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Cape Girardeau Co Mo
Date of Birth Records
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Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-60-

Page No. Date of Return Name of Child Sex Number of Child of this mother Race or Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Nationality of Father Fathers Place of Birth Fathers Age Nationality of Mother Mothers Place of Birth Mothers Age Full Name of Mother Maiden Name of Mother Residence of Mother Full Name of father Occupation Name and Address of Medical Attendant Name and Address of Person Making Certificate Returned by

74 Mar 25 1891 Kraus, Frank Boy 9- White March 12th 1891 Cape Girardeau German Wien, Oestereich Germany 43 German Illinois 41 Susana Kraus Susana Gotsemer Cape Girardeau Frank Kraus Butcher Katherina Unseld Cape Girardeau

83 Apr 14 1891 Kipping Female Seven White April 7th Hubble Twp German Germany 37 German Byrd Twp 33 Minnie Kipping Minnie Feverhahn Hubble Township Louis Kipping Merchant Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

93 May 6 1891 Klaus, Louis William Herbert Male Ninth White March 29th 1891 Apple Creek Twp Ger American Cape Girardeau Co MO 40 German Prussia 33 Anna Sophia Klaus Arning Apple Creek Twp Henry Klaus Farmer none
Hy. Klaus father of child

97 June 1 1891 Koechig, Bertha Female Sixth White May 17. Dutchtown German Brunswick, Germany 41 American Kurreville Mo 40 Mina Koechig Mina Rekop Dutchtown Carl Koechig Farmer Mary Melton Dutchtown
F. B. Schulz MD

106 June 19 1891 Kreinis, Alle Matter Boy 6- White May 19th 1891 Cape Girardeau American Indiana
American Cape Girardeau
Anna Kreinis Anna Alleler Cape Girardeau Carl Kreinis Common workman Katherina Unseld Cape Girardeau

118 July 23 1891 Kirchhoff, Henry William Male 1st White July 5th 1891 Near Egypt Mills Mo American Near Egypt Mills Mo 25 American Near Jackson Mo 19 Anna Kirchhoff Anna Margraff Near Egypt Mills Mo Henry Kirchhoff JR Farmer Leo J. Steger MD Egypt Mills MO same same

148 Aug 25 1891 Koenig, Bertha Marie Female Second White Aug 8th New Wells German New Wells 27 German New Wells 25 Margaret Koenig Ch. Rubsch New Wells Benjamin Koenig Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

155 Sept 7 1891 Klaproth, Herman Male  4- White Febry 25 1891 Byrd Twp MO German Kinder Twp 39 American Randol Twp 32 Cassan Klaproth Cassan Masters Byrd Township MO August Klaproth Farmer Wm. Kiehue MD Jackson MO same same

168 Sept 8 1891 Kinder Male Seven White Aug 9. Hubble Twp American Hubble Twp 52 American Cape Girardeau 52 Ella Kinder Ella Becher Hubble Township Louis Kinder Farmer Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

171 Sept 21 1891 Kasten Female Fourth White August 31st 1891 Near Appleton MO American Perry Co Mo 29 American Cape Gir Co Mo 27 Catherine Elizabeth Kasten Richter Near Appleton Philip C. Kasten Farmer Mrs. Richter Appleton MO
P.C. Kastner

176 Sept 28 1891 Kurre, John Boy 5- White July 8th 1891 Cape Co German  Cape Co 39 German Cape Co 31 Maria Kurre Maria Huber Cape County August Kurre Farmer Katherina Unseld Cape Girardeau

182 Sept 30 1891 Kasten, Dora Amelia Female First White August 19th Shawneetown German Shawneetown 23 German New Wells 20 Mary Boren Shawneetown Henry Kasten JR Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

220 Nov 24 1891 Kienninger, Albert Fredrich Male First White Oct 29th Pocahontas German Appleton 29 German New Wells 22 Alvine Kienninger Wachter Pocahontas John Kienninger Carpenter M.Landgraf New Wells

226 Dec 2 1891 Kempe, Arthur Male 3- White Sept 8th 1891 Byrd Township German Cape Township 30 German St.Francois Co 32 Charlotte Kempe Charlotte Cleve Jackson MO Fritz Kempe Farmer Wilhelmine Volkert Jackson Mo same same

228 Dec 8 1891 Koehre, Clara Girl 2- White Novbr 19th 1891 Cape Girardeau German St. Louis 31 German Cape Girardeau 24 Anna Koeher Anna Waldmann Cape Girardeau Herman Koeher Carpenter Katherina Unseld Cape Girardeau

229 Dec 8 1891 Kaempfer, Emil Ernst Boy 5- White Novbr 3rd 1891 Cape Girardeau German Misssouri 33 German Cape Girardeau 33 Maria Kaempfer Maria Schurer Cape Girardeau August Kaempfer Laborer Katherina Unseld Cape Girardeau

