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Geologic Features

Name Feature Twp Range Sec USGS Map

Pseudo-Petroglyph Cave CAVE

Rantz Cave CAVE

Rasmussen Cave CAVE 26N, 20W, 20 Chadwick

Rattlesnake Cave CAVE 25N, 20W, 10 Chadwick

Rice Cave CAVE

Roadcut Cave #2 CAVE

Root Column Cave CAVE

Sanders/Shelf Cave CAVE 28N, 22W, 34 Nixa

Saunders Valley Cave CAVE 28N, 22W, 33 Nixa

Shelf/Sanders Cave CAVE 28N, 22W, 34 Nixa

Silver Cave CAVE 27N, 19W, 06 Rogersville

Smallin/Winoca/Civil War CAVE 27N, 21W, 12 Ozark

Smith Cave CAVE

Stoner Cave CAVE 25N, 20W, 26 Garrison

Swan Cave CAVE 26N, 19W, 34 Chadwick

Unnamed Cave CAVE 27N, 20W, 06 Ozark

Unnamed Cave CAVE 27N, 22W, 20 Nixa

Wiley Mathews Cave CAVE 26N, 19W, 28 Chadwick

Winoca/Smallin/ Civil War CAVE 27N, 21W, 12 Ozark

Wolf Cave CAVE

Wood Cave CAVE

Woody Cave CAVE 27N, 20W, 05 Ozark

Young Cave CAVE 27N, 22W, 21 Nixa

Harper's Hill HILL 27N, 21W, 15 Ozark

Devil's Racetrack LIMESTONE FISSURE 27N, 20W, 09 Ozark

Busiek State Forest & Wildlife Area NATURAL AREA 25N, 21W, 14* Spokane

Delaware Town Access NATURAL AREA 27N, 22W, 18 Republic

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Christian County MO Transcribed Records