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We need volunteers who can donate some time to do lookups. If you have resources pertaining to the City of St. Louis and are willing to share the information with others, please write to me and let me know about it. Thank you in advance.

If you can provide look-ups for others, please contact me at Ron Schroll.

If you ask for a lookup, please remember that these volunteers are doing this out of the goodness of their heart and let them know you appreciate it.

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"How to Order Military and Pension Records for Union Civil War Veterans
from the National Archives in Washington, DC" at :

John Louis Maurath
I have an old book which listed all of the men from St.Louis who answered President Lincoln's call for men to "quell" the rebellion. About 10,000 men in all. Most of the men I have listed, are almost entirely German. They thought it would only be a short time, so the men were only enlisted for 3 months service. Afterwards, when the government realized the war was going to be a long one, they had the men re-enlist for 3 years service, but I don't have those re-enlistment records.

If you any of you have a picture of your St.Louis Civil War ancestor, could I please have a simple copy of it?" I don't have a picture of my Civil War ancestor, and I'd like to see what uniform he might have worn. Thanks. John Louis Maurath

Linda Young Nehring
I have the following sources I could do lookups in:

1860 St. Louis Federal Census Index
1878 Pitzman's Atlas of St. Louis City and County Landowners
The Civil War in St. Louis

Scott K. Williams
I have information on Missouri Confederate soldiers that were held in the following St. Louis area military prisons (Gratiot Street, Alton (ILL), and Myrtle Street). I am the webmaster for the Sterling Price Camp, No. 145 Sons of Confederate Veterans website. We have other resources available by visiting our web site.

The type of information that I have available for lookup is restricted to only Missouri Confederate soldiers that were in St. Louis area prisons. Information includes: name, rank, unit, residence, date captured, prison where held, and if applicable, date of death. This includes regular Confederate
troops, guerillas, pro-southern civilians, and bushwhackers. Book is entitled, "Missouri Prisoners of War From Gratiot Street Prison, Myrtle Steet Prison and Alton Prison", by Joanne C. Eakin.

Marla Martin
I have within a mile of my house two very old cemetaries. One being Sappington cemetary c. 1811 and the other being Dickson cemetary, which is an old slave cemetary. Both of these cemetaries are in the heart of suburbia and well maintained (but no more burials take place as far as I know). If you know your ancestor is buried there or have a strong inkling, I would be willing to take a picture, do a rubbing etc... for that person.

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