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Lee Cemetery

Salisbury, Chariton County, Missouri


Submitted by: Lee Philpott

(Very interesting story, at the bottom of this page, that tells how the cemetery was discovered/uncovered.   kk)





son of H.R. and S.L.



April 8, 1866

Aged 6 mo. 14 days

“Suffer thy little children to come unto me and forbid them not for such is the Kingdom of heaven.”




Sarah F. Lee                                                  O.G. Lee

Oct. 11, 1842                                                 Mar. 14, 1849

Mar. 14, 1907                                                Dec. 17, 1919




Bruce Lee                                                      Harriett his wife

Oct. 31, 1852                                                 Feb. 12, 1856

Nov 22, 1933                                                 Oct. 24, 1917





Richard A.                                                      Martha V.

Oct. 8, 1839                                                   Aug. 24, 1846

Nov. 25, 1914                                                Apr. 23, 1918




Mason [small stones]

HB                                                                   GB




Harriett Brummell

Nov. 27, 1865

July 22, 1890






[Small stones]

OL                               HL                               BL                               SFL




George Lee





[These three are on same stone but on different sides.]

Harriett                                  Wm. H. Lee                           Frances E.

R.S. Lee                                  Born Nov. 9, 1803                Lee

born                                        Died Jan. 20, 1889               Born

Apr. 15, 1800                        In Memory of our Parents  May 26, 1826

died                                         LEE                                         Died

March 22, 1842                    [on front of stone]                Sep. 12, 1901

[on left side of stone]                                                           [on right side of stone]





Margaret J.                                                   James H.

Feb. 27, 1848                                                Dec. 8, 1844

July 19, 1935                                                 March 7, 1946

wife                                                                 husband





Mollie F.                                                         Price

Apr. 28, 1865                                                Dec. 17, 1862

Nov. 29, 1943                                                Feb. 11, 1944




[Comments made by Agnes Ollerdessen are in brackets.]


Wednesday, 08 August 2007: the following email was received by former county coordinator, Bettie Woods.  Lee Cemetery information, and email, forwarded on to kkfitch, latest Chariton Co., Mo., GenWebProject county coordinator.  It is submitted for your enjoyment, by Lee Philpott.    kk


“I have, in my possession, research completed by my aunt in the 1970s on the Horatio Philpott family of Chariton County.  It is my hope to eventually enter the data on my computer, along with a little research that I can add to it.  In the meantime, I am busy with other family lines.

I noticed that someone has listed the Lee Cemetery, located in Salisbury Township, on your site.  My aunt and a "cousin" she found, visited the Lee family cemetery sometime around 1974 and recorded every gravestone they could find in the Lee cemetery.  They were looking for the Philpott family cemetery but later discovered that it had been bulldozed by a farmer and all of the gravestones were lying broken in a ravine.  So sad!

Horatio Philpott's eldest son, Hezekiah, married Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Lee (my great-great grandparents).  She was the daughter of William Henry Lee who lived "next door" to the Philpotts.  My aunt  and the cousin accidently knocked on the door of a Lee family  descendent looking for the old Philpott cemetery.  When they asked if the women knew where the old Philpott cemetery was, they were told that they didn't remember, "but we've got some out back"!  Horatio's son, Hezekiah, and Sallie Lee were both buried in the Lee family cemetery.”