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Newspaper obituary extractions

Submitted by Sherry Link 


'The Poplar Bluff Citizen', Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO newspaper;
Thursday Dec. 14, 1905;

An old grudge of several  years  standing  was  culminated  in  this
county Wednesday about 1:30 o'clock  when  Jim  Snodgrass,  a  youth
about 16 years old, shot and killed Frank Lade, near the Lade school
house, in St. Francis township. Lade was shot with a  double  barrel
shot gun. The charge took effect in the abdomen and is said to  have
almost completely torn that portion of Lade's body away.

Reports of the tragedy are very meager and little can be learned  of
the affair. Officers left for the scene of the shooting  about  4:30
o'clock yesterday afternoon.
'The Evening Citizen', Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO; Tues., December
19, 1905, front page:  FRANK  LADE  DEAD  Victim  of  Duel  of  Last
Wednesday Died this Morning

Frank  Lade,  who  was  shot  by  Martia  Snodgrass  last  Wednesday
afternoon, near the Lade school house, about fifteen miles northeast
of this city, died this morning at 7:30 o'clock from the  result  of
his wounds.

Lade and the Snodgrass families have been bitter enemies for several
years past and the killing has been anticipated  for  some  time  by
parties familiar with the two families. Lade was a dangerous man and
was so regarded by all who knew him  intimately.  Martia  Snodgrass,
the young man who shot him, is an inoffensive  fellow  and  has  the
sympathy of the community. He is at present  out  on  bond  for  his
appearance pending the result of the injuries inflicted  upon  Lade.
He will likely be rearrested.

(I went back to try to find the Wednesday, Dec 13, 1905 news ...  it
was not on file. However, I scoured all the  papers  from  the  Dec.
14th - through the 21st to find something else on this matter.)

'The  Evening  Citizen’,  Poplar  Bluff,  MO  newspaper;  Wednesday,
December 20, 1905, front page: small mention under heading of 'LOCAL

Frank Lade was buried in the cemetery near his home this  afternoon.
[[Seems there is an error in the recording of his death date on  his
headstone .... newspaper account of his  murder  indicated  that  he
died Dec. 13,th 1905 - yet his headstone reads Dec. 19th!]]


'Daily American Republic', Poplar Bluff,  MO  newspaper,  Wednesday,
March 10, 1915, Front Page:
Lived Quietly For Many Years

Relatives near Hendrickson -Funeral Today

S. J. Hendrickson, aged 43, a well known resident of Butler  county,
died last night at 8:17 at the home of Mrs. J. S.  Rice,  a  sister,
who lives near Hendrickson. He has  been  ailing  for  five  or  six
months with Bright's disease and dropsy. He was born in  Hendrickson
on April 13, 1872. He was best known as Little Jasper and had a host
of friends.

Two brothers and one sister survive as follows: N. W. Hendrickson of
Hendrickson, Mrs. J. S. Rice of Hendrickson, J.  D.  Hendrickson  of
Poplar Bluff.

The funeral was held this  afternoon  at  3  o'clock,  services  and
burial at Lille' cemetery two miles north of Hilliard.


'Poplar Bluff American' Poplar Bluff, Butler  Co.,  MO  newspaper  -
front page - Tues., Mar. 5, 1918:

David Hendrickson died at his home in the Grand Avenue  neighborhood
Monday night at about ten o'clock,  pneumonia  being  the  cause  of
death. Hendrickson is survived by a wife and five children. He was a
man 39 years of age.

Deceased, who was employed for the past few years as  a  caterer  at
the Crown Hotel Bar, had been ill but a week before the demise.

Burial will take place Wednesday  afternoon,  interment  being  near
Hilliard, where a number of his family are at rest.


'The Daily American' Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO  newspaper,  front

S. Jasper Hendrickson, 89, Died at Noon Sunday After Illness of  Six

Simon Jasper Hendrickson, aged 89 years; pioneer resident of  Butler
county, died at his home  at  Hilliard  at  noon  Sunday,  after  an
illness of several months. He suffered a stroke  of  paralysis  four
months ago, and this trouble, coupled with his advanced age,  caused
his death.

Mr. Hendrickson came to Butler county about 60  years  ago.  He  was
born on December 16, 1836, and spent his early life in Williamsville
county, Indiana.

The deceased is a member of one of the largest families in this part
of Missouri.  He  is  survived  by  his  widow,  nine  children,  43
grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. The  children  are  Nathan
Hendrickson, Joe Hendrickson, Albert Hendrickson,  Pete  Hendrickson
and George Hendrickson, the latter living at St. Louis,  Mrs.  Nancy
Edmonston of St. Louis, Mrs. Nora McFadden of Stuttgart,  Ark,  Miss
Alice Hendrickson of Brooklyn, N. Y. and Mrs.  Louisa  Summerton  of
Wabash, Ind. His widow is 71 years of age.

Funeral services were held from the home at Hilliard  at  3  o'clock
this afternoon and the body was placed at rest in  Hillis  cemetery.
Mr. Hendrickson was an uncle of Ward and J. D. Hendrickson of Poplar
Bluff. He lived in the vicinity of Keener, in the north part of this
county, for many years, later moving to Hilliard, where he spent the
remainder of his life.


'The Daily American' Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Thurs Oct 28, 1926:

Lillian Marie Ham, eight-year-old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Eddie  Ham,
died Saturday morning after a long illness of typhoid fever. Funeral
services were conducted by Rev. W. J. Ham at Ham Town Sunday,  after
which interment took place at Ham Town cemetery. A  father,  mother,
brother and sister survive the deceased. An aunt, Miss Nevada  Agee,
of St. Louis, was called last week and was present when  the  little
one passed away. (*** note this notice was in the paper 5 days after
her passing!)


'The Weekly Republican' newspaper, Poplar Bluff, MO - Monday,  March
21, 1927:

Poor Health Blamed for Action of Widely Known County Citizen --
Died About Noon


Educator Had Also Taught School Here and Was Active in All Community

William N. Pace, aged 63, for many years identified as  one  of  the
leading educators in the rural school system of Butler  county,  and
highly respected citizen, died  at  shortly  past  noon  today  from
effects of a poison which he drunk at about 4 o'clock this morning.

Pace had been in poor health for several months. He suffered from an
attack of influenza several  weeks  ago  and  refused  to  take  any
medicine for this ailment.

Second Attempt.

It was his second attempt to commit suicide. He took poison about  a
month ago, but it was not sufficient to kill him. He recovered after
suffering slight paralysis.

Last night when Mr. Pace went to his room his wife saw him taking  a
glass of water along. This being unusual, she inquired why,  and  he
explained that he often became thirsty at night.

At 4 o'clock Mrs. Pace heard him  and  went  to  his  room.  He  was
suffering convulsions  and  appeared  to  be  in  great  agony.  The
Convulsions increased in severity and shortly after noon  he  became
paralyzed. The poison which he took acts on the nervous  system  and
results in paralysis of the heart. He died at 12:10 p.m.

Widely Known

William N. Pace was one of the best-known teachers Butler County had
ever had. He had been teaching school for at least 40 years and  was
elected county superintendent of schools for one term of four years.

About a month ago he quit his school at Oak Grove and his  daughter,
Mrs. Fred Aylor, completed the term; which ended about ten days ago.
His health, he explained, was such that he could  not  continue  his

When he took poison this morning, he explained to his wife  that  he
wanted to recover. He said he was sorry, and asked  that  everything
possible be done for him. Doctors were called, but  the  poison  had
circulated in his system to such an extent  that  nothing  could  be
done to save his life.

For many years he resided in the Agee  community.  His  home  burned
several months ago and  he  moved  to  Poplar  Bluff  and  has  been
residing on Lexington avenue.


Those surviving him include his widow, five daughters and  one  son.
The children are Mrs. Ozie  Hinkle,  of  Granite  City,  Ill.;  Leta
Adamson of Poplar Bluff, Sweetie Aylor of Poplar Bluff, Mazie Tinker
of Williamsville, Ilah Hillis of St.  Louis,  and  Herbert  Pace  of
Portland, Ore.

The  Frank  Undertaking  Company  took  charge  of  the  body   this
afternoon. Complete funeral arrangements have  not  been  made,  but
services will be held at the home Thursday afternoon, after some  of
his relatives arrive on train No. 8. Interment  will  be  in  Marble
Hill cemetery.

W. N. Pace was born in 1859. He came of a family of  schoolteachers.
His father taught the first common school in  the  county,  at  Agee
district, and his uncles were all schoolteachers. Mrs. Pace and  two
of their daughters are also educators.

Pace taught his first term of school in 1880 at  Hilliard  and  with
exception of about three years, two of which were given over to work
in the county recorder's office, and one year in telegraph  service,
he has been a school teacher.

He was a Democrat candidate for county representative last fall, but
was defeated by Eugene L. McGee.


'The Weekly Republican' newspaper,  Poplar  Bluff,  MO  -  Thursday,
March 24, 1927:

The last sad rites for William N. Pace, 68  year-old  Butler  County
educator, were held  this  afternoon  from  the  home  on  Lexington
avenue,  and  the  body  taken  to  the  Marble  Hill  cemetery  for
interment. Pace died at noon yesterday as result of poison which  he
took eight hours prior.

Religious rites were conducted  at  the  home  by  the  Rev.  J.  L.
Wilkinson of the First Christian church at 2:30 o'clock.  The  Frank
Undertaking Company had charge of the funeral.

