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Cape Girardeau Co Mo
Date of Birth Records
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Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-60-

Page No. Date of Return Name of Child Sex Number of Child of this mother Race or Color Date of Birth Place of Birth Nationality of Father Fathers Place of Birth Fathers Age Nationality of Mother Mothers Place of Birth Mothers Age Full Name of Mother Maiden Name of Mother Residence of Mother Full Name of father Occupation Name and Address of Medical Attendant Name and Address of Person Making Certificate Returned by

73 Apr 20 1892 Oliver, Arthur Male Sixth African
Cape Girardeau African Cape Girardeau 34 African Cape Girardeau 30 Jennie Oliver Jennie Daughtery Cape Girardeau J.L. Oliver Barber Harriet Dickson Cape Girardeau MO same same

100 May 18 1892 Ossenkop, Eddie Male 5- White Feb 28 1892 City German Country 32 German Country 32 Mary Ossenkop Renna City Henry Ossenkop Carpenter Mrs. Schrader Cape Girardeau

176 Nov 29 1892 Oliver, Ruth Girl
White Nov 9 1892 Cape Girardeau American Cape Girardeau Co 43 American St. Louis Co Mo 43 Millie Oliver Millie Bray Cape Girardeau Mo John Oliver Farmer Elizabeth Roth Cape Girardeau same same

8 Jan 17 1890 Points Female 3- White December 25th 1889 Byrd Twp Cape Gir Co MO American Bollinger Co 32 American Byrd Twp Cape Gir 24 Marzilla Points Marzilla Lewis Byrd Twp Cape Gir Co Mo Francis Points Farmer Malinda Tucker midwife Jackson MO

13 Jan 20 1890 Petzold, Otto Heinrich & Johanne Male & Female Eleventh & Twelfth White Decbr 31st 11 o'clock On Apple Creek German Saxony, Germany 45 German Frohua Perry Co 41 Johanna Petzold Lindner On Apple Creek Richard Petzold Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

82 Mar 27 1890 Penney, E. F. Female Two White Febry 11th 1890 Near Appleton MO American Near Oak Ridge Mo 29 German American Near Appleton 23 Laura Penny Bruihl Near Appleton Washington Penny Farmer Anna M. Shoults Appleton Mo same same

145 Aug 21 1890 Piercefield Girl 1- Africa American June 5. Cape Girardeau Africa American Africa American Cape Girardeau Mo 15 Hattie Piercefield Hattie Piercefield Laborer Harriet Dickson Cape Girardeau MO same same

155 Sept 5 1890 Paar Male 2nd White August 8th 1890 Jackson Mo Ger American Cape G Twp Cape G Co Mo 41 German Bavaria Germany 27 Katie Paar Frank Jackson  Cape G Co Mo William Paar County Clerk Mrs. Wilhelmine Volkert Jackson Mo same same

197 Nov 12 1890 Peabody, Mary Female 2- White Oct 20. Jackson American Illinois 31 American Illinois 25 Annie Peabody Annie Mitkuss Jackson Mo Peabody Watchmaker Mary Steinhoff Jackson MO same same

221 Dec 9 1890 Polack, Martin H. Male  7- White Oct 22 1890 City German
37 German Cape Girardeau 34 Emilie Polack Tinnapple City W.G. Polack Minister Minnie Schrader Cape Girardeau

226 Dec 16 1890 Pfeifer, Gottlieb Gustav Herman Male Tenth White Nov 26th New Wells German Wuds, Prussia 48 German Cape County 37 Louise Pfeifer Klaus New Wells Herman Pfeifer Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

229 Dec 20 1890 Putz, Arthur Henry Walter Male  4th White Dec 3 1890 Apple Cr. Twp Ger American Shawnee Twp 28 Ger American Shawnee Twp 22 Elizabeth Putz Wunderlich Apple Creek Twp Joseph F. Putz Farmer none-neighbors
Father of child

24 Jan 30 1891 Pringle, Robert Male 4- White Oct 6/90 Cape Gir MO Irish St.Louis
American Jackson Mo
Nannie Pringle Nannie Bennett
Robert Pringle Railroad Fireman Harriet Dickson Cape Girardeau MO
July 23 1956 record ammended 64 Mar 11 1891 Peetz, Henry Wm. Male Sixth White February 25th 1891 Hubble Twp Ger American Cape Gir Co Mo 31 Ger American Cape Girardeau Co MO 30 Caroline Peetz Meyer Hubble Twp August Peetz Farmer neighbor
Aug Peetz, father of child

197 Oct 19 1891 Popp, Bertha Margaret Female Fifth White Sept 27th New Wells German Perry Co 42 German Hanover 40 Margaret Popp Hellwege New Wells Herman Popp Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

221 Nov 24 1891 Popp, Otto George Male Fourth White Oct 15th New Wells German Perryville Perry Co 29 German Altenburg 28 M. Theresia Popp Schade New Wells Peter Popp Carpenter M.Landgraf New Wells

