January-February-March-1998 Queries

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Richard Duke 30 Mar 1998
The Cemetery records show place of birth as Frenchtown near St Louis. My search has been for birth in St Louis to John Duke & Mary Gill but so far no results. I have not been able to locate any such town? Can anyone help? Thanks

Rose DeRocher
Looking for descendants of Melanie MARCHAND and Joseph GAUTHIER/GAUTIER. Melainie was the daughter of Abram Louis MARCHAND and Emilie BRANDT, they came from Sonvilier, Bern Switzerland in 1821 through Winnipeg Canada and down to St. Louis in 1826 or so. Melainie married Joseph GAUTIER/GAUTHIER in Feb 5, 1827 in St. Louis at Church of St. Louis King of France.
Joseph GAUTIER/GAUTHIER was son of Bernardine GAUTIER?GAUTHIER and Rosalie
BURNET from Isle of Montreal.
Joseph GAUTHIER/GAUTIER and Melanie MARCHAND and they had Marie (bapt. 7 April 1828), Joseph (bapt 4 April 1830) Edoaard (bapt. 4 sept 1831) Adele Rose (bapt 30 Aug 1833), these children were all baptized in Church of King of France Cathedral in St. Louis, MO. PLEASE email me if you have further information on these people.

virginia harris 30 Mar 1998
I am researching the Conley families of St.Louis. I am hoping to find the father of Andrew Jackson CONLEY. He was born 1828. Is the Hugh CONLEY who got a land grant his father in Cape Girardeau area? Would like to here from some of the Conleys.

Larry Cronan 30 Mar 1998
I'm looking for information on Marion WATSON, born: March 27, 1910--died:Jan. 1959. His parents are James Columbus WATSON and Mary Lula WRIGHT-WATSON, he was buried at one of the cemeteries in the St. Louis area. I have tried to find out this information with no luck. Just the name of the cemetery would be helpful. I am also looking for an Obituary of him. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Ted Thornton 30 Mar 1998
I have two great grand-uncles, Thomas and Nathaniel THORNTON, who died in St. Louis while serving in the Civil War. According to their records in the National Archives, Thomas died 8 Jun 1862 of typhoid fever and was buried at "68-43 Weslyan Cemetery". Nathaniel died 5 Jul 1863 of consumption and was buried at "Block No 5 - Grave No. 52 Jeffer". I am planning to come through St. Louis this summer, and would like to honor their graves. Can anyone tell me where I might find these cemeteries? Thank you.

Greg Goodwin 30 Mar 1998
I am looking for any information on my great-grandmother ADELAIDE HOARD(HORD). Her maiden name was KIMBROUGH. She died sometime in the 1960's. I need to know actual date of death. Thank you.

Patricia A. (Jacob) Frazer 28 Mar 1998
I am looking for information on the following surnames: JACOB, KOEPPE, HEIGELE (Freeburg, IL to St. Louis, MO), COX, PRENTICE, PAUBEL, YEAGER (JEAGER), ST. ONGE. The last three generations of these families have been in the St. Louis City/St. Louis County (Melrose, Grover, Gumbo, Pond, DesPeres) areas. I have information back to my great grandparents (except for JACOB). Here's what I have (abbreviated version):

JULIUS JACOB (wife unknown - may have been MARTHA) had my grandfather, RAYMOND HENRY JACOB (do not know any brothers/sisters names). He married my grandmother, LYDIA EDITH KOEPPE (I have most of her brothers/sisters). Her mother's maiden name was ANNA HEIGELE (I don't know her husband's first name, but she had a sister named KATIE HEIGELE). That's as far as I have with the HEIGELE side other than they were originally from Germany and settled in Freeburg, Illinois somewhere around 1880-1893. Raymond and Lydia had two sons, Harry and Raymond, Jr. Raymond, Jr. was my father. He married CAROLYN FRANCES COX, daughter of MARY CECELIA ST. ONGE COX.

JULIUS VALENTINE PAUBEL (1848-1909) was married to EMILY (JEAGER) YEAGER (1854-1931) and they are buried at Antioch Baptist Church cemetary around Babler State Park. Julius and Emily are believed to come to the U.S. from Germany on "the boat" (that's all the info I have on that). They settled in Grover, Missouri. Julius was a veteran of the Civil War (for the South) and probably farmed after settling in Grover after the war. One of their children was Caroline Frances PAUBEL (my great grandmother) (I think she had a sister named TILLIE PAUBEL who may have been married to an ANDY KERN). Caroline Paubel married CHARLES ST. ONGE. I know that around 1936, she lived on Russell Blvd. in the city and he ran a farm in DesPeres, MO (according to family it was the land behind where the DesPeres 14 Cinema now sits around I-270 and Manchester Rd.). I believe someone in the PAUBEL or ST. ONGE part of the family also had farm out by Babler State Park. Out of the marriage of CAROLINE and CHARLES came my grandmother, MARY CECELIA ST. ONGE. She married GEORGE EDWARD COX. I can trace this part of the COX family to ??? COX who would have been born around 1860 and was married to ABBY(or ABBIE or ABIGAIL) PRENTICE (Aug 1863 - May 1951).
On the ST. ONGE side also, I have THEODORE VALENTINE ST. ONGE (8/15/1836-4/19/1919 -- adopted into the ST. ONGE family - birth name supposed to have been MARQUEX and was born possibly in Canada and adopted in possibly North Dakota). Theodore was married to KUNDIGUNDY (aka. Catherine) (1845-1915) (Maiden name unknown - my grandmother said she may have been of Native American descent). Theodore and Catherine are also buried in the cemetary at Antioch Baptist Church. They settled in St. Louis in 1856 and to Melrose (St. Louis County) soon thereafter. THEODORE was in the Union Army during the Civil War. THEODORE and CATHERINE had CHARLES ST. ONGE (I know nothing more beyond his first name -- brothers/sisters names, if any, would be nice). CHARLES married CAROLINE PAUBEL. Charles farmed and made a living as a blacksmith around Gumbo, MO.

This is what I have so far. Can anyone out there help me. I'm just getting started and I really am getting overwhelmed and not sure how far I want to go with this. I am willing to share any info I have, as well. Please contact me Thanks!

Ronald Sugg 28 Mar 1998
Hello . My name is Ronald Sugg and I live in San Antonio , Texas. I am trying to find some information about my great grandfather Lee Ander Sugg . I was told that he was born in St. Louis, MO somewhere around 1870-1880 . Have you ever come across any references to him in your area ? I would appreciate any info that you might have. Thanks . Ronald Sugg I am searching to find out when my g grandfather was born . I was told by my grandfather that his dad was born in St. Louis , MO. sometime in the mid to late 1800's . His name was Lee Ander Sugg . Thanks .

