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Christian County, Missouri - Cemeteries

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Name Location Size Read By

Abundance Cemetery 27N, 20W, 25 C gw, M, W

Adams Cemetery 26N, 21W, 21 A M, W

Adams Family Cemetery 27N, 20W, 15 B gw, M, W

All Is Well/Baker Family Cemetery 27N, 20W, 17 A N. R.

Billings/Rose Hill Cemetery 28N, 24W, 34 D gw, L, M. W

Bilyeu Grave 25N, 21W A N. R.

Bledsoe - McConnell Cemetery 27N, 22W, 9 D gw, M, W

Blue Spring/Bruner Cemetery 27N, 19W, 23 D gw, M, W

Bluebaum/Jones Cemetery 27N, 24W, 6 B gw, M, W, Y

Boston/Old Boston Cemetery 26N, 19W, 10 & 15 D gw, M, W, Y

Bodwell/Botwell Cemetery 25N, 21W A gw

Botwell/Bodwell Cemetery 25N, 21W A gw R.

Braden Cemetery 27N, 19W, 21 B gw, M, W, Y

Bray Cemetery 27N, 20W, 28 B gw

Brazeale/Mt. Zion Cemetery 27N, 21W, 12 B gw

Bruner/Blue Spring Cemetery 27N, 19W, 23 D gw, M, W

Butler Cemetery - Stones moved to Frazier Cemetery 27N, 23W, 25 B gw, M, W

Carter Cemetery 25N, 21W, 15? C gw

Carver Cemetery 26N, 20W, 24 B gw

Casebolt/Patterson Cemetery 27N, 19W, 17 B gw, M, Y

Chadwick Memorial Cemetery 26N, 19W, 19 D gw, M, W

Chaffin Cemetery 27N, 22W, 2 B gw

Chapman Cemetery 27N, 21W, 22 C gw, M, W, Y

Chastain/Jones Cemetery 26N, 22W, 1 D gw, M, W

Chaves Family Cemetery 25N, 21W, 14 New gw W

Chestnutridge/Schupbach Cemetery 25N , 21W, 29 D gw, M, W, Y

Church/St. Peter Evangelical/German 27N, 24W, 9 D gw, L, M. W


Cobb/Keeton Cemetery 25N, 20W, 5 B gw,M, W

Collins Cemetery 26N, 21W, 5 C gw, M, W

Cox-Melton Graves Cemetery 26N, 21W, 10 A gw

Notes: Names separated by slashes indicate that the cemetery may be known by more than one name. Each cemetery will be listed again for each name.
Size: (# of known graves ) A - 5 or fewer; B - 6 to 25; C - 26 to 100; D - over 100
Read by: C - Cunningham: gw - Christian County GenWeb; L - Langley; M - Merritt; N.R. - Not Read; W- Wills; Y - Yates

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