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Wade Farley Exon IB 9-919
Walden Austin Delmer 2006
Walden Billy Ray IB 6-707
Walden Norma Ladine 2007
Walker Elsie Minerva IB 6-797
Walker Harry Gene IB 6-817
Walker Myrtle Irene 2007
Wallace Beulah 2005
Wallen Arnold Max 2004
Wallen Dan Emmitt Ob 1-192
Wallen Dianna Lynn Ob 1-99
Wallen Franklin L. 2005
Wallen Juanita Wright 2005
Walter Annabel 2007
Ward George Walter IB 6-729
Ward Mary E IB 6-896
Warner William Boyd 2006
Waters Daniel W ISB-93
Waters G T “Ted” ISB-82
Weaver Allie Mae IB 6-801
Weaver Charlie Howard IB 6-829
Weaver Samuel Francis IB 6-746
Webb Veda Mae 2007
Welden Joseph Ellsworth Ob 1-96
Wells John E 2004
Werremeyer Hazel Ellen 2007
West Charles David 2007
West Elvis IB 6-674
West Ephraim Hamilton IB 6-775
West Glen IB 6-881
West Janet Gale 2004
West John William 2004
West John Elwyn 2005
West Mary Caroline IB 3-474
Whistance Albert B IB-5
Whistance James B IB 6-885
White Charley Landen 2005
White Ed IB 3-493
White Frederick Wilmer, Sr. 2002
White James Columbus IB 5-547
White John Isom IB 3-473
White Margaret Deborah IB 4-416
White Mary Ellendar ob 1-162
White Mary Jane 2006
Whitesell Bruce C IB 6-759
Whitesell Gertrude Sidney IB 6-834
Whitley Anna ISB-104
Wick Simon Martin 2004
Wilkins Alice M Ob 1-153
Willett Eva Rutledge IB 5-559
Willett James Wesley Ob 1-156
Willett Lucy A IB 6-893
Willett Nellie Agnes IB 5-597
Willett Ora Jordan IB 5-561
Williams Alice Francis IB 6-708
Williams J R ISB-05
Williams Leslie Leon "Salt" 2008
Williams Lola Marie 2006
Williams Sampson Elijah IB 6-858
Williams Thomas Fredrick IB 5-580
Williamson Virgie Mae 2005
Wilson Bessie Fenton IB 6-891
Wilson George Herbert 2004
Wilson Lucy Ellen IB 6-750
Wilson Mabel Jane IB 6-794
Wilson Marvin Lee IB 6-795
Wilson Richard Keith 2007
Wilson Ula IB 6-788
Winder Loraine Dora Ob 1-84
Wittner Ada Blanche IB 5-571
Wolf Lula J IB 6-866
Wollard Frankie M IB 6-889
Womble Harry E IB 6-859
Womble Lorene 2006
Womble Louisa Addeline IB 6-884
Womble Tulle Fountain IB 6-892
Woody William Oliver II IB 5-566
Worley Alice Louesia B 6-781
Worthington Dillie Jane IB 5-584
Wosoba Susannah Margaret 2005
Wrenn Carrie F IB 6-737
Wright Helen Ruth 2005
Wright Edna 2006
Wynes Clarence Arthur 1975
Wynes Corda Alice Ob 1-176
Wynes John T IB 5-605
Wynes Lawrence "Lefty" E 2007
Wynes Myrtle Ann IB 5-618
Wynes Neva Dean Ob 1-118
Wynes Olin Samuel IB 3-508



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