Dale E. & Donna Newell 28 Mar 1998
I am looking for information on the old cemeteries in St. Louis, primarily the ones used by the Bohemians. So far I have been unable to find the cemeteries used by my family around the turn of the century. Family names of KAFKA & KOTRBA. Also looking for the cemetery that would be used if both parents died, like a potter field around 1898 in St. Louis. Family name of WHITELEY or WHITLEY or WHITELY. Would appreciate any assistance.

Mireille Modenbach grovier28 Mar 1998
I am interested in anyone knowing anything about the REICH, DUESSEL, and WILBERT names in the City of St. Louis. Also information regarding the L.C. McLain Orthopedic Sanitarium and Future Council #1165 of the American Legion of Honor. Thank you.

Alice Nicholson 28 Mar 1998
I have been told we are related to Henry Bufford SHAW, founder of the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. I am trying to find out how distant the relationship might be! He was born 4 August 1881, died 9 August 1914. He married Willie Reagan McCASLAND on 12 October 1904 and a daughter, Clara Evalee Shaw was born to them. Any information availble?

Ann Emmons 28 Mar 1998
I am searching for the family of Philip MARTIN, who married Johanna MANKAMEYER on 17 July 1867 in St Louis, MO. She was still alive and living in St Louis in February of 1914. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

STICHMA 28 Mar 1998
I am looking for more information on John Joseph Hain born in Germany and came to St Louis, Mo. in ? His wife was Catherine? born In Baden, Germany. They had a son Anthony born in December 1,1859 in St. Louis,Mo. He married Emma Boeger, who was born in Germany in July 1862, at St. Louis, Mo. in May 1884.They had a daughter named Emma Eleanora Hain born in St Louis, Mo. in Feb. 1892. I would like to find some siblings on John and Anthony. I also want to find siblings on the Boeger's. The families moved to the Kansas City area. I also have a line with the Crump's. George Crump died in St Louis Co,Mo. in 1816. I don't know who his wife was and any help would be appreciated.

Whitney L. McLaughlin 28 Mar 1998
Found following old photos:
AUBUCHON, Leonard Jr., Leonard and Celine - St. Louis
AUBUCHON, Gregory, Rose, Felicity
WOHLER, Eneas - St. Louis
SARASIN, Rosse - St. Louis

Barry Boecher 28 Mar 1998
I'm looking for any information on Gustav Staudte who immigrated to this country from Sascony Germany in 1871 and brought his family to St. Louis before some of them ended up in Chicago, Il. Thank you

Linda Epstein 28 Mar 1998
Elizabeth STUCKENSCHNEIDER and John Henry KOHLMEIR were married January 10, 1854 at Church of the Holy Trinity in St. Louis, Mo. I am looking for any information regarding regarding this couple -- where did they move to, descendants, etc.

Jennifer Allison 28 Mar 1998
Looking for the family of Justina Katherine SUTTER born 2 Feb. 1831 in Hesse. She came to America in 1849. She married Johann Adam KUNZ in St. Louis on 12 June 1855. They lived in St. Louis until 1864.

Mary Heuermann Lusk 28 Mar 1998
Searching for any information on the HEUERMANN family in St. Louis, Mo or any other part of Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, California, Ohio, Texas and New York. I have bits and pieces but would like to connect as much as possible. Also researching WEYMUTH, BRANDT, NORDSIEK, NOTTBUSCH, GREENSTREET, STRYKER and STRUEBE or STRUESSE all in connection with HEUERMANN. Most of the HEUERMANNs that I am researching came from Westphalia Germany, however others came from other parts. I am interested in all of them because of other researchers that I am in contact with. Any FREDERICK, HEINRICH, WILHELM, THEODORE, AUGUST, JOHANN HEUERMANNS will do. Thanks

Glen R. Bayless 24 Mar 1998
I am looking for informaation on Andrew MCDONNELL a former Police Chief of Webster Grove, Mo. Andrew was b. Aug 1883, in Kanss. He was the son of John McDonnell and Katherone Mahoney. I would be interested in corresponding with anyone researching the MCDONNELL surname.

JDFritsche 24 Mar 1998
Would any one know if the German aid societies of St. Louis records still exist some where? My family came to St. Louis approx. 1860-1861 and I have been unable to find where they came from other than the word Potsdam on one record. Church records and German newspaper obituaries did not reveal any information. Undertaker records have been destroyed. I would appreciate any help on what the societies were all about and if they recorded their aid to families.

Alberta Fanning Barry 24 Mar 1998
I have been searching for a Maude Yaeger who lived in St. Louis, Mo. in the 1930-1940's. I have a picture of her standing in front of a beautiful fountain that was said to be in St. Louis. A picture of my Grandmother was taken at the same time. My grandmother was Ophelia Nancy Grim (Fanning). She was born in 1896 in Berryville, Ark. A picture of my father was also taken at the same time. I presume that Maude Yaeger was born around 1890-1900's, because her age looked to be simular to that of my Grandmother. My father always told us that Maude and the Fanning's were cousins. I have been searching to see if this was so. Family surnames of our family were---Thorne, Grim, Bigerstaff, Newton, Borman, Howard, Frazier, Davis, and Howard. I sure hope you can shed some light on this for me. If you do know of this Maude, I will send you a photostatic copy of the picture in case you would like to see the fountain, etc. Thank you very much for any help you might be.

Larose Wynne 23 Mar 1998
Eliza (Barnes) SPENCER born 1814 NY was buried in St. Louis, MO in 1866. Need to find where or suggestions/lists of cemeteries that would have been available in that time frame with their addresses & telephone numbers, if possible. Also need help in finding her obituary, what newspapers would have been available? Thank you for any comments/tips in getting this info.

Lisa Buese 23 Mar 1998
Charlotte Long, daughter of William and Minnie Long, married Christian Poggemoeller in St. Louis in the 1860's. I am looking for information on this family. (There were 2 Christian Poggemoellers in St. Louis at that time, if you can believe it. The other Christian was married to a woman named Louisa.)

Darren Briggs 23 Mar 1998
I'm looking for ancestors of James MCCORD born 1841 in St. Louis, MO., I believe. His wife was Jane CARSON who came from Ireland in the 1840's. Thank you

MWoods8847 23 Mar 1998
Trying to find out information on a Mitchell Woods listed in Missouri 1850 census index as St L 390 St. Louis. I don't have access to the 1850 census. Also a John Alter listed as St L. 326 St. Louis. Thanks for any help.

