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Geologic Features

Name Feature Twp Range Sec USGS Map

Mark Twain National Forest NATURAL AREA 25N, 20W Chadwick

Peckout Outdoor Laboratory NATURAL AREA 25N, 20W, 15 Garrison

Shelvin Rock Access NATURAL AREA 27N, 22W, 32 Nixa

Blue Spring Natural Tunnel NATURAL BRIDGE 28N, 22W, 33 Nixa

Moon Valley Shelter Cave NATURAL BRIDGE 26 N, 21W, 35 Selmore

Selmore Natural Bridge NATURAL BRIDGE 26N, 21W, 03 Selmore

Beachler Ridge RIDGE 25N, 20W, 28 Day

Camp Ridge RIDGE 26N, 20W, 26 Chadwick

Carwine Ridge RIDGE 26N, 19W, 33 Chadwick

Chestnut Ridge RIDGE 25N, 21W, 27 Day

Cobb Ridge RIDGE 25N, 20W, 04 Selmore

Devreaux Ridge RIDGE 25N, 19W, 19* Garrison

Garrison Ridge RIDGE 25N, 19W, 18 Garrison

Green Mound Ridge RIDGE 25N, 21W, 06 Selmore

Harmon Ridge RIDGE 26N, 19W. 36 Keltner

Ky Brown Hill RIDGE 26N, 19W, 28 Chadwick

Logan Ridge RIDGE 26N, 20W, 31 Selmore

Loving Ridge RIDGE 26N, 19W, 01 Keltner

Marshfield Ridge RIDGE 26N, 19W, 03 Keltner

Pedelo Ridge RIDGE 27N, 19W, 04 Rogersville

Pine Ridge RIDGE 25N, 20W, 02 Garrison

Serenity Ridge RIDGE 25N, 21W, 12/13 Spokane

Shady Grove Ridge RIDGE 26N, 20W, 16 Selmore

Strawberry Ridge RIDGE 26N, 20W, 25 Chadwick

Tin Top Ridge RIDGE 25N, 18W, 07 Bradleyville

Whipping Willie Ridge RIDGE 25N, 18W, 17 Bradleyville

Aven Sink SINKHOLE 27N, 22W, 03 Nixa

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