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Gasconade County, Missouri

DIARY OF MRS. L. AUSTERMELL for information about this page contact; Chris Yoder

Golden Wedding congratulations

Mrs Ella Hoffman Sedalia

Mrs R Helmericks St Louis

Miss E Dings

Mr Joseph Lessel Chyenne Well Col

Mrs E Loevenberg Washington Mo

Miss E Conzelman St Louis

Mr A Labhard Berger Mo

Mr H and Lena Slender Herman

Mr Charles Teubner Columbia Mo

Mr. A A Freyman Kansas City Mo

Mr Jeff Austermell Topeka Ka

Mrs Alice" "

Miss Alie.June.Florance " "

Mr. Wash Austermell Kansas City

Mrs Maude"' & " & children MBB Topeka

Mrs Dr Hoffman Dr St Louis

Mrs S Willianson congrat (niece) Phila

Mrs E Duff (niece) New York

Herman,March 1st 1884-36 degrs snowing & blowing

Pa not so well not out of bed today his Resp troubled him

very much he says that will be his death.

March 2 Sunday-b degrs Pa very restless all nite is

about same was not able to sitt up to day Mr Will Mrs Snell

Miss Tim Heckman Lotte Krech Miss Emily Sohns also J L was

here to day

March 3 Monday-10 degrs Pa was in pain all nite has

been very sick all day. Edawrd Neunhahn baby was buried to


March 4 Tuesday-12 degrs very bad in nite Dr & Julia &

Jackson was up he had dizzy spells and spasm, Mrs Lessel

also Emelia L was here come back from Denver Monday AM

Bertha Aleman was to see Pa

Wed March 5-20 degrs Pa was very sick in nite we all

was up has not been able to sitt up since last friday Mrs L

Emelia J L Bertha Aleman was here see to Pa

March 6-20 degrs Pa was better in nite same to day

crying and saying he was so much trouble had to be fed like

a child said he did not know what would become of him

without me. Teresa Poerchel was to see Pa, letter from L to

day also wrote

March 7 Friday-20 degrs hailed and snowed Pa about same

has not been up since last friday Lotte Krech left this even

for Springfield just come to bid us goodbye

March 8- 24 degrs snowing ACM Pa same still confined to

his bed Mrs P Sneider was here this PM the children had a

mask ball at the concert hall

March 9 Sunday-28 deqrs Clear day with little snow on

ground Pa had dizzy spell in nite same as yesterday weak can

not sit up the O.F. come this AM brought the regalia that

was order for him presented from lodge for golden wedding Mr

Robyn Mr West Goodman Stork Finkland come this AM & presents

it in name of Lodge. Mrs Lessel was here this PM also JL. Dr

& Julia was at Johanna poeschel birthday the ladys singing

society where also there presented her with a beautiful

album. Julia gave her an angel cake, which she made recd

letter from Lewis also p.O.order.

March 10 Monday- 32 degrs Pa still weak not able to be

up his rupture pains him felt sick at stomach also belching

in night I think was the cause of it.

March 11- 38 degrs AM 70 degrs PM. was awful stormy all

night Pa the same not able to sitt up I was out first time

this year was to see Mrs Scherer Mrs Slender Mrs Godly Mrs

Hibbard Mrs H9ffman Teutsch.Mrs A Meyer Mrs Lessel is here

this evening recd letter from Ella

March 12-31 degrs beautiful day Pa about same not able

to be up Jack & Julia went to St Louis this PM Mrs tessel

was here stayed for supper

March 13 Thursday-31 degrs fine day Pa was sitting up a

little to day was in sitting room for dinner Mrs flessel come

in AM stayed till past S I went out to Mrs Poeschels

birthday Dr took supper at Wm Klinger. recd postal of J & J

safe arrival Dr wrote letter to St Louis I stoped to see Mrs

schamburg she is very sick

March 14 Friday-31 degrs fine day recd letter from

Julia Mrs Lessel was here all day pa was better sitt up

quite a while eats little more than he has for over a month

Mrs Schaffer was here for the day

March 15-3Odegrs heavy frost on ground Pa was sitting

up greater part of day Mrs Lessel was here all day recd

L letter from Jackson Mrs Schaffer was here will go home to St

Louis if she can get through with her bussiness.

March 16th sunday-45 degrs Julia came from St Louis in

nite Pa is the same rained

March 17 Monday-42 degrs Raining.Pa had pain in stomach

also dizzy in nite does not feel so well recd letter from


March 18 muesday-48 degrs rained in nite and AM Pa had

a bad nite also very sick today also evening had a bad spell

could not get his breath. wrote to Jackson recd postal from

Jack Emelia West was here to see PA.

