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Cedar County Historical Society



November, 2012-Cedar County Historical Society Official Minutes



Vice President Judy Nichols called the monthly meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 17, 2012.  Members present were Nichols, Assistant Treasurer Shirley Potts, Luella Phipps, Murle Phipps, Dale Goodman, Barbara Goodman, Bob Phillips and Secretary Nancy Smith.


The Minutes and the Treasurer’s and Building Fund Committee’s Reports were approved as read.  Treasurer Kay Snow has advised us that we again have enough money in the Building Fund checking account to invest.  Members gave their permission for her to do so at the best yield and term currently available and to keep any remainder after investment in the checking account.


There has been no change in the location of the Hartley safe; and the Stockton Library’s 1991 to 2010 issues of “The Cedar County Republican” still need to be moved to the museum.


The Goodmans reported on their attendance at the P.O.P.S. Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Monday, October 22.  We thank P.O.P.S. for the invitation and wish more of us had been able to attend.


Our booth at the St. Andrew Lutheran Church Craft Sale on Saturday, November 10, was well received resulting in our best outcome so far at a craft show.  Our last booth this year will be at the Korth Senior Center on Saturday, December 1, at which we’ll also have baked goods and candy for sale.


Smith reported that the City of Stockton’s plans for erecting welcome signs at the city limits on the east, west and south sides of town have been put on hold because of allocating money to more essential items in its 2012-13 budget.


We’ve learned that Price Cutter Supermarkets is buying all SummerFresh Supermarkets, including the one in El Dorado Springs.  This affects our members collecting SummerFresh receipts as part of our fundraising activities.  The store requested that all receipts be delivered to it by November 9, which L. Phipps has done.  In addition, the check for our July SummerFresh receipts has still not arrived.  Because L. Phipps was told by a SummerFresh employee that Price Cutter would be keeping this “Helping Hand” program, or a similar program, members should keep saving their receipts until we hear more details.


Members agreed to start collecting empty copier and printer ink cartridges for redemption.  We will also be looking into collecting Campbell’s Soup labels.


A member of the Facebook group, “History of Cedar County, MO,” is trying to generate interest in an Indian artifact identification day in Stockton.  Smith has volunteered the museum as a possible place to host this event if it materializes.


Member Chris Barber is currently loaning the society a wood cook stove for display and has contacted Smith about gifting this stove to the society in return for life memberships for him and Rachel McGuire.  After discussion, members agreed to trade the stove for a life membership for Barber.  If the trailer/cart that the stove is sitting on is included in the gift, members will include a life membership for McGuire.


We’ve had several donations to the museum this month--a Bell & Howell slide projector, projector screen and a tripod from Marleen Nabity; an original land patent dated October 10, 1856, to Joseph S. Francis from B. Goodman; a metal lunch box from M. Phipps; two cast iron bean pots from L. Phipps; and a real estate abstract of title from Wanda Reno.


Our 352-page Cedar County, Missouri, History & Families, originally published in 1998, is out-of-print.  We are now maintaining a pre-publication list for people interested in being notified when we’re preparing to reprint this book.  Anyone wanting their name on that list should contact us with their address, telephone number and email address, if applicable.  This list will be for notification purposes only and will not be a commitment to purchase.


The meeting adjourned until our next meeting at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, January 19, 2013, at 106 West Davis in Stockton.  There will be no December meeting. 


Anyone interested in Cedar County history and genealogy is welcome to attend and/or join the Society.  Annual dues are $10.00 (Individual), $20.00 (Family), and $75.00 (Life).  Our museum and research area are open to the public on the first Saturday of each month (April through October) from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and by special appointment.  We also do genealogical and historical research for $10.00 per hour.  Contact us online at or by email at, by mail at P. O. Box 111, Stockton, MO  65785, or by contacting any officer or member.


---Nancy Smith