GWilli4 23 Mar 1998
George C. WILLIAMS Born : 8/26/1864 Died: 6/10/1924 Wifes maiden name was Annie CONNORS Born in Ireland (sligo?) 8/15/1871. They were married 8/7/1895. I'm looking for his birth info Where? His fathers name? When she immigrated from Ireland? Her possible surname is O'CONNOR ? I know they lived on 2230 Howard street in St.Louis. Any other info would be helpful, i'm trying to put together a family tree. My name is George C Williams IV, and i would like to put together some family history for my son GCW the fifth. Thanks

Susan D Clark 23 Mar 1998
I may be a a decendant of William CLARK, the explorer. His son Meriwether Lewis CLARK lived in St.Louis when his father died. I would like to know when Meriwether Lewis CLARK died and the number, names and birth and death dates, if possible, for his children.

Joseph 23 Mar 1998
James Benjamin HOWELL, I am trying to find an obit or information concerning the death of James Benjimin HOWELL, died probably between 1975-1980 in the St. Louis area. He was the son of Elijah F. HOWELL. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Ed Barger 23 Mar 1998
I am looking for information on ORIAL TRACY who married EDWARD B. BARGER in St Louis in 1939. The witness was Ann Dvorak. Thank You

brenda bradley 23 Mar 1998
1850 census. was there Brandt Or Brand listed? first name s, christian, elisabeth, fredrick, george, catharina, christiana,lissette,anna??. in st. louis county caronde let twp ? please let me know what you have for any Brand or Brandt. thankyou

James D. King 20 Mar 1998
My grandfather, a lifelong resident of St. Louis, had his named changed from Eugene Warren Randolph to James Graham Randolph (1885 - 1969). Where are the official documents for name changes filed? thanks in advance

Norm Freeman 20 Mar 1998
I'm tracking my Great-grandfather, James D. Williams who was murdered in Bridgeton, St.Louis county between 1875 and 1880. He had a St. Louis Teaching Certificate dated 1875 and the following article is reproduced from a clipping from a St.Louis newspaper. I don't know the date of the article and hope to find it and find the obituary which corresponds. Thanks


Death of James D. Williams

Brutal Murder Committed at Bridgeton, St. Louis County.

A terrible murder occurred at Bridgeton, St. Louis County last night. It seems that there had been bad feeling for some time between the whites and blacks in the neighborhood of Bridgeton, which was increased by reports that some white men were going to clean out the negros, who are said to be of the worst character. Williams, a school teacher at Bonfils Station, and Mitchell Revoir, a Frenchman, living near there, coming from Clayton to Bridgeton, went into the store kept by Jacob Bloom to get a drink. While there a quarrel arose between Revoir and a negro named Valentine Walker, over some dispute they had at election time. They came to blows and Revoir was threshing the negro, when others interfered, and Bloom pulled Revoir into his store and shut the door. Walker then turned to Williams and said, "Here is the other son of a _____ let's kill him." and pulling a paling from the fence beat his brains out. After killing Williams Walker returned to the store, and pushing the door open, struck Revoir on the head several times with a stone, injuring him probably fatally. From fear of the negros no one would arrest Walker, and he defied the village until late last night, but left before the constable arrived from Florissant and is still at large. He is described as a mulatto about five feet high, twenty-five years old, black hair, whiskers, mustache and goatee, blue flannel shirt, jeans pants with white buttons, shoes much worn. The murderer is most brutal in character, as Williams is said to have been an inoffensive old man. Williams died instantly, and Revoir is not expected to live. It is thought that the murderer was seen in East St. Louis last evening about 6 o'clock. Those who saw him describe him as tall, with faded blue clothes and a sort of a half-negro - - - - (copy of newspape article ends here).

William Graham 20 Mar 1998
I have a picture which I believe to be of my GLEASON / O'BRIEN /WATSONancestors in St. Louis Co. It has the studio name MILLER and BARRETT and is from the time period 1867-1880. Can anyone confirm that this is a St. Louis studio of that period?

Mary Eklund 20 Mar 1998
I am looking for the place of burial for Joseph Curtis Cline, born 1825-1827, died in Florissant in 1874, church affiliation-Catholic. His daughter Sarah, died the same year at age 18. I would appreciate any information on these people. Thanks

Chad K. Flentje29 Mar 1998
I'm looking for information on Henry Ernst who married Catherine Kiefer in 1833, St. Louis, MO from Prussia. In 1830 when Henry was 18 years old, he immigrated to New York City, NY. Then in 1832, he moved to St. Louis, MO. And then in 1834, Henry moved to Belleville, IL. Henry Ernst was born 11 Oct 1811 in Prussia. Thank you.

brenda bradley 20 Mar 1998
please check and see how many years Christian Brandt and his Family lived inst. louis county. is he buried there?

Gerald 20 Mar 1998
I am looking for the Ballentine cemetery and pictures of Balmer family stones. Whom would I contact or would you suggest posting a query? Is that cemetery in St charles Co.? I have made contact with the Balmer family in germany and visited them twice. The village historian is writting a book on the village families and he wanted to see if I could get pictures of the stones. Can you point me? Thanks in advance,

Vicki Rush 20 Mar 1998
Searching for Joseph BROOKS b.1821 London,England, married abt 1849 in St.Louis,St.Louis,MO, Mary b.1833 Wisbaden,Germany. Had 11 children all born in St.Louis between 1850 and 1875. They were Catholic. They were in Fort Worth,Tarrant,TX by 1880. Need anything you may have on them. I know they were married in St.Louis in a Catholic Church, I don't know which one. THANK YOU!

Walter M. Weber 20 Mar 1998
BALL. I amseeking any information on the following two families, Demosthenes BALL, b. ca 1818 Scioto Co, OH, d. 1919 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co, MO. He married Clarinda Chapman on 8-5-1840, then later married Elisabeth Herley. Also his nephew Orlando O. BALL, b. 1838 He also died in St. Louis, MO. Thank You

Jazzy50 20 Mar 1998
I am seeking any information on the surnames of HOLPUCH and KEUSCHER. My research is at a dead in on these lines.

Otto K. Land 20 Mar 1998
Researching LAND, TODD, SPEER, HOLLINSHEAD, CHITWOOD, AGEE, - I need information on Caleb Cope SPEER, Jr. born in St Louis, Missouri on 2 Dec 1854. Mother Harriet LAND b. abt 1831 in Swarkstone Derbyshire, England. Father Caleb Cope SPEER b. 6 Feb 1826 in Reynolds County Missouri. Caleb, Jr. married Mary Jane SCHUMACHER on 14 Dec 1879. Children: William Lee SPEER, Aruther Powell SPEER, and Minnie May SPEER. Need information on places of death and burial. I am willing to share all information.

