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Chapter History

About 1995, James L. Boyd and Richard Hofer, Sr., set about to organize an SAR Chapter in the St. Charles area. Jim Boyd was the organizing president.

The nucleus were members of the Spirit of St. Louis Chapter in St. Louis, some of whom lived in the St. Charles area. Others liked the idea of a night meeting rather than a Saturday morning. Recruitment began to find potential members from the area to reach the chartering quota.

The chartering ceremony took place on May 4, 1997 at Pio's Restaurant in St. Charles. There were 19 original charter members. The original slate of officers was:

President-Norman Hagan
Vice President-James Elliot
Secretary-Richard Hofer Sr.
Treasurer-Robert Baldwin
Registrar/Chaplain-Francis Northrup
Historian-John White

The remaining charter members were Stephen Baldwin, Stuart Ballou, James Borgman, James Boyd Jr., William Boyd, Jerrell Driver, Roger Fuqua, Edward Gray, Robert Grover, Dennis Hahn, Dana Jones, Robert Raines, and Samuel Rainwater, Jr.

Shortly after the chartering ceremony, the Chapter voted to include as Charter Members those who joined during 1997 and 1998. The following 4 men during this time period: David Bell, Glennon Henke, Jr., Norval Hood, and Oliver Wilkins.

There are a total of 23 men who are considered Charter Members. As of March 2015, the following 9 men have passed away: Robert Baldwin, Stuart Ballou, David Bell, James Elliot, Roger Fuqua, Richard Hofer, Norval Hood, Frances Northrup, and Oliver Wilkins.

The chapter has continued to grow and should exceed 60 members in 2015. It has won the MOSSAR Josiah Fogg award three times, once as a small chapter and twice as a large chapter. The chapter spearheaded the creation of a custom painting of ships named Missouri that was placed on the current USS Missouri, a fast attack nuclear submarine as well as the placing of a plaque near Busch Stadium comemorating the Battle of Fort San Carlos. A number of men have uniforms and participate in Color Guard activities in the area.