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His death certificate

Earl was born 10 Dec. 1905 in Tennessee and died from a shot gun blast in the face. It was suicide 10 Feb. 1956, at 7am in the morning, in Dent County.

He was the son of Wite King and Lizzie Pryor. His wife's name was Virgie.

His address was Boss Star Route in Dent County, Missouri

He was a General Farmer.

Submitted by Bertha King


BURRIGHT, Sarah Shreeve   Apr. 17, 1838 - Nov. 7, 1878.    Wife of Joseph W. Burright. Born in north London, England, Great Britain. Died at Rolla, Phelps Co MO, USA. Buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Salem, Dent Co MO, beside her daughter Clara Bell and her son Wesley.

BURRIGHT, Clara Bell    Oct. 17, 1860 - Jul. 27, 1866.    Daughter of Joseph W. Burright & Sarah Shreeve. Born in Tama Co IA; died at Salem Dent Co MO. Buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery.

BURRIGHT, Joseph 'Wesley'     Mar. 3, 1858 - May 29, 1875.    Son of Joseph W. Burright & Sarah Shreeve. Born in Tama Co IA; died at Salem Dent Co MO. Buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery.

side note: "Wesley" as he was called was murdered by a young man, Lemuel Rathbone, after a series of misadventures involving the attention of a young lady. "Lem" came up behind him with a knife and cut an artery behind the knee and he bled to death. His brother, Charles, witnessed the incident. Wesley's father, Joseph Warren Burright brought suit against Lem for murder, but Lem was staying with Judge W. P. Williams at the time, and had the judge's influence on his side. Lem was acquitted and left town. A newspaper article of the event said, "...public opinion was that the murder was justifiable."

Submitted by Linda Stewart   

BOWERS, Marguerite June Cambron    Jun. 13, 1923 - Mar. 18, 1988.

Submitted by Sue

BRIM, Eliza Crabtree     Oct. 1, 1901 - Nov. 28, 1948

BROWN, Elizabeth Ann Crabtree     Sep. 28, 1814 - Jan. 7, 1853

CRABTREE, Charley Lee      Nov. 3, 1886 - Jul. 10, 1938

CRABTREE, John Soloman      Feb. 26, 1808 - 6-27-1853 

CRABTREE, Maudie May Clark      Jun. 19, 1900 - Jul. 8, 1966

CRABTREE, Milas George      Died Apr. 21, 1957

CRABTREE, Milas H.     Jan. 2, 1862 - Sep. 19, 1925

CRABTREE, William Nathaniel      Apr. 6, 1842 - Sep. 7, 1924

KEE, Josephine Crabtree Kee     Mar. 4, 1862 - 1940

SMYTH, Ann Crabtree       Died 1862  

SMYTH, Elizabeth N. Crabtree     Apr. 2, 1838 - Sep. 15, 1920

SPENCER, Martha Ellen Crabtree      Mar. 10, 1891 - Jun. 28, 1963

Submitted by Jesse Seamon

STAGNER, Gilbert Adell     Mar. 20, 1917 - Mar. 2, 2001

Submitted by Willis Stagner

SHUMATE, Malinda Jane Shults Carney     Aug. 28, 1832 - Apr. 29, 1915.    Died at Ironton, Iron Co., MO.   Buried at K.P. Cemetery, Ironton, Iron Co., MO.  MO Death Cert.#12484.

HOWELL, Elizabeth Cooper     Dec. 12, 1829 TN - Jan. 9, 1916 Dent Co.    Buried at Mount Herman Cemetery, Dent Co MO.  MO Death Cert.#5972-B.  

HOWELL, George Marion     Oct. 29, 1856 Dent C MO - Dec. 19, 1942 Texas Co MO.    Buried at Bethel Cemetery, Summersville Texas Co MO.  MO Death Cert.#42242.  

CARNEY, John Young    Feb. 24, 1865 Dent Co MO - Jul. 6, 1914 San Antonio, Bexar Co TX.    Buried at Bexar County New Cemetery.  TX Death Cert.#13894  

CALLAHAN, Mary Elizabeth Howell     Nov. 17, 1853 Dent Co MO - Apr. 20, 1939 Dent Co MO.    Buried at Round Pond Cemetery, Dent Co MO. MO Death Cert.#14759  

HOWELL, James     Nov. 8, 1852 Dent Co MO - Oct. 27, 1915 St Louis Co MO.    Buried at Greene Co MO.  MO Death Cert.#32437

WATTS, Malinda Elizabeth Howell     Oct. 7, 1871 Dent Co MO - Jun. 12, 1912.    Buried at Ash Grove Cemetery, Ash Grove, Greene Co MO.  MO Death Cert.#19949.  

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