Chris16 Mar 1998
My Great Grandparents Louis J. Meier and Catherine "Katie" Sullivan Meier lived in an area of St. Louis called Carrie Patch. Is there any information available on this region of the city. Where it was located and anything about it's history. Thank you for any help.

GDStutts 16 Mar 1998
Any information on the Balmer - Webber music store operating in St. Louis from about 1840 through 1910 or later? Charles Balmer founder and my ggg-grandpa. I have his family info from Germany if there are another relatives out there.

Arthur S. Burford 16 Mar 1998
I would like to post James C. Burford to your Surname roster. Information I have is he moved from Virginia to St. Charles, MO. prior to 1843. This is based on information at least one child, a son, Henry Bowles Burford, was born 16 Sept, 1843, at St. Charles, St. Louis Co., MO. He apparently moved on to St. Clair Co. MO. before Sept, 1848, and from there to St. Charles Co. MO. before 1851. Thank you,

Robert M. Doerr 16 Mar 1998
John Edward BOKEL (12 Aug 1875, St. Louis - 03 Sep 1958, St. Louis) was son of John Adam Bokel and Caroline GRIMM. When John Edward visited me, I did not ask his background; now I have only the foregoing clue.

Robert M. Doerr 16 Mar 1998
Did Gabriel FERARA (15 Jun 1834, Austria - 29 Oct 1897, St. Louis) have any siblings? In St. Louis, he married Mary WANGLER, born in Pittsburgh in the 1830s. Long ago, he was the butcher in the Union Market, where I shopped often enroute home from work.

SOLSHINE 16 Mar 1998
I am descended from Elijah J. PERRY, b. 1833 in Shelby Co., IN. I am tracking him into MO where one of his son's was born...Alma Hazard PERRY, b. 1876 in St. Louis. I am not sure of the mother's name. It seems Elijah may have had several wives. According to notes written in my grandfather's family Bible, Alma went on to marry a woman by the name of "Lulu" and traveled a lot and worked as a journalist. Supposedly Alma died in his middle age and is buried somewhere on the west coast in California. I am happy to share all info.

RONBARBENG 16 Mar 1998
Searching for any information on Oscar, Oliver, Georgene or Clara RUHLAND from the St. Louis area . Oscar b. 1881 Oliver b. 1892 others unknown. Oscar married Louisa (Lu Lu) KRAPF about 1903.

Robert M. Doerr 16 Mar 1998
Wilhelmina EGGERS (of Bockenem, Hannover) had these siblings:
Johanne Friedericke Christine 1827
Johanne Marie Luise
Carl Heinrich Wilhelm
Dorothy Caroline
Heinrich Carl
Wilhelmine Antoinette Amalie 1842.
I doubt that she emigrated alone.

Wilhelmina EGGERS (of Bockenem, Hannover) married Herman ZAKRZEWSKI (of Berlin) in St. Louis in 1858. Herman died in 1908. 'Mina' signed documents in his probate file as recently as 1910, then disappeared. I looked for kids or grandkids on the chance that she moved in with them, found none. I checked the Post-Dispatch funeral notices 1910-1917. I checked the records of Holy Ghost Ev. Church, where I find only his death records. I checked Gatewood
(UGH!) Cemetery records, found him, not her. I checked for a death certificate. I think she was too old (b. 1833) to re-marry, but checked anyway. I think she was too old to emigrate back to Hannover. This is related: Herman's estate was valued at $3000 gross, less a $2000 mortgage ontheir house. The lawyer for the estate was Theodore C. Eggers, who had been Circuit Attorney (1896). Does a major lawyer take on a piddling estate? Maybe, if it is for family. Theodore (11 Jan 1872, St. Louis - 24 Jun 1953, St. Louis) was a son ofHenry C. Eggers (d. 1891, St. Louis) of Hannover and Doretta ULRICH (d. Apr 1902) of Germany. (Henry had come to St. Louis in 1849, served in the 7th MO Cav.) Theodore 'graduated from Washington U. Law School 1891' (but Wash. U. knows nothing of him!). In 1904, he married Adelaide Koenig; they had two daughters, later Lisette SCHAMBURG and Adelaide KRUEGER. Why would so prominent an attorney take on a piddling probate unless he was family? Please, what happened to my great-grandma?

| REWARD - DM 250! |
| Where, in the Kingdom of Hannover, was Wilhelmina HEUMANN,|
| my great-grandma, born, on 23 Mar 1846? |
| W i l h e l m i n a is probably her third given name. |
| Her parents were Heinrich Heumann and Henriette AHREN(S). |
| The family was of the ev.-Luth. denomination; |
| where was she baptized? |
| Her sister, Sophia Christine H e n r i e t t e Heumann, |
| whose full name I know, was born 18 Oct 1835. |
| R. Doerr 39 McFarland Rolla MO 65401 USA |


Florence Giles 16 Mar 1998
I am searching for information on Mary Tennessee ANDERSON who was born in St. Louis on March 8, 1861. Her father was Vancil Anderson. She married Daniel Jones Kezer and moved to Council Grove, KS. Thank you,

Tim Meyers 16 Mar 1998
I am searching for parents/siblings of Christian MEYERS MEYER/MAYER b Copenhagen,Denmark in 1834. Arrived in the St.Louis area in 1842 and worked riverboats until '49-50. He then went west to Calif. I have no mention of parents/siblings for him. Can you help?


Debra Blackard 16 Mar 1998
Need information regarding location of Booth Memorial Hospital. Address? St. Louis City? or County? Telephone Number?

Debbie Crites 16 Mar 1998
Seeking information on my Grandmother Mary SEIDLER(Siedler) b. Sept 1888. Married Herbert J SCHATTE in 1911. Worked for the American Tobacco Company, Premium Division in St. Louis, sometime prior to 1911. Any information would be appreciated.

Elizabeth Stager 16 Mar 1998
I am doing research for a possible Soule book. I need information and an obituary for Harold Coe d. January 1965 at St. Louis, Missouri. Also need information on his parents, Dr. Charles M. Coe of Kansas City, Missouri and his wife, Bertha. Dr. Coe's mother was Abigail C. Soule b. 6 Nov. 1833 Sandusky Co. Ohio d/o Charles W. Soule and his wife Anna Weed.

