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James Douglass was an early settler of Dade County Missouri.  His  first  wife,  MARTHA WHITE,  was murdered Rock Prairie Twp, Dade Co, MO,  in March of 1848 by her negro slave Peter Douglas and also two or three of his own children near Everton. 


The following was a deposition for Nancy's pension of James Douglass' War of 1812 service:


SARAH C. ECCLESTON aged 49 years (and on the 21 Jul 1887)-
(Note: Sarah was born in 1838-she was ten years old when MARTHA WHITE was murdered!)-Mildred Dotterer: her story in an affidavit 21 Jul 1887:
" I resided in Dade County Missouri in 1848 and was well all and personally acquainted with the above named JAMES DOUGLASS and his first wife MARTHA DOUGLASS.  I know that the said MARTHA DOUGLASS was killed by a negro in the Spring of 1848....the said MARTHA DOUGLASS was the wife of the said JAMES DOUGLASS who at the time of the killing of his said wife was living with her in Dade County State of Missouri.  The said JAMES DOUGLASS at said time owned a negro slave by the name of PETER  and the said negro slave killed MARTHA DOUGLASS by striking her over the head with a gun.  What caused the killing was the fact that he said PETER  did not want to be a slave and did not want his children to be slaves and so he killed his three children and then attempted to kill himself when the said JAMES DOUGLASS interfered and was hit by the said PETER then he, said JAMES DOUGLASS, went and got a gun which the said PETER took from him and beat him with the gun over the head until he fell.  The said PETER then turned and beat the said MARTHA DOUGLASS with the gun which beating caused her death.  And I went to the burial with my father and the rest of the family."


"NANCY C DOUGLASS formerly MRS. NANCY C. HENSLEY was married to JAMES DOUGLASS at my father's home in Dade County MO on 16th day of JUly 1848 and I was present when the marriage ceremony was performed an I was well acquainted with both of the said parties."

 Peter Douglass was hung in Dade County.  James Douglas married July 16, 1848 a young widow, Mrs. Nancy Caroline Hensley. They  moved before 1850 to Greene Co, MO and in 1851 emancipated seven of his eleven slaves (Deed records):

Springfield County, MO records (source: The Springfield-Greene County Library)
James Douglas freed the following persons giving Deed of Manumissions to all of them, on the 15 day of August, 1853 (note that their surname will all  be Douglas as Pete Douglas was the name given for his slave who killed the wife of James Douglas (Martha) in 1848 Dade Co, MO and was hung in Greenfield, Dade Co, MO in the 1850's:
Albert, a person of colour
Hagar, a person of colour
Henry, a person of colour
Franklin, a person of colour
Mary, a person of colour
Sarah, a person of colour
Mahala, a person of colour


Land Records Springfield Office Sales Book 1833-1892
Douglas---James T30 R24 Sec 35 40 acres 12 Jun 1851
Douglas James T30 Range 24 Sec 35  80 acres 11 Dec 1851
The land is in the same section located almost exactly in the middle of the direct-line distance of Ash Grove and Bois Des Arc
Springfield County, MO records (source: The Springfield-Greene County Library)

Mrs. Nancy Caroline Hensley was the widow of James S. Hensley. She may have been nee Nancy Glas/Barron, wife of Thomas Douglass and James Murray with some or all being alias'.  Her children used the surnames of Murray and Hensley. I have a copy of the original marriage certificate signed by William Dunn, JP that is in the hands now of Bert Dunn, a descendant.


Nancy had the children below from her marriage James S. Hensley abt 1836 (he was in what was then Barry Co, MO 1840):

1850 Greene County, Missouri, Cass Twp
#352DOUGLASS JAMES  73 Tenn ( 0 value on property given)
 NANCY C. 30 Tenn
 HENSLEY JOHN K. 12 Missouri
     JAMES F. 10 Missouri
     ORLENA C. S. 8 Missouri
     ALEXANDER D. 6 Missouri
     VIRGINIA 3 Missouri


Descendants of Nancy Caroline Barron
Generation No. 1
1. Nancy Caroline1 Barron was born 1820 in Tennessee, and died Abt. January 1900 in Seneca, Newton Co., Missouri. She married (1) James S. Hensley Abt. 1836. He died August 01, 1847 in Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri. She married (2) Dr. James Douglass July 16, 1848 in Dade County, Missouri. He was born Bet. 1774 - 1779 in Tennessee, and died February 12, 1859 in Mt. Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri.
Children of Nancy Barron and James Hensley are:


2. i. JOHN K2 HENSLEY, b. November 02, 1839, Missouri.


3. ii. JAMES F. HENSLEY, b. 1838, Polk Co, MO.


iii. ORLENA C. S. HENSLEY, b. 1844, Missouri.


iv. VIRGINIA E. HENSLEY, b. 1847, Missouri.


