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Fairview 1927


Fairview School - 1927

photo and information provided by Ruth Bardot
Note: This was scanned from a St. Clair Chronicle microfilm printout. If you have the original photograph, please contact us so we can post a better image.

[I believe these names are listed right to left instead of left to right.]

Front Row: Lawrence Girardier, Richard Girardier, Elizabeth Schlipp, Frieda Schoeneman, Earl Marcrander, Albert Schlipp, Robert Schoeneman, Anna McKean, Thelma McKean, Hertha (sic) Dodson and Edna Wideman.

Middle Row: Frank McKean, Catherine McKean, and Lucile McKean.

Back Row: Floyd McKean, Floyd Dodson, Arnold Evilsizer, Curtis Peacock, teacher Mrs. Mertie Pickering, Ellen Girardier, Marie Girardier, Audra Peacock and Ruth Dodson

The accompanying article explained that Mrs. Pickering, was born in Kansas in 1879 and moved to Franklin County with her parents in 1907. She taught 15 terms at Fairview beginning in 1916. After she had taught four years, she and her husband, Luther, decided to homestead in Alberta, Canada but found the weather too severe and returned the following year, after which she taught another eleven years. She also taught other Franklin County schools.

The Fairview District was re-organized into the St. Clair district.

At the time the newspaper article was printed, January 16, 1967, Mrs. Pickering was 87 years old. She had no children. The article states the photograph was 40 years old at the time so it could be from the 1926-27 or 1927-28 school year.


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