Edward F. Hayes 14 Mar 1998
Mr. and/or Mrs. PETER VAN LEUNEN. I believe my grandfather, Peter, died in St. Louis about 1929 and my grandmother 1941. (she was a LOT younger than he was!) I would appreciate any data available on the acturl dates, and the burial sites as well. I THINK they're both buried back in Covington Kentucky, which is where they came from. I BELIEVE my grandmother (who was Mary Noonan) died while at Mullanphy Home, but I haven't been able to get any line on the existence of such a place! Should have been around 1945. Whatever you can do would, of course, be DEEPLY appreciated! Thanx a million!

Lisa Buese 14 Mar 1998
I am interested in locating descendants of David T. and Laura (KERSHAW) BRECK, who are listed in St. Louis on the federal census for 1900 and 1910. Their children were Martine, Provost, Edward, John, and Margaret. We have family information to share.

Dick Herbel 14 Mar 1998
Please assist with our search. Thank You very much Richard C. Herbel -- Father is Everett C. Herbel (deceaased) Thanks

Gesslr 14 Mar 1998
I am researching the family of John BOBB,b 1769 PA, and his wife Ann Maria SPRENKLE/SPINENKLE BOBB and their children. The BOBB family lived in PA and KY before moving to St. Louis sometimes after 1810. The children were Maria who married Robert MASTERSON, Julia who m Issac LETCHER, John who married 1st cousing Charlotte BOBB, Peter and Jacob who are believed never to have married, Theodore who m Margaret ASHLEY, Charles who m a HAMILTON, GIFFORD and FRAZIER and Caroline who m Alex LYLE.

Robert T Campbell 14 Mar 1998
Looking for any Info on parents of Charles Thomas WILLIAMS b 28 Jul 1862 St Louis. Mother was Ann ERDLEY, Fathers first name is unknown, Charles m Margaret Elizabeth WIDDOWFIELD 17 Oct 1885 in Madison Co Illinois. Have 9 children and much info from this marriage that can be shared. Thank You

John and Linda Olsen 14 Mar 1998
We are interested in knowing more about the life of John Frederick August Krause, Born 2 Aug 1817 in Schlawe, Pommern, Prussia, and died 10, Oct 1901 in St. Louis, St. Louis, Co., M0. He is a relative who pioneered the plumbing business in St. Louis with his step-son, Frederick Abel. They are reputed in family history to have been wealthy while doing business in St. Louis. We would like to know more about his life in St. Louis. His daughter came west with the Mormon Pioneers from Denmark, and through misunderstandings, did not make it back to her family in St. Louis. The daughter was Wilhelmina Krause Madsen. He finally found her in Utah when he was 70 years old. We would like to know where John F. A. Krause is buried and more on his later life, along with the history of his business in St. Louis. His wife, Anna Lucia Simonsen, died in St. Louis also and we don't know where she is buried. If you know where we could get some information on him, please let us know. Thank you.

Thomas Meyer Jr 13 Mar 1998
My family has a reasonably long history in the St. Louis area, my cousin Laura has a very complete history all the way back to Germany that I'm trying to get a copy. The family cemetary has graves with death dates of 1820's and 30's. Would like to first found www searchable files then if there are any esoteric texts and books that we could look up. We have a family reunion every June in St.Louis. Thank You.

Malcolm & Jennifer Sissons 13 Mar 1998
Looking for information on Hector McRae and wife Eleanor (Skead) and children James Donald "Jack", Eleanor, Ruth or Rose and others. They emigrated from Ottawa, Canada about 1901 and were known to be living in St. Louis about 1906. Can anybody add to my knowledge? Thanks

Barb and Dan Dopp 13 Mar 1998
I know that my gggrandfather came to US from Germany 1855. First residence is St. Louis and the in 1877 moved to ILL. I want to know how I can find them in St. Louis area. There were German and served in Home Guards. I want to find record of the entire family that came, only have 2 children and 4 left Germany with them. Johann August HUHN b. 1822 wife Johanne Volker HUHN and his father Christoph HUHN came with children John and Wilhelmina. There were 2 older children, but I cannot find them. Are there records of the large German community in St. Louis. I am interested in also reading about it.

Sheri Gallagher 13 Mar 1998
Looking for information on a George and Fannie Nixon. they had two children in St. Louis A Geroge William Nixon and a Francis Emaline Nixon. I am also looking for a John Gallagher who lived in St. Louis abt 1850. Please email me if you have any information on either of the two families.

Linda Nosler 13 Mar 1998
I am searching for the family of Alice(NOSLER)HUBER b. Aug. 15th, 1892, and John Huber. Last known address was in St. Louis. Alice died in March of 1976. They had at least one son named Carl HUBER. If anyone has any information concerning this family, I would appreciate hearing from you.Thank-you

Theresa & Kevin Hill 13 Mar 1998
JAMES, Lewis or Louis M. born in 1885 in St. Louis, Mo. Moved to WalnutRidge Arkansas and married Clara BROCK and had two children. Lewis JAMES and his family later moved back to St. Louis in and around the year of 1910. The family moved into his mother's apartment complex, all I know is that they called her Big mama. Then Lewis JAMES disappeared. If you might know of any information regarding the JAMES, Big mama or Lewis or of his father, please contact me. Lewis JAMES is my great grandfather.Thankyou,

brenda bradley 13 Mar 1998
Christian Brandt ,1850 census 1st edition screen 82 of 903 , B653 Brandt, Christian-294 ,cd 47 in ST. Louis county , mo. can you find this family , and how many lived there?

Jack Story 13 Mar 1998
STORY: I am seeking information on William Washington STORY who was born May 20, 1885 in Greene Co IN and died Dec, 1972 in St Louis, MO. He had a son named Russell STORY (b 1911) and a daughter named Mary Halogen STORY (b 1915). Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

KALTEICH 13 Mar 1998
Looking for information regarding ANNA MUELLER who was married to a man by the name of OTTO KALTEICH. They were married May 1, 1869. I have now other infor at this time. Any leads would be most helpful.

William Geusz Jr 13 Mar 1998
I am looking for information on Amalia WYLIE (nee GEUSZ) or her descendents. She resided at 3303 Salena St. in St. Louis from 1900 - 1910 who had a brother named William GEUSZ and who's mother's madien name was Anna GEUSZ (nee HEYDE) and is presumed to have been born in Germany. Thank you for your help.

George Lee 13 Mar 1998
I desire contact with any relative of George J. TYRRELL who lived in St. Louis for at least 20 years until his death there in 1905. He had two sons, Frederick Orwin of Ft. Worth, Texas, and Warren Ayres, supposedly of East Orange, New Jersey.