March 19 wednesday-48 deqrs cloudy rained in nite Pa

rested good last nite is little better to day Mr Storch was

here. Pa could not talk to him recd postal from Media gave

Dr 8 dollars to put in bank for Jackson Dr also put 5$ in

for him

March 20th Thursday- 48 degrs cloudy Pa about same Mr

Wm poeschel was to see us today Pa was in to him Julia recd

letter from Jackson she was invited to the lady birthday

they sent carriage for her also Emma the one from Chicago

March 21 Friday-45 degrs fine day recd postal from

Jackson Pa about the same Mrs L has not been here since

Julia is back from St Louis some last saturday

March 22 saturday-52 degrs Thundered Lighnaed and

rained a litte. Pa rested prettv well in nite same to day

recd postal from Media. Ricke was here to day the Knights of

Pythias come from St Louis to day they march and drilled

have a ball to nite

March 23rd /84-45 degrs beautiful day the Knights of

Pythias drilled again also went out to the wine cellar in

the PM left on train for St Louis recd a letter from

Jackson Lewis arrived in St Louis from Chicago Mrs Lessel

was here Pa was feeling better was sitting up quite a while


March 24 Monday-SO degrs rained in nite also AM Pa is

the same as yesterday

March 25-52 degrs rained in AM recd letter from Media

Postal from Jackson Tille Godfried and Hatte Poeschel was

here to see Pa. Mrs.Lims was here in evening it was awful

stormy PM

March 26- 45 degrs beautiful day recd postal from

Jackson Pa was down stairs first time in 5 months. I was out

this PM at Meyers and messel. Ricke & Emilie was here this

evening Julia went with them to Catholic church

March 27th 1884-46 degrs.stormy.Pa not so well recd

postal from Jackson thundered and lightned in the evening

March 28 Friday- 50 degrs Clear all day Jackson & Lewis

come from St Louis in nite. Pa was up best part of day Dr

was called out to Wittmans just got back brought them a son

first child it just commenced to rain. Lewie took Julia to

concert hall to the singing society Dr & Jackson went out Mr

Mumbraner was here to see Pa also brought 9

March 29- 58 degrs Pa about the same Mrs Teutsel was

here to see Pa I took a walk at dusk to Lessels Ricke come

home with me helped to dress Julia to go to mask ball Harm

singing society

March 30- 40 degrs Pa about same Dr Kusse was here to

see us to day after Sunday;school I took a walk with Lewie

went to Catholic hill and then down to Lan Langendoerfer

than home. Lewie recd a letter from his mother.

March 31 Monday- 50 degrs Pa the same up nearly all day

recd letter from Media Mr peosahel Mr Godfried of Chicago

was here to see us he just got back from the Hot Springs

April lst-52 degrs Ella and children come from St Louis

IL recd postal from Wash

April 2-44 degrs Pa about same was up nearly all day I

was to see Sniders to day and sent Pot to Sedalia to

Hoffmans it was fearful storm in nite.

April 3 1884-37 degrs beautiful day cyclone yesterday

in Pa Ohio & other places Jackson was clearing up and

burning the brush in Julia garden Pa went out to Lessel the

first time in seven months Ella Julia & children went out to


April 4th-40 degrs Pa & I took a walk to Sherer Slender

Robyn Stork & a felt finally well Julia Ella & Edith also

took a walk. Jack & Lewie went fishing Daisy to see Unken

girl Ricke went to Washington to day

April 5 saturday-50 degrs beautiful day Ella recd 2

letters from Lewis one from Maude Pa did not go out to day

is feeling pretty well

April 6th sunday-46 deqrs fine day Pa was not so well I

went to church the young folks where confirmed the church

was decorated beautiful with flowers & wreaths there were 19

in all the church was crowded.Dr Nasse & Mr Bacringer was

here to see Pa also Mrs Bergner.

April 7 Monday-38 degrs Pa about same recd letter from

Lewis saw Marmaduke brother to day Dr F Dr Ettmuller went

with him to wine seller

April 8-32 degrs AM had a little snow storm election

day Pa sick all nite groaning not feeling good all day J &

Ella went out to Lessel Jackson & Lewie went to George at

Klinge funeral also down to train to see the cars loaded

with corn wheat & c Kansas to the flood sufferers 7 car load

they were beautiful decorated name of place also cy on the

cars to day was election day

Wed 9th-42 degrs Pa better than yesterday Jack and Lewie

went fishing this AM. I was out to see Mrs C Weber Mrs Meyer

Mrs Rueger it is raining this eve Ella recd letter from L to

all also one from Maude and her sister Lillia D.

Thursday April 10- 40 degrs Pa about same Ella &

children left for K.City Mrs Krech Emelia L and Mrs Mauhl

was here to see us also Malvina Julia and I went out to

Lessels it being Ricke birth day Mrs Barns from Wash Mo

after from Kirkwood was at Lessels Mrs M left for St Louis

this PM we recd letter from Media felt lonesome when the

folks all left for Kansas City

April friday 11- 33 degrs good friday Pa same Mrs

Barns, Mrs Alter was here left for Wash & Kirkwood Mr

Gentner was her this PM to see Pa

April saturday 12-36 degrs Pa pretty well Mr & Mrs

Bergner Golden Wedding.

