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Cape Girardeau Co Mo
Date of Birth Records
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Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-60-

Page No. Date of Return Name of Child Sex Number of Child of this mother Race or Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Nationality of Father Fathers Place of Birth Fathers Age Nationality of Mother Mothers Place of Birth Mothers Age Full Name of Mother Maiden Name of Mother Residence of Mother Full Name of father Occupation Name and Address of Medical Attendant Name and Address of Person Making Certificate Returned by

210 Dec 9 1890 Huters, Olga Female 7- White Aug 22 1890 City German Cape Girardeau 36 German Germany 31 Mary Huters Mary Mahuke City Wm Hutes
Minnie Schrader Cape Girardeau

211 Dec 9 1890 Hunze, Clarence Louis Male 6- White Aug 23rd 1890 City German Cape Girardeau 47 German Germany 31 Hermine Hunze Bielifeld City Henry L. Hunze Coal & Ice dealer Minnie Schrader Cape Girardeau

233 Dec 27 1890 Haydock Girl 9- White Sept 6th 1890 Cape Girardeau American Kentucky 53 American Kentucky 37 Nana Haydock Gr?? Cape Girardeau Joseph Given Haydock Book keeper Katherina Unseld Cape Girardeau

14 Jan 30 1891 Hamback, Annie Female First one White Oct 14 1890 Cape Girardeau Mo German African
15 Lizzie Hempstead
at Elsie Hempstead Robert Hamback
Harriet Dickson Cape Girardeau MO

15 Jan 30 1891 Henderson, Franklin Male 3rd White Dec 15. Cape Girardeau MO American Indiana 35 American Arkansas 19 Dollie Lureta Henderson Dollie L. Garner Cape Girardeau, Mo John Wm Henderson
Harriet Dickerson Cape Girardeau Mo

20 Jan 30 1891 Henderson, Lewis Male 4- Negro or African descent Dec 28th 1890 Cape Girardeau Negro
48 Negro Perry 29 Sarah A. Henderson Sarah A. Wallace Cape Girardeau William Henderson Daily laborer Harriet Dickerson Cape Girardeau Mo

22 Jan 30 1891 Henderson, Charles Thomas Male 3rd White Dec 11. Cape Girardeau Mo American Clinton Co Ind 34 American Franklin Co Ind 26 Mary E. Henderson Mary E. Bright Cape Girardeau Lewis M. Henderson
Harriet Dickerson Cape Girardeau Mo

36 Mar 2 1891 Hemmann, Paul Rudolf & Liva Julianna Male and Female Eleventh & Twelfth White Febry 6th Pocahontas German Uniontown 38 German Wuertenberg Europe 36 Margaretha Hemmann Schmidt Pocahontas Gustav Hemniann Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

39 Mar 2 1891 Hitt, Paul Male Second White Febry 2nd 1891 New Wells American Cape Girardeau Mo 27 American Pocahontas, MO 22 Mary Virginia Hitt Mary Virginia Reid Pocahontas William P. Hitt Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

42 Mar 2 1891 Hitt, Addie Female 4th White November 4th 1890 Cape Girardeau Township Co MO American Cape Girardeau Co MO 38 American Cape Girardeau Co MO 28 Laura Elizabeth Hitt L.E. Hitt
Samuel Alphonso Hitt Farming A.H. Miller MD Gordonville Mo same same

53 Mar 4 1891 Holcomb, William D. Male 6- White Febry 16 1891 City American Cape Girardeau 40 American Cape Girardeau  31 Lillie Holcomb Randol City Tom Holcomb Labor Minnie Schrader Cape Girardeau

72 Mar 25 1891 Huters, Albert Frederick Boy 2- White Febry 16th 1891 Cape Girardeau German Cape Girardeau 30 German Cape Girardeau 25 Paula Helena Huters P.Helena Pott Cape Girardeau August Huters Miller Katherina Unseld Cape Girardeau

76 Mar 25 1891 Hartung, Wille Carl Boy 1- White Febry 1st 1891 Cape Girardeau German Braunschweig, Germany 37 German Volkersheim 29 Minnie Hartung Minnie Phillipp Cape Girardaeu Gottfried Hartung Gunsmith Katherina Unseld Cape Girardeau

86 Apr 21 1891 Hoffmann , Albertine Wilhelmine Josephine Female First White March 25th New Wells German Wittenberg, Perry Co 28 German New Wells 22 Wilhelmine Hoffman Mirly New Wells Charles Hoffman Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

95 May 11 1891 Hanschen, Mata Margaretha Female 2- White April 19th Hubble Twp German Obervihtenhausen 37 German Obervitenhausen 31 Catherine Hanschen Catherine Boese Hubble Township Fietje Hanschen Farmer Dorothea Probst Gordonville, Mo same same