I desire contact with any relative of Mollie SHOWERS who lived in St. Louis in 1931 on East Promenade Street. She was a daughter of Thomas SHOOTMAN of Audrain Co., Missouri.

Nora Probasco 13 Mar 1998
I am interested in PROBASCO surname info, family trees and research. I am starting a central PROBASCO database to direct researchers to others who are researching their line. The PROBASCO's have been in St. Louis County since the 1880's.

Acandpbs 13 Mar 1998
Surname: SCHLEIFSTEIN, JOHN AND CHRISTINA MARRIED NOVEMBER 11, 1882. LIC #5320. I am looking for Christina's maiden name aswell as their origin country (usa or Prussia) so I can continue my search. They had 3 children William, Alfred and Erwin. Would like any information of William and Erwin. Husband is descendant of Alfred, grandfather. Thank you. Look forward to information

Walter Nieber 13 Mar 1998
I am researching the family of Fred MAUL who married Caroline KLODT and lived in St Louis in 1900s. Fred was a City Fireman. He was born in Millstadt, IL, which is just across the river from St Louis. Caroline was born in Fenton, MO sep 24, 1883 & died Mar 15, 1937 and is buried in Sunset Burial Park, St Louis. I have not been able to find KLODT in the 1880 census index so they may have lived elsewhere before then. Caroline's father was Joseph KLODT, b.1849 and her mother was Caroline HERZOG, b. 1859. Fred had several brothers supposedly so I am hoping that someone may have a connection to the MAUL family.

donbenz@csj.net 13 Mar 1998
I am seeking information on the deaths and burial location of Frederick WALLHAUSER and his wife, Elisabeth, nee MARCI. They moved to St Louis according to the Directory in 1894 or 1895, Fred died between 1898 and 1900. Interested in any descendants, sons born in Illinois were Fred Jr, William and George. Numerous daughters including my Gr Grandmother, Katherine WALLHAUSER, m. Henry BENZ in Mascoutah. Other daughters married BAUMGARTNER, VOCHEL, WINKLER and unknown others. Appreciate any information.

Darlene MADELEY LEE 5 Mar 1998
I am researching the Francis Palmer GRANT & William D. GRANT families. Francis Palmer settled in St. Louis in the 1840's. He & his family had come here from Birmingham, England. Francis was a tailor by trade & operated a tailor shop on 2nd St. In 1849, Francis tried his luck in the gold fields of CA. Finding no gold he returned to St. Louis.On the 1850 Census, his occupation is listed as "California Trader". Around 1852 he & his family left to live in Leavenworth, KS. There he died in 1885. William D. GRANT was Francis' son. He, too had been born in England ca1835. William remained in St. Louis after his father moved to KS. He operated a meat packing co. He married Margaret RIORDAN & together they had 7 children. Several of Francis' children had died in St. Louis as had his sister, Lucy GRANT ARCHER, & two of her children. The children died from whooping cough, all dying in October 1848. It is unknown if any of the graves were marked. I would appreciate any info on these families & will gladly share what I have.

The Johnston Family 5 Mar 1998
I am trying to find the date of birth of Joseph Franklin Raben. He died September 26, 1959 and is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery. His year of birth is 1905. Need month and day?

Helen 5 Mar 1998
I'm looking for any infomation you may have on the Blumfelder and the Rosner families . I am a decendent of Edna Blumfelder Rosner. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Ed Neu 5 Mar 1998
Seeking information on John (Johann) HAHN. Born about 1860. According to family accounts, he was raised in orphanage. Started working in quarries in St. Louis when 13 years old. Later owned a livery stable in St. Louis at Jefferson and Arsenal Streets. Reportedly opened the first funeral home in St. Louis as part of his livery business. Appreciate any help.

JJWegmann 5 Mar 1998
Looking for family of Emerson Lynn PRATT, son of Robert B. PRATT and Harriet Artaminta Nixon Pratt. Emerson was known to be living in St. Louis in 1932 as listed in his father's obituary. Also looking for his sister, Blanche D. Pratt MASSARAND. Blanche MASSARAND was also listed as living in St. Louis in 1932. I believe she may have been living in Webster Groves at the time. She has previously been married to a BOTTORFFof Salem, Missouri. Blanche had 2 children, Robert Bottorrff, and Paula. I do not know if Paula was a Bottorff or a Massarand. Any information would be appreciated.

Joe Ruffner 5 Mar 1998
I am searching for information on my g-grandparents, LEWIS RUFFNER (b-June 13, 1837 - d-June 19, 1910) and VIRGINIA LOUISA WEST (b-March 1, 1840 - d-1908). They were married in St. Louis on May 13, 1858. She was daughter of THOMAS HOPKINS WEST and MARTHA ?. He was son of LEWIS RUFFNER and ELIZABETH ANN DICKINSON SHREWSBURY. I would appreciate hearing from anyone having information on any/all of these families. Thanks.

Karen Andres 5 Mar 1998
Please tell me you have heard these names in your ancestry. I am looking for German Catholic Ancestors with the following names: Antony Baker born in Germany died in St Louis and his wife Elizabeth Borgers/Borchers Baker. They had several children but only one is known to me his name is August J. Baker born 06 Sept 1855 and died on 20 June 1919 in Ky and Buried in St Joseph Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio. August was a cook on the Greenline, a boat that traveled the Ohio River. Family stories have it that many of his siblings chose a life with the church becoming either priests of nuns. When August came to Greater Cincinnati to live he married a widow by the name of Agnes Weimer. Together they had my grandmother Augusta Carolina Baker, August was 41 at the time of her birth, which leads me to believe he may have been married in St Louis prior to the marriage of Agnes. If anyone has any info on this family please let me know. I have not had luck with census info as of yet, or if anyone could help me locate areas of town which were predominately German Catholic in the 1850's it just may give me an avenue to pursue. Can't seem to get this line back any further. Help! I'm drowning. Thank you.

AunteeChel 5 Mar 1998
I am looking for family of Mary Lynn HEGARTY. It is my understanding that she passed away in 1982. I have newspaper engagement announcement and snapshot of her that was my mother-in-law's and thought her family would appreciate. If you have any contact info, please click on my name above to email. Thank you. Michelle Blankenship Worthington

Mary 1 Mar 1998
Still searching for information on the following: BROWN/MC GINNIS
Brown, Clarence Raper b: July 02, 1879 d: January 02, 1949 in ? +McGinnis, Addie (Dicks)b: March 26, 1880 d: December 02, 1944
Brothers of Clarence: Monroe, Truman, Louis/Lewis, and Lowrey/Laurey
Casby, William Allen, Sr. b: January 01, 1923 d: August 26, 1960 +Overy, Mary Lillian b: June 07, 1922 d: April 29, 1991
They all lived in and around the St. Louis area. Thanks

BDean 1 Mar 1998
Seeking info on Ephraim BAILEY who resided with wife Milley DELANEY in St. Louis Co. MO in 1830. Children: Wilson, Elza, Mary, and John, and perhaps two others. Wilson, Elza, and Mary (WILKINSON) moved to Calhoun Co. IL. by1840.