Media Birthday Sunday (Easter sunday)-49 degrs Pa the

same Mr Goodman was here this AM I went over to snyders

after supper Jackson was wi~ Pa he then went to bed I went

down to Julias Mr & Mrs Klinge was there it was awful stormy

and lightned

April Monday 14-58 degrs (noon it was 86 degrs) stormy

in night and this AM cloudy also Pa the same up in the

sitting room smoking and reading letter from Lewis also

postal from Media stating the death of Dr Bell daughter it

thundered and liqhtned in PM and rained the sky looked

fearful but it was not as bad here as expected

April Tues l5th-50 degrs cloudy Pa worse to day

April 16th Wed-48 degrs recd letter from Ella from K

City will leave for Matta Bend to day. Pa just the same I

took an airing round the hills stopped in at Gentners Jack

recd letter from Dr Bell the daughter was sick only 3 days a

brite smart girl of only 14 years they take it very hard she

was the pride of the family

April 17th Thursday-48 degrs recd letter from Media to

day Christoph Weber and Wife was to see us to day Mr Kienk

also Jackson rode on horseback to Gasconade to Bowers Louis

Poeschel Bruns & C Pa the same rained thundered & lightned

also windy

April l8th Friday- 58 degrs Pa the same not feeling

well groaning has headache also his stomach pains him I was

to see Mrs L Meyers Tresia Poeschel was to see Pa to day Dr

& J went to singing club. thunder & lightned in nite.

April satur 19-58 degrs rainy cloudy. Pa same as

yesterday. Mr Dr Nasse was found dead in bed about 6 1/2 PM.

April 20-56 degrs Pa very sick all nite in bed nearly

all day Mrs Lessel was here 1st time in 4 weeks Mr Will &

Emma Stork was here also I went to Nasse this PM August

Nasse seen me home

April Monday 21- Nasse was burned 40 degrs cloudy

raining windy recd letter from Media Dr Nasse was buried to

day Mrs L & I went with as far as the bridge she then come

home with me August Nasse come to see Pa they will leave to

nite to St Louis Pa was feeling bad about Dr Nasse Mr Fink

Sr Fink Jr and Hirtzels where also here to the funeral of

their Father

Tuesday April 22-40 degrs snowing all day did not lay

on ground melted soon nad a postal from Wash Pa not as well

awful pain in head

April wed 23-44 degrs Pa lying in bed all day dizzy

also sick at stomach cloudy and cool. recd letter from Ella

& Lewie Mrs Meyer was to see us to day I took a walk down to

the bridge this eve Dr & Julia are at the concert hall

practicing for the concert Henebergers celebrate their

silver wedding to day (nee L Rieck)

April 24 Thursday-40 degrs heavy frost fine day Pa

little better to day was sitting up PM Mr H Slender was to

see Pa this AM Mrs Teutsel and Mrs Platner from Junction

City was also here. Jackson wrote to Ella Malta Bend also

Lewis to Chicago. Julia went out to M Poeschels I took a

walk up to Heinekes. Mrs Fritzemeyer died to day also volt


April 25 Friday- 42 degrs beautiful day Mr Fritzemeyer

was buried to day had the largest funeral that has been here

for some time I think about 300 persons where in the

prossesion the son of Cap Wohlt was also buried the school

children where with the funeral I think numbered even more I

was at the cemetery with the first named. Pa is kind low

spirited to day had letter from Mrs Lessel

April 26 saturday-56 degrs awful stormy all day recd

postal from Ella also letter from Lewis Julia is not well

her face is swollen her chin is sore also her eye Pa is the

same we took up our carpet in sitting room I went to store

also to Riegers & Meyers this evening. Malvina gave birth to

a boy to day Dr F. waited on her.

April 27 Sunday -60 degrs Pa feels same Mr Brunse was

here to see us was in church come to dinner stayed till 2

o'clock he then went out to see Mr Neunhahn he is not expected

to live Albert N is also sick Mr Goddman was also here Julia

is still ailing Dr took tea with us after super I took a

walk over to Begerman. Jackson stayed with Pa

April 28 Monday-58 degrs thundered & lightned in nite

11 ALM raining. Pa no better Pa recd vest chain for Watch to

day was Emma Storks birthday after supper I took a walk to

Old folk Weiser meet Mrs Keiper there, it cleared off PM.

