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Ozark News Article about Rockford school children gathering 1700 pounds of scrap paper for the American Junior Red Cross in 1944. Also End-of-School Festivities and Graduation:

Source: April 27, 1944 issue of the Ozark News. Extrapolated and formatted for the internet by Sue Cooley from a hardbound collection of The Ozark News newspapers graciously lent to me by Robert Pierce, son of Guy Pierce, editor/owner of The Ozark News. The photo could not be scanned suitably for inclusion here, but the caption and article follow:

photo caption: Students: Mont Johnson, Jr., Johnnie Lee Redhage, Benjamine Wieda, Richard Nappier, Kenneth Kommer, Verna Brown, Virginia Frossard, Mildred Redhage, Henry Redhage, Berniece Kommer, Lola Banderman, Kenneth Johnson, Donald Kommer, Dorothy Wieda, Carl Brown, May Frossard, Delma Huff, Roy Montgomery, Betty Ann Medley, Donald Johnson, Jacqueline Redhage, Clara Frossard, Edna Frossard, Harold Kommer and Miss Mildred Brown. Another pupil, Mildred Evins, is missing from the photograph. Photograph not included here.

American Junior Red Cross: The accompanying article states that most of the students are members of the American Junior Red Cross, which was not fully organized that year. Collecting scrap paper was one of their activities. They collected about 1700 pounds and sold it – the money was to be used for furthering the work of the Junior Red Cross. Virginia Frossard was President of the Junior Red Cross at the school, Verna Brown was Vice President, Lola Banderman was secretary and Dorothy Wieda was treasurer.

Last Day of School: Friday, April 14, 1944 was the last day of school that year. On Thursday the entire school went on a hike and wiener roast. They climbed the bluff. The girls picked flowers and the boys went fishing. On Friday, the parents came for a basket dinner. After dinner they had a short program.

Graduates: Dorothy Wieda, Delma Huff, and Henry Redhage were their graduates for the spring of 1944. Henry Redhage was valedictorian and Delma Huff was salutorian. The graduates were planning to attend the county-wide graduation on April 20.

Other Awards and Activities: All 25 pupils received their Reading Circle Certificates that year and the three graduates received their Life Reading Circle Certificates. Dorothy Wieda, Verna Brown, Kenneth Johnson, Donald Kommer, Carl Brown, Kenneth Kommer, Delma Huff, Benjamin Wieda and Mont Johnson, Jr., received attendance prizes and certificates. Eighth children received spelling prizes. Candy was passed out, report cards presented, and school closed with everyone planning a pleasant vacation.


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