National Society

United States

Daughters of 1812


El Camino Real Chapter

Caruthersville, Missouri



October 1985


Liberty Fraternity Unity


Chapter Officers



Mrs. Larry Paul Jones (Joan)

Vice President

Mrs. Fred Wright (Mary)



Mrs. Herbert L. Perrydore (Lucille)



Mrs. Cecil E. Hodges (Edna)



Mrs. John R. Fowlkes (Martha)


Recording Secretary

Mrs. Billy Sides (Margaret)




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El Camino Real history:


About 1789 the Spanish government laid out a road running from St. Louis to Little Prairie

or what are now Caruthersville, Missouri, then south through Arkansas,

 Campo de la Esperanza, opposite of what is now Memphis, Tennessee.

 Through the greater part of its course it followed the old Indian trace along

 which DeSoto very probably traveled.

This road was called by the Spanish "El Camino Real" the King's Highway.




Moses Bollinger

Everett Creech

Edmond Edney

John Hathcoat, Jr.

Thomas Higginbotham

William Hinkson

Joab Watson Kirkland

Joshua Mullen (Mullins)

John Norton

John Parrott

Isaac Reddin



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