April 29 Tuesday-63 degrs 2 heavy showers in nite

lasted only few minutes we recd postal from Wash Pa was up

best part of the day I was over to see staucle(sp?) this AM

Amelia Poesohel was up to see us

April 30th Wed-63 degrs fine day recd postal from Ella

Malta Bend also letter from Lewis Chicago pa had a bad spell

this PM I did not get out. it is raining this evening

thunder & lighting

May lst-65 degrs cloudy rain and sunshine Pa the same

Mr Staud was here collecting Julia went to Mrs Klinger the

baby is not very well it was awful stormy in the evening

May 2-50 degrs Pa had a bad nite was some better to was a fine day Jackson went over the river with a

party of young men mushroom hunting did not get many I took

a walk this eve to Gentners also Klinks

May 3rd-55 degrs rainy Pa worse to day Mr Goodman was

here Dr went to Morrison Jackson recd trunk from Springfield


May 4th Sunday-60 degrs rained this AM clear this PM I

had sick head to day little better this eve J & Dr are at

Herzog they are having a big time celebrating their tin

wedding I saw Mrs Wittmans sister in lane she is from

Nasshville Ten. is going to leave to flits she brought 2

children had them 14 months of firs Wittman. Jackson is in

the office with Roman Klinger Pa a little better to day Jack

and I took dinner with J

May Sth-64 degrs PM rained hailed thunder arid lightning

cloudy this eve Dr was at morrison.Pas the same I was some

better to day. the folk come home from the tin wedding after

11 1/2 oclock recd letter from Lewis

May 6th Tuesday-55 degrs cloudy rained Pa was very sick

to day recd postal from Wash letter from Media Amelia

Poeschel and lawyer Hoffman was to see us to day Pa could

not talk to them Dr was up at Morrison to day. Aurila Eerzog

and Edward Cramer wife was to see Julia to day

May 7th- 54 cloudy postal from Ella lebter frorn. L to

Ella she will corns down to nite had a distant Unkle Levi was

dead Pa little better Mary Sneider was here come from St

Louis in nite Dr was up at Morrison Jack went down to train

Julia was cleaning house all week had Mrs Mogul

May 8- 55degrees clear day for once do not know how

long it will last Jack come home 4 oclock this AM saw Ella &

Lewie the rest was sleeping.. had sleeper. Pa is feeling

little better this AM Dr went up to Morrison Mrs Mason &

child was here to see us to day Mrs Dr Hibbird & sister Mrs

Wm Poeschel,this evening Poeschels come in with carriage Dr

took Ainalia Hattie Mrs Mason and Julia to the Lawyers Ball

given at the Fair ground I was to see Malvin Mrs Klinger her

baby is a sweet pretty looking boy 12 day old she recd a bib

from Media to day sent from Springfield,Lewis sent a letter

to Herman to day for Ella Jack forwarded it to St Louis Wash

sent me a patent baking pan for bread and meats & a.

May Friday 9th- 58 degs beautiful day recd card from

H.L.Pa not feeling so well Mr Sohn & L Robyn was here to day

also Mrs Faldy we had the hall steps & kitchen painted to

day they had a nice time at the ball last nite all seem to

have enjoied themselves

May Sat 10-58 degrs fine day Pa had a bad nite recd

ldtter from Media Jack sent the shoes I gave him hdkf (silk)

for birthday Ricke was coming to see us but did not on

account of the hall & steps was just painted Pa was awful

bad PM and evening

May 11th Sunday-68 degrs sunshine & rain at intervals

Pa was very weak to day did not have such bad spell recd

card from Wash I took a walk over to P Snyders after super

stayed about 1/2 hour

May l2th-68 degrs cloudy early AM cleared off this

evening it is lightning and stormy windy. Julia had the

white washer to day also colored woman to clean she is awful

tired Jack also helped. Dr is very busy has so many patients

recd letter from Lewis to day Ella is still in St Louis

May l3th-65 degrs cloudy did not rain in nite Pa little

better to day Jackson was at the courb boise got his last

payment from Wimers estate for playing organ at church I

went visiting this PM sbooped at E Stork Charlie Neunhahn

was there from Lamar with Teresa Poesehel from there I went

to B Allemans then to Libbys then Kropps coming home stopped

at Mr Klinger This mother was there from St Charles also

sister from St Louis Mrs Feiner.Ars Gentner was to see Pa

this PM.recd letter from H.L.

May wed 14-49 degra fine day Pa is better to day Mr

Poeschel Mrs Hatte Mrs Wagner was here to day they took me

out riding We stoped Neunhahns then rode nome again he can

die any moment is very low recd card from Ella is still in

St Louis. Dr left on noon train for Jeff City Brunse

daughter was married to Mr Oncken to day

May Thursday 15/84-so degrs-beaubiful day Mr Neun died

5 this AM Mrs Poeschel sent me some radishes

lettuce, Asparagus we took up our parlor carpet to day and

cleaned the room Mr Goodman was here to day Triny Jordan has

a baby girl Dr was over river to day coate back at 4 AM

Friday 16- 55degrs fine day Mr Neunhahn was buried La

day the band played the school children went up to the

cemetry the singers sang at the grave Mr Labbard spoke had

a very large funeral Dr Julia & I where at the funeral

Jackson was at the house till our corner he than went home &

stayed with Pa he is about the same. Dr made Julia a present

of a large rocking chair rustic and bolstered made at the


May Sat 17 84-58 degrs clear day Pa the same recd

postal from Wash Dr & J went to Washington to attend concert

it is lightning & cloudy this eve Jack is playing on the

piana Mr Roman Klinger Charlie Snider are with Jackson it

rained awful hard and sbormed Dr & Julia come back 1/2 11 in

all the rain they was all wet, I was up till they come. they

took super Leonha in Wash

Sunday 18 84- 68 degrs cloudy this AM the children had

their may party it did not rain till about 4 oclock was a

shower than clear off again & C Dr & J got caught in rain.