111 July 8 1891 Hueschen , Mata Mathilda Female 7th White June 29 11:30pm Randol Twp German Schlesevig Holstein 34 German Schlesevig Holsteinq 30 Christine Huechen Christine Nomenson Randol Towhship R. Hueschen Reverend F.B. Schulz MD Cape Girardeau MO same same

116 July 18 1891 Hager, Louisa Caroline Female 2- White June 20th 1891 Cape Girardeau Twp German  Hubble Twp Mo 36 German Dieslingen, Germany 24 Frieda Hager Frieda Frey Cape Girardaeu Twp Christian W. Hager Farmer Wm. Kiehue MD Jackson MO same same

119 July 28 1891 Horn, Josephine Augusta Female 4- White May 8th 1891 Jackson Mo German Cape Girardeau 32 German Cape Girardeau 33 Emma Horn Emma Volkert Jackson MO Chas. Horn Tinner Wilhelmine Volkert Jackson Mo same same

136 Aug 11 1891 Heidelberger, Flora Female 2- White July 17th 1891 Kurreville, Mo German Sachsen 33 United States Kurreville Mo 27 Josephine Heidelberger Kurre Kurreville, Mo Louis R. Heidelberger Minister Amelia Kleinsorge Millerville, MO same same

151 Aug 29 1891 Hager, Amanda Mary Emma Female 4- White August 11- Hubble Twp German Hubble Twp 33 German Byrd Twp 30 Augusta Hager Augusta Rose Hubble Township Henry G. Hager Farmer Dorothea Probst Gordonville, Mo same same

154 Sept 5 1891 Hinkle, Ray Male 7- White Aug 28-91 Shawneetown Mo American Near Shawneetown 43 American near Appleton MO 34 Amanda Hinkle Shoultx Shawneetown Mo Monroe Hinkle Farmer Mary M. Shoults Appleton MO same same

158 Sept 7 1891 Haase, Leon A. Male 5- White May 10 1891 City German Germany 32 German Germany 34 Marie Haase E?ikson City Peter Haase Cook in the College Minnie Schrader Cape Girardeau

161 Sept 7 1891 Heise, Emma Female 1- White March 23. Country German Cape Girardeau 27 American Cape Girardeau 21 Caroline Heise Huey Country F.W. Heise Farmer Minnie Schrader Cape Girardeau

181 Sept 29 1991 Hardin, Arthur Male Five White Sept 5th 1891 Cape Girardeau Mo United States Essex, MO 34 United States Dyer Tennessee 27 Susan Ida Hardin Susan Ida Toombs Cape Girardeau MO James J. Hardin Telegraph operator Mrs. E. Roth Cape Girardeau Mo same same

186 Oct 5 1891 Henderson, Jessie Female 10th Colored Sept 21st 1891 Byrd Twp Africa American Virginia 43 Africa American Cape Gir Co Mo 48 Frances Caroline Henderson Wilkinson Byrd Township Hezekiah Henderson Farming Mrs. Isabella Henderson Jackson MO same same

195 Oct 19 1891 Hope, Urven Male Tenth White August 21st New Wells American Cape Co 51 American Cape Co 39 Margaret R. Hope Wills New Wells Austin Hope Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

201 Oct 21 1891 Haupt, Tena Sabrina Female 11- White Oct 9th 1891 Kurreville, Cape Girardeau Co German Hanover 48 United States Bollinger Co MO 36 Polly A. Haupt Seabaugh Kurreville Mo Christian C. Haupt Farmer Amelia Kleinsorge Millerville, MO same same

214 Nov 7 1891 Hoffman Male Fourth White Oct 22nd 1891 Cape Girardeau Co American Cape Girardeau City 34 American Dyersburgh, Tenn 26 Luella Adelia Clements Cape Girardeau Co John Wm Hoffman Marble Cutter Harriet Dickson Cape Girardeau MO same same

225 Dec 1 1891 Hartmann Male Five White Nov 18- Hubble Twp German Hubble Twp 34 German Hubble Twp 31 Caroline Hartmann Caroline Denecke Hubble Twp William Hartman Farmer Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

239 Dec 15 1891 Hargens, John Ferdinand Male 3- White Novbr 23- Hubble Twp German Henstedt Haide Holdein 30 German Hubble Twp 24 Pauline C. Hargens Pauline Kuehle Cape Girardeau Mo Ferdinand Hargens Farmer Dorothea Probst Gordonville, Mo same same

247 Dec 29 1891 Hinkle, Maude Alma Female Fourth White Nov 12th Shawneetown American Cape County 37 American Cape County 24 Laura Hinkle Cotner Shawneetown John Hinkle Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

258 Dec 31 1891 Hanian, Martin John Male 3- White Nov 2 1891 City German Cape Girardeau 28 German Cape Girardeau 22 Martha Hanian Hunze Country Christ Hanian Farmer Mrs. Schrader

