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Indian Prairie School History

Click to See More Pictures 1912 Group Picture    1938 Group Picture    1951-52 Group Picture

Indian Prairie School

The quaint brick Indian Prairie School still stands as a monument to the rural school districts of Franklin County. The school desks and slate chalkboards are exactly where they were on the last day of school. The building was recently leased by the Franklin County Ham Radio Club and will be renovated this spring..

Land for this school was donated by the wife and son of Vincent Cheatham in 1871. Although It is located northeast of St. Clair on Indian Prairie Road, it was consolidated into the Union R-11 School District. 1951-52 was the last year classes were held.

This school is of particular interest as it once included one year of high school. Alfred Osborn, Sr. attended the Indian Prairie School for nine years, graduating from the ninth grade there.

We are starting a list of students and a list of teachers. To add information to either list, contact  Sue Cooley. If you are a former student at Indian Prairie or a descendant of a former student (or teacher) and would like your email address included here as a clickable link, let me know. We would like to have copies of any photographs in existence.


Student Information

Student Name

Year Born or, if unknown, year was Student

Spouse of Student

Parents of Student

Children of Student

Frank Allen s-1886      
Joseph Allen s-1886      
Olive Allen s-1886      

Albert "Bert" Barber

    John and Sarah Barber  

Annie Barber


John Schuchart

John and Sarah Barber  
George Barber s-1886      
Isaac J. Barber     John and Sarah Barber  
J. A. Barber     John and Sarah Barber  
John Barber s-1886      
Thomas Barber s-1886      

William H. Barber

  Ella Harrell John and Sarah Barber

Aubrey, Dudley, Harrell, Lenore, Mary Lee, and Ruth Barber

Carol Bell s-1951      
Dixie Bell s-1951      
Edith Bell s-1886      
Harvey Bell s-1951      
Jimmie Bell s-1951      
Lula Bell s-1886      
Sharon Bell s-1951      
George Black s-1886      
Minnie Black s-1886      
Diane Brighton s-1951      
Frank Bryant s-1886      
Lois Bryant s-1951      
William Bryant s-1886      
Florence Cheatham s-1886      
Ida Cheatham s-1886      

Jim Cheatham


Maude Cheatham


May Cheatham


Minnie Cheatham

Olaf Cheatham s-1886      

Vincent Cheatham

Mickey Cline s-1951      

Clifford Cordell


Elizabeth Cordell


W. A. Bruns


Maude Cordell


Ralph Cordell


Robert Cordell


Phyliss Bradshaw


Clifton Crum

  Lavada Farrow

Henry Crum


Etta Crum


Henry Crum


Willard "Wilson" Crum


Henry Crum


Hettie Ekey

Jesse Ekey s-1886      
Wesley Ekey s-1886      
Frank Ellett s-1886      
Lula Ellett s-1886      
Sadie Ellett s-1886      
Willie Ellett s-1886      
Doris Jane Friedel s-1938
Evelyn Friedel s-1938
Lee Friedel s-1938
Willard Friedel s-1938
Wesley Gabel s-1938

? Greens


Mildred Greiner

Forrest Clyde Hamilton s-1938

Arnett Hall


Frank Hall

Donald Helling     Dianne Webb Clarence and Elsie (Borgmann) Helling   Melinda Helling, LeAnne Snodgrass
Ralph Helling      Rose Hug Clarence and Elsie (Borgmann) Helling   John Helling, Gary Helling, Susan and Sarah

? Hulls

Gail Johnson s-1951      
Vincent Johnson        

Anna Jones + 9 siblings (need more names)


George Ward

William and Addie Jones  

Clarence Jones

    William and Addie Jones  
Claribel Jones   Sidney E. Baker William and Addie Jones  

Claud Jones

    William and Addie Jones  

Dorothy Jones

  Filla William and Addie Jones  
Arthur Jones s-1886      
Luther Jones s-1886      
Marion Jones   Kralemann William and Addie Jones  
Sylvia Jones   Neumann William and Addie Jones  

Walter Clifford Jones

b-1892 William and Addie Jones

William "Willie" Jones

    William and Addie Jones  

Donald Helling

s-1951 Diane Webb Clarence and ? Helling  
Ralph Helling s-1951 Rose Clarence and ? Helling  
Mary Ellen Klenke s-1951    