Poor health was explained as the  cause  for  the  educator's  self-


'The Daily Republican' Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Saturday, 21 May 1927, page 3:
(her picture)
Mrs. Belle Lade was born January 23, 1871, in Poplar Bluff  and  was
married in 1888  to  Frank  Lade.  To  this  union  was  born  eight
children, six now living. In 1905  she  suffered  the  loss  of  her

Mrs. Lade, besides being a kind and loving  mother,  was  a  citizen
highly respected by the community. She was  successful  in  handling
her rooming house business for 12 years. She was loved  by  all  who
knew her. She was blessed with good  health  and  gave  an  untiring
interest to her work.

She was killed May 9 when the walls of her establishment,  known  as
the Harris House, collapsed.

Mrs. Lade had resided in Poplar Bluff all her life. She is  survived
by her six children, Nealy Hollis, Nora LaRose, Frank,  Victor,  Roy
and Esta Lade. She is also survived by one sister and two  brothers.
She was placed at rest by the side of her  husband  in  the  Hamtown
cemetery on May 12. Many friends paid their  last  respects  to  the
departed citizen. Funeral services were held at the  home  of  Frank
Lade, with the Rev. C. A. Westbrook in charge.


'The American Republic', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper,
Tuesday, Nov. 11, 1930, page 3:
LaMoyne Hinkle
   Formerly of This
     County, Succumbs
The body of La Moyne Pace Hinkle, son of Mrs. and Mrs. W. J.  Hinkle
of Granite City, Ill., formerly of Poplar Bluff,  will  be  returned
here Wednesday for burial following his death while  in  the  U.  S.
Naval service. The parents arrived here last night and  are  at  the
home of Mrs. Hinkle's mother, Mrs. W. N. Pace of this city,  waiting
arrival of the body.

La Moyne Hinkle was 17 years  of  age.  He  enlisted  in  the  naval
service December 19, 1929. After completing his training service  at
the Great Lakes station, he returned to his home for a 15 day visit,
praising the navy highly as a place of great opportunity.

He was stricken Nov. 3 with chlorangitis and died  in  less  than  a
week, on Nov. 8, at 1:30 a.m., at the navy hospital  in  Charleston,

Burial will be at Marble  Hill  cemetery,  north  of  Poplar  Bluff,
Thursday, Nov. 13. Funeral services will be held at the home of Mrs.
Pace, 666 Lexington Ave., at 2:30 p.m.

Surviving are the parents, two brothers and one sister. They are  La
Sweet Deneen Hinkle, Iolyn Jewell Hinkle  and  Ioci  Flooen  Hinkle;
both  grandmothers,  a  grandfather,  great-grandmother,  and  other
relatives. The Rev. J. L. Wilkerson will  be  in  charge  of  rites.
Phelps service.


'Daily American Republic', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Tuesday, April 15, 1930, page 7:
Funeral services were held this afternoon for Peter J.  Hendrickson,
world war veteran, who died early Monday  morning  from  effects  of
paralysis. Burial was in Oak Hill cemetery. Quite a large number  of
ex-servicemen attended the rites.


"The American Republic" newspaper, Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO, 1 Jan. 1931, Front Page:
Widely Known Young Chiropractor Died Last Evening at Poplar Bluff Hospital
Had Practiced his Profession 4 years
Was Vice President of S.E. Mo., Chiropractors - Funeral Service Friday

Dr. Ira Holloway, widely known  local  chiropractor,  died  at  5:30
Wednesday afternoon at the Poplar  Bluff  Hospital  from  Pneumonia,
which developed a little more than a week  ago.  He  became  ill  on
Tuesday, December 22, with a severe  pain  in  his  left  lung.  His
condition grew more complicated and Monday morning he was  taken  to
the  hospital  after  an  examination  revealed  his  condition  was

Dr. Holloway was 27 years of age. He was born December 13, 1903,  at
the Holloway home near Poplar Bluff.

Dr. Holloway had been practicing  his  profession  in  Poplar  Bluff
about four years. He had established a wide acquaintanceship and was
favorably known throughout the district. He completed his course  of
study in the Palmer School  of  Chiropractic  at  Des  Moines,  IA.,
shortly before opening his office here on May 9, 1923.

About three and a half years ago he was married to Miss Alpha Brown,
a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bluford Brown of the north highway.

His Affiliations Dr. Holloway was a member of several organizations,
including the Odd Fellows, Missouri State Chiropractic  Association,
Delta Sigma Chi fraternity, the  100  percent  club  of  the  Palmer
School and the Missouri Alumni Association of that  school.  He  was
the  vice  president  of  the   Southeast   Missouri   Chiropractors
Association.  He  and  Mrs.  Holloway  entertained  members  of  the
district association at a meeting held here only a few weeks ago.

Surviving are the widow, the parents, Mr. &  Mrs.  E.  O.  Holloway,
grandmother, Mrs. Jane Inman, one brother, James A. Holloway, a half
brother Ivan Murray and one sister, Emma B. Holloway.

Funeral Friday The body was taken to the Brown home  at  noon  today
and will remain there until time for the funeral  services  at  2:30
Friday afternoon at  the  First  Baptist  Church.  The  Rev.  J.  L.
Wilkinson will be assisted in conducting the funeral  rites  by  the
Rev. W. E. Fuson. The pall bears will be Dr. Lamar, of Poplar Bluff;
Dr. Bader of Cape Girardeau; Dr. Reynolds  of  Ste.  Genevieve;  Dr.
Sisson of Farmington; Dr. Dempsey of  Potosi  and  Earl  Phiffer  of
Green City, Mo.  Five  of  the  pall  bearers  are  members  of  the
chiropractic association. The flower girls will be  Aleene  Bennett,
Etta Casteel, Mildred Lade, Mardell Jaggard,  Mrs.  Raymond  Snider,
and Margaret Mickey. Burial will be  in  the  City  Cemetery,  Frank


Poplar Bluff, Missouri newspaper evening edition January 2, 1931, front page:

Funeral services were held this  afternoon  at  2:30  at  the  First
Baptist Church for D. Ira O. Holloway, local chiropractor, who  died
from pneumonia Wednesday evening after a brief illness. The Rev.  J.
L. Wilinson, pastor of the First Christian Church, and the  Rev.  W.
F. Fuson, pastor of the First Baptist Church were in charge  of  the
religious rites.

Dr. Holloway was very popular here and throughout the  district.  He
had been practicing his profession since  his  graduation  from  the
Palmer School of Chiropractic at Davenport, Ia., a little more  than
four years ago.

A number  of  out-of-town  friends  and  associates  of  the  doctor
attended funeral services. The church was crowded during  the  rites
and a great number of flowers marked the high respect to  which  the
departed young man was held in this community.


'The American Republic' newspaper, Poplar Bluff, MO, Monday, August 24, 1931, front page:

Mrs. Jane H. Inman, aged 85, died at the family home at Rombauer  at
9 p.m. Sunday. She was  the  wife  of  Shadrick  Inman,  well  known
resident of that district.

Mrs. Inman was born January  29,  1846.  She  had  resided  in  that
section nearly all her life.

Surviving are one son, James A. Inman,  and  three  daughters,  Mrs.
Dora M. Holloway, Mrs. W. M. Pace and Mrs. Mattie Cooper.

The Rev. W. M. Ham conducted funeral services at Hamtown  church  at
2:30 this afternoon, with burial later in  Hamtown  cemetery,  Greer
service. (Note: reference to her  daughter,  Belle,  should've  been
Mrs. W. N. Pace.)


'The Daily American Republic' Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Mon., July 25, 1932; front page:
Widely Known Poplar Bluff Man Died at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis at 4:30 a.m. today.
Had Been in Poor Health for Several Months -  Served  Two  Terms  as
Chief of Police

Ward Hendrickson, well know Poplar Bluffian, and for  several  years
chief of police, died at  Barnes  Hospital  in  St.  Louis  at  4:30
o'clock this morning following a stroke of paralysis  suffered  late
Sunday afternoon when his condition appeared to  be  growing  worse,
following a breakdown about two weeks ago.

While the definite cause of Mr. Hendrickson's fatal illness had  not
been determined by specialists at the  hospital,  the  doctors  felt
positive a cancerous condition may have been responsible.

Although his correct name was Nathan Wells Hendrickson, he had  been
known as "Uncle Ward" for many years. His name was the same as  that
of his father who was killed at the age of 72 years when his team of
mules ran away and he was caught in the  harness  and  dragged  some
distance. Born in This County

Mr. Hendrickson was born in the vicinity of Hendrickson, a  town  in
this county named after his father, on September 8, 1859.  He  would
have been 73 years old next September 9. In the spring of  1876  the
family moved to Kansas and  remained  there  until  1881  when  they
returned to the former home in this county and continued  to  reside

In 1882 Ward Hendrickson was married to Miss Alice Magill, and three
children were born. One of them,  Nathan  W.  Hendrickson,  Jr.,  is
living in St. Louis. The other two died. On June  28,  1895  he  was
married a second time and the widow, Mrs. Rosie Hendrickson and five
children by that marriage also survive. The children are Mrs.  Royal
Flanakin, Poplar Bluff; Mrs. Herbert Head, Detroit; Mrs.  Ray  Head,
Detroit; Marcus Hendrickson, St. Louis; and Miss Dorothy Hendrickson
who lives at home. An adopted son, Harding Hendrickson, known as the
"door-step baby" was taken to raise when he was found on  the  front
steps of the Dr. A. R. Rows home several years ago. Other Survivors

One brother, J.D. Hendrickson, of Poplar Bluff; a sister, Mrs. Nancy
Rice of Wilby, and a half brother, George Faulkner of Wayne  county,
also survive.

