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Spirit of 76
The Spirit of '76 is a painting by American artist Archibald MacNeal Willard. It was painted circa 1875, after Willard saw a parade pass by. He painted multiple versions and one currently hangs in the State Department.
continental army
This illustration by Henry Ogden shows the variation in uniform colors worn by the Continental Army.
Fort San Carlos
Picture of Fort San Carlos from a 1909 postcard. Actual image is from c. 1850.


What is Sons of the American Revolution?

The SAR is a historical, educational, and patriotic non-profit, United States 501(c)3, corporation that seeks to maintain and extend
  • the institutions of American freedom
  • an appreciation for true patriotism
  • a respect for our national symbols
  • the value of American citizenship
  • the unifying force of e pluribus unum that has created, from the people of many nations, one nation and one people.
We do this by perpetuating the stories of patriotism, courage, sacrifice, tragedy, and triumph of the men who achieved the independence of the American people in the belief that these stories are universal ones of man's eternal struggle against tyranny, relevant to all time, and will inspire and strengthen each succeeding generation as it too is called upon to defend our freedoms on the battlefield and in our public institutions.

Who Can Join

The SAR is a "lineage" society. This means that each member has traced their family tree back to a point of having an ancestor who supported the cause of American Independence during the years 1774-1783. Support can include military service, government service, providing supplies to the military, taking an oath of allegiance to the cause, and many other possibilities. Basically anything that helped further the cause of freedom from the Crown. If you have relatives that have been in the DAR or SAR, then you are probably eligible to join. If you think you have a patriot ancestor or if you are not sure, you are more than welcome to visit. We can help you with your research.

How to Join

Using the nav bar at the top of the page, download a blank application. Provide as much information on your lineage going back to your patriot as possible. It's not a big deal if you don't know all of the dates and places. Assemble all of your documentation. You will need copies of birth, death, and marriage records for the first couple of generations. Bring what you have to one of our meetings, and the chapter genealogist will look it over and help you complete the application. Once the application is complete, it will be submitted for approval. Final approval can take anywhere from 2-6 months. I think recently it is taking about 3 months. If you have any questions, contact the chapter genealogist via e-mail. E-mail addresses for all of our officers can be found by clicking on "Get to Know Us" on the nav bar then clicking on "Our Officers."

Our chapter genealogist has just prepared a guide highlighting some genealogy resources that you may not have known about.

About Our Chapter

The Fernando de Leyba Chapter is comprised of Compatriots in the East Central MO area, meeting at 7:00 PM the 2nd Monday of every month (except during the months of July and August) at Culpeppers Restaurant located on 3010 W. Clay St. Charles, MO.

Although our Chapter used to be small, it has been growing (almost 60). Join us and see what you have been missing. We meet in the banquet room at Culpeppers. Compatriots usually start arriving between 6:00 and 6:30 and we have an informal dinner and socialize. Our meeting starts at 7:00 and usually lasts no longer than one hour. Next comes our speaker for the night which can be on any topic. Recent topics have included George Rogers Clark, astronomy, Iraq, genealogical research, and the U.S.S. Missouri, a newly built and commissioned nuclear attack submarine.

Spouses of members are always welcome as are prospective members and their spouses. If you need help with your application, don't worry. Our chapter Genealogist is quite talented and willing to work with you.

Our Chapter has several members that form a Color Guard. The Color Guard’s purpose is to teach about the American Revolution by displaying the various uniforms of our Patriots and honoring the flag of our country. The Color Guard is made up of both Continental Army and militia uniforms from the various states, with most compatriots desiring to wear the uniforms that their Patriots wore. Members try to be as authentic as possible with their uniforms. The Chapter Color Guard Members are a part of the MOSSAR Color Guard. They are available for parades, ceremonial functions, living history events, school lectures, and other activities.

The SAR annually sponsors youth award contests for elementary, middle school, and high school students. The SAR Americanism Poster Contest is directed at students in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grades, depending on which year the American Revolution is taught in their educational system. The SAR Americanism Brochure Contest is directed at students in the 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th grades, depending on which year the American Revolution is taught in their educational system. The SAR George S. & Stella M. Knight Essay Contest is designed to give high school freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students an opportunity to explore events that shaped American history. All school children and youth are eligible including ecumenical and home schooled students. The contest is also open to members of the Cub Scouts and Brownies and C.A.R. (Children of the American Revolution) who are in the same grades but whose school system may not be participating in the contest. In the case where the local school system, or its equivalent, is participating, the young person must enter the contest through the school and not as a separate entry. Our Chapter winners will represent the Chapter at the Missouri SAR Society (MOSSAR) level. Winners at the State level represent MOSSAR at the National SAR Society (NSSAR) level. The winners of these contests receive a certificate and a cash award at each level.

The SAR annually sponsors the Joseph S. Rumbaugh Oration Contest. Our Chapter winner will represent the Chapter at the Missouri Society (MOSSAR) level. Winners at the State level represent Missouri at the National (NSSAR) level. The Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest is open to all students attending home schools, public, parochial, or private high schools who are in their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior (grades 9 through 12) year of study. The winners of these contests receive a certificate and a cash award at each level.