4. v. ALEXANDER D. HENSLEY, b. March 19, 1846, MO; d. March 12, 1904, Dublin, Erath Co, TX.


Nancy applied for James Douglas' 1812 war pension (60 pages) she says  he was a Dr. from E. Tenn.


James Douglass enlisted for the  War of 1812 at Fayetteville, Tenn (present Lincoln County, TN, about 40 miles due east of Chattanooga and just above the Alabama state line. on  Sep 1814.  James was discharged in Dixon County(Dickson County just west of Nashville across the river at Nashville).


James Douglass died at one of his farm's near Mt. Vernon, MO  Feb. 12, 1859. He also owned land previously in Greene Co, MO that he paid cash for and had Bounty land for his war service.


(I have copies of the entire file):

Probate Court Records, Lawrence Co, MO

Estate of JAMES DOUGLASS, NANCY C.(Caroline) DOUGLASS No. 193-Letters of Administration Filed Feb. 18, 1859
Final Settlement Filed and Approved May 29, 1866
William A. McCanse, Admin.
Nancy C. DOUGLAFS (DOUGLASS), Executor


State of Mipouri County of Lawrence
In the matter of JAMES Duglaf's (DOUGLASS')Estate.


(Two hand-written pages in a woman's hand listing the heirs of James Douglass were also in the file):

Nancy C. DOUGLAF and William A. McCanse Say that to the best of their knowledge and belief the names of the heirs of the said James Douglafs  deceased, and their places of residence are respective by as follows: Jonathan L. Douglafs  who is a son of a brother to said dec'd who reside in the county of Lawrence & state of Mifsouri.  Emily HOLLOWAY, Martha LOWE, & Rutela DOLIN, who are the daughters of a brother to the said dec'd, Amanda Jane MORRISON, Jonathan MORRISON,  minor children of Almeda MORRISON daughter of a Brother to the said deceased who reside in Lawrence County Mifouri.  RUFUS R.  Douglafs, who is the son of a brother to the said deaceased, who reside in greene County Mifouri, JAMES KELSEY MURRAY, THOS Douglafs , Alexander D., Almeda, Sarah Jane  & Darthula, Heirs of Jane MURRAY who was the daughter of a Brother to the said deceased, who reside in Greene county Mifouri. Joseph WHITE, Nancy WHITE now wife of Isaac MURRY, Mary WHITE, Elizabeth WHITE, Isabella WHITE, & Martha WHITE heirs of Elizabeth WHITE who was the daughter of a Brother to the said deceased, who reside in Greene County Mifouri, James Douglafs a Brothers Son to the said deceased who resides in Little rock in the State of arkansas.  Ibby DONALD, half sister to the said deceased, who resides in the state of Texas, and Mary DOUGLAFS  & two brothers names not known, who are the heirs of a brother to the said deceased, and who reside in the state of Tennefsee. Thosf? & Jane Has kin who reside in Ozark County, State of Tenf___.  Joseph B. Glafs (GLASS) who resides in Hempstead County State of Ark.  John c. Glafs who resides in Bowie County State of Texas, Matthew Glafs who resides in the State of Tennefsee 30 miles from Memphis.
Wiles Glaps who reside in scott County ark, the above are children of a sister to said deceased
The following are the children of Polley Ann McADOO a Sisters daughter.  James McADOO, Elizabeth McADOO & Gideon B. McADOO who reside in Hempstead Co, Ark.
Mary Douglafs a half sister to James Douglafs deceased who resides in the state of Texas and is married to a man whose name is unknown to said admr.   That.... (the narrative ends)


(Jonathan Douglas was a brother of the deceased James Douglass, mentioned in the estate settlement.)

(Notes of Jonathan Douglas d Jun 1841 Greene Co, MO from Monroe Co, TN, estate records in Greene Co, MO:
Recieved of JAMES MURAY four hundred Seventy Two Dollars and thirty six cts it being in full of all demands on a power of Attorney bearing date December 12th 1845 given by JOHN RAMSEY and CHARLES OWEN Guardians of the Minor Heirs of the estate of JOHNATHAN DOUGLASS deceased April the 16th 1853 (signed) CHARLES MC CLURE


Received of JAMES MURRY administrator of the estate of JONATHAN DUGLASS deceased three hundred and thirty five dollars by power of attorney executed to me the 195h of Sept. 1853 by ELIKA A. TAYLOR GUARDIAN OF THE MINOR HEIRS of the said JONATHAN DUGLASS deseased this the 14th day of February 1854 (signed JAMES SMALL) Filed Nov 9, 1842 JDavis clk


James Douglas was given $15.00.


Submitted by Mildred Dotterer  email:


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