"Uncle" Ward moved to Poplar Bluff on September 10,  1915  from  the
farm near Wilby, and had since made his home on Gordon street here.

Mr. Hendrickson was a member of the city police force  in  1921  and
1922. He was elected chief of police in  1923  and  again  in  1925,
serving two year terms each time. He held position on the  force  in
1927, but during the past two years he has been on the retired list,
his health being rather bad at times.

During the time he was on the police force, Mr. Hendrickson  made  a
wide acquaintanceship. It was declared by many that he was the  best
known officer in Southeast Missouri, and he made a particular effort
to cultivate the friendship of children, virtually  every  child  in
Poplar Bluff knowing "Uncle Ward." Civic Booster

In the death of Mr. Hendrickson, the entire county has lost  one  of
its most outstanding citizens,. He commanded the highest respect  of
Poplar Bluffians and visitors in the city while acting  as  head  of
the city law enforcement organization.

An active booster for Poplar Bluff and this district during the past
quarter of a century, "Uncle Ward"  had  been  interested  in  every
civic project. He was classed as one of the leading citizens of  the

When it became evident that his  condition  was  critical,  his  two
daughters in Detroit went to St. Louis and talked  with  him  Sunday
afternoon. One of them remained in St. Louis upon his  request,  and
was there when he died. Funeral Services Tuesday

The body will be returned here tonight from St.  Louis  by  a  Frank
service funeral car, and will be accompanied here by  the  relatives
now in St. Louis. It will be taken directly to the family home.

Funeral services  will  be  held  Tuesday  afternoon  at  the  First
Christian Church with the Rev. J. L.  Wilkinson  in  charge.  Burial
will be in the City Cemetery.

Poplar Bluff Masons, of which Mr. Hendrickson  was  a  member,  will
conduct services at the grave. He also was a member  of  Woodmen  of
the  World  and  for  many  years  a  member  of  the  Odd   Fellows


'The American Republic', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper - Monday, October 17, 1932; page 6:

J. A. Inman, 47 years old, member of a pioneer family of the Hamtown
district, died at 10:30 this morning at the home of his sister, Mrs.
Dora Holloway. He had been ill for some time.

Surviving are the widow, Mattie Inman, sons Clyde,  Alfred,  Herman,
Paul and Ira Inman and daughters, Ruth, Loretta and Imogene. He also
leaves six sisters who are Mrs. Delle Pace (should be  Belle),  Mrs.
Dora Holloway, Mrs. Mattie Cooper, Mrs. Ellen  Potillo,  Mrs.  Sarah
Fuller and Mrs. Vashti Shelton.

Funeral services will be held from the Inman home  at  2:30  Tuesday
afternoon with Rev. Bodge Carter in charge.  Interment  will  be  in
Hamtown cemetery. Greer service.

J. A. Inman was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Shadwick  Inman,  early  day
pioneers of this county.


'The American Republic' Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO newspaper; Wed.,
 Sept. 13, 1933, page 3:
Word was received here this week of the  death  of  H.  L.  Pace  of
Portland, Oregon last Sunday. A telegram  sent  to  a  sister,  Mrs.
Alfred Hillis stated that Mr. Pace died  of  a  heart  attack  after
attempting to rescue a girl from drowning at a beach near Portland.

The deceased is a son of Mrs. Belle Pace-Graham  of  this  city  and
formerly lived in Poplar Bluff. He frequently  visited  friends  and
relatives in the city. Another sister, Mrs.  Fred  Aylor  of  Poplar
Bluff also survives. Detail of the funeral were not learned.

[. . . the rest of the story . . .]

'The Daily Oregon' - Front Page - Portland, OR - Mon, Sept 11, 1933:
Leslie Wishard, 15, Makes Heroic Efforts to Save Victim of Heart Attack

Leslie Wishard, 15, of 12 Northeast Tenth avenue, Portland, snatched
a 12-year-old girl from death by drowning in May's  lake  yesterday,
and nearly succeeded in a heroic attempt to save  a  fellow  rescuer
from a like fate.

Herbert Pace, 40, who became exhausted trying to assist the youth to
rescue the girl, was being helped to safety by young  Wishard,  when
he suffered a heart attack and sank to his death before he could  be

Wishard and Pace were on a raft in the middle of  May's  lake,  near
Parkrose, when they noticed Nellie Mae Mosier of St. Joseph, Mo., in
difficulty trying to swim from shore to the raft. Both swam  to  her
aid, Wishard reaching her and towing her to the raft.

Meanwhile Pace had tired and Wishard went back and towed him to  the
raft. Before he could be taken from the water he collapsed and sank,
observers said. After dragging an hour and a half sheriff's deputies
recovered the body. Pace, the sheriff's  office  learned,  lived  at
Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Miss Mosier, officer's said, apparently suffered no injury from  her
experience. She was a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. McCoy,
1235 Southeast Ankeny street.

‘The Oregon Daily Journal', Portland, Oregon - Monday, Sept. 11, 1933:
Man Loses Life In His Attempt To Rescue Girl

Herbert ("Al") Pace, 40, of 24 Northeast 13th avenue, was drowned in
May's lake Sunday after Leslie Wishard, 15,  of  12  Northeast  10th
avenue, who had saved Nellie Mae Mosier, 12,  of  St.  Joseph,  Mo.,
from drowning, also succeeded in pulling him to a raft.

Sally, visiting with her parents at the home of Mr. and Mrs.  L.  J.
McCoy, 1235 Southeast Ankeny street, was swimming in the  lake  when
she became exhausted and went under twice. Pace and Wishard swam  to
her rescue. Wishard, first to reach the girl, snatched her from  the
water and pulled her to the raft. After getting the  girl  onto  the
raft, Wishard saw that Pace had become exhausted. She swam  out  and
assisted Pace to the raft, but the latter, suffering  from  a  heart
attack, slipped back into the water and  sank  before  he  could  be

Deputy Sheriff's Wilson, Rexford and McFarlans obtrained  two  boats
and recovered the body by dragging the lake.  The  body  was  turned
over to Deputy Coroner Snook.

Mr. W. N. Pace, mother of the drowned man, resides at Poplar  Bluff,

'The Morning  Oregonian',  Saturday,  November  16,  1933,  Portland
Oregon newspaper - funeral notice: PACE---

In this city, September 15, Herbert L. Pace,  late  of  24  SE  13th
avenue.  Friends  are  invited  to  attend  funeral  services  today
(Saturday) at 10:30 A. M. at the Conservatory Chapel of A. J. Rose &
Son, East Sixth and Alder streets. [note: wonder why this was posted
in the paper so long after the incident??]

'Daily American Republic', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Tues.,
Nov. 19, 1935; front page:
Injuries suffered on November 11 when a flywheel on a home-made wood
saw was shattered, caused the death this afternoon of  Ben  Robison,
Broseley man. He was admitted to the Poplar Bluff Hospital  late  in
the afternoon of Nov. 11. Spokes from the wheel penetrated his body

‘rough sketch’ from later  obit  from  'Daily  American  Republican'
Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO newspaper – sorry didn’t get date:

Benjamin Hillon Robison - Age 33 - Died Nov  19,  1935.  Born  about

Married Ozie Pace Hinkle. First married to Jewel Hinkle and secondly
to Benjamin H. Robison.  Survivors  wife,  children,  Houston,  born
about 1921, Benita, Bennie, and Goldie.  Mother  Mrs.  L.  Whitener,
brother Ed Robison, half brother, Raleigh  Whitener.  Burial  Marble
Hill Cemetery, Poplar Bluff.


'The Daily Republican', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Monday, November 1, 1936 - Front page:

Little George Innman, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Innman of near
Rombauer died Sunday morning after a short illness. Funeral services
were held this afternoon from the residence  and  interment  was  in
Hamtown cemetery, A. W. Greer reports.

The little child is  survived  by  its  mother  and  father  and  11
brothers and sisters.

'Daily American Republic', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Wednesday,
September 6, 1939, pg 3:
Last Member of Kittrell Family
   Called in Death

Mrs. Martha Jane Smith, aged 84, life-long resident of Butler county
and a daughter of one of the pioneer families of this  county,  died
at the home of her daughter, Mrs. O. W. Witte on North  Main  street
at 11:35 p. m. yesterday after  being  critically  ill  for  several

The death of Mrs. Smith takes the last member of the original family
of Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Kittrell, she being  the  youngest  of  four

The Kittrell family was one of the original white families in Butler
county, having come here in the year 1819 to  establish  a  home  on
Cane Creek. Kittrell is accredited by Judge D. B. Deem's history  of
the county, with having  made  the  first  permanent  settlement  in
Butler county. The history says "he took up a large  body  of  land,
opened a farm, established a store or trading post, sunk a tan  yard
and built a distillery, bringing his goods from Cape Girardeau  with
ox teams."

The history also says that the  time  the  Kittrell  family  located
there, more than 300 Indians lived in the community.

Mr. Kittrell and his wife, the former Louisa Kinder, were married in
the early 1840's. They were the parents of  Francis,  Alfred,  Lucy,
wife [of] Nate Caldwell, and Martha Jan Kittrell, the  latter  being
born June 6, 1855.