came home about 8 oclock had a letter from Jackson also his

Photo it is very good Mrs L & Ricke where at fair ground

Monday 19 84-58 degrs clear & windy Jack was at Heinke

this AM this PM at charlie Maushand got some plants was

working in garden Mrs L Emelia Ricke & Julia where all out

this PM have not been here since Dr Nasse funeral Albert

Neunhahn was here look awful bad. Teresia Poeschel & Charlie

Neunhahn are going to marry the 29th he look consumptive

Edward also is looking bad I think they will all die of


May 20th Tuesday 84-56 degrs clear AM. Pa the same

after supper took a walk to Gentner also to see Mrs Arrot

Mrs Sneider was here to see us brought rhubarb & radishes...

May Weds 2lst-64 degrs Pa had an awful night such

groaning and restless, like usual the AM recd postal from

Wash also letter from Lewis Ella is still in St Louis &

children. rain this PM.I have pain in back & am taken cold

also head ache

May Thursday 22 accesntion- 69 degrs fine day many

folks in town Catholic children had commune 1st time. Dr

went up to Jefferson to take house(?) of Knights Templer

Charlie & Teresia are in St Louis going to marry 29

Friday 22-69 degrs Dr come back from J C 4 this AM I

have not been well these 2 days. Billious head acke &

rheumatisn Julia is spending PM at Tina Mertens

May Sat 24- 60 degrs fine day I still have rheumatic

pain in head shoulder & arm feal much better this eve

Malvina was here with baby 4 weeks old Mr Snyder sent

lettuce & strawberries

Sun. day 25- 69 degrs clear day catholics have a great

time to day a young Priest is going to be consecrated

children all in white and straw flowers in church Jack was

to school also to singing in the eveg at church Julia L was

here this AM brought asparagus also lettice. this is the 3rd

time she brought asparagus Pa was not so well to day I did

not feel so well either Ricke is in Sb Louis I heard Jeff

sent 25$ from Topeka

Mon 26- 60 degrs Pa had a bad nite and day I felt

better Mrs Meyer sent cheese Julia & Emma went out to


May Tuesday 27- 61 degrs pleasant day I went out to Mrs

L Meyer this AM Pa is about the same recd letter from Lewis

also one from Lewie stating of their safe arrival at Chicago

last friday Mrs Rosa Smith and daughter was here from over

the river to see us to day she has 2 daughters married

Malvina was here to day with baby also Teresia to see Julia

Mrs R Poeschel sent Julia and I some beautiful head lettuce.

Mrs Sholten & Mrs Morern was here to see us to day the

latter is going to New Orleans to stay with her daughter

poor old lady feels quite lost since her daughter death

Mrs Labbard

May Wed 28-54 degrs cool day & clear Mrs L sent

asparagus & lettuce Mrs Meyer sent cheese Mrs P Snyder senL

radishes and lettuce also beautiful Boquet. Mrs Snell from

over the river sent us 3 boxes the largest strawberries I

took a walk over to Snyder after supper Pa is not feeling

very well this evening we recd letter from Ella

May Thursday 29-54 degrs beautiful day recd letter for

Julia from Media to day. Joe Lessel was here just come from

Cheyene Wells, He is looking very well. Otto Neunhahn took

his place. Charlie and Teresia Poeschel was married to day

Dr & Julia where at the wedding Mary Patrick was here

brought my wash Mrs Bu~man was here just got back from

Papinsville was to see her sister & brother Keller she is

looking so well has a child 14 months old Rieger was

serenaded this evening being his 35 birthday

May 30th Friday- 48 degrs cool and clear folks got back

from wedding at 1 oclock to day Mrs Meyer sent cheese & milk

also bognet I also got one from Mrs P Snyder I made a

beautiful boquet for Mr Poeschel birthday also gave him silk

hdkf. Mrs Sherer,Mrs Wrn Poes Mr Melahior P & Dr Freyn & I

was there they all felt little blue being up so late at the


May 31st 84 Sat-52 degrs fine day Pa not so well had a

bad spell Mr Brunse was here took coffee with us come to

take Jack out in the country but would not leave on Pa

account he rode out as far as voight with him about 3 mile

Mrs Bushman was here to see us (Collins daughter)

