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Christian County, Missouri

Township Histories Page 1 of 2

Name Twp Range History USGS Map

BENTON 27N* 19W* To W & E Benton Fordland

BRECKENRIDGE 26N* 21W* Became Galloway Highlandville

BRUNER, PRECINCT 3 27N* 18W* From Benton & Marion Bruner

CASSIDY, PRECINCT 6 27N* 21W From Finley Ozark

CHADWICK, PRECINCT 4 26N* 19W* From N Marion Chadwick

EAST BENTON, PRECINCT 1 27N* 18W* From Benton Bruner

EAST FINLEY, PRECINCT 8 26N* 21W* From Finley Ozark

EAST POLK, PRECINCT 20 27N 24W From Polk Billings

FINLEY 27N* 21W To W & E Finley Ozark

GALLOWAY 26N* 21W* To N & S Galloway Highlandville

GARDEN GROVE, PRECINCT 23 27N 22W From Porter Nixa

GARRISON, PRECINCT 11 25N 19W From S Marion Garrison

LEAD HILL, PRECINCT 12 26N 18W* From N Marion Keltner

LINCOLN, PRECINCT 13 27N* 23W* From Polk & Porter Republic

LINDEN, PRECINCT 14 27N* 20W Original Township Rogersville

LINN 25N* 20W* To N & S Linn Garrison

LOGAN 28N* 22W* Now Union Chapel Nixa

MARION 26N* 19W* To N & S Marion Chadwick

MCCRACKEN, PRECINCT 17 27N* 20W* From Linden Ozark

NORTH GALLOWAY, PRECINCT 9 26N 22W From Galloiway Highlandville

NORTH LINN, PRECINCT 15 26N 20W From Linn Selmore

NORTH MARION 26N 19W* Lead Hill & Chadwick Keltner

NORTHVIEW, PRECINCT 24 27N 21W From Porter Nixa

OLDFIELD, PRECINCT 18 26N 19W From Sparta & N Marion Chadwick

POLK 27N* 24W* To W & E Polk & Lincoln Billings

PORTER 27N* 22W* To LINC. U.C, G.G., NV, & RD Nixa

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