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Surname Notes Researcher
Samples   Robert Ruth
Schafer   Melody Larkins-Wing
Schmedake/Schmiedeke Researching the family of Andrew Schmiedeke Bob Schmedake
Schrimminger   Jean McKeever Arnold
Schrumm   Harriet Light
Scott   Gale Oliver
Sease   Marty Walter
Seaton   Brenda Beebe Wieland
Sellers   Lorelee Iles Dendauw
Sellers   Frank Sellers
Sellers   Rebecca Bowers McGowan
Sharp   Ira Sharp Dennis
Shelton   Steve & Marie Barrett
Sherrell   Donna A. Sherrell
Sherrill   Harriet Light
Shives   Jean McKeever Arnold
Shoemaker   Gale Shoemaker Loman
Shook   K D Shook
Short   Ken Gross
Short   Gloria Hutson
Shuck   Nancy Harkey
Shults   Elizabeth Carney Waegelin
Shults   Cathy Neil Rakoczy
Shults   Mike Mounce
Shults   Gloria Howell
Shults   Wilma Walker Fosgate
Shults   Steve Shults
Shults   Phyl Vance
Shumate   Connie Shumate Foust  &  Carolyn Shumate 
Siemek   Mike Mounce
Simpson   Geraldine Miller
Sisco   Ginger Sisco
Skaggs   Christine Cash-McColgin
Skiles   Ernie Skiles
Skiles   Dale & Cindy Frie
Skyles   Ernie Skiles
Slaten   Wanda Crabb
Smith   Deborah Smith-Hall
Smith   Kerri Doyle
Smith   Corey Cook
Smith   Melody Larkins-Wing
Smith   Misty
Smith   Jackie Davies
Smith   Jennifer Ete
Smith   Nina Arnett
Smith   Ron Grassi
Smith   Joseph Smith
Snider   Gale Oliver
Spencer   Shirley Daugherty
Springer   Vernetta Nelson
Stagner   Connie Shumate Foust  &  Carolyn Shumate
Stagner   Melody Larkins-Wing
Stagner   Mike Mounce
Stagner   Pam
Stagner   Phyl Vance
Steelman   Donna R. Summers
Stephens   Craig Stephens
Stephenson   Connie Simonson
Stephenson   Arthur Stephenson
Stepp   Carolyn Clark
Stewart   Brenda Brockman
Stewart / Stuart   Dianne Jenkins Spitzer
Stewart / Stuart   Donna A. Sherrell
Stites   Ernie Skiles
Strickland / Stricklin    Marie McNealey
Stricklin   Misty
Stricklin   Mike Mounce
Stricklin / Strictlin   Tamara Lee Lanzone
Stringer   Douglas R. Stringer
Sullivan   Corey Cook
Sullivan   Sharon Ashton
Summers   Donna R. Summers
Summers   Earlene Rogers
Summers   Dianne Jenkins Spitzer
Summey   Mary Kochelek
Summy   Mary Kochelek
Sumpter   Stephanee & Todd Smith
Suss   Marty Walter
Sutterfield   Larry Morrison
Sweeney / Swiney   Raine
Swiney   Erin Swiney Quinlivan
Taff   Kay Hale
Taladay   Diana Tolladay
Tallent / Tallant / Talent   Mary Marcy
Tate   Ira Sharp Dennis
Taylor   Beth Pittman nee Fipps
Teague   Judith O'Flynn
Teverbaugh / Turnbough   Claudia Kelley
Thomason   F.A. McGuffey
Thompson   Marie Crawford
Thompson   Erin Swiney Quinlivan
Thornton   Betty Blodgett Duncan

