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Christian County
History and Genealogy: A Researcher's Guide


Christian County Families Histories - A Selected Bibliography

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      A Genealogy of the McCullah-Wasson families, 1700-1967.   Some family history and lots of photos of one of the longest-running annual family reunions anywhere.

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      The history of the McHaffies from Knoxville, Tennessee.

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      Cannon County Cousins [Melton].

Lowery, Edna Hazel McCullough.   My Melton Lineage.   Privately printed, 1988.   unpaged.   Melton, Meadows, and Martin families.

      Centennial of Immanuel Lutheran Church and the Rader Families.   1971.

      Rainey Times.   Periodical.   1982 forward.

      Replogle family.

Robertson, Sloan Davis.   Ancestry of Sloan Davis Robertson and Interrelated Families.   Computer printout, 1996.   Over 1,200 pages.

Rogers, Charles Elkins.   The Rogers Family of Ozark, Missouri.   Photocopy of magazine article, 1975.   22 p.   Rogers and Southwick families.

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      Elizabeth Todd (born 1760s), of Lawrence County, Indiana.   1991.

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      The History and Genealogy of the Waggoner Family.

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      Jesse and Anna Webb: A Story and History of the Webb family.   1981.

      Wheeler cousins.   1984.

      The Willow Bees: Undepressed Depression Years / Lucy Willou

Yates,   Genealogy of James Yates, The Immigrant to Pennsylvania, 168.   1984.


This list represents most publications in which news of some parts of Christian County may have been published. Important: many of these newspapers and magazines have few, in some cases no, known surviving issues in any format. Most issues of a few of the longer running or more recent titles have been microfilmed by the University of Missouri Microfilming Service under a contract with the Newpaper Library of the State Historical Scoeity in Columbia. Even these may have some issues missing and unavailable for microfilming. For greater detail on which issues may survive and where they are available, see the three volume set Newspapers in Missouri: A Union List, 1994: Created by the Staff of the Missouri Newspaper Project, 1888-1994, a component of the United States Newspaper Program, and published by University Libraries, University of Missouri - Kansas City in 1994. Researchers are reminded that obituaries appeared for a relatively small minority of individuals dying before about 1915 to 1920. Many of these notices were no more than a sentence in a community news column. Except for the Rising abstracts, the Hall clippings and related books and microfilms, and recent years' indexing by the Springfield-Greene County Library, no indexing has been done to allow ready access to existing microfilm or collected periodicals. All of these indexes and abstracts are for Springfield area, not Christian County, publications. However, those newspapers cover a large area including Christian County and were often large daily newpapers as opposed to small weeklies. Use of these larger and/or adjacent newspapers are vital for Christian County researchers.

Billings Times. Published weekly 1900 - 1954, Billings. Absorbed 5 Nov 1953 by Christian County Republican. Ceased publication 30 Sep 1954.

Billings Weekly Times. Published 1882 - 1900, Billings.

Christian County Headliner-News. Combined Ozark Headliner & Nixa News-Enterprise 1996. For few months in 1997, published twice weekly. Kept name when Nixa News-Enterprise resumed publication in fall 1997.

Christian County Leader. Published 1900 - 1907, Sparta. No microfilm.

Christian County Republican. Published 1888 - 1972, Ozark. Microfilm copies begin with 1898, with scattered issues in early years.

Christian County Sentinel. Published 1897 to before 1900, Ozark. No microfilm.

Free Silver Herald. Published 1896 - 1898, Ozark. Single microfilm for Free Silver Herald, Herald & Ozark Herald.

Douglas County Herald. Published 1887 - present, Ava. Commonly covers news in the southeastern and eastern edges of Christian County.

The Herald. Published 1895 - 1896, Ozark. Single microfilm for Free Silver Herald, Herald & Ozark Herald.

Monitor and Leader. Published 1875 - 1880, Ozark. No microfilm.

Nixa Enterprise. Published weekly 1960 - 1989, Nixa. Microfilmed by State Historical Society.

Nixa News. Published weekly c1986 - 1989. Merged with Nixa Enterprise. No microfilm.

Nixa News-Enterprise. Published weekly 1989 - 1996, Nixa. Resumed publication fall 1997. Microfilmed by State Historical Society.

Nixa Reporter. Published 1954 - 1957, Nixa. No microfilm.

Ozark Democrat. Published weekly 1900 - 1942, Ozark. No microfilm.

Ozark Headliner. Published weekly 1967 - 1996, Ozark. Name changed to Christian County Headliner-News. Microfilmed with about a two year delay.

Ozark Herald. Published 1898 - 1899, Ozark. Single microfilm for Free Silver Herald, Herald & Ozark Herald.

Ozark Tribune. Published 1905 - 1908, Ozark. No microfilm.

Ozark Weekly News. Published 1884 - 1890, Ozark. No microfilm.

Ozarks Voice and View. Published weekly 1992 - 1994, Ozark. Microfilmed.

Real Estate Monitor. Published Ozark. No microfilm.

Reformer. Published 1875 - 1876, Billings. No Microfilm.

Republic Monitor. Published 1894 - Present. Commonly covers news of Christian County's western panhandle.

Sparta News-Journal. Published weekly beginning spring 1996. Substantial coverage also of Rogersville, Fordland & Strafford where same publisher publishes other newspapers. No microfilm.

Vindicator. Published 1900 - unknown date Chadwick. No microfilm.

Weekly Mail. Published Ozark in 1890. No microfilm.

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