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Hello From Joyce English

John Foust & Mary Reigle Foust
John Foust b 1833 d 1911 Poplar Bluff Mo and
Mary Reigle Foust b 1842 b 1919 Poplar Bluff Mo.
Father & mother of Florance Amanda Foust

My Great Grandfather. Samuel Thorn and Great Grandmother, Florence Amanda Foust, was married in Poplar Bluff, Butler Co. Missouri, in 1889.

Their daughter, Bessie G.Thorn, was born 1894, in Poplar Bluff.

Bessie was a child of five when her mother, Florence Amanda Foust, was taken in death. Bessie, was raised by her grandparents Hillary and Mary Thorn in Poplar Bluff. Her Father Samuel Thorn, remarried and moved to Arkansas.

Bessie married in Arkansas in 1913, and in 1918 she and her husband, Paul
Elms moved back to Poplar Bluff to help with family farming. Here in Poplar Bluff, is where their daughter Helen Elms was born in 1920. They remained in Poplar Bluff until 1923 when they returned to Ark.

My mother, Helen Elms, married in 1939 in Arkansas and divorced in 1945. She remarried in 1946. In the year of 1947 my mother and her new husband went back to Poplar Bluff to visit and help with family farming. I was about 6 years old by that time and can recall some of what happened with our family at that time.

Like most, I now wish I had paid more attention, taken more notes and I would have more to go on today in my family research. And like most other genealogy researchers, I never gave it much thought until there was no one there to talk with.

Foust and Thorn, families are still in the area of Poplar Bluff. Some of the older folks are still among us. I would appreciate any correspondence with the families from Poplar Bluff. And/or if they have a neighbor who is interested in genealogy research and would pass along information it would certainly be appreciated.

I now make my home in Alabama

Joyce English

Below is a part of the history of the FOUST Family

John Foust,son of Henry Foust,born April 13, 1833 in Sullivan Co.Kingsport
Tn,died August 24, 1911 in Butler Co.Mo.married(1)Louisa Amanda Hall
September 12,1855 in Carroll Co.In.married (2) Mary Reigle November 21,1860
in Carroll Co.In, daughter of Samuel Riggle.
Child of John Foust and Louisa Hall is:
i. William Marion Foust, born July 07, 1857  Carroll Co.In;died Sept 25,1869
Carroll Co.In.

Children of John Foust and Mary Reigle are:
i. George Albert Foust,born June 16,1861 in Carroll Co In;died Sept 29,1862
in Carroll Co In.
ii Martha Emiline Foust,born Feb15, 1863 in Carroll Co In.married Franklin
P. Foust March 09, 1882 in Carroll Co In.
iii. Caradon “Carrie “Adision Foust, born May 08,1866 in Carroll Co In;died
March 02, 1936 in Bollinger Co Mo.married (1)Ida Spunlock.married (2) Emma
A. Hunsacker.
iv. Charles Edward Foust,born Jan18,1870 in Carroll Co In;died June 24,1942
Butler Co Poplar Bluff Mo.married Isabelle McIven January 18,1894 in Butler
Co Poplar Bluff Missouri.
v. Florance Amanda Foust,born January 12, 1872 in Carroll Co In;died March
25,1899 in Hill Co Hubbard Texas.married Samuel M.”Samie” Thorn Jan 12,1889
in Butler Co Poplar Bluff Missouri.
vi. Alexander Theodore Foust, born Jan 12, 1874 in Carroll Co In.married
Mary Hensley.
vii. Herbert Olten Foust, born 1876 in Butler Co Poplar Bluff Mo.married
Elzada”Parzada” Thorn.

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