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Jesse William Burton

[Jesse W. Burton]

Jesse W. Burton, well known farmer of near Lock Springs, was killed in a runaway Tuesday. Mr. Burton was at the farm of Salathiel Coen together with Chester French and E. M. Dickinson where they had been sawing wood. They had finished their work and loaded the saw rig on a wagon to which was hitched a team of mules and a team of horses. Mr. French was driving. Shortly after they had left the Coen place, the animals became frightened and started to run. All three men jumped, Mr. French and Mr. Dickinson alighting without injury, but Mr. Burton's foot was caught in a wheel and he was dragged for some distance before he fell free from the wagon. He was so severely injured that he was able to speak only a few words before he died. Mr. Burton was a jolly, big hearted man about fifty years of age and highly respected in the community.

He was born December 3, 1871 near Lock Springs. He died March 17, 1925 in the same vicinity. He is buried in the Lock Springs Cemetery.

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