32 Feb 8 1890 Pierce McLain Male Second White Decbr 14th 1889 Cape Girardeau Scotch Oriole, MO 30 English Egypt Mills MO 28  Missouri Cassie McLain Pierce Cape Girardeau John Wallace Willington McLain School Teacher Katherina Unseld Cape Girardeau same same

119 July 2 1890 McKean, George W. Male 2- White May 5th 1890 Cape Girardeau Mo U.S.A. Indiana 43 U.S.A. Indiana 24 Martha McKean Beller
Derick Z. McKean Huxter last Minnie Schrader Cape Girardeau

165 Sept 20 1890 McCain, George Male Eighth White August 12th New Bethel American Tennessee 42 American Cape Co Mo 36 Mary Welty Robbins
Thos. B. McCain Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

46 Mar 2 28191 McGuire, Fredercik Henry Male Second White Nov 7th 1890 Hubble Twp American Cape Girardeau Co MO 38 American West VA. 26 Jennie S. McCain Jennie S. Woods Hubble Township Frank William McCain Farmer A.H. Miller MD Gordonville Mo same same

129 July 30 1891 McCarty, James Edward Male Three Afro American Febry 14th 1891 Cape Girardeau Afro American Louisiana 23 Afro American Cape Girardeau 24 Margaret McCarty Johnson Cape Girardeau Mo William McCarty Laborer Harriet Dickson Cape Girardeau MO same same

140 Aug 15 1891 McCombs, Carrie Belle Female 3rd African July 14th 1891 Hubble Twp African Perry Co MO 34 African Cape Girardeau Co MO 30 Ellen McCombs Ellen Penney Hubble Township John Vinsen McCombs Laborer A.H. Miller MD Gordonville Mo same same

58 Apr 19 1892 McKenzie Female 6- White Feb 1st 1892 Cape Girardeau Mo American Cape Girardeau 32 American Cape Girardeau 30 McKenzie
Cape Girardeau Levi McKenzie Confectionary salesman Harriet Dickson Cape Girardeau MO same same

150 Sep 27 1892 McCain, Lilia Marie Female Fifth White Sept 4th Shawneetown Am. Shawnee Twp 32 Am. Cape Co 31 Mary A. McCain Tischman Shawneetown Henry McCain Engineer M.Landgraf

223 Nov 27 1891 Probst, Charley Emil Male 3rd White Novbr 3rd Hubble Twp German Iron Co Pilot Knob Mo 32 German Cape Girardeau Mo 27 Lizzie Probst Lizzie Bartels Cape Girardeau Mo J.H.R. Probst Farmer Dorathea Probst Gordonville MO same same

232 Dec 8 1891 Pott, Walter Ludolf Boy 12- White Oct 26th 1891 Cape Girardeau German Germany 52 German Germany 45 Maria Pott Maria Keran Cape Girardeau Frederick W. Pott Miller Katherina Unseld Cape Girardeau same same

248 Dec 29 1891 Perr, Frederich Immanuel Male Tenth White Nov 17th New Wells German Obervestreich 54 German Obersteiermark 33 Mary Perr Krawl New Wells Joseph Perr Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

1 Jan 4 1892 Penney, Richard William Male First Colored Nov 20 1891 Gordonville, Mo African Cape Girardeau Co MO 25 African Cape Girardeau Co MO 23 Mary Catherine Penney Mary Catherine Wilson Gordonville Mo William Penney
A.H. Miller MD Gordonville Mo same same

63 Apr 20 1892 Piercefield Male 2- Afro American Dec 13 1891 Cape Girardeau Afro American Cape County Mo 34 Afro American Cape Girardeau Mo 22 Josephine Piercefield Josephine Brown Cape Girardeau David Piercefield Drayman Harriet Dickson Cape Girardeau MO same same

106 May 27 1892 Patrick, Herbert Lancelot Male  First Black April 20th 92 Cape Girardeau Township African Cape Girardeau Mo 23 African Cape Girardeau Co MO 19 Amanda Patrick Amanda Brassfield Cape Girardeau Township Jospeh Edward Patrick Laborer A.H. Miller MD Gordonville Mo same same

110 May 31 1892 Paar, Henry Adolph Male Third White April 1st 1892 Jackson Mo Ger American Cape Gir Twp G Co 43 German Bavaria Germany 29 Katie Paar Katie Frank Jackson MO William Paar County Clerk Mrs. Wilhelmine Volkert Jackson Mo same same

127 Jul 6 1892 Putz, Bertha Emilie Female Fifth (5) White June 23rd 1892 Shawnee Township Austrian Shawnee Township 31 German Shawnee Township 24 Elizabeth Putz Wunderlich Shawnee Township MO F. Joseph Putz Farming Jos. Putz Pocahontas Mo same same

143 Aug 29 1892 Pool, Martha Elizabeth Female Four White August 1st Delta MO American Kentucky 31 American Kentucky 29 Mary Alice Pool Mary Alice Tear Delta Reuben Walter Pool Engineer F.B. Schulz MD Cape Girardeau MO same same

