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 Cedar County Historical Society



June, 2012-Cedar County Historical Society Official Minutes



Following member Bob Phillips’ informative program on the history of the Bear Creek community (a transcription of which will appear in our newsletter), Vice President Judy Nichols called the monthly meeting to order on Saturday, June 16, 2012.  Members present were Nichols, Treasurer Kay Snow, Luella Phipps, Murle Phipps, Dale Goodman, Barbara Goodman, Tammy Agee, Secretary Nancy Smith and Phillips.  Visitors attending were Mark Rosenbaum and Wilma and Charles Branstetter.


Minutes, Treasurer’s Reports and Building Fund Committee’s Report were approved as read.  Lyceum Series:  Bear Creek, MO, has been completed and is now for sale.  The next book in this series will probably be about Cedar County during the Civil War.  Next year will be the 150-year anniversary of the burning of the Stockton Courthouse.  Claud Hoffman’s program on the trails of Cedar County is scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, August 18.  More details will be announced as they become available.


Our sales supply of the Cedar County portion of Goodspeed’s 1889 History of Hickory, Polk, Cedar, Dade and Barton Counties is running low.  Nichols will contact the Greene County Archives about possibly getting more copies of this book; and L. Phipps will check to see how many copies she has for sale.


Smith gave a report on the Jerico Springs Picnic on Friday and Saturday, June 8 and 9.  Attendance was better than it had been for the last few years; and our booth had a successful weekend.  We again thank the Jerico Springs Community Quilting Club for all their hospitality.


Nichols and L. Phipps reported on the museum being open on Saturday, June 2.  There has been no change in the locations of the Hartley safe and the jail bars.  L. Phipps will be taking our last six months’ collection of receipts to SummerFresh.


Nichols appointed L. Phipps, B. Goodman and Agee to this year’s Nomination and Election of Officers Committee.


The preliminary work schedule for the El Dorado Springs Picnic on July 19, 20 and 21 was passed.  Since we may have two options for a Building Fund Raffle prize, the prize has not yet been determined.  A couple of members will also be attending the Bear Creek School Reunion on July 21.


The handmade walnut quilting frame donated to us by way of the Jerico Springs Community Quilting Club is now in the museum.  It had been given to them by Marty Medsker, the daughter of Richard A. and Vivian Graves Marshall.


Other donations to the museum this month include a 1941-1942 Stockton Elementary School Rhythm Band uniform, a Tonette flute and a photo of him wearing the uniform by M. Phipps; obituary clippings from the estate of Marie Heinemann by her daughter, Cyndee Scott; and a transcription of a 1902 pamphlet on the history of Cedar Lodge No. 24 A.F. & A.M. from 1851 to 1863 by Estella Madden. Smith has not heard any more from the Chamber of Commerce on the 1970’s journal.


At previous meetings, L. Phipps has updated us on The Preserve Our Past Society’s project of archivally storing El Dorado Springs’ historical photographs for the purposes of preservation and eventual revenue for its activities.  Because of our wish to not interfere with that project, members discussed and approved limiting our use of any El Dorado Springs’ photographs we have in our possession to non-revenue and in-house uses only.  Any requests for copies of El Dorado Springs historic photos will be referred to P.O.P.S.


            After discussing a date change, it was decided that our annual meeting, election and installation of officers and potluck dinner will be held on Monday evening, July 23, at 6:00 p.m. in the museum.  Anyone interested in Cedar County history and genealogy is welcome to attend and/or join the Society.  Dues of $10.00 (Individual), $20.00 (Family), or $75.00 (Life) will be payable for the 2012-2013 membership year after July 31.  While supplies last, Ed Ford’s DVD, “The Stockton Tornado—Five Years of Storming Back,” 2003-2008,” is still available with the payment of two years’ dues.


The meeting adjourned.  Besides maintaining the museum, we also do genealogical and historical research for $10.00 per hour.  Contact us online at, by email at, by mail at P. O. Box 111, Stockton, MO  65785, or by contacting any officer or member.


---Nancy Smith