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826 Poplar Street

Poplar Bluff Missouri

826  Poplar  St.  Built  in  the  late 1890s, this house has 12 inch studs made of cypress  and  oak  timber. Early owners were the Driest brothers, Albertus and Claus, and their sister, Rufie. They came here from Germany. Albertus was a foreman at L. M. Palmer Cooperage Co., Claus and Rufie were in the grocery business in the building at the corner of Poplar and Eighth streets. The architectural style is Four Square. I remember visiting this home in the late 50's. We called Rufie, Aunt Rufie, although she  was  not really our aunt. She and my paternal Grandmother, Grace Derry were best of  friends.  Grace  lived  across  the  street  in  a white frame house. Is it still standing? Grace may have been living with either the Adams or Ferguson family at that time. Aunt Rufie made a beautiful dress for Grandmother Grace. We have a photo of her in  the dress. When my parents and I visited, we stayed in an upstairs front bedroom, I  believe.  Aunt  Rufie had beautiful furnishings in her home. She never married and there  were  no  brothers  at the time. She lived by herself. We later heard that she gave  away  most  of  her  belonging to an organization of some kind. Do you have any information  on her birth or death? It seems to me that she died in about 1960? Would this  be  correct?  My Father was Francis Joseph Sauerwein. His father, George Joseph Sauerwein  had  a  meat  market.  We have photos of his market. I forget where it was located.  I remember seeing the building in the 1950's with my parents, Daddy pointed it  out  to me. I wish I had paid better attention. I transcribed a copy of A Growing Town  for a Butler County web site. Daddy gave me the copy. It was always kept in the piano  bench.  Oh,  I  think  Grace worked in a tobacco shop prior to her marriage to George  in about 1903. I wonder if that possibly contributed to her early death at 42 of  cancer?  I'd  never  thought of that. Supposedly you could collect cigar ribbons, similar  to  a Green Stamp program, and trade them for items. We have small table and also  a  table  clock which she got this way. Do you know anything about this? Oh, we also  have photos of a parade, Grace was on a float and George was in the band. Thank you  for  a  precious  walk down memory lane.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Susan Opalka (Girdwood, Alaska) -Butler County - Butler County History

Created on ... January 12, 2010