238 Dec 8 1891 Kight, Gertrude Phillifine Girl 1- White Sept 21st 1891 Cape Girardeau American Cape County 44 German Hamburg Scott Co 21 Maria Kight Maria Vogt Cape Girardeau Richard Kight Wagner Katherina Unseld Cape Girardeau

240 Dec 18 1891 Kleinsorge, May Female 3- White Dec 4. Millerville, Mo Germany Hillersa 28 United States Millerville MO 22 Caroline E. Kleinsorge Wilforth Millerville Cape Gir Co Mo Louis A. Kleinsorge Farmer Amelia Kleinsorge Millerville, MO same same

260 Dec 31 1891 Kage, Fred W. Male 2- White Oct 4 1891 City American Cape Girardeau 23 German Cape Girardeau 26 Annie Kage Schieoelbeui City Edw. Kage Labor Mrs. Schrader

7 Jan 12 1892 Kuehle Female Three White Jan 5. Hubble Township  German Hubble Township 32 German Hubble Township 25 Annie Kuehle Annie Neumwyer Hubble Township Ferdinand Kuehle Farmer Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

11 Feb 4 1892 Keller, Henry Frederick Male Fourth White Dec 18th 1891 Dutchtown Cape Girardeau Co Mo German Germany 49 German Bollinger Co MO 38 Maria Keller Maria Reckop Dutchtown Cape Gir Co Frederick Keller Farmer Fr. Keller the father

16 Feb 6 1892 Kinninger, Ella Odellie Female Fifth White January 20th/92 Pocahontas German New Wells 31 German New Wells 30 Theresia Martha Litzelfelner Pocahontas Henry Kinninger Wagon maker M.Landgraf New Wells

18 Feb 9 1892 Krehbiel, Chloe Agnes Female First White November 12 1891 Cape Girardeau Twp American Cape Girardeau 25 American Cape Girardeau 23 Mary Elizabeth Krehbiel Mary Elizabeth Demortiers Cape Girardeau Township Charles Wm Krehbiel Farmer F.B. Schulz MD Cape Girardeau MO same same

19 Feb 9 1892 Koechig, Anna Mathilda Female (8) Eight White November 21. Cape Girardeau Twp German Brunswick, Germany 38 German Cape Girardeau 36 Wilhelmine Koechig Brunke Cape Girardeau Twp Henry Koechig Farmer F.B. Schulz MD Cape Girardeau MO same same

20 Feb 9 1892 Keil, William Henry Jacob Male Fourth (4th) White January 24 1892 Kinder Twp Cape Gir Co Mo American Indiana 36 American Hubble Twp C G Co 27 Mary Keil Andrews Kinder Twp C. G. Co Mo Jacob Keil Was farmer (now deceased) none
Mother of child

27 Feb 25 1892 Kraemer, Edwin Otto Male First White October 10 1891 Egypt Mills  American Cape Girardeau 31 American Cape Girardeau Township 24 Louisa Johanna Kraemer L.J. Tirnsdorf Egypt Mills John Adolph Kraemer Farmer F.B. Schulz MD Cape Girardeau MO

42 Mar 9 1892 Keller, Emma Elizabeth Mary Female Second White Feb 18th 1892 Cape Girardeau Township German Cape Girardeau Co MO 26 Swiss Cape Girardeau Co MO 26 Wilhelmine Keller Wilhelmine Schwab Cape Girardeau Township Julius Otto Keller Farming A.H. Miller MD Gordonville Mo same same

43 Mar 19 1892 Kirchhoff, Maria Helwig Female 4th White Feby 20th 1892 Randol Township American Cape Girardeau Co 31 American Cape Girardeau Co 25 Maria E. Kirchhoff Maria E. Klostermann Randel Township Herman Kirchhoff Farmer Leo J. Steger MD Egypt Mills MO same same

47 Mar 30 1892 Kinninger, Theodore Louisa Female Second White February 24th Pocahontas German New Wells 26 German New Wells 22 Emma Kinninger Wachter Pocahontas Herman Kinnninger Blacksmith M.Landgraf New Wells

48 Mar 30 1892 Kinninger, Frida Magdalena Female Sixth White March 12th Pocahontas German Oberoestreich 37 German Frohua Perry Co 34 Amalia Mary Kinninger Mueller Pocahontas John Kinninger Farmer M. Landgraf New Wells

51 Apr 1 1892 Keller, Arnold August George Male 2nd White Feb 29th 1892 Cape Girardeau Twp German Cape Girardeau Co MO 31 German Cape Girardeau Co MO 21 Mary Magdalena Keller Mary  Magdalena Orth Cape Girardeau Township August William Keller Farmer A.H. Miller MD Gordonville Mo same same

55 Apr 5 1892 Kinder Female Six White March 12. Hubble Township  American Hubble Township 29 American Hubble Twp 28 D-Kinder D. Louis
Samuel Kinder Farmer Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

56 Apr 5 1892 Kinder Male Two White March 26. Hubble Township  American Hubble Township 30 American Stoddard Co 23 Lilly Kinder Lilly Huplers
Levi Kinder Farmer Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