June 1st Penticost or witsunday- 58 degrs

showery.cloudy, Pa little becter Jackson was to sunday

School in evening singing in church I went over to snyders

Phillic after super Mrs Linn & Christena was here

June Monday (witsun)-64 cloudy rainy the catholic had

their May party at the fair grounds I took a walk out meet

Roman Klinger went out with him meet Mrs Wagner Mr Poeschel

& Amalia also Adelheid Neinhahn was in their cong till I

left just got home before a severe shower rain hail thunder

& a Mr Goodman was here when I got back Dr.Julia,Hannah &

Hattie Poeschel went to a pic nic at Berges got back 6

oclock the girls took super here than the carriage come for

'them Jackson was with Pa he went out this evening Roman is

spending the eve with Dr Mrs Snyder sent radishes & lettice

fine heads

Tuesday 3rd June-62 degrs rained a little PM. Charle

Neunhahn & Teresia was here to bid us goodbye are going to

leave to morrow for Lamar Mr Wa' P. was also here we had an

invitation to day to Lena Dings & Eugune Jaccard wedding at

the Parents of the Bride at Woodlawn MO. the 18th of June I

got a few plants from Mrs Snyder Rhubard for pie silery

beets cabbage & other plants Jackson got the ground ready

for planting after super I went out to Meyers & Rieqer Mrs R

Poeschel sent nice head lettuce Malvina sent radishes &

strawberries recd letter from Wash

Wednesday 4 June-62 degrs Mrs Lessel birthday I went

out PM have her stuff for dress gingham and white apron also

boquet Mrs Barns and children where there Julia Morganauer &

child Mrs Libby we left soon as it threatned for rain we

recd letter from Media they sent her (Mrs L) fine pair

embroidered shoes hdkf & silk mitts. also letter from Ella &

papers from Chicago also Kansas City papers from Wash Mrs

Meyer sent me a boquet also Mrs Snyder

Thurs June 5- 62 degrs Pa not so well I also was sick

in nite head acke to day Dr gave me some powders I took a

walk after supper to see Eppleas than went down to the river

stoped at Arrott She was not at tome come to see Pa she was

at Lessels. Pa was feeling bad today Julia recd her quick

meats to day

June 6th-64degrs Pa not feeling well Julia cooked

breakfast and ironed on her stove likes it so much I think

it is a great saving & no heat. after supper I took a walk

to Gentners. I then went to Meyers. Blanch Gentner lost her

19 year old son died of measels.

June 7th Saturday-73 degrs Pa about the same recd

letter from Lewis Julia baked bread in her new stove it

bakes splendid she like it ever so much Dr was over river

went over at: 11 oclock come back at 5 I took a walk after

supper I have not been well for some tine Dr says T have

dispepsia & fever with it

June 8th Sun-76 degrs Pa little better today does not

groan so much was up best part of PA Jackson was Lo sunday

school & church than took a walk recd letter from Lewis &

Ella I took a walk over to Begemans after I got back Starks

sent carriage in for Dr & Julia it is raining thunder &

lighting we had awful rain this eve and still raining and

dark had a present of a boquet asparagus and lettuce

June 9 Mon -73 degrs Pa about same General Marmaduke

the one passed through here 1864 was here to see Pa & I

talked about rebel time they come in carriage with Col Lee &

Goddy Dr rode out to see the wine cellar, to nite is

resception at the white house

June 10th Tuesday-57 degrs Pa the same Malvina was here

with baby recd letter from Lewie Chicago also from Media

Springfield. I took a walk to see Slenders this PM.

June 11th Wed-54 degrs I went out PM to see old Heise

also went out to Laura Stark they brought me home in

carriage Julia had company Orille H & 3 more ladies from St

Louis Julia got sick working to much getting over heated &


June l2th-52 degre Pa not so well awful pain in head

Julia & Emma went out to M Poeschel did not get back untill

past 8 Mr Robyn was here to see Pa

June 13-68 degrs Pa lic"ble better to day I went up to

Gentners after supper Mrs Arrot was there Mrs Schultz

husband married few months nee Leitzel

June 14 Saturday-73 degrs pa had very speel this PM Dr

went in county delegate come back after 5 left 1/2 5 AM with

Dr Ettmiller Pa is not so well.after supper I took a walk up

to Mrs Arrots stoped in at Gentners Dr & Julia went to

concert hall the turners are having a concert

June Sunday l5th-73 degrs Pa little better to day had

letter from Herman saying Media was very low but is out of

danger Jack & Dr want to sunday school the catholic had a

big time celebrating the holy body of Jesus but was

disturbed on account of rain was on the way to march around

the church this eve,they will have theatrical performance at

the concert hall Mr Goodman was here also letter from W. and

Julia recd one from Ella rained PM

June Monday 16-73 degrs cloudy Pa about same H.L & JJA

teieg-c.iphed to springfield to hear how Media was she has

been very low but is improving also recd letter from H to

day Dr recd his uniform Knights Templer it is a splendid &

costly suit Dr & Julia took a walk Jackson been out

collecting then went down to depot

June l7th-74 degrs cloudy & rained a little we sent a

box of wine (Goethe) to Lina Dings wedding it is too bad we

could not go also sent a postal, we recd card from H.L.

