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Russell Heights, Cemetery
Cape Girardeau, County

If you know of any other Cape Girardeau County Missouri Cemeteries, or have cemetery listings or any other records on these or other Cape Girardeau County Missouri Cemeteries, I would be very interested in receiving your information to include on this page, with your name as contributor. (Please send your name and email address) Have A Safe Day & Thanks for Viewing This Site D.E.Wright !!!!!

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Subject: Cemetery name & Cape Girardeau, County
In letter: ROGERS, John R. b-Feb 19, 1800 d-Sept 23, 1853

Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes

Russell Heights Cemetery Monument, Photos

BOWMAN, Richard Earl b-1896 d-1970
born-in Burfordville died-in Cape Girardeau, Co
The son of James Reed Bowman and Lillie Belle Lively.
BOWMAN, Myrtle (Cramer) b-1896 d-n/a
born-in Jackson, CGC, MO, died-in Sikeston, Scott Co., MO.
She was the daughter of Wilson Cramer and Margaret Townshend.
BOWMAN, H. Y. (Bainbridge) b-18__ d-May 1931
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

CHOSTNER, Pinkney b-1878 d-Aug. 26, 1926
born-in MO died-in MO.
He was the son of James Monroe Chostner and Louisa Catherine Estes.
He married Ellen L. Nanney about 1903
CHOSTNER, Lou Ellen (Nanney) b-1881 d-Feb.21,1942
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

ESTES, Fred b-1913 d-1968
ESTES, Ida B. b-1908 d-n/a
ESTES, Donald b-1935 d-n/a
(Donald Ray Estes, s/o Jesse Robert Estes & Ollie Alice Seabaugh)
ESTES, Hattie (Clements) b-1942 d-Sep. 21, 1966
(wife of Donald Ray Estes)
ESTES, Jesse R. b-1899 d-Feb. 14, 1974
(Jesse Robert Estes, s/o Robert Morse Estes & Julia Ann Statler)
ESTES, Ollie A. (Seabaugh) b-1899 d-Oct. 11, 1968
(Ollie Alice Seabaugh, wife of Jesse Robert Estes)
ESTES, James J. b-1905 d-1974
ESTES, Mary C. b-1902 d-n/a
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

FORD, George Thomas b-Mar. 10, 1873 d-Dec. 28, 1963
(s/o Rev. John Thomas Ford & Sarah Elizabeth Roberts)
FORD, Mary Matilda (Varnum) b-Jun. 27, 1879 d-Jun. 25, 1929
(wife of George Thomas Ford)
FORD, Albert Chesley b-Mar. 3, 1844 d-Sep. 1, 1931
(s/o Chesley D. Ford & Rebecca Canterbury/Canterberry)
FORD, Unicia Rebecca (Sheppard) b-Feb. 27, 1850 d-Nov. 5, 1936
(wife of Albert Chesley Ford)
FORD, Nell (wf. of Lawrence) b-1901 d-Jul. 28, 1930
FORD, Harold H. (PFC) b-1921 d-Apr. 24, 1945
FORD, Lawrence b-1900 d-Dec. 25, 1972
(s/o Newton D. Ford & Ella Florence Sheppard)
FORD, Amelia - b-1910 d-n/a
FORD, Newton D. b-1869 d-Jul. 22, 1942
(s/o of Albert Chesley Ford & Unicia Rebecca Sheppard)
FORD, Ella Florence (Sheppard) b-1871-Jun. 26, 1921
(wife of Newton D. Ford)
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

JACO, Anna F. b-1910 d-n/a
JACO, Charles E. b-1899 - d-1950
JACO, Claudina E. b-1900 - d-1965
JACO, Cletus Jeffery b-2/6/1962 - d-2/6/1962
JACO, Cletus E. b-1920 - d-3/23/1976
JACO, Elmer E. b-1915 - d-6/23/1971
JACO, Evalee b-1931 - d-8/5/1947
JACO, Ferdinand A. b-1890 - d-1955
Submitted by
Angela Jaco Callahan Poster-#-69-

LIMBAUGH, Jason Hunter b-1858 d-Sep. 3, 1932
(s/o Daniel R. Limbaugh & Delilah Shell)
LIMBAUGH, Shaba (Kinder) b-1858 d-Nov. 4, 1928
(wife of Jason Hunter Limbaugh; d/o E. M. & L. J. Kinder)
LIMBAUGH, Willie May (Moore) b-1877 d-Feb. 10, 1951
(wife of Arthur B. Limbaugh)
LIMBAUGH, Arthur B. b-1880 d-Nov. 4, 1963
(s/o Joseph Headley Limbaugh & Susan F. Presnell)
LIMBAUGH, Hilda Ruth b-1911 d-Feb. 24, 1929
(d/o Arthur B. Limbaugh & Willie May Moore)
LIMBAUGH, Webster b-1891 d-1967
(s/o Henry Limbaugh & Serena James)
LIMBAUGH, Velma (Chostner) b-1903 d-n/a
(wife of Webster R. Limbaugh; d/o Pinkney & Ellen Chostner)
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

MARLER, Farrell W. b-July 31, 1928 d-April 14, 1994
Submitted by
agrebing Poster-#-70-

