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Lucy Ann Bowman Biography
Cape Girardeau County, Missouri

Cape Girardeau Co Mo
Lucy Ann Bowman
  • GENEALOGY OF A BOWMAN FAMILY, Byron Whitener Bowman, 1956

    Lucy Ann was the oldest of the children of Benjamin and Sophia Bowman. She was born May 29, 1827, just 22 years younger than her mother, and her oldest child, Elizabeth Chapman, was born just 22 years after her mother's birth. Elizabeth's oldest son, John Robbins, was born exactly 22 years later, and his first born another 22 years later, making five generation of 22 years each.

    Lucy Ann married John Chapman September 28, 1848, and to them were born Elizabeth, Gideon, Benjamin, Annie, Tommie, Mollie, John Sam and Freddie. Possibly there were others who died in infancy. Freddie and Tommie died while small boys. Benjamin died of tuberculosis several years after his marriage, but left no children. Annie married a Mr. Robbins, who abandoned her after a short time, and she later married a Mr. McGuire, by whom she left several boys. Mollie, who was one of the jolliest girls you ever saw, married a man named Boman, not spelled as ours and not related. He died, leaving three children, and Mollie remarried a German named Metz, a farmer living near Advance, Missouri. Gideon, the oldest boy, and John Sam, the youngest, both married twice and had families.

    John Chapman was a cooper by trade. Both he and his wife died at a good old age somewhere in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, and are buried near Allenville, Missouri.

    She was 69 years, 9 months and 2 days old. I have no record of his age, except that he was about 20 years her senior. Lucy was one of those good, motherly women that everybody loved. She was known as a very fine cook. She almost always cooked on an open grate fire, and her oven bread was the finest ever.

    Lucy was very much like her mother, Sophia, in many respects. She spent much of her time visiting the sick and had quite a reputation as a nurse. She lived a great part of her life in the country where she was known by everyone as Aunt Lucy.

    June 12, 1956

Contributed by Carol Bowman

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