The SAR annually sponsors an Eagle Scout Scholarship Contest. Our Chapter winner will represent the Chapter at the MOSSAR level. Winners at the MOSSAR level represent MOSSAR at the NSSAR level. Open to all Eagle Scouts who are currently registered in an active unit and have not reached their 19th birthday during the year of application. (The application year is the calendar year, 01 Jan. to 31 Dec.) The winners of these contests receive a certificate and a cash award at each level.

The Chapter annually strives to select an Elementary Teacher of the Year and a High School Social Studies (American History/Government) Teacher of the Year. The winners represent the Chapter at the State MOSSAR level. MOSSAR annually sponsors the M. Graham Clark Elementary Teacher Contest, which is directed toward teachers up through the 5th grade. MOSSAR annually sponsors the M. Graham Clark High School Social Studies Teacher Contest and is looking for Missouri teachers who by their actions in the classroom perpetuate the memory of those patriots who, by their services or sacrifices during the war of the American Revolution, helped to achieve the independence of the American people. The MOSSAR level Social Studies Teacher represents MOSSAR at the NSSAR level for the NSSAR Dr. Tom & Betty Lawrence American History Teacher Contest, which is directed toward high school teachers whose instruction on the Revolutionary War era from 1750 - 1800 demonstrates educational efforts in the classroom that exceed and excel above current, accepted, curriculum requirements. The contests are open to all teachers in public, private, and parochial schools. The winners of these contests receive a certificate and a cash award at each level.

The Chapter presents JROTC State Society Award Certificates to Cadets selected by the following institutions: Beaumont High School, Charles Summer High School, Gateway Technical High School, Jennings High School, Lafayette High School, combined Washington Missouri High School & St. Francis Borgia Regional High School, and Gateway STEM High School. Each SAR Chapter can select an Outstanding JROTC Cadet and enter that cadet into their State Society's Outstanding JROTC Cadet program. The winner of the State competition will be entered into the National Outstanding JROTC Recognition program. The winner of the national program will receive a special award at the SAR National Congress.

The Chapter presents a Bronze Good Citizenship Medal and Certificate to selected Naval Sea Cadets with the Battleship Missouri Division of the Naval Sea Cadets of Bridgeton, MO. One monetary gift is presented to the Outstanding Sea Cadet.

The Chapter annually strives to select Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire Safety, and Law Enforcement Awardees. These awards can be made at the Chapter, MOSSAR, or NSSAR levels. Awardees receive an SAR Medal and Certificate. Awardees will be listed in a Public Service booklet published annually by NSSAR.

In addition to the above, the Chapter throughout the year presents medals and/or certificates to individuals, schools, companies, and other institutions located in the East Central MO area.

Please refer to the “News Releases” section on this Website to see some of the recent awardees and the “Get to Know Us” section to see some photos of activities and events.

About Our Namesake

Don Fernando de Leyba was appointed governor of Upper Louisiana in June 1778. Though Spain was neutral until 1779, de Leyba contacted George Rogers Clark prior to this and provided support to the Americans.

Fernando de Leyba was responsible for the construction of Fort San Carlos to defend St. Louis. The British, along with Native American allies attacked on May 26, 1780 but were forced to retreat. In 1803 a tornado badly damaged the fort, taking the roof off. Due to Indian scares, the fort was repaired in 1804 and was demolished in 1853.

We remember the crucial and not widely known support our ancestors received from Spain and honor it by naming our chapter after Fernando de Leyba. Attached is an article on the life of Fernando de Leyba written by Kristine L. Sjostrom, an independent researcher and NSDAR-España Chapter member. She is writing a biography on the life of Fernando de Leyba and has graciously provided this article for the Fernando de Leyba SAR Chapter Website. We greatly appreciate Ms. Sjostrom’s extensive research and her permission to post her article on our Website.

As part of the 250th birthday celebration of St. Louis, the Post Dispatch has been running a series of articles about the founding of St. Louis. Compatriot Dennis Hahn was recently interviewed for an article that appeared in the March 9, 2014 edition, about Fernando de Leyba and the Battle of Fort San Carlos.

2015 Chapter Meeting

  1. June 8
  2. September 14
  3. October 12
  4. November 9
  5. December 14

Chapter Events and Observances

Day & DatePlace & TimeEvent
May 13-16, 2015 St. Charles Convention Center, 1 Convention Center Plaza,
St Charles, MO 63303 – Daily 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. -- Registration required to attend.

National Genealogical Society’s Annual Conference
MOSSAR/NSSAR will have Booth #217
The NSSAR Operation Ancestor Search (OAS) will have Booth #218

May 17, 2015 The Historic Daniel Boone Home & Heritage Center, 1868 Hwy F, Defiance, MO 63341 2:00 p.m. The dedication of the new Welcome Pavilion and the MOSSAR plaque honoring Patriot Daniel Boone
May 24, 2015 Missouri History Museum in Forest Park 2:00 PM Annual Commemoration of the Battle of Fort San Carlos
May 25, 2015 Historic Coldwater Cemetery, 15290 Old Halls Ferry Road,
Florissant, MO 63034 10:00 a.m.
Memorial Day Service at the Historic Coldwater Cemetery
June 26-July 1, 2015 The Galt House, Louisville KY 125th Annual NSSAR Congress