259 Dec 31 1891 Hunze, Albert E. Male 8- White Oct 25 1891 City German Germany 43 German Germany 39 Christine Hunze Hanian City John Hunze Farmer Mrs. Schrader

265 Dec 31 1891 Haman, Bennie Franklin
9- White Sept 28 1891 City German Germany 44 German Cape Girardeau 38 Lizzie Hamian Bock City Henry Hamian Carpenter Mrs. Schrader Cape

269 Dec 31 1891 Heuir Male 10- White May 28 1891 Country German Germany
German Germany
Augusta Heuer Augusta Meyer Country August Heuer Farmer Minnie Schrader Cape Girardeau

4 Jan 11 1892 Howard, Nancy Anna Female Five White December 16th Near Shawneetown American Near Shawneetown 32 American Near Shawneetown 26 Julia Howard Cotner Near Shawneetown, Mo George W. Howard Farmer Mary Shoults Appleton MO same same

13 Feb 6 1892 Hodge Male  Sixth White January 4th Neelys Ldg American Corence Co Ark 38 American Cape Co 37 Mary J. Hodge
Neely Holler Elihue Hodge Farmer M. Landgraf New Wells

15 Mar 28 1892 Hager, Emma Bertha Female 3- White Feburary 26. Hubble Township  German Hubble Township 29 German Hubble Township 24 Sophia Wilhelmine Hager Sophia Siemers Hubble Township Phillip Hager Farmer Dorothea Probst Gordonville, Mo same same

65 Apr 20 1892 Hirsh, Louisa Lyle Female 1- White Jan 17th 1892 Cape Girardeau, Mo European Europe not known American Cape County 20 Jennie Hirsh Jennie Whitney Cape Girardeau Simon Hirsh Drummer Harriet Dickerson Cape Girardeau Mo same same

96 May 18 1892 Houck, William Male  4- White Feb 17 1892 City American Scott Co. 30 American North Carolina 25 Addie Houck Shain City Sam Houck Carpenter Minnie Schrader Cape Girardeau

107 May 27 1892 Hanschen, Bertha Rebecca Female (7th) Seventh White April 23rd 1892 Hubble Township  German Hanover, Germany 34 German Randolph Co ILL 29 Louisa Hanschen Louisa Meyerhoff Hubble Township Peter Hauschen Farmer A.H. Miller MD Gordonville Mo same same

125 Jul 6 1892 Hartung, Elfriede Clara Hilda Girl 2- White June 11. Cape Girardeau, Mo German Germany 38 German Germany 28 Minna Hartung M. Phillips
Gottfried Hartung Gunsmith Mrs. Elizabeth Roth Cape Girardeau same same

131 Jul 26 1892 Hoffman, Ester Ottilie Female First White June 11th New Wells German Wittenberg, Perry Co 27 German New Wells 22 Wilhelmine Mirly New Wells Julius Hoffman Farmer M.Landgraf

132 Jul 26 1892 Hoffman, Arthur Edward Male  Second White June 18th New Wells German Wittenberg, Perry Co 29 German New Wells 23 Emilie Hoffman Mirly New Wells Carl Hoffman Farmer M. Landgraf New Wells

140 Aug 18 1892 Huckstep Male Five White Aug 6. Hubble Township  American Hubble Township 35 American Hubble Two 28 Mina Huckstep Mina Young
John Huckstep Farmer Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

146 Sep 5 1892 Hoffmeister, Leonora Christine Female 10- White August 5 1892 Jackson Mo German Germany 51 German Germany 47 Johanne Hoffmeister Johanne Wolters Jackson MO Christian Hoffmeister Merchant Wilhelmine Volkert Jackson Mo same same

151 Sep 27 1892 Hartling, Herman Benjamin Male  First White Sept 10th New Wells German New Wells 22 German Schwinge Hanover 22 Martha Hartling Vogt New Wells Martin Hartling Farmer M. Landgraf

177 Dec 1 1892 Haupt Female 6- White Nov 9th 1982 Millerville MO United States Millerville 37 United States Kurreville 35 Hanna Haupt Maintz Millerville Cape Gir Co Mo Charley W. Haupt Farmer Amelia Kleinsorge Millerville, MO same same

193 Dec 30 1892 Hamilton Male & Female Seven White Dec 29. Hubble Township  American Indiana 48 American Hubble Township 38 Sarah Hamilton Sarah Kinder Hubble Township James Hamilton Farmer Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

11 Feb 18 1893 Hartmann Female Six White Feb3. Hubble Township  German Hubble Township 37 German Hubble Township 32 Carolina Hartmann Carolinea Denecke Hubble Township William Hartmann Farmer Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

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Debi Bentley Poster-#-60-

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