Gil Wetmore 1 Mar 1998
I am attempting to locate info on Z COX. the 1840 Mo census lists a Z. Cox in St Louis County, Central Twp p231. I would like to know if the state of birth is Va. My GGGF would have been about 32 years old and his wife would have been about 25. They would have have one son about 3 years old. Any info on them that could held identify full name of Z. COX would be appreciated. Thanks

Wendy Waltman Paddison 1 Mar 1998
Looking for ANY information on the WALTMAN, DEMOSS, WHEELER, HINDEN, WALLING, NOLAN, EWING families of St. Louis. Also any information on General Marmaduke's Missouri Escourt.

RHopper 1 MAR 1998
I am searching for any information on David F. CONDON and Johanna GORMAN. They were married in St. Louis City, approx. 1845. They moved to New Orleans, La. sometime in the late 1850's. Johanna Gorman is known to have had a sister, Nora, still living in St. Louis at the time of her death. Any information on the surname of CONDON or GORMAN would be appreciated.

Deborah Plegge 1 Mar 1998
We are looking for info on the following PLEGGE's listed in the 1864-1865 City Directory: PLEGGE EBERHARD, carpenter, r, 269 Morgan PLEGGE JACOB, cooper, Buchanan, se, c. 9th PLEGGE RUDOLPH, collarmaker, r. 49 Chambers. Does anyone know where the noted address would be and which ward they are in? Also would anyone know if they were married? We are trying to complete our Family Tree and these 3 PLEGGE's are a missing link, are the brothers and what is the parents name?

Tom Mangos 1 Mar 1998
Hello. My name is Tom Mangos. I am German, born in Buehl/Baden in Germany. Presently, I live in Philadelphia, doing scientific research at the USDA. I am also a hobby genealogist. I am researching the name JOST - but the other way around. I am searching for the ones who emigrated to the USA. Two Josts (Lorenz and Donat) emigrated to St.Louis/Mo. in 1849. I have figured out two descending families of Lorenz Jost, but did not have the luck to find others. Lorenz was married to Elisabeth Erb and had 7 children, all of them were married. Donat (or John D.) was married too, but that's all I know about him and his family.

Dee 1 Mar 1998
City of St. Louis querie: WILLIAM FRANCES BUTLER was from St. Louis. His wife's maiden name was Dorothy Evans O'Neil. He had 3 children by the names of Roy Frances Butler, Dozier Butler, and Elma Dorothy Butler, born 6/11/1899. I would like his birth date, parents, date of death etc. Actually anything you find.

Pam Dunn
I found an old letter in my aunts attic. It is from my gr gr grandmothers cousin who lived in St. Louis in 1869. She is sending it to Annie Bentz who lived in Steubenville, Ohio.Here is a copy of the letter .

Miss Annie Bentz
Steubenville Ohio

June 10, 1869

Dear Cousin,
It is over three months since I received your kind and welcome letter. I was sorry I neglected writing soon after receiving it but now other duties claim my attention so I have neglected my correspondance. However I will try to make amends for it. I have been Mrs. Wm H. Smith for 8 months. Was married last Oct 15th 1868. I married a widower with 3 children. 2 girls & a boy. Gussie is in her 13 year. Georgie her 10 year and Martin is 8 hears old. As you see they are able to look after themselves. I have an excellent husband, sober, honest and industrious. What more could a woman want. He is very domestic. Whenever his work is over he is at home with his family and has no desire to run out at night. I always accompany him when he does go out. His trade is a good one (stonemason) sometimes he takes very large contracts for the county and he is doing well. He has property in Minnesota his former home. Has a nice farm with a good house on it and well improved and whenever I am ready to go to St Paul to live that is my home. He promised me before we married he never would take me out of St. Lous while my mother lived and I never will go. 36 years is his age. Mine 30. I think that a good difference. He is German. Full blooded. Was 15 years old when he left his home. I guess I won't talk much German though. Will has been all through the Indian Wars and the War with our own country and is well posted. Has travelled a great deal so is at no loss to entertain his family in the evening. I will not say more now in regards to my husband but hope at some future day you may see into our little happy home. My mothers health is better than it has been for years. Although she is far from being well. My leaving home has been a blessing to her as regards her health for now she has no time to brood over her sickness. She misses me very much but I try to visit her twice a week. I am four miles from her but can go right to her down in the street cars. Papas health is failing. He has to work to hard. And has as much as he can do. My sisters boys are still with Ma. It seems their Pa is not going to take them home. I don't know what he means for it is a great care to my mother to look after them. Their sister Minnie has a boy. He must be 3 months old now. You thank me for my photograph. You are welcome and sometime I shall send another and also one of my husband. I would like so much to have one of your father and mother. It would please Papa too, to have one. He often speaks of your family.When did you hear from the Wingherts or Sailors? I wrote to both families some months ago enclosing my photograph but never received any reply. I hope you may soon pick up as good and loving a husbund as I have cousin Annie and come to St. Louis on your wedding tour. Until we get a peep at you and your choice, St Louis is a gay city. At present nothing is in vogue but strawberry festivals and promenade concerts & picnics. And where I live is a lively place for picnics on Sunday. The Germans coming out Sunday to the grove opposite my house and have music and dancing all day. Which I don't approve of by any means. Hoping to soon hear from you. I will close this poorly written letter by sending much love to all the family, self included.
>From your affect-
Cousin Mrs. M. A. Smith

Lenn Zonder 26 Feb 1998
I'm looking for information on Jean Gibson or Jean Gibson Zonder. It is believed she was from St. Louis, but it is not know if from the city or the county. She was the second wife of Samuel Zonder until his death in 1946, in New York City. She was last seen shortly after the funeral and said she was returning to St. Louis. Her date of death is not known, but would be after June 1946. I appreciate your help.

John Allen 26 Feb 1998
Seeking information about the GLICKERT Family in the St. Louis area. Oldest male known to be in the area was Francis of Frank Thomas GLICKERT born in the 1860's. Just beginning research on this name. Anyone with history as to this name also sincerely appreciated. Was told the GLICKERTs originated in Alsace-Lorraine, evidently not, coming straight over from Germany. Assistance or advice in these areas appreciated.