Martha Kittrell was married to John C. Smith on August 12, 1875. Mr.
Smith died in 1918.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were the parents of five children, four  of  them
surviving. They are Mrs. Anna L. Ausin of St. Louis; Mrs.  Della  P.
Witte of Poplar Bluff; Mrs. Maggie Mae Hopkins of Tishomingo, Okla.,
and a son, Odie Smith, living on a part of the original homestead.

'Daily American Republic' newspaper, Poplar Bluff, MO Thurs.
Apr 9, 1942, page 3:

Funeral services for James Henry Inman, 80 year  old  Butler  county
pioneer resident  who  died  at  the  home  of  his  son-in-law  and
daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cantrell at their home at 907 Fairmount
at 5:55 a.m. yesterday, will be held at the Mt. Zion Church 12 miles
north of Poplar Bluff above Hilliard at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

Inman's Sunday School teacher, William Smothers, will  officiate  at
the services and burial will be in  the  Mt.  Zion  cemetery.  Frank

'The Daily American Republic' Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Mon. June 25, 1942, page 5:

Mrs. Ozie P. Robinson, aged 52, died at her home at 228 Hazel street
June 13 at 5 p.m. She had been ill eight weeks and  had  resided  in
this county 12 years.

Mrs. Robinson was a member of the Christian church for 34 years. For
some years she had resided in Butler county until a few years ago.

Surviving are the husband, Ben Robinson and the following  children:
Iocie Hinkle of Poplar Bluff, Iolyn Hinkle of Camp Polk, La., Dekeen
Hinkle of Luke Field, Ariz., and Mrs. Belle M. Pace of Poplar Bluff.
Others surviving are  sour  sisters,  Mrs.  Fred  Aylor,  Mrs.  Leta
Adamson, Mrs. Ilah Hillis of Poplar Bluff and Mrs. Maggie Tinker  of
Edenburg, Tex., and two aunts, Mrs. Dora Holloway  and  Mrs.  Mattie
Patton of Poplar Bluff.

A son, LaMayne Hinkle, died while serving in  the  Navy  during  the
first World War.

Funeral services were to be at 2:30 p.m. today at Marble Hill church
with the Rev. Wm. S. Smelser in charge. Phelps service.

"The Daily Republican" Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO Tuesday, February 13, 1945:

Edward O. Holloway, pioneer Butler County farmer and  stockman  died
of a  stomach  disorder,  at  the  Poplar  Bluff  Hospital  at  1:35
yesterday afternoon. He had been ill some eight weeks.

Mr. Holloway, who was 65, had been  a  life-long  resident  of  this
county and had lived on the same farm for  45  years.  His  farm  is
located about four and a half miles out of Poplar Bluff.

He was born November 14, 1879, was educated in  the  county  schools
and a married to Dora M. Meadows, a county schoolteacher,  on  March
22, 1903.

He served on a school board for 25 years, as clerk and director, was
a member of the F. E. & C. U. of A., the American War dads  and  the
Farm Bureau.

Those at his bedside at the time of his death were  his  widow,  his
only daughter, Mrs. Bernice Clark of Joplin, his two aunts, Mrs. Ora
Horn of St. Louis  and  Mrs.  Ola  Holloway  of  Poplar  Bluff,  his
granddaughter, Bertha Murray and grandson, Freddy Clark.

He leaves his widow, the daughter, one son, S-SGT James A.  Holloway
in the armed forces  in  Italy;  a  step  son,  Ivan  L.  Murray  at
Berkeley, Calif.; four grandchildren; one brother,  Arthur  Holloway
of El Paso, Tex., three aunts and an uncle.

Funeral services will be at  2:30  Wednesday  at  the  Frank-Cotrell
Chapel with the Rev. Wm. A. Mangam and the Rev. Wm.  S.  Smelser  in
charge. Burial will be in the city cemetery near where his son,  Dr.
Ira A. Holloway, was placed in 1930.

'Daily American Republic' page 4 June 20, 1945:

Mrs. Clara Beights, wife of Calvin E. "Dutch" Beights, died  at  the
family home  on  Route  Four  this  morning  following  a  lingering
illness. She was about 70 years of age.

The body was taken to Greer Croy Chapel here and services have  been
tentatively set for Monday afternoon.


'Daily American Republic', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Monday,
December 2, 1968, page 4:
Otto W. Witte,  Local Resident,
    Died Last Night

Otto W. Witte, an 87-year-old retired livestock farmer and  resident
of 2127 North Main Street, who suffered a stroke on October 10, died
about 8:30 last night at Doctor's Hospital.

A resident of Butler County since 1905, Witte was  born  August  27,
1881, in Wheatland, Ore. He was a member of St. Paul's Reform Church
in Wheatland. On July 30, 1906, he married Della Smith  Henson,  who

Other survivors two Hardin O. Witte of Poplar Bluff and Mrs.  Beulah
M. Hendrickson of Wellington,  Kansas;  two  grandchildren  and  two
great grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday in the Frank-Cotrell
Chapel. The Rev. Dr. Bradford V. Powell and the Rev. Roger Guy  will
conduct the services and burial will follow in the City Cemetery.

Visitation will be from 7 to 9 tonight at the funeral home.

'Daily American Republic', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Mon., Feb. 19, 1951, Page 5:

Funeral services for Mrs. Annie Laura Hendrickson of Hendrickson who
died Thursday, were held at 2 yesterday afternoon at the Hendrickson

Pallbearers were nephews. They were Jesse Casey, Henry Casey,  Tommy
Casey, Ancel Hendrickson and Nolan Hendrickson.

Services were conducted by Rev. Glenn  Pace  assisted  by  the  Rev.
Truman Carter. Burial was in Oak Hill cemetery. Phelps service.


'Daily American Republic' newspaper, Poplar Bluff, MO - Wed., Aug. 20, 1952, page 16:

Mrs. Belle M. Pace, 83, longtime Butler County teacher, died at 8:30
last night at her home, 228 Hazel St.,  after  a  lingering  illness
several years. She had lived in Butler County half a century.

Funeral services will be at 2:20 tomorrow afternoon  at  the  Frank-
Cotrell Funeral Chapel with W. H. Meredith officiating. Burial  will
be in Marble Hill Cemetery.

Visitation hours will be from 2 this afternoon to 9 tonight  at  the
funeral chapel. The family will be  at  the  home  of  Mrs.  Sweetie
Aylor, 1500 Cole Ave.

Mrs. Pace leaves four daughters,  Mrs.  Mileta  Adamson,  Mrs.  Ilah
Worley, Mrs. Sweetie Aylor, all of this; Mrs. Mazie Carroll, Denver,
Colo; two sisters, Mrs. Mattie E. Beights and Mrs. Dora M. Holloway,
both of Poplar Bluff.

Mrs. Pace, born Sept. 14, 1868,  in  Russellville,  Ark,  taught  44
terms in Butler County schools,  the  last  one  in  1947.  She  was
married in 1888 to W. N. Pace,  teacher,  county  superintendent  of
schools, and county commissioner before his death in 1927.

Mrs. Pace and her husband were active  in  public  life,  well-known
throughout the county, and prominent in the field of education.  She
and her husband were members of the First Christian Church of Poplar


'Daily American Republic', Mon. Feb 15, 1954; page 10:
Mrs. M. E. Beights Died Sunday at Her Home Here

Mrs. Mattie Emaline Cooper Beights, known by many persons for  years
for her private charities, died at her home in  East  Poplar  Bluff,
Sunday at 3:12. She had been ill for more than a year from paralysis
and complications of age. She was 87.

Mrs. Beights, who was born August 7, 1866 at Little Rock, Ark.,  was
educated in Missouri schools. She had resided in this county for  77

In early life Mrs. Beights operated boarding and rooming houses  and
for a number of years was a cook for timber  crews.  She  was  never
known to have refused food to anyone who was hungry.

She was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church  for  many  years.
Her husband, Calvin Beights, died some years ago.

She leaves one daughter, Mrs. Willie Holiday of Foster, Oregon,  who
cannot attend the funeral. Her husband is critically ill,  relatives

She also leaves sister, Mrs. Dora M. Holloway of Poplar Bluff.  Nine
grandchildren also survive. They are Mrs. Ledora Ear, New York City;
Mac and Jewell Inman, Poplar Bluff; Mrs.  Pearl  Davis,  St.  Louis;
Mrs. Dewey Barriner, Poplar Bluff; Mrs. Mary Earth,  Chicago;  Jacob
W. Meadows, Jane H. Bucley [should be BEWLEY] Meadows and Mrs.  Mary
Cantrel of Poplar Bluff and Jim Inman of Chaffee,  grandchildren  by
marriage.  Thirty  six  great  grandchildren  and  12  great   great
grandchildren also survive.

Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. at Hamtown  Church  Tuesday,
February 16. The Rev. Chester Hamm will be  in  charge.  Pallbearers
will be Arch King, George  Collins,  Clyde  Inman,  August  Potillo,
Henry McKinney, Ralph Cooper and Melvin McElwrath.  Greer  Croy  and
Fitch Service.

'Daily American Republic' Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Monday, October 10, 1955:
Drew F. Holt, 77,
Retired Railroad
Employee, Succumbs

Drew F. Holt, 77 retired Missouri Pacific Railroad  boilermaker  and
resident of 219 North B. Street, died  Saturday  in  the  University
Hospital at Ann Arbor, Mich., following a heart affliction  suffered
while visiting relatives.

En route to Ypsilanti, Mich., for a meeting with his son, Charles E.
Holt, who  planned  to  return  there  from  Germany  for  a  family
homecoming event. Holt suffered a heart attack and was  hospitalized
before the son could reach the United States.