Hugh Lenox
Tieffuer   Jim Tucker
Timbs   Jean McKeever Arnold
Tobin   Mike Mounce
Trail   Yancy Wilkenfeldt
Tubbs   John Nash
Tucker   M. J. Wakefield
Tucker   Mary Wojciechowski
Tucker   Jim Tucker
Tucker   Glenna Prather
Turnbough   Myrna Bradley
Turnbough   Lorelee Iles Dendauw
Turnbough   Donna A. Sherrell
Turnbough   Gloria Hutson
Tycer   Lonna Jean Conroy
Tyree   Brenda Arms
Tyree   Judy Ermold
Underwood   Glenna Prather
Vail   Sherry Fleischer
Vance   Gael Grisham
Vance   Deborah Brownell (Vance)
VanSandt   Jean McKeever Arnold
Vaughan   Tim's Mail
Vaughn   Carla Hutson Bair
Wade   Shirley Daugherty
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Wallace   Paula (Wallace) Rasmussen
Wallis   Paula (Wallace) Rasmussen
Wallis   Tim's Mail
Wallis   Vernetta Nelson
Wallis   Mike Mounce
Wallis   Carla Hutson Bair
Wallis   Michael L. Wallis
Walters   Carol Guidry
Warden   Jan Coy
Watkins   Jan McChesney
Watkins   Tom Spinali
Watkins   Betty Harris Hopkins
Watson   Betty Blodgett Duncan
Watson   Brenda Fox
Watson   Charles O. Watson
Wauson   Charles R. Watson
Weaver   Wanda Crabb
Webb   Martha
Webb   Kathy Beach
Webb   Brenda Beebe Wieland
Webb   Connie Macchiaverna
Webber   Sandra Miller
Weber   Sandra Miller
Weber   Jean Weber Cooper
Welch   Dianne Jenkins Spitzer
Welch   Ben Carroll
Welch   Yancy Wilkenfeldt
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Wells   Renessa Lewis
Wells   Vickie LeBlanc
Wesley   Julie Schuerman
Wheeler   Lonna Jean Conroy
Whitaker   Mike Mounce
Whitaker   Mike Mounce
White   Tamara Lee Lanzone
White   Jean McKeever Arnold
White   Vernetta Nelson
Wiggins   Edward Bergeron
Wilgus   Ellen Baum
Wilhite My Great grand parents were married in Dent, Missouri 05 Jul 1885. I know my Grandmother's name was Mary Ellen Housden and her husband was C J Howard. The last record I found of him was the 1900 Census, Justice Precinct 2, Denton, Texas. We have traced Mary, who was listed as Ellen Wilhite, Parents Andrew and Ellen (Susan Ellen Wilhite). I would answer any queries. Judith Rogers
Wilhite   Howard Hickman
Wilkinson   Kenneth Alexander
William   Charles R. Watson
Williams   Robert S. Wiliams
Williams   Tom Spinali
Williams   Tom Spinali
Williams   Bransonmik
Wilson   Kathie Donahue
Wilson   Dianne Jenkins Spitzer
Wilson   Bob Wilson
Wimphrey   Charles R. Watson
Winchester   Tamara Lee Lanzone
Wingfield   Gale Oliver
Wingfield   Mike Mounce
Wisdom   Tammy White
Wisdom   Donna A. Sherrell
Wofford   Julie C. Edwards
Wofford   Brenda Arms
Wofford   Shirley Daugherty
Wofford   Tammy White
Wofford   Yancy Wilkenfeldt
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Wood   Lawrence Basler
Wood   Connie Macchiaverna
Wood   Charlotte Arrington
Woods   Rob Woods
Woods   Charlotte Arrington
Woolf   Lynda (Woolf) Harris
Wooliver   Mike Mounce
Wooliver   Bob Wilson
Woolsey   Raine
Woolsey   Nancy Segall
Worley   Ken Gross
Worley   Dawn Toole
Worsham   Bill Maxfield
Wright   Shelly Galloway
Wycoff   Vickie L. Herron-Luster
Yankee / Yankey   Dianne Jenkins Spitzer
Yerkes   Brenda Arms
Yerkes   Yancy Wilkenfeldt
York   Beth Pittman nee Fipps
York   Dennis L. Boyer
Young   Audrey Amos
Young   Karen McPherson
Yount   Tom Boulch

Surnames  A - F | G -M | N - R | S - Z

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