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Christian County, Missouri
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Name Structure Location USGS Map

Walker Mill GRISTMILL (WATER) 27N, 20W, 18 Ozark

Lindenlure Lake LAKE 27N, 20W, 09 Ozark

Melton Pond LAKE 27N, 20W, 25 Rogersville

Melton Pond LAKE 27N, 20W, Rogersville

Murphy Pond LAKE 27N, 19W, 24 Bruner

Willow Pond LAKE 27N, 22W, 10 Nixa

Alma Mine MINE (LEAD & ZINC) 27N, 21W, 35 Ozark

Arnold Mine MINE (LEAD & ZINC)


Big 4 Mine MINE (LEAD & ZINC)

Bray Mines MINE (LEAD & ZINC) 26N, 19W, 09* Chadwick

Broken Mine MINE (LEAD & ZINC)

New Era Mine MINE (LEAD & ZINC)

Ozark Mine MINE (LEAD & ZINC)

Rich Hill Mine MINE (LEAD & ZINC)

Robertson Mine MINE (LEAD & ZINC)

Seneca Mine MINE (LEAD & ZINC) 25N, 18W, Bradleyville

Turkey Creek Mine MINE (LEAD & ZINC)

Tuttle Mine MINE (LEAD & ZINC) 26N, 20W, 08 Selmore

Clever Stone Quarry QUARRY 27N, 23W, 09 Republic

Joe Howard Quarry QUARRY 27N, 20W, 20 Ozark

Journagan Quarry QUARRY 28N, 21W, 34 Ozark

Hoover Mill (Ozark Mill) SAWMILL - WATER 27N, 21W, 23 Ozark

McHaffie Mill SAWMILL - WATER 27N, 19W, 11 Bruner

Ashmore's Station STAGECOACH STATION 27N Republic

Saunders Lookout Tower TOWER 26N, Chadwick

Swan Lookout TOWER 25N, 18W, 20 Bradleyville

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Christian County MO Transcribed Records