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Douglas County, Missouri

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  Contact: Pat Carmichael -- Research Chairman for the DC Hist. & Gen. Soc.  Pat has access to a complete library of DC materials.  She will either help the requester personally or farm the request out to another Society volunteer. 

Cemeteries -- The county's cemeteries are contained in a five-volume set of books compiled and published by Pat Carmichael for the Historical Society.   John Hendricks (who researches the Maloney family) has volunteered to do lookups for Volumes 1 and 2.  Those volumes cover the western part of the county.  Click here to view a map and listings that his volumes would cover.

Census Records
1860 Douglas County (Nancie Todd Weber)
1870 Douglas County (Nancie Todd Weber)

Family Histories in Bessie Selleck's 1952 Book -- "Early Settlers of Douglas County, Missouri"
This extremely rare book has family trees for numerous early Douglas County families.  Barbara Owens, of Statesboro, GA, has volunteered to provide look up services in this book.  Click here to see a listing of the family histories contained in the book.

Marriage Records
1886 - 1892 (Marriage Book I) (Jackie Harral)

Norwood (Wright County) -- 1927 to 1931  -- Kristi Towe () has created an index for these newspapers.  She will do look-ups for people who provide a specific person's name and a rough date.  No general searches, please.  Norwood is located just across the county line between Wright and Douglas County.  Thus, the paper carried lots of news about people living in north-central Douglas County.

Place Names
-- Place-name research is available from Mike Flannigan, a Houston TX, map expert.  Both have access to different publications and databases that might help locate a particular cemetery, church, hollow, mill, post office, school, stream, or other Douglas County landmarks

Feel free to request a look-up from our listed volunteers. USGenWeb Project policy prohibits look up volunteers from infringing on copyrights, so please do not ask for large quantities of information, information on multiple people, or copies of pages from the books which have been listed.  Please put DOUGLAS COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to ensure that the message is not overlooked and be sure to say "Thank You"!


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