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Christian County, Missouri
Christian County MO Transcribed Records

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1876 Agricultural Census of Christian County, MO

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The 1876 Agricultural Census was not conducted for every county in Missouri. Fortunately, the Christian County census survived. Microfilmed from the County Clerk's records by the Missouri State Archives and available from them in microfilm form, it is the only non-deciennal census available for all of Christian County. The main focus of this census was livestock and crops. However, we have microfilm copies only for the population portion. Relationships among individuals listed or even when one household ends and another begins are not indicated. Like pre-1850 censuses, age, gender and race are indicated by a slash in the appropriate column. Unfortunately, the census taker often resorted to recording only initials. Everything which on the original, even when the enumerator wrote the word "error", is transcribed in the township portion. Every name listed on the census is in the index. Line numbers are on the original. Page numbers were not. Page numbers were added by the transcriber as a location tool.

Please remember that 19th century people would not have understood our fixation on "correct spelling". Some entires may reveal creative spelling. If you don't find names you expect under the current spelling, please use your imagination. Nonetheless, as in all censuses, there were almost surely individuals missed and names misunderstood, particularly when an individual's surname differed from the rest of the household.

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Christian County MO Transcribed Records
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