stating Media is doing as well as can be expected, also recd

letter from Wash Bessle Alice Mabel picture enclosed I do

think Bessie looks so sweet. recd paper from Lewis. I took a

walk to Mrs Snyder she gave me a beautiful bouquet also peas

lettuce Rhubarb Pa had a bad spell while I was gone Dr gave

him so powders I gave him one it seamed to do him good could

rest after he took it

June l8th-73 degrs clear AM had a shower in PM Pa feels

so week did not rest well last night was sitting up quite a

while this PM toward eve felt worse Charlie Maushund was

here this PM with his 2 boys.recd postal from H. Media is

better to day Lina Dings & Euguene Jaccard where married

June 19-73 degrs had several showers Jack was at Heinke

this AM they gave him a basket full of currens &

gooseberries, I made 6 glass jelly and canned the beries 2

cans. recd postal from HL stating that nurse has left her -

Media.DR says she is improving fast. Jackson had letter from

Lewie, today was Mrs W Poeschel birthday it rained could not

go out

June 20 Friday-73 degrs AM recd washer & gasoline stove

from Kansas City from Wash have tried stove. I think will be

fine makes no heat cooks quick.Jackson is the cook until I

can work it myself Pa about the same weak but has not had

them bad spells in head those few days we had a heavy shower

this PM thunder and lightning is cooler this evening

June Sat 21-72 degrs fine AM Pa not so well had postal

card from Wash also wedding cake from Mr & Mrs Jackard we

tried the wash machien it does fine also the gasloine stove

can not be beat no heat cookes fast the best invention ever

made. it rained again this PM, yesterday it struck in old

grimes house come down the chimney arni stuned him quite a

whil? bit is all right again Julia L brought us some new

potatoes beans and Rhubarb this eveg

June Sunday 22-72 degrs AM clear rained at noon Keept

it up nearly all PM the Ball Club come from Washington to

day had a disagreeable time of it rain rain this evening it

is so clear and cooler I hope it will stop raining for a few

days in Kansas they are wishing to; it and we have too much

Pa T think is very weak I dont think he has the head acke so

bad he is more quiet.Julia was to church this AM. after tea

I took a walk up to Gentners coming back stoped to see

Epplers. mother & daughter sick Jack went to church to


June Monday 23-72 degrs AM clear cloudy & rained PM

very little recd postal from HL Pa I think some better I

Look a walk out to Meyer also stoped in at Brantleys Mrs

Linn sent us some beans

Jane Tuesday 24-72 degrs Pa the same recd letter from

lewie rained this AM I went out to Poeschels it was Mrs

Wagner birthday Dr went to Morrison AM

June 25- 72 degrs clear Pa the same recd p card from

Wash Dr went to bridgeport this eveng went out to Poeschel

Amelia birthday was today Mrs Lessel sent beans & few new

potatoes it is cloudy this evening

June 26-70 degrs cloudy all nite arid all day no rain I

was at the school examination AM Mrs Wittrnan I think she

teaches the children well she speaks good english also

german Julia was to school this PM Miss Duran is tea&ner in

tha snillec class she also is better in english than in

german is very much liked

June 27-70 degrs cloudy AM Pa about the same Mr Goodman

was here Jack went out to get rasberries got a few come back

at noon this PM i went to school examination Mr Kleinsmith

teacher it was well attended, also think the teacher

decerves credit her speaks well the english language after

school I stoped at Slenders she is not feeling well her feet

are very much swollen. Julia also went with Emma to School

June 23 Sat-70 degrs clear AM. Pa same Julia & Emma

went out to Aurillia Herzog birthday they cone home in

carriage Dr went over river stayed all nite

June 29-72 degrs clear day Pa went down to our corner

after breakfast had a fit come home had to lie down. recd

letter from Ella Jack went to Sunday school also to singing

in the evening

June 30 Mon-72 degrs fine day Pa took a walk up the

hill & back had to lie down but stood it pretty well Jack

went Rasberrie hunting come back at noon Mrs Poeschel was

here to see us Hattie and Lena was to see Julia stayed for

tea after supper I took a walk to Heikers coming back found

Pa sitting on front of house

July 1 st-72 degrs Pa went out this AM to see the new

addision to the school also to see the new paved St stoped

to see Mrs Hirsh also Niebroff Jack went for Rasberries I

took a walk to gentners coming back stoped at Epplers Mrs

Poeschel sent us beans & cabbage

July 2-73 degrs cloudy Pa went out this AM up on court

house hill come back all right Mrs Lessel sent by Julia

apples also cabbage Mr Schaffenberger died from the effects