Agnes Josephine Kloppenberg

 b-1896 Money, Pillow, Dick Michel  Joseph and Johanna (Bauer) Kloppenberg  none

Harry Kloppenberg

 b-1891  Katherine Young  Joseph and Johanna (Bauer) Kloppenberg  none

Dewey Kloppenberg

 b-1898  Edna Helling  Joseph and Johanna (Bauer) Kloppenberg  Sherwood

Carl Lenau

Edgar Lenau s-1938
Louis Lenau s-1938
Emma Mann   John Sachs    
Carlene Minks b-1943 Clarence Grim James W. and Dorothy A. (Parks) Minks Christopher and Jon Grim

Patricia Ann Minks

b-1945 Ron Jurgesmeyer James W. and Dorothy A. (Parks) Minks Debbie Tucker and Kim Stehle
Ella Moore        
James Moore        
Jennie Moore        
John Moore        
Marion Moore        
Preston Moore        

Irene Murray



Walter G. Murray and Florence (Cheatham)


Laura May Murray



Walter G. Murray and Florence (Cheatham)


Lina Murray



Walter G. Murray and Florence (Cheatham)


Mary Murray



Walter G. Murray and Florence (Cheatham)


Mildred Murray



Walter G. Murray and Florence (Cheatham)


Olaf Murray


Walter G. Murray and Florence (Cheatham)


Sue Murray



Walter G. Murray and Florence (Cheatham)


Walter Allan Murray, Sr.


1) Ruth E. Sullivan

2) Ella Roethemeyer Strehlmann

3) Ella (Aufderheide) Ridder

Walter G. Murray and Florence (Cheatham)

Linda Sue Murray

Sally Bocklage

Walter Murray, Jr.


Alice Murray


Benjamin Murray


Edgar Murray


Elizabeth Lay

Benjamin Murray

David Nousley s-1951      

Alfred Bryan Osborn, Sr.


Mattie King

James Alfred Osborn and Ida Mae Beasley Alfred "Bud" Osborn, Eileen Osborn Rulo Pruitt, Patsy Osborn Frossard Bearden, Dennis Osborn (wife Maxine), and John "J. J. Osborn" (wife Barbara)

Clifford Osborn


Barbara Hoffman

   "          "  

Eugene Osborn


Agnes ?

   "          "  

June Osborn


Ed Greiner

   "          "  

Kenneth C. Osborn


Elma Short

   "          " Janet Folks

Nellie Marie Osborn


John Ely

   "          " James Ely
Biddie Pohlman s-1886      
Walter Sachs b-1942 Patricia Thiem John and Emma Sachs Stella , James, Janet  Gedert
Omar Sachs b-1943 Linda Lawrence John and Emma Sachs Julie, Jodi, and John
Eugene Stoner s-1886      
Wesley Perkins s-1938

Patricia Redhage


David Reed

Edwin and Edna (Bruns) Redhage Virginia Marie Hibler, Vivian Ann Leonardo, David J. Reed 

Virginia Redhage

Charles Robinson s-1886      
Joseph Robinson s-1886      
Edward Sachs s-1938
Mabel Sachs s-1938

Pleasant Speakes


Nancy Lewis, now m to Pierce Blake

Charles Riley Speakes and Josie Ellen Payton None
Sabert Speakes b-1918  Roy Harrell, Butch Sansoucie Charles Riley Speakes and Josie Ellen Payton Carol Jean and Linda Harrell
Daisy Speakes b-1924 Allen Kopf Charles Riley Speakes and Josie Ellen Payton Romie Speakes, Alice Hoover, Betty Williams
Elmer Speakes b-1916 Dorothy Jeffries Charles Riley Speakes and Josie Ellen Payton Robert Speakes
John Speakes b-1929 Patsy Brown, Lennie Marks Charles Riley Speakes and Josie Ellen Payton Leo Speakes, Lloyd Speakes, Delores
Charles Speakes b-1932 Virginia Phillips Charles Riley Speakes and Josie Ellen Payton Mike Speakes, Gary Speakes
Alice Stoner s-1886      
Eugene Stoner s-1886      

Elwin Wallace


Nellie Wallace


Morris Wallace


Wayne Wallace


Carl T. Webber

b-1899 Wilma Zahrndt William Thomas Webber and Emma A. Bridgman.

Note: He was raised by Adolph and Nancy Merten, but kept his birth name.

Eleanor Webber Fleer, Norma Webber Schroeder, and Lois Webber




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