todd, Roger N. - [6 lots and $200.00]
Todd, Walter B. - [$100.00]
Tomblin, Henry
Tombs, A.L.
Trigg, Joseph - [$200.00]
True, Willis D.
Truitt, Purnal
Truitt, W.S. - [$500.00]
Tucker, Arthur S.
Tucker, Edward
Tucker, James B.
Tucker, William W.
Turner, A.N.
Turner, A.W. - [$1500.00]
Turner, Augustus
Turner, Benjamin - [$100.00]
Turner, Enoch - [$200.00]
Turner, Gabriel
Turner, Jackson
Turner, James - [$100.00]
Turner, James G. - [$100.00]
Turner, Jesse - [$350.00]
Turner, John B. - [$100.00]
Turner, Samuel
Turner, Smith
Turner, Squire
Turner, Thomas - [$100.00]
Tuttle, Gilpin S. - [$200.00]
Tuttle, John - [$500.00]
Vandike, Milton (Vandyke, Milton) - [$500.00]
(Van Doren, Luther H.V.) - [$250.00]
Vanhorn, John - [$250.00]
Vanlandingham, Benjamin
Vanlandingham, Elizabeth
Vanlandingham, James - [$100.00]
Vanlandingham, Merit
(Vanlandingham, Mathenas) - [lot 68 in Columbia and $100.00]
Vivion, John Gholson (Vivian J.G.) - [$100.00]
Wade, Pierce - [$100.00]
Wade, William
Wade, William H.
[Wainscott, Dudley - was originally mispelled Winscott]
Wall, Samuel - [$500.00]
Ward, Reuben J.
Warden, S.F.
Ware, John - [$150.00]
Waters, Joseph - [$100.00]
Waters, R.P.
Waters, Richard
Webb, Moses
Weldon, Abram. B.
West, Francis T.
West, James M. - [$100.00]
West, Thomas M.
West, William - [$100.00]
White, Allen
White, Arnett D.
White, Benj.
White, John
White, Joseph
White, Wm.
Wigginton, Townsen
Wilburn, Bird
Wilburn, Moses H.
Wilcox, Edwin R. - [$100.00]
Wilcox, George (Geo. B.) - [$100.00]
Wilcox, Joseph - [$100.00]
Wilcox, Lucy - [$300.00]
Wiley, Benjamin
Wilhite, Fielding
Wilhite, Joel
Wilhite, Stephen - [$100.00]
Wilhite, Wm.
Williams, A.J.
Williams, Issac
Williams, James
Williams, James H.
Williamson, John
Williamson, Joseph
Wills, G.W.
Wills, Marcus P.
Wilson, C.R. (Mrs. C.R.) - [$250.00]
(Wilson James C.) - [$150.00]
Wilson, J.W. - [$300.00]
Wilson, N.W. - [$500.00]
Winfrey, Isreal
Winfrey, John
Winfrey, Saml.
Wingo, Thomas - [$100.00]
Winn, Charles H.
Winn, Elijah
Winn, James
Winn, John - [$100.00]
Winn, Thomas M.
Winn, Wm.
Winscott, Dudley - [should be Wainscott]
Wisdom, Brinsley B.
Wisdom, Pollard W.
Wiseman, James
Wolfe, John
Wood, James R.
Woodruff, Thomas T.
Woodruff, William B.
Woods, David
Woods, J.H. - [$600.00]
(Woods, Joseph D.) - [$100.00]
Woodson, Warren - [$1250.00]
Woolfolk, Charles T.
Woolfolk, John - [$100.00]
Woolfolk, Waller L.
Wren, Berryman
Wright, Elijah
Wright, George M.
Wright, Saml. Sr.
Wright, Thos.
Wright, Washington
Yeager, Josiah
Young, Edward
Young, Edward Jr.

This information has been provided courtesy of the University of Missouri-Columbia and the Missouri State Archives.

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