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Christian County, Missouri
Transcribed Records


Mabel G. Phillips,
Christian County Library

  • We based the information on the best sources available - e. g. in place names, on USGS maps, plat maps, county goverment sources, contemporary maps and quotes when possible, etc.

  • Human beings, having been involved, typographical or other unintentional errors may have occurred. The user is cautioned that these data are provided as a guide to further research.

    Any writer, researcher, or other individual using these databases must agree to hold me personally, the library as a whole and any responsible individual connected with the library or the database, harmless for any actual or perceived harm any user receives from relying upon this data.

  • Before publication of data taken from these pages, the library should be notified in advance in writing to allow corrections, additions, and updates.

  • Any publication in any format or technolofy, quoting more than limited information on related families, should request prior written permission and credit the library. This website and all files here are intended for the use of individual researchers, societies and libraries. Anyone copying and distributing for financial gain significant portions of files, beyond limited number of related families, without written permission of those who did all the work, are guilty of theft.

  • The library retains full rights to continue to disseminate this information in whatever manner we see fit, free of any restrictions resulting from copyrights placed upon works containing information provided.

Christian County MO Transcribed Records
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