Born March 8, 1879, in Hilliard,  he  was  a  lifetime  resident  of
Butler county. He went to work for  the  Missouri  Pacific  Railroad
when he was 18 and retired about 10 years ago.

On March 15, 1903 he was married to Miss Stella Laughlin.

In addition to his widow he leaves eight daughters, Mrs. Clara  Jane
Browning, Poplar Bluff; Mrs. Zetta Vail,  San  Diego,  Calif.;  Mrs.
Zora Bussard, Bay City, Mich.; Mrs.  Sylvia  Spannuth,  Mrs.  Lenora
Sanders and Mrs. Martha Copeland,  all  of  Ypsilanti,  Mich.;  Mrs.
Hannah Cornell, Poplar Bluff and Mrs. Gertrude  Studer,  Belleville,
Mich. There are three sons, Drew S. Holt, Monroe, Mich.;  George  H.
Holt, Tulsa, Okla., and Charles E. Holt who has  been  serving  with
the U.S. Army in Germany.

Also remaining are 26 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

The body was removed to the Greer  Croy  and  Fitch  Funeral  Chapel
where funeral plans  were  reported  incomplete  today  pending  the
arrival of relatives.


'Daily American Republic' Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Tues., Nov 8, 1955, page 7:

Mrs. Willie Ann Holliday,  73  year  old  widow  of  the  late  Carl
Holliday and who resided with Mrs.  Nettie  Kimes  at  402  Bartlett
Street  here,  died  following  a   heart   attack   suffered   near
Beckenridge, Colorado at 1:30 yesterday morning.

She was on her way to Seanfield, Oregon to visit  a  daughter,  Mrs.
Roxie Lacey, when stricken aboard a train.

She was born here September 8, 1882 and she and Holliday,  a  former
Butler County Justice of the Peace, were married September 13, 1942.
He died at Foster, Oregon in 1954.

Survivors include six daughters, Mrs. Pearl Davis  and  Mrs.  Lizzie
Barriner of Poplar Bluff, Mrs. Lacey and Mrs. Esther Melton  of  New
Madrid and Mrs. Mary Wolf of  Jackson  Michigan,  three  sons  Mack,
Jewel and Jim Inman of Poplar  Bluff,  a  step-daughter,  Mrs.  Mary
Cantrell of Poplar Bluff, a step-son, Jim Inman of Chaffee, 47 grand
children, 29 great grand children and an aunt, Mrs. Dora Holloway of
Poplar Bluff.

The body will arrive here tomorrow, and services will be directed by
the Frank-Cotrell Undertaking Company.


Russiaville Newspaper, [Howard Co., IN], Fri., Nov. 11, 1955

Roscoe C. Holt, 59, R. R. 1, Russiacille, died at 7:55 p.m.,  Sunday
November 6, 1955, in his home. He had  been  in  ill  health  for  3
years, and seriously ill since  a  major  operation  performed  last
July. He was born April 18, 1896 at Poplar Bluff,  MO,  the  son  of
Dewey and Mary Holt. He had lived in Russiaville six  years,  moving
from Kokomo. Before  becoming  ill,  he  had  been  employed  as  an
inspector at the Hoosier Iron Works.

Mr. Holt was a member of the Full Gospel Church in Kokomo and was  a
veteran of WWI.

June 28, 1919, he was married to Jane Fowler, who  survives  with  a
son, Roscoe Glen Holt  of  Russiaville;  and  four  daughters,  Mrs.
Berniece Havely, Mrs. Louisa Stover, and Mrs. Daisy  Rayls,  all  of
Kokomo; Mrs. Martha Mote, of Anchorage, Alaska. A son, John  M.  was
killed in Germany in service in WWII. He  also  leaves  three  half-
brothers;  Charles  Robbins,  Chandlersville,  Ill.,  John  Robbins,
Springfield, Ill., and Ben Robbins, Stanwood, Michigan  and  a  half
sister, Mrs. Maud Middlecauff, Illiopolis, Ill.

The body is at the Ellers Funeral Home, from which it will be  taken
to the family residence where friends may call after  noon  Tuesday.
Funeral services will be conducted  at  2  p.m.  Wednesday  at  Full
Gospel Church,  the  Pastor  officiating.  Burial  will  be  in  the
Russiaville Cemetery.


‘Saved’ Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper obituary –
[Mary Ellen INMAN Cantrell d. 28 Feb. 1957]
Mrs.Chas. Cantrell Dies of Stroke At Local Hospital

Mrs. Mary Ellen Cantrell, aged 61, of 917 Fairmount, died  at  10:30
this morning at Doctors hospital following a stroke suffered at  her
home at 7:30 last night.

She was born in Wayne county Nov. 13,  1895.  In  1911  she  married
Charles Cantrell. She was a member of the Mt. Zion church  in  Wayne
county since 1911.

She leaves her husband, Charles; two sons,  Thomas  and  James;  two
grandchildren; a brother, Jim Inman of Chaffee; a sister, Mrs. Dolly
Wells of Glascow, Mo.; three half brothers and six half sisters, and
a niece who she reared, Mrs. Ethel Alexander of Poplar Bluff.

The body  was  taken  to  the  Frank-Cotrell  funeral  home  pending
completion of funeral  plans.  RITES  SATURDAY  AFTERNOON  FOR  MRS.

Mrs. Mary Ellen Cantrell will be placed at rest at Mt. Zion cemetery
following services to be conducted at 2 Saturday  afternoon  at  the
Frank-Cotrell chapel. She died at the Doctor's hospital following  a
stroke suffered at her home.


Final rites for Mrs. Mary Ellen Cantrell, 907  Fairmount,  who  died
February 28, were scheduled at 2 o'clock this afternoon in the Frank
Cotrell Funeral Chapel.

The Rev. Roscoe Pridy officiated and burial  was  in  the  Mt.  Zion
Cemetery in Wayne County.


‘Saved’ Newspaper obituary:
[Majorie ADAMSON Breighaumst d. 29 July 1961 in Marshall, Saline Co., MO]
Mrs. Breighaumpt Rites Tomorrow At Rombauer
Breighaumpt, 47, died July 29 after a short illness. She was born in
Butler county July 26, 1914. She was a member of the Baptist Church.

Survivors include a son, Franklin  Breighaumpt  of  St.  Louis;  her
mother, Mr.s Melita Adamson of Rombauer, a brother Aubrey Adamson of
Poplar Bluff; and four sisters: Mrs. Loettra McKinney of St.  Louis,
Miss Irene Adamson  of  Marshall,  Mo.,  Mrs.  Marceline  Salmon  of
Sebastopol, Cal., and Mrs. Bester Wunderlich of Carrolton, Mo.

The body was taken to the Frank - Cotrell Funeral Home where it will
remain until time for services which will  be  held  at  3  tomorrow
afternoon in the Rombauer church conducted by the Rev. Chester  Ham.
Burial  will  be  in  Rombauer  cemetery.  (Note:  The  spelling  of
Marjorie's  last  name  differs  from  what  is  on  her   tombstone
BREIGHAUMST; also her misspelled her sister's  name  -  it's  Vesper

‘Saved’ Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper obituary - with his picture & 'James Otto Inman' written underneath it. [James Henry Otto INMAN died 14 June 1962]
Specialist James H. Inman, 42, a career Army man, died  June  14  in
Germany, where he was stationed.

Inman was born on Jan. 10, 1920 in  Butler  county.  He  lived  here
until he enlisted in the Army 18 years ago. Most of his service time
was spent in foreign countries.

Survivors include two brothers, Max, of St. Louis and Joe of  Poplar
Bluff; and six sisters, Mrs. Lee Erath of New York, Mrs.  R.  Melton
of Mabtown, Wash., Mrs. Mary Stewman, Jackson, Mich., Mrs. R. Melton
of Lilbourn, Mrs. Pearl Davis and Mrs. G. Barriner  both  of  Poplar

Funeral plans are incomplete pending arrival of body. Greer Croy and
Fitch service.

'The American Republic Newspaper' Poplar Bluff, MO - Friday, February 8, 1963 -
Front Page:
One Killed,
   Three Hurt
      In Collision

Wayne Jones, 18-year-old son  of  Mr.  and  Mrs.  CHarles  Jones  of
Broseley, was killed and  three  other  persons  were  injured,  one
critically, in an automobile collision on Highway AA,  the  Broseley
road, at 11:30 this morning.

Jones was dead on arrival at the Lucy Lee Hospital.

Also taken to the hospital were Robert Dockery, 18,  driver  of  the
automobile Jones occupied.

The other car was driven by Bobie  Patrick  and  occupied  by  Pearl
Davis, also of Poplar Bluff.

They were injured critically, it was learned.  Both  were  taken  to
Lucy Lee Hospital.

The collision occurred on a small hill, about two miles  from  where
Jones lived with his parents. (Note: see obit for Mrs. Pearl Davis)


'Daily American Republic' Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper; Tues. Apr. 30, 1963 - Front page:
J. S. Blevins Retired Phone Employee, Dies

John Samuel Blevins, 78, retired Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
employee for 44 years, died at the Poplar  Bluff  Hospital  at  4:50
yesterday afternoon. He retired from active work  in  1950  and  had
resided in this county since 1908.

Born Feb. 14, 1885, at Dardanelle, Ark., he was married in  1910  to
Ina Lane in Poplar Bluff. He was a member of the Methodist Church.