J McKay 26 Feb 1998
I am looking for information on a birth of a baby born to James Milton McKay and Etta Mae (Cobb) McKay. James McKay birth date is January 18, 1940 and Etta's is October 8,1930. The baby was born alive but is now dead. It probably would have been around the years of 1961-1964. They do have a son by the name of James Richard McKay whose birth date is May 12,1964. This other baby appears on the birth certificate as being born alive but is now dead. We are the son and daughterinlaw of the McKay's. We are trying to locate also if you do have the info on the baby if it may have been buried some where also. Thank you for your help!

I am looking for information on the children of BRIDGET & GEORGE FITZGERALD: MARGARET(born 1858), JAS.(JAMES?) (born 1860), MICHAEL(born 1865), KATE(born 1868), and DAN(born 1870). All were supposedly born in St. Louis, MO. Their1st child, MARY, was born in Ireland in 1852. Anything you have will hopefully, give me a lead to GEORGE & BRIDGET FITZGERALD, my Great-grandparents.

I am looking for information on MARGARET (born 1858), JAS.(James?) (born 1860), MICHAEL (born March 1865), KATE (born 1868), and DAN (born 1870). Allwere children of GEORGE & BRIDGET FITZGERALD (both born in Ireland 1830?) and all born in Missouri.

Sandy 26 Feb 1998
I am new to genealogy research and have been unable to locate this family name anywhere. My grandfather was George Joseph Lehen born 1-1-1885 in St Louis Mo. His parents were John and Marguerite Oldmeyer Lehen. He had a brother James who was still in St Louis when grandfather died in 1957. This is all the info I have. Needless to say the records in Michigan for the state of Missouri are non existant. A trip to Ft Wayne last year did not result in even finding the name anywhere let alone as possible links. Can you help or send me in the right direction.

Chinaro450@aol.com 26 Feb 1998
I am looking for relatives on my father's side of the family. My ggrandfather was Armond Vaucher and he married a Chaydane. My grandmother was Julia Vaucher Cummiskey.

hgcjr@swbell.net 26 Feb 1998
I am looking for information about FELIX BARRIO . He declared am application for citizenship before the clerk of the supreme court of State of Missourri at St.Louis 10 July 1864. He renounced his allegence to the Queen of Spain. Age 21. He married in Texas in 1868 and remained there. My question is what were the circumstances in Mo. at that time to cause this action etc.

k j & co. 26 Feb 1998
I am looking for my half sister Camille Sue WELLS. She was born in St. Louis County, Mo, city is unknown. She was born November, 1964, between the 12th-15th. The birth certificate may have only read Sue WELLS. She was adopted soon after her birth. Camille was also born with a club foot. Any information is apprecaited and kept confidential.

Regina,Vicky,Lisa and Theresa
I have searched everywhere looking for my sister TINA MARIE GRAY(MADDEN) she still lives in St Louis and was born on 5-14-64 please e-mail me if you have any information concerning how we can be reunited all of her sisters are inquiring about her and miss her havent seen in 15 years at least me. thank you for all of your help .


Diane Tindall 26 Feb 1998
I am looking for info on Percy Lyle Tindall Senior born to Arthur Alvin Tindall and Elvira Electra Claymandi Baldwin. Born in early 1900's. I believe Arthur came over from Ireland. He was a commercial fisherman on the Mississippi River.My grandfather Percy was a riverboat captain on the Mississippi and also ran moonshine down the river and did go to jail for a while. I am trying to find out if there were other children and where Arthur and Elvira were from. Thank you.

GENELNK@aol.com 26 Feb 1998
Looking for information on the surnames WALLING and KRAFFT in St. Louis City. Would like to find others who are also researching either of these names.

Commerce Historical Society
P.O.Box 93
Commerce, MO 63742-0093 25 Feb 1998
We are looking for inforamtion on Lillian Carson, Winnie Carson, daughter, and Ralph Carson, son. Lillian CARSON was living in St. Louis in 1925 and was living with her son or daughter. Lillian would have been about 60 years old at that time. We are also looking for information on HIGH's living in the St. Louis area from 1860 to 1960 time.

Mike Frichette 26 Feb 1998
Looking for information on John E. FRICHETTE, born Nov 8 1894, St. Louis, Missouri. Served in WW1. Was a shoe maker. He died in Sep 15 1962 in the Soldiers home in St. James and was buried in the National Cemetery at Jeffereson Barracks, Missouri. Looking for his parents names and any other information about this person. Please contact me if you have any information or suggestions on how to find this information. Thanks in advance

Genevieve Scott Bell 26 Feb 1998
I am looking for descendants of Harry ROOKS who I believe was a lawyer in St. Louis in early 1900s.. His mother, Adelia SCOTT Rooks was born in TN about 1864. His uncle, Charles C. SCOTT was a jeweler in Kansas City, MO. who died there in 1937 age 72. Looking for information on Adelia and her parents Calvin B. Scott and Ann Jane Burns) and earlier ancestors (Burns, Scott, Halton, Norman). I am the granddaughter of Charles C. Scott. I have found George R. Scott, the father of Calvin B. Scott. Both were born in Tennessee. However, I am having trouble finding the name of any earlier ancestor.

Judith Cassem 26 Feb 1998
I am looking for HADER'S who lived in St. Louis in the late 1870's. My ggrandfather George HADER (b. 1848) came from Bavaria to St. Louis then to Gardner, IL. He had relatives & other connections in St. Louis. He was a baker by trade & still traveled there until his death in 1929. He was married to Ellen Meyer & then her sister Julia (Kunigunde) Meyer from Franklin Co MO.

Edward Bouley 26 Feb 1998
Looking for information about Winona and Clifford TULLGREN. In 1920 lived at 1537 Olive St.,St. Louis. Winona, age 21, married to Wiley TULLGREN, son Clifford aged 7 months, born in Iowa. Thanks.

Mac 26 Feb 1998
I am searching for the family of Catherine Fetchy Burneston, Catherine died in St. Louis 3 August, 1885. Catherine was born in DC in 1819, married William Jackson Burneston in PA in 1838. They moved to Iowa between 1850 and 1858, William died there in 1858 according to his military records. They had 3 children, all born in Maryland, George, Julia and Rachel. Catherine married John Booth in 1858 in Iowa, they had a daughter, Mary. I cannot find them on the 1870 census. She is once again Catherine Burneston on the 1884 St. Louis City Directory. I have only been able to track one child, Julia Burneston. She married Stephen Dodge in Illinois, they had three kids there, William b 1864, Charle