of drowning I took a walk after supper Pa was feeling pretty

good recd postal from Wash Julia recd letter from Teresia


July 3-74 degrs AM thunder storm about 10 cleared off

again recd letter from Media Jackson is sick bowels out of

order Media is well again I took a walk tip to Emmas stoped

in at Mrs Wittman Pa took a walk up the catholic till stoped

in at Keupers

July 4th- 74 degrs fine day Pa could not go out this AM

I went over to Phillipp Sneider and got a boquet for Mr

Scherer birthday went there and congratulated him it was 12

when I got back, 1 1/2 the different societys meet and

turned out in a procession quite a number paraded through

town then marched out to the fair ground. Julia rode out

about 5 oclock Mrs Mistler was sun stroke after supper I

took a walk up to Gentners than down to goodman we had a

bond fire in front of house also burnt powder there was fire

work in and out town it was a beautiful evening Julia and Dr

just come home 10 oclock

Drh July Sat-74 degrs Pa took a walk as far as

Langendoerfer came back in about 1/2 hour did not feel very

well Jack was for berries I made jelly & jam after supper

took a walk towards the river stoped in at Klinks

July 6th-74 degrs fine day Pa did not take a walk Julia

went to church Jack to sunday school also to singing recd

letter from Lewis Jack one from Lewie. Mrs Sohns Sr.Mrs L.

Jr was to see is PM. Mrs Snyder come this evening Dr & Julia

where out this PM also eveg

Monday July 7- 72 degrs cloudy AM cleared off in PM

beautiful moonlight evening PA took a walk up to Storks

Jack went to printing office I took a walk out to Meyers

also stopped in at Riegers

July 8th-73 degrs clear day went to catholic church

Lob Monnig was married to an Irish pedler left for St Louis

on three oclock train Mr Ben Hoffman come from Sedelia took

tea with us is going home to nite Jack went with him out to

the Klinqs Mrs Hansen was here to day

July 9th- Wrn Kise married this eve to Miss Kratley by

Justice Muller

July 9th Wed- 80 degrs AM cloudy till noon cleared off

& cool Pa took a walk this AM after tea I took a walk up to

see Mrs Arrot she just gob back was at New Haven to see Anne

(Dr Goodrick) Mrs Hansen sent me a basket of vegetables

July 10-70 degrs fine day Pa did not feel so well recd

letter from Lewis also postal from H.L. Mrs Meyer sent a

basket of vegetables to day. Mrs Steinhaus was to see us to

day. after tea I took a walk to Weisers also to Mrs Keuper.

Hanah Wert was to see us the fire company tried the engine

this eve. Wm Kice are having a shivere. Dr & Julia went to

see the young bride & groom Mr & Mrs Labbard.

July 11-70 degrs Pa did not go out Mr Keiper was here

to see Pa also Mr Cristel after supper I took a walk up the

catholic hill as far as Mrs Snells she gave me a beautiful

boquet also few apples she has a fine place 6 lots I never

had been there before. Cleveland was nominated candidate for

Democrat President Hendricks Vice President Lewis sent

papers & c to Pa a letter to Julia

July 12th- 68 degrs Pa took a walk to Keipers this AM

Julia recd letter from Media also sent a Mother Hubbard

bonnet for Julia pink gingham it rained this PM.

July 13th Sunday- 70 degrs rained hailed & blew all

nite Pa not so well. after supper I went to see the Epplers.

Jack went to singing this eve. Dr was to Sun school this PM

July 14th Mon-70 degrs Pa took a walk this AM up the

rail road track Jackson went for blackberries got about 2

gallons. and some wild grapes Mrs L sent few apples head

cabage & cucumber Mrs Poeschel brought a cauliflower recd

letter from Media also paper from Lewis

July 15 Tues-GA degrs awful thunder lighting & rain was

all up in nite cleared off this eve hope we can sleep to

nite Julia & Emma went out to Tony Kramer birthday.they

brought them home in carriage Lewis sent papers from Chicago

July 16 Wednes-68 degrs Jack went for Blackberries this

AM come back at noon got quite a lot recd postal from Wash

also papers, papers from Lewis to day the Democratic

congressional committe held ratification meeting.

July 17 Thurs-70 degrs rained this AM, cleared off in

PM cloudy this eve, Pa not feeling so well Herman wrote to

Jackson, Lewis sent paper,after supper I went to see Snyders

July 18 Friday-68 degrs cloudy this AM cleared off is

quite cool this eve. Pa about the same Jackson went up to

Cole creek for Blackberries got quite a lot we caned them

also made Black Cordial

July 19 Sat- 72degrs Pa had a bad nite went on awful

not feeling well to day recd letter from Ella I took a walk

out to L Meyers also stopped at Riegers Emelia Lessel was

here this evening 2 time since she come back from Denver

Ricke come back to day has been gone over before this 3

months she