He leaves a widow: and two daughters, Wilma Wilson of Webster Groves
and Celia Bell Eudy of Independence, Mo.; two  grandchildren  and  a
sister, Mrs. Charles S. Smith of Oklahoma City.

Mrs. Blevins is critically ill at the Poplar Bluff Hospital.

Funeral services will be at the  Methodist  Church  at  2  Wednesday
afternoon, the Rev.  George  Poe  officiating.  Burial  will  be  in
Memorial Gardens. Visiting hours will be at Frank-Cotrell from 7  to
9 tonight. (A picture of him accompanies his obituary)

This funeral notice was in 'The American Republic' on Mon. Aug. 12, 1963, page 2:
Funeral services for Mrs. Pearl Davis, who died in  Barnes  Hospital
on August 4, were conducted Friday at 2  p.m.  the  Greer  Croy  and
Fitch Chapel. The Rev. Lawrence Melton officiated and burial was  in
the Mt. Zion Cemtery.


'The Daily American Republic' newspaper, Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO, Mon.
July 29, 1963; page 10:
Mrs. Aylor Dies,
Funeral Wednesday

Mrs. Sweetie Pace Aylor, well-known local  woman,  died  at  Doctors
Hospital at 3: 50 this morning after a lingering  illness.  She  was
born in the Agee community of Butler County January  12,  1899,  her
parents, the late Mr. and Mrs.  W.  N.  Pace,  being  county  school

She  attended  school  in  Butler  County  and  graduated  from  the
Southeast Missouri Teachers College. She taught for over 30 years in
the rural schools and later in the Poplar Bluff school system.

She was a member of the First Christian Church and a member  of  the
Mizpah Sunday School class of the church.

She leaves five children, Mrs. Ila Witte, Eldon  Aylor,  and  Elwood
Aylor of Poplar Bluff, Mrs. Maurine Killian of St.  Louis  and  Mrs.
Shirley Lane of Sikeston; 13 grandchildren; three sisters,  Mrs.  B.
C. Worley and Mrs. Leta Adamson  of  Poplar  Bluff  and  Mrs.  Mazie
Carrol of Washington.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon  at  2  at  Frank-
Cotrell Chapel, with Dr. C. E. A. McKim  officiating  and  the  Rev.
Charles Carr of Morehouse assisting. Burial will be in  Marble  Hill
cemetery. Visiting hours will be at Frank-Cotrell tonight from 7  to

(Note: Sweetie was NOT buried at Marble Hill Cemetery.
She was buried at the City Cemetery; 'Sunny Slope' section; lot 3, grave 8, block C.)

'Daily American Republic' Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper; Dec. 23, 1963, page 7A:
Archie Lane Aged 84 Dies In St. Louis
Archie Lane, aged 84, who had spent most of his time  in  St.  Louis
since his retirement after 48 years  employment  with  the  Missouri
Pacific railroad, died at a hospital Saturday after being  ill  some
time. His home was at the Railroad Y.M.C.A. since the death  of  his

Born in Iron County, March 23, 1879, he resided in Poplar  Bluff  at
times for years prior to his retirement. He  was  a  member  of  the
trainmen's lodge.

He leaves five children:  Lloys  Lane  of  Powers,  Ore.,  Mrs.  Fay
Kinmann of St. Louis, Mrs. Grace McDonald of  Gurdon,  Ark.,  Joseph
Lane of California, and Mrs. Lillian LaNirca; two sisters, Mrs.  Ina
Blevins of Poplar  Bluff  and  Flora  Bedoll  of  Poplar  Bluff;  10
grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Funeral services will  be  at  2  this  afternoon  at  Frank-Cotrell
parlors, the Rev. George Poe officiating. Burial in City Cemetery.


'Daily American Republic' Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper; Sat. Sept. 11, 1965, page 3:
Mrs. Ina Blevins, 77-year old resident of 905 N. Fifth St., died  at
3:30 p.m. Friday at  the  Poplar  Bluff  Hospital  after  a  lengthy

A resident of Butler County since 1900, she married the late John S.
Blevins on Aug. 13, 1910, in Springfield. He died April 29, 1963.

Mrs. Blevins had belonged to the First Methodist Church  since  1910
and took part in many church activities.

She is survived by  two  daughters,  Mrs.  William  Wilson,  Webster
Groves, and Mrs. Celia Bell Endy, Independence; two  grand  children
and a sister-in-law, Mrs. Charles S. Smith, of Oklahoma City.

Funeral services for Mrs. Blevins will be held at 2 p.m.  Sunday  at
the First Methodist Church with  the  Rev.  George  Poe  in  charge.
Burial will be in Memorial Gardens Cemetery under the  direction  of
the Frank Cotrell Funeral Chapel.

'Daily American Republic' - Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper,
Saturday July 27, 1968 - front page & cont'd on page 8:
Mrs. Dora M. Holloway, a life-long Butler  Countian  and  well-known
teacher and businesswoman, died Friday night at the age of 89.

Mrs. Holloway had been in failing health for the past two years  and
was confined to her home for the past year. She died at  11:40  p.m.
Friday in the Poplar Bluff Hospital.

Born on Nov. 3, 1878, in the Hamtown community, she attended  Poplar
Bluff public schools. She attended Southwest Missouri State  College
and the old Normal School at Cape Girardeau, later to  be  known  as
Southeast Missouri State College.

She married E. O. Holloway on March 22, 1903, and Mr. Holloway  died
on Feb. 12, 1945.

Mrs. Holloway began teaching in Butler County schools at the age  of
13, serving at the Blue Water, Dealtown, Baskey  No.  2,  Ash  Hill,
Hamtown, Twin Springs, and Snider schools in her 42 year career.  In
1959 she was named a teacher of the year.

Combining her teaching career with the  real  estate  business,  she
became associated with her son, Bud Holloway, in the  Holloway  Real
Estate Co. She also was active in county historical affairs.

Surviving ate three children: Bud Holloway  of  Poplar  Bluff,  Mrs.
Bernice Clark, Neosho, and Mrs. Ivan  L.  Murray,  Oakland,  Calif.;
eight grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.

The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Sunday in  the  Frank-Cotrell  Funeral
Chapel. The minister will be the Rev. John Gilbert and  burial  will
be in the City Cemetery. Visitation will be in the chapel from 7 - 9
p.m. today.

'Daily American Republic' Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper [Orian Lee AGEE d. 12 June 1969}:
Orian L. Agee Died Today At Age of 75

Orian Lee Agee, 75 year old resident of 412 North G. Street, died at
3 a.m. today at the Poplar Bluff  Hospital  following  a  two  month
illness. He was a retired railroad employee.

Mr. Agee was born April 3, 1894 in the Agee Community and had been a
lifelong resident of Butler County. On April 27, 1925 he was married
to Miss Eva Ellen Upchurch in Bloomfield.

Surviving are the widow; a daughter,  Mr.  Nellie  Woods  of  Poplar
Bluff; three sons, Charlie  Agee  of  Poplar  Bluff,  Fred  Agee  of
Madras, Oregon and Jimmy Agee of St. Louis; 12 grandchildren and two
sisters, Mrs. Lela Ham of Poplar Bluff and Mrs. Neveda  Huelsman  of

The body was taken to Frank-Cotrell  and  funeral  arrangements  are
pending the arrival of relatives.

'Daily American Republic', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Tuesday,
July 11, 1972, page 17:

Mrs. Della Smith Henson Witte of 2127 N. Main St. died at 12:15 p.m.
yesterday in the Doctors Hospital after a lengthy illness.  She  was

Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m.  Wednesday  in  the  Cotrell
Funeral Chapel. The Rev. Edwin Barnes will officiate. Burial will be
in the City Cemetery.

Mrs. Witte was born June 5, 1880. She had been a  lifelong  resident
of Butler County, spending the past 66 years in Poplar Bluff.

In 1902, she was married to Riley A.  Henson.  He  preceded  her  in
death in April 1905. In July 1906, she was married to Otto W. Witte,
who died Dec. 1, 1968.

Mrs. Witte is a life long member of the Methodist Church. She  is  a
past president of the Marble Hill Study Club, past president of  the
W. B. A. and a member of the Rebecca Lodge No. 41.

Mrs. Witte is the granddaughter of  Solomon  Kittrell,  one  of  the
first white settlers of Butler County.

Survivors include a son, Hardin O. Witte, Poplar Bluff; a  daughter,
Mrs. Bula Henson Hendrickson, Welllington, Kan.; two  grandchildren,
Syreda Kay Witte and Marshall  David  Hendrickson,  both  of  Kansas
City; two great-grandchildren, Riley and Melinda  Hendrickson,  both
of Kansas City; and a 90-year-old sister, Mrs. Maggie Hopkins,  Ada,

Visitation at the Cotrell Funeral Home will be  from  7  to  9  p.m.

'Daily American Republic' newspaper, Poplar Bluff, MO, Sat. Nov. 29, 1975:
Lawrence Lane - Dexter

Lawrence J. Lane, a 44 year old retired construction worker, died of
an apparent heart attack and was dead on  arrival  at  the  Veterans
Hospital at 4 p.m. Friday.

He was born on October 23, 1931, in Attica, Ark., and was married to
Shirley Aylor on Dec. 27, 1954, in East St. Louis. Mr.  Lane  was  a
member of the First Christian Church of Poplar Bluff,  the  American
Legion of Poplar Bluff, the Disabled American Veterans of St. Louis,
and Masonic Lodge of Dexter. He had lived in Dexter for the past  18

Surviving are his widow; two daughters, Sherry Lane and Wendy  Lane,
both of the home, two brothers, Robert Lane  of  Winona,  Miss,  and
Woodrow Lane of Atlanta, Ga; and five sisters, Mrs. Frankie  Flippo,
Mrs.  Sadie  McCrary,  both  of  Detroit,  Mrs.  Carmen  Holland  of
Longview, Tex., Mrs. Vivian Macon of  New  Orleans,  and  Mrs.  Nina
Bradley of Doniphan.