MCGUIRE, Malinda Tucker, b-1839 d-Sep. 4, 1933
(Her name was Malinda nee McGuire, d/o William Hugh MCGUIRE
and Sarah Louisa Jane HOWARD. She married William TUCKER.
She shares a MCGUIRE tombstone with her brother, Milton McGuire.)
MCGUIRE, Milton, b-1848 d-Sep. 30, 1924
(brother of Malinda McGuire Tucker)
MCGUIRE, Bern F., b-1894 d-Oct. 21, 1967
(s/o Frank William McGuire & Virginia Susan Woody)
MCGUIRE, Bessie M. (Quade), b-1892 d-____
(wife of Bern F. McGuire)
MCGUIRE, Bruce C., b-1909 d-Nov. 4, 1959
MCGUIRE, Frank William, b-1855 d-Apr. 22, 1931
(s/o Ezekiel McGuire & Sarah Canterbury)
MCGUIRE, Billy F., b-1906 d-____
MCGUIRE, Elanor, b-1923 d-____
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

MILLER, Elam Sylvester, b-1852 d-Nov. 18, 1919
(s/o of Andrew A. Miller & Sophia nee Miller)
MILLER, Mary (Snider), b-1855 d-Jun. 9, 1933
(wife of Elam Sylvester Miller;
d/o Geo. W. Snider & Zilla Catherine Edinger)
MILLER, Marada Ann Elizabeth (Edinger), b-1853 d-Jan. 23, 1940
(wife of James Henry Miller;
d/o Geo. H. Edinger & Matilda McCarty)
MILLER, James Henry, b-1841 d-Nov. 17, 1930
(s/o William Miller & Sarah Eaker)
MILLER, James Edgar, b-1885 d-Apr. 16, 1957
(s/o James Henry Miller & Marada Ann Elizabeth Edinger)
MILLER, Rosanna Bell, b-1903 d-Feb. 24, 1932
(wife of Clifford)
MILLER, Effie Mary (Stearns), b-1878 d-Oct. 18, 1973
(wife of Russell Mason Miller)
MILLER, Russell Mason, b-1877 d-Nov. 1, 1929
(s/o Andrew A. Miller & Sarah Hutson/Hudson)
MILLER, William Jefferson, b-1850 d-Mar. 10, 1919
(s/o William Miller & Sarah Eaker)
MILLER, Sarah (Hutchison), b-1855 d-Jan. 28, 1919
(wife of William Jefferson Miller, MD)
MILLER, George Washington, b-1855 d-Feb. 19, 1947
(s/o William Miller & Sarah Eaker)
MILLER, Emma (Swan), b-1854 d-Apr. 22, 1922
(wife of George Washington Miller)
MILLER, John William, b-1871 d-Dec. 4, 1931
(s/o Eli Miller & Mary Jane nee Miller)
MILLER, Roxanna (Proffer), b-1877 d-Sep. 13, 1955
(wife of John William Miller)
MILLER, Truman Blaine, b-1891 d-Mar. 24, 1971
(s/o James Henry Miller & Marada Ann Elizabeth Edinger)
MILLER, Alice R. (Estes), b-1894 d-May 10, 1977
(wife of Truman Blaine Miller;
d/o Joseph Hezekiah Estes & Lourana E. Bast)
MILLER, ?Renal, b-____ d-Aug. 23, 1965
MILLER, Eli Sylvester "Little Wes", b-1870 d-1962
(s/o Isaac Newton Miller & Mary Looney)
MILLER, Emma Kate (Lanpher), b-1876 d-1968
(wife of Eli Sylvester Miller)
MILLER, Thomas E., b-1891 d-1960
(s/o John H. Miller & Allie Sides)
MILLER, Hester L. (Dalton), b-1898 d-____
(wife of Thomas E. Miller)
MILLER, Ira, b-1905 d-1971
MILLER, Metta V., b-1900 d-____
MILLER, Otto T., b-1880 d-Sep. 24, 1974
MILLER, Lillie M., b-1889 d-____
MILLER, Charlie V., b-1902 d-Jan. 16, 1978
(s/o Eli Sylvester Miller & Emma Kate Lanpher)
MILLER, Pearl L., b-1888 d-1972
MILLER, Ollie C., b-1898 d-1976
MILLER, John Franklin, b-1858 d-1942
(s/o Washington Miller & Catherine "Kate" Cauvey)
MILLER, Naomi C. (Leslie/Lessley), b-1863 d-1934
(wife of John Franklin Miller)
MILLER, Alpha Maude, b-1887 d-1932
(d/o John Franklin Miller & Naomi C. Leslie/Lessley)
MILLER, Ralph E., b-1907 d-1970
(s/o Eli Sylvester Miller & Emma Kate Lanpher)
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

MINTON, Dorothy
~~b: Oct. 20, 1924~~d: Feb. 1, 2005
Rev. Johnny Seabaugh officiating. Burial
Submitted byAnonymous Poster-#-Anonymous-

TUCKER, John Marshall, b-1859 d-Apr. 28, 1943
(s/o William Tucker & Malinda McGuire)
TUCKER, Mos__ J., b-1878 d-1948
(no stone - McCombs Funeral Home)
TUCKER, Frances E., b-1886 d-1959
(no stone - McCombs Funeral Home)
Submitted by
Carol Bowman Poster-#-8-

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