190 Dec 27 1892 Probst, Frederick William Male  3- White Decbr 4 1892 Byrd Township Mo German Canton Bern Switzerland 31 German Cape Girardeau Township 24 Dora Propst Dora Graden Byrd Township Mo Gottfried Probst Farmer Wm. Kiehue MD Jackson MO same same

28 Mar 18 1893 Puchbauer, William Male
White March 4 1893 Byrd Twp Cape Gir Co MO German Brunswick 35 Ger American Jackson Mo 34 Bertha Puchbauer Schmidt Byrd Twp CG Co Mo Henry Puchbauer Farmer none-neighbors
father of child

134 Aug 5 1891 Quade, Mamie Female First White June 24 1891 Cape Girardeau Twp Mo German Louisiana 32 American Cape Girardeau Co MO 30 Algebra A. Quade Algebra A. Randol Cape Girardeau Twp William Quade Farming A.H. Miller MD Gordonville Mo same same

169 Sept 25 1890 Rasche Albert William & Alvin Henry Males (twins) 1st & 2nd White August 7th 1890 Byrd Twp Germ American Cape Girardeau Co MO 26 Ger American Cape Girardeau Co MO 21 Mary Rasche Mary Denecke Byrd Twp William Rasche Farmer Mrs. Christina Ulrich Houck MO

190 Nov 8 1890 Rasche Male Three White Oct 28th Hubble Twp German Hubble Twp 28 German Hubble Twp 24 Leda Rasche Leda Denecke Hubble Twp Henry Rasche Farmer Christine Ulrich Houck, MO same same

236 Dec 30 1890 Reisenbuechler, Adolph Herman Male Fifth White Decbr 20th 1890 Shawnee Twp Mo German Goisern, Austria 46 German Goisern, Austria 40 Maria Reisenbuechler Pilz Shawnee Twp Gottlieb Reisenbuechler Farming Jos. Putz Pocahontas Mo same same

26 Jan 30 1891 Runnels Boy Five Colored Oct 4th 1890 Cape Girardeau Mo African Coffee County Tenn 43 African Boone County MO
Lydia Runnels Lydia Moor Cape Girardeau Mo Frank Runnels Farmer Harriet Dickson Cape Girardeau MO same same

34 Feb 17 1891 Rust , Amelia F. Girl 6 six White December 31 1890 Cape Girardeau County German Germany 51 German Cape Girardeau Co MO 36 Caroline Rust Caroline Feverhaker Cape Girardeau MO Henry Rust Farmer Fredericke Quade Jackson Mo same same

45 Mar 2 1891 Rodenmeyer, August Male 5th White Sept 6th 1890 Cape Girardeau Co Mo German Bellville ILL 26 German Darmstadt Germany 32 Lizzie Rodenmeyer
Cape Girardeau Co MO George Rodenmeyer Farming A.H. Miller MD Gordonville Mo same same

51 Mar 4 1891 Rau, Sophie Male 9- White Jany 11th 1891 County German Germany 45 German Cape Girardeau Co 30 Sophie Rau Schrader Country Jacob Rau Farmer Minnie Schrader Cape Girardeau

109 July 8 1891 Reid, William I. Male First White April 18th /91 Neely's Ldg American Cape Co 23 American St.Louis 20 Lizzie Reid Mary Grover Neely's Landing James N. Reid Farmer M.Landgraf New Wells

126 July 30 1891 Randol, Ivy Adelle Girl Five White February 4 1891 Cape Girardeau MO American Cape Girardeau 39 German Cape Girardeau 38 Elizabeth Randol Lizzie Freeze Cape Girardeau Frank Randol Laborer Harriet Dickson Cape Girardeau MO same same

138 Aug 12 1891 Roloff, Caroline Maria Female 7th White July 29 1891 Kinder Twp Cape Co Mo German Hanover Europe 42 Ger American Cape G Co 35 Johanna Roloff Nothdurft Kinder Twp Cape G Co Henry Roloff Farmer none-neighbors
father of child

146 Aug 25 1891 Ross, Cornelius Male Fourth White June 20th  New Wells American Shawneetown 55 American Kentucky 33 S. Louise Jasper M. Ross Farmer and Horse Doctor M.Landgraf

199 Oct 19 1891 Roe, Jesse G. Male Three White Oct 7 1891 3 miles South of Appleton Mo American
25 American Bollinger Co Mo 23 Nancy Caroline Roe Hahs Bollinger Co Mo Wille Roe Farmer Mary Shoults Appleton MO same same

213 Nov 7 1891 Randol, Cenia Bessie Girl 6- White Oct 26th 1891 Cape Girardeau American Missouri
American Missouri
Annie Randol Green Cape Girardeau Frank Randol Laborer Harriet Dickson Cape Girardeau MO same same

216 Nov 13 1891 Riehn, John Edward Male 11- White Novbr 2 1891 Kurreville MO Germany Suthrue 44 United States Baltimore 42 Louisa Riehm Younghood Kurreville MO William Riehn Farmer Amelia Kleinsorge Millerville, MO same same

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