The funeral will be at 10 a.m. Monday in the Watkins Funeral  Chapel
with the Rev. Stanley Land  officiating.  Burial  will  be  in  City
Cemetery in Poplar Bluff. Visitation will begin at 1 p.m. Sunday.

Daily American Republic' newspaper, Poplar Bluff, MO, Tue. Dec 2, 1975:
Lawrence Lane - Dexter

The funeral for Lawrence Lane, a 44 year  old  retired  veteran  who
died Friday, was held at 10 a.m.  Moday  in  the  Watkins  And  Sons
Funeral Chapel with the Rev. Stanley Land officiating.

In addition to the survivors previously listed, he  is  survived  by
two sons, Michael Lane and Mitchell Lane, both of the home.

'Daily American Republic' newspaper, Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO, Mon. June 21, 1976:
Lela Ham

Mrs. Lela Jane Ham, 79-year-old resident of 313 Bartlett  St.,  died
at 11 a.m. Saturday in Poplar Bluff Hospital after being ill for one

She was born on Oct. 28, 1896, in Butler County, and was married  to
Eddie Ham on Aug. 1, 1915. Mrs. Ham was of the General Baptist faith
and had lived in Poplar Bluff for the past nine years. She  formerly
lived in Rombauer.

Surviving are her husband; two sons, Aden Ham and Gerhard Ham,  both
of Alton, Ill.; two daughters, Mrs. Fern Gillean of Alton  and  Mrs.
Dorthy Mitchelle of Poplar bluff, one  sister,  Nevada  Huelsman  of
Poplar Bluff; nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

The funeral will be at 11 a.m. Tuesday in Rombauer Church  with  the
Rev. Chester Ham officiating. Burial will be in Rombauer Cemetery.

'Daily American Republic' newspaper, Poplar Bluff, MO, Mon. Aug. 2, 1976; page 17:

Fred Louis Aylor, 71, died at 11:15  a.m.  Sunday  at  Poplar  Bluff
Hospital. Mr. Aylor had suffered poor health for the last six years.

Mr. Aylor was a former construction worker who lived on  Rt.  2.  He
had been a Poplar Bluff resident since 1971.

On April 1, 1905, Mr. Aylor was born in  Mayfield,  Ky.  He  married
Sweetie Pace in 1923. Mrs. Aylor died and in 1952 he  married  Thula

Mr. Aylor was a member of the Methodist Church.

Survivors include his widow; three daughters,  Mrs.  Ila  Witte  and
Mrs. Maurine Killian, both of Poplar Bluff, and Mrs. Shirley Lane of
Dexter; two sons, Bud Aylor and Eldon Aylor, both of  Poplar  Bluff;
13 grandchildren; one brother, Ollin Aylor of Atlanta, Fla., and one
sister, Mrs. Florence Strickland of Orlando, Fla.

Services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Cotrell  Funeral  Chapel,
Dr. G. Nimo  Goldstine  will  officiate.  Burial  will  be  in  City
Cemetery. Visitation begins at 7 p.m. today at the funeral home.

‘Saved’ Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper obituary
[Lee Dora “Marie” Inman Skaggs Erath d. 01 March 1977]
Mrs. Marie Lea Erath
Mrs. Marie Lea Erath of 322 West Neat St. died at 7:35 a.m.  Tuesday
in the Doctors Hospital. She had been ill since July.

Mrs. Erath lived in New York for 49 years before  moving  to  Poplar
Bluff in 1973. She was born on  Jan.  26,  1906,  at  Rombauer.  She
married John J. Erath on June 21, 1929, in Bronx, N.Y.  She  was  of
the Baptist faith.

Survivors  are  her  husband,  John;  two  sons,  Arthur  Skaggs  of
Wickford, R.I., and two daughters, Mrs. Ruth Wente of  San  Antonio,
Tx., and Mrs. Mae Armstrong  of  Raleigh,  N.C.;  15  grandchildren;
several great-grandchildren;  one  brother,  Mack  Inman  of  Poplar
Bluff; four sisters, Mrs. Francis Barriner  of  Poplar  Bluff,  Mrs.
Esther Melton of Lilbourn, Mrs. Roxie Lacy of  Oregon  and  Mrs.Myra
Stewman of Jackson, Mich., and a sister-in-law, Mrs. Joan Fusilli of
Bronx, N.Y.

The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Friday at the Fitch Chapel.  The  Rev.
John Gilbert will officiate and burial will be  in  the  Mount  Zion
Cemetery. Visitation is to begin after 6 p.m. Thursday.

'Daily American Republic', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper,
Thursday, March 16, 1978, page 8:
(picture with obit is too dark to see his face)
Frank Lade

Frank Lade, an 84-year-old retired carpenter of 1020 Cole,  died  of
an apparent heart attack Wednesday afternoon while driving his car.

Lade  had  been  visiting  his  sick  brother  at  VA  Hospital  and
apparently was stricken as he drove out of the hospital grounds. His
car ran across Highway 67 North and into the  Mansion  Mall  parking

Police officers Melvin Riley and Ed DeGaris administered  artificial
resuscitation  when  they  arrived  at  the  scene   and   ambulance
technicians  continued  treatment.  Lade  died  later   at   Doctors

He was a member of First Baptist Church.

Survivors include two brothers, Victor Lade, Poplar Bluff,  and  Roy
Lade, Bridge City, Texas; two sisters, Nora Ducker and Esta Moffett,
both  of  Port  Arthur,  Texas;  one   grandson   and   two   great-

His funeral will be a 2 Saturday in Fitch Funeral Home with the Rev.
Don Coleman  officiating.  Burial  will  be  in  Woodlawn  Cemetery.
Visitation will begin at 6 Friday.


'Daily American Republic' Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper - Friday, June 30, 1978:
Victor Lade

Victor Lade, a 79-year-old resident of 615  Magnolia  St.,  died  at
12:45 this morning in the Veterans Hospital.

Services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday in Fitch Funeral Chapel.  The
Rev. James Ford will officiate with burial in City Cemetery.

Visitation begins at 2 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.

The  retired  iron  industry  construction  worker  was  a  lifelong
resident of Butler County. He was born Sept. 17, 1898,  at  Hamtown.
Aug. 2, 1941, he was married to Pauline  Hornbeck  at  Corning.  The
Army veteran of World War I was of the Baptist faith.

Survivors include his wife, three sons, Lary Lade,  St.  Louis,  and
Carol and Lloyd Lade, both of St.  Charles;  five  daughters,  Linda
Grills and Nora Davis, both of Poplar Bluff, Nelma Payne,  Bushnell,
Fla.,   Wanda   Deal,   Martinez,   Ga.,   and   Elenoar   Hargrove,
Williamsville; a brother, Roy Lade, Bridge City, Texas; two sisters,
Nora Ducker and  Esta  Moffett,  both  of  Port  Arthur,  Texas;  22
grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.


'Daily American Republic', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Monday, August 21, 1981:

Eddie C. Ham, 85, a retired farmer and  resident  of  Poplar  Bluff,
died Sunday at S. Joseph Hospital, Alton, Ill. He had been ill  nine

Mr. Ham was born March 7, 1896, in Butler county. He was married  to
Lela Agee on Aug. 1, 1915. She died June 19, 1976. He was  a  member
of Rombauer General Baptist Church.

Surviving are two sons, Aden Hame and Ivan ham, both of  Alton;  two
daughters, Fern Gillean of Alton and  Dorothy  Mitchelle  of  Poplar
Bluff; one brother, Roy Ham of Kennett; nine grandchildren and  nine

The funeral will be held  at  11  a.m.  Tuesday  at  Rombauer  Union
Church. The Rev. Chester Hamm  will  officate.  Burial  will  be  in
Rombauer Cemetery. Visitation will begin at 5 p.m. today at  White's
Funeral Home at Fisk.


'Daily American Republic' Poplar Bluff newspaper, Thursday, February 16, 1983:

(Note: The obituary is much too long to enclose here so it has  been
drastically edited below:)

Bud was a native  of  Butler  county  attending  their  schools.  He
graduated from Southwest Missouri State Teachers College with his BS
degree in Springfield, MO. He taught in area  high  schools  briefly
before opening Bud Holloway Real Estate in 1947. He was a veteran of
WWII & past state president of AMVETs. He had been a member  of  the
Jaycees, Poplar Bluff  Chamber  of  Commerce,  &  many  real  estate
organizations. He was one of the first  12  recipients  of  the  GRI
(Graduate Realtors Institute).

He was a great softball player, and helped organize the park  league
baseball program. He was a leader in  the  formation  of  the  Three
Rivers Junior College in the middle 1960's & was  elected  to  their
first Board of Trustees. He had donated land & money to the  college
and the city. He was best  known  for  developing  Northwood  Hills,
Hillsdale, Bluff Estates, Inman Acres, Peaceful Acres, and Lakeshore
Acres. He was one of  the  original  incorporators  of  Poplar  Land
Corporation  along  with  the  late  Louie  Snider,   Sr.,   Francis
Schweitzer, Paul Inman, and his mother, the late Dora  M.  Holloway.
Also survived by 2 step children: Gail Speer of Walnut Ridge, Ark  &
Douglas Yamnitz of Carlisle, Ark., and  by  his  half  brother  Ivan
Murray of Oakland, Calif. It was said that he had a nose as  long  &
straight as George Washington. Family resided at the corner of  Vine
& 5th Street.


