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Etlah School Students in 1890-91 term

Bob Doerr, editor of the Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal, provided this list of students and needed help identifying the school. Several people have written to verify that this would be the Etlah school. This school was near the Franklin/Gasconade County line. Note the mix of Anglo and German names and the students' ages.

After reading the list of children I would have to say it is Etlah school.  The Backers listed are part of my family.  My gr-gr-grandfather, John Engel Backer/Becker, lived at Etlah about 1890.  Those name are consistent with the names of children of Charles & Anna Hagebusch Becker/Backer and Louis Henry & Julia Hockemeyer Becker/Backer of that area and Washington. [Mildred Miller]


Louis Abbot, 10

Wm. J. Abbot,  8

Erwin Backer, 11

Jennie Backer, 6

Mattie Backer, 13

Nettie Backer, 7

Tillie Backer, 6

Emil Backer, 14

Cansada Caldwell, 8

Henry A. Caldwell, 6

James F. Caldwell, 11

Samuel M. P. Caldwell, 9

Wm. E. Caldwell, 13

Jake Colter, 16

Samuel Colter, 14

Lillie Ford, 6

Malvina Helmendach, 13

Lydia Kammeyer, 7

Mary Kammeyer, 9

Emma K. Kasmann, 11

Fritz Kasmann, 9

Adolph Kropp, 12

August Kropp, 12

Charles Kropp, 8

Charlotte Kropp, 6

Louis Kropp, 10

Emil L. Kuntzsch, 10

Tonie Kuntzsch, 12

Albert Meyer, 11

Louisa Meyer, 8

Lizzie Meyer, 13

William Meyer, 11

Esther Backer, 9

Wm. Mueller, 14

Albert Oberwortman, 6

Lydia Oberwortman, 8

Charles Oetker, 10

Carrie Schaeffer, 10

Hannah Schaeffer, 12

Louisa Schaeffer, 6

George R. Fritsch, 11

Wm. L. Fritsch, 6

Lene Pehle, 14

Frank Schaub, 14

Lulie Keiss, 12

Mary Keiss, 10


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