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Cacy Joseph Roy IB 5-578
Caddell Sammy Florence IB 5-653
Caldwell James Nathaniel IB 2-198
Caldwell Mary Ellen IB 6-861
Campbell Alonzo IB 4-413
Campbell Amy M IB 5-653
Campbell Ezekiel Madison IB 5-656
Campbell Farol B
Campbell George Sherman IB 6-890
Campbell Irma Jean IB 6-728
Campbell John Alexander Ob 1-143
Campbell John W IB 5-626b
Campbell Lucy Isabell IB 6-761
Campbell Marjorie Lorene IB 5-570
Campbell Ola Williams IB 5-704
Campbell Rose Mary IB 5-591
Campbell Truman Ob 1-121
Cantlon Martha Anne IB 5-679
Cantrall Jean
Cardwell Mary Belle IB 5-555
Carender Jeanette M IB 4-376
Carender William Andrew
Carey Zela Ob 1-26
Cargill Harry IB 3-500
Carleton Mina Rhoda IB 5-700
Carleton Myrl Abbot IB 5-698
Carleton Newton Clark IB 6-813
Carriker William Arthur Ob 1-63
Carter Florence Rosezeltha IB 6-771
Casey Fauntella
Cash Ray Leo
Cassell Richard Lee IB 4-411
Cassell Ulyssis Stephen Grant
Cassell Walter Ray IB 2-265
Cassidy Earl Ob 1-47
Castleman John Franklin Ob 1-25
Cavender Clarence Calvin
Cazasty Veronia Marie Ob 1-87
Centry Ronnie Ob 1-69
Chambers Charlottie IB 3-471
Chambers John William IB 6-774
Chambers Paul James IB 6-796
Chappelear Otis Burt IB 9-906
Charles Harry Barber IB 9-946-963
Chastain Woodrow L IB 3-504
Cheek Amy Agnes IB 5-569
Cheek Carol D IB 6-839
Cheek Jack Ray
Cheek Laura Matilda Ob 1-79
Cheek Thomas Edmond Ob 1-103
Chrisman Charlotte Ann
Chrisman Lois Glenn IB 5-643
Chrisman Mary Frances IB 4-373
Church Anna Belle IB 3-529
Church Charles Allington IB 2-306
Church Clara Bell IB 5-554
Church Claude F Ob 1-182
Church Harry Edward IB 8-82
Church James Elton IB 8-83
Church Margaret Evalyn
Church Marvin C IB 6-814
Church Roy W IB 2-323
Claggett Addie Elender IB 4-393
Clark Cathrine Dawn
Clark Cora Mae IB 6-894
Clark Flora Elizabeth
Clark James W Ob 1-86
Clark John Harmon IB 8-118
Clark Thema Vivian
Clemmons Richard M IB 2-308
Clemons Daisy Bell Ob 1-135
Clemons Donald O'Bryant
Clemons Robert Loy IB 6-880
Clemons Velma Ellen
Clopton Cora Alice IB 5-688
Cloud James Dale Ob 1-64
Clough Janet Lee
Cockrell Lester Lyndle
Coleman Callie ob 1-92
Coleman Donna May
Coleman Mary F Ob 1-65
Coleman Raymond Norman
Coleman Zoe Vivian
Collier Nancy Marie
Collier Thomas E
Collier Thomas Ellis
Collins Celestea N IB 9-965
Collins Cora Lee Catherine Ib 6-726
Collins Dorothy Frances
Collins James William IB 4-383
Collins Jessie James IB 5-733
Collins Michael Avery Ob 1-69
Collins Mildred Jane
Collins Paula Jean
Conley Roberta
Cooksey Callie Dona
Cooksey Isaac
Cooksey Laura E IB 6-718
Cooksey Walter M/W IB 9-945
Cooper Darrell Franklin
Cooper George
Cooper Henry Richard IB 5-637
Cooper James A IB 6-744
Cooper Joe Keith IB 2-342
Cooper Virgie IB 6-744
Coover Robert Dennis Ob 1-127
Correll George J IB 2-274
Cothern James Allen, II
Cothren William H Ob 1-96
Cotton Robert Minus IB 8-119
Counterman Robert Eugene IB 6-719
Cowan Frank O
Cowan Mary Ellen Dixon IB 5-686
Cowan Vaughanie Lee IB 6-825
Cox Rosemary
Cox Sadie Dorman IB 2-214
Cox Wilbur Joe
Cox William Henry Ob 1-110
Craig Alma B IB 3-529
Craig Ida May IB 3-467
Crane Neva Evelyn
Cross Elroy IB 6-824
Cross Robert Franklin
Crouch William Harvey IB 5-599
Crozier Perry T IB 5-619
Crutcher Fred Clifton
Cully Wendall J
Curl H P Ob 1-83
Curl Henry A IB 4-366
Curl James Henry
Curl Mary Jane (Ray)
Curl Omega Diane (Vance)
Curl Virgil Lawrence IB 2-217
Curry James Lowell
Cvitak William Charles, Jr


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