'Yakima Herald Republic' newspaper, Yakima, WA Dec. 18, 1985

May Pace Burdan, 84, of  331  S.  Ninth  St.,  Yakima,  died  Monday
evening in St. Elizabeth Medical Center.

She was born Feb. 3, 1901, to William and  Belle  (Medows)  Pace  in
Poplar Bluff, Mo., where she was reared and educated.

Mrs. Burdan was a registered nurse in Texas before moving to  Yakima
in 1955. She married James Burdan in 1972 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Survivors  include  her  husband,  James  Burdan  of  Yakima;  three
daughters, Maxine  Borland  of  Thibodaux,  La.,  Earlene  Clark  of
Collinsville, Okla., and Janie Trevino of Okanogan; a  son,  Wilferd
Tinker of Wilmington,  Del.;  eight  granchildren;  and  one  great-

Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday  in  the  Keith  &
Keith Terrace Heights Chapel. Burial  will  be  in  Terrace  Heights
Memorial Park.


‘Saved’ Obit, Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper
[Phillip August Potillo d. 06 June 1989]
Phillip A. Potillo

Phillip August Potillo, 86, of  the  John  J.  Pershing  VA  Medical
Center Nursing Care Unit died Tuesday, June 6, at the  hospital.  He
had been in poor health 12 years.

Potillo was born Aug. 17, 1902, in Butler county. He was  a  retired
school teacher and farmer. He was also in the Army during World  War

Survivors include a  nephew,  Carrol  Chronister;  a  brother,  Mark
Potillo and a sister, Lattie Chronister, all of Poplar Bluff.

Graveside services were held Friday, June  9,  in  Hamtown  Cemetery
with the Rev. Joel A. Wilson officiating. Cotrell Funeral  Home  was
in charge of arrangements.

'Daily American Republic' Poplar Bluff, MO - Wed., May 29, 1991:
Mark A. Potillo

Mark A. Potillo, 84, of Poplar Bluff died at 6:42  p.m.  Tuesday  at
Doctors Regional Medical Center.

Mr. Potillo was born Feb. 24, 1907, in  Butler  County.  He  married
Mabel Seats on Jan 29, 1929. she died Nov. 7, 1979. Mr. Potillo  was
a retired school teacher in the Rombauer  area  and  was  a  retired
farmer. He enjoyed bird dogs and was of the Baptist faith.

Survivors include one sister, Lattie  Chronister  of  Poplar  Bluff;
three nephews, Carroll Chronister of Poplar Bluff, Warren  Smith  of
Prescott,  Ariz.,  and  Hershel  Smith  of  Eugene,  Ore.;  and  two
grandnephews, John D. Chronister and Phillip A. Chronister, both  of
Poplar Bluff.

A graveside service will be held  at  1:30  p.m.  at  the  Ham  Town
Cemetery with the Rev. Ralph Mayes officiating.

Arrangements were made by Cotrell Funeral Chapel.


'Daily American Republic', Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO newspaper - Mon. Nov. 11, 1991:
Lattie D. Chronister
Lattie D. Chronister, 91, a resident of Westwood Hills  Health  Care
Center, died Sunday at Doctors Regional Medical Center.

Mrs. Chronister was born Sept.  30,  1900,  in  Butler  County.  She
married Harold Smith in 1919. He preceded her in death. She  married
John D. Chronister in 1930 at Corning, Ark. He died  July  5,  1972.
Mrs. Chronister,  a  lifelong  resident  of  Butler  County,  was  a
housewife and a member of the Hamtown Baptist  Church.  She  enjoyed
gardening and housework.

Survivors include six sons,  Carroll  Chronister  of  Poplar  Bluff,
Norman Chronister of Tombauer, Glenn Chronister of  Princeton,  Ky.,
Richard Chronister of Oklahoma  City,  Okla.,  Warren  E.  Smith  of
Prescott, Ariz., and  Hershal  A.  Smith  of  Eugenem,  Ore.;  seven
grandchildre; and 13 great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Chronister was preceded in death by one daughter.

Visitation was to begin at 7  p.m.  today  at  the  Cotrell  Funeral
Chapel. The funeral will be held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the funeral
chapel with the Rev. James Schremp officiating. Burial  will  be  in
the Hamtown Cemetery.

'Daily American Republic' newspaper, Poplar Bluff, MO Mon. Apr. 6, 1992:

Aubrey H. Adamson, 70, of Poplar Bluff  died  unexpectedly  at  7:20
a.m. Saturday, April 4, 1992, at John J. Pershing VA Medical Center.

Mr. Adamson was born May 26, 1921, in Missouri  (town  unavailable).
He married Marguerite Tinsley on May 11, 1946, at Newport, Ark.  She
survives. Mr. Adamson, a retired construction worker,  was  an  Army
veteran of World War II and was of the Baptist faith.

Other survivors include three children, Felicia Gulledge  and  Carol
Ann White, both of  Poplar  Bluff,  and  Samuel  Joseph  Adamson  of
Houston, Texas; four sisters,  Loretta  McKnight  of  Poplar  Bluff,
Marceline  Salmon  of  Sebastopol,  Calif.,  Vesper  Wonderlich   of
Littleton, Colo., and Olga Irene  Adamson  of  Sikeston;  and  three

Visitation will begin at 7  p.m.  Tuesday  at  the  Cotrell  Funeral
Chapel. The funeral will be held at  11:30  a.m.  Wednesday  at  the
funeral chapel. Burial will be in the Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

'Daily American Republic' newspaper, Friday, October 14, 1994:

Loretta McKnight, 78, of Poplar Bluff died Thursday, Oct  13,  1994,
at Lucy Lee Hospital. She had been ill for one month.

Mrs. McKnight was born on Jan. 22, 1916, in the  Agee  Community  of
Butler County. She was a retired factory worker and of the Jehovah's
Witness faith. On Dec. 31, 1973, she married Lloyd Dale McKnight. He

Also surviving are four children, Vera  Helton  of  Citrus  Springs,
Fla., Betty Mead of Sleepy Hollow, Ill., Shirley McKinney of  Poplar
Bluff and Iva Manis of Salt Village, Ill.: two children she  raised,
Ginger Glasco of Anna, Ill. and Ella Mae Canell of Poplar Bluff;  15
grandchildren; 17 great-granchildren; two great-great-grandchildren;
three sisters, Dr. Marceline Salmon of Sevastropol,  Calif.,  Vesper
Wonderlich of Littleton, Colo. and Olga Irene Adamson  of  Matthews,

Visitation will be at 7 p.m. Saturday at Cotrell Funeral Chapel. The
funeral will be at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at the funeral home chapel with
Elder Pete Bruno officiating. Burial will be at Hamtown Cemetery.


'Daily American Republic' newspaper, Poplar Bluff, MO:
Eldon B. "Sonny" Aylor

Eldon B. "Sonny" Aylor, 67, of Poplar Bluff died Saturday, Dec.  13,
1997, at Mark Twain Caring Center following a short illness  due  to

Mr. Aylor was born Aug. 2, 1930, in Williamsville. He  was  a  self-
employed heavy equipment operator and welder and  Navy  veteran.  He
was of the Protestant faith. He enjoyed the  outdoors,  hunting  and

Among the survivors are four children, Cristy Hornbeck  and  Barbara
Green, both of Poplar Bluff, Sharon Kary of Marked Tree,  Ark.,  and
David Aylor of Belleville, Ill.; nine  grandchildren;  one  brother,
Elwood L. "Bud" Aylor of Poplar Bluff; and three sisters, Ila  Witte
of Poplar Bluff, Maurine Killian of  Longview,  Texas,  and  Shirley
Lane of Scott City, MO.

Visitation will be at 10 a.m. Thursday  at  Cotrell  Funeral  Chapel
followed by a memorial service at 11 a.m. with the Rev. David Groves

The family requests memorials be made to the Eldon B. Aylor Memorial
Fund in care of the  First  community  Bank,  2340  South  Broadway,
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901.


'Daily American Republic', Poplar Bluff, MO newspaper, Sun. Sept. 29, 2002, pg 10A:

Ilah Jane Worley, 98, of Poplar Bluff died Friday, Sept. 27, 2002 at
the Mark Twain Caring Center in Poplar Bluff.

Mrs. Worley was born  in  Butler  county  Nov.  20,  1903.  She  was
affiliated with the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

She taught in rural schools in the area for 27 years, having  taught
at Pike Slough, Fisk, Caledonia, Black River and Big Island. She had
also been a clerk typist at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.  during
World War II.

Mrs. Worley attended local schools and had  completed  undergraduate
work at the Southeast Normal School  in  Cape  Girardeau.  In  later
years she enjoyed crocheting, canning, gardening and cooking for her
family. She was a founding member of the Agee Community Club.

She married Burley Carter Worley Feb. 17, 1946. He  died  March  20,

Surviving are  a  daughter,  Elwain  Walker  of  Poplar  Bluff,  one
granddaughter, and three great-grandchildren.

A graveside service will be held at  11  a.m.  Monday  at  the  City
Cemetery with the Rev. Greg Guy officiating.

Cotrell Funeral Service is in charge of arrangements.


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