78 Apr 29 1892 Kelleher, Gertrude Female Eleventh (11) White March 15th 1892 Cape Girardeau Township American Alabama 48 American Cape Girardeau 42 Josephine Kelleher Josephine Jeane Boatner Cape Girardeau Township Andrew Kelleher Farmer F.B. Schulz MD Cape Girardeau MO same same

101 May 18 1892 Koch, Emila K. Female 2- White March 14. Country German Cape Girardeau 25 German Cape Girardeau 24 Pauline Koch Seiler City Henry Koch
Minnie Schrader Cape Girardeau

104 May 27 1892 Kinder, Clem Chester Male 1st White March 31st Hubble Township  American Cape Girardeau Co MO
American Cape Girardeau Co MO 18 Selma Victoria Kinder Selma Victoria Bean Hubble Township Albert Jackson Kinder Farmer A.H. Miller MD Gordonville Mo same same

115 Jun 7 1892 Kurre Male 12- White May 14th 1892 Daisy United States Cape Girardeau Co MO 44 United States Cape Girardeau Co MO 42 Martha Jane Kurre Drum Daisy John H. Kurre Farmer Amelia Kleinsorge Millerville, MO same same

124 Jul 6 1892 Kempe, Louis Martin Alvin Male 9th White June 4th Cape Girardeau Mo
Germany 52
Cape Co 45 Louisa Kempe Louisa Grossjeider Cape Girardeau Conrad Kempe Merchant Elizabeth Roth Cape Girardeau same same

128 July 7 1892 Klages, Emil Male
White June 7th 1892
German Germany 44 Ger American America 35 Anna Klages Sander
Chas. Klages Saddler & Harnes maker Elizabeth Roth

147 Sep 10 1892 Koessel, Carl George Male Third White July 23 1892 Shawnee Twp Cape G Co Ger American Shawnee Twp Cape G Co 35 Ger American Byrd Twp Cape G Co 25 Christine Koessel Loos Shawnee Twp Carl Koessel Farmer Maria Koessel New Wells
father of child

161 Oct 15 1892 Kinder Male Nine White Oct 4. Hubble Township  American Hubble Township 42 American Hubble Twp 40 Columbia Kinder Columbia Groves
Wats Kinder Farmer Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

163 Oct 18 1892 Kraemer, Frederick W. Male Third White Sept 21. Randol Twp American American Louisa Julia Kraemer Louisa Julia Rubel Randol twp Theodore W. Kraemer Farmer Theo W. Kraemer

175 Nov 29 1892 Koenemann, William Frederick Boy 3rd White Oct 11 1892 Cape Girardeau German Germany 55 German Scott County 34 Julia Koenemann Julia Krueger Cape Girardeau Christian Keome,amm Cooper Elizabeth Roth Cape Girardeau same same

184 Dec 21 1892 Kumpf, Lydia Theresia Josephine Sophie Female 6th White Nov 28th 1892 Pocahontas Mo German Burfeden, Hessen Europe 39 German Falken Gesaefs Europe 37 Elizabeth Barbara Kumpf Ihrig Pocahontas Heinrich Oswala Andreas Kumpf Lutheran Minister Jos. Putz Pocahontas, Mo same same

3 Jan 21 1893 Kohlfedt, Carl H. Male  Ninth White Dec 29 1892 Apple Creek Twp Cape G Co Mo Ger American Apple Creek Twp Cape G Co 36 Ger American Apple Creek Twp Cape G Co Mo 36 Catherina Kohlfeldt Wingerter Apple Cr Twp Cape G Co Bernhard Kohlfeldt Farmer Margaret Dickmann Arnsberg, MO

7 Feb 8 1893 Kasten, Emma Concordia Female Second White Jan 2nd Shawneetown German Shawneetown 24 German New Wells 21 Mary Kasten Boren Shawneetown Henry Kasten Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

13 Feb 8 1893 Koenig, Frore Edeline Female First White January 25th New Wells German New Wells 25 German Appleton 22 Martha Koenig E. Schrumpf New Wells Alvin Koenig Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

15 Feb 22 1893 Kiehue, Bertha Louisa Female 5- White 28 January. Hubble Township  German American G??hs Rhueden 34 German American Hubble Township 25 Sophie Kiehue Sophie Schlue Hubble Township Chas.G. Kiehne Farmer Dorothea Probst Gordonville, Mo same

39 Apr 13 1893 Koehler Female Four White March 19. Hubble Township  German Pilot Knob 36 German Byrd Township 34 Anna Koehler Anna Hoffmeister Hubble Township Christ. Koehler Farmer Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

47 May 16 1893 Kirchhoff, Rutherford C. Male  5- White April 22. Near Egypt Mills Mo American Near Egypt Mills Mo 32 American Near Egypt Mills MO 26 Maria Kirchhoff Maria Klostermann
Herman Kirchhoff Farmer Mrs. Louisa Schneider Egypt Mills MO
Leo J. Steger MD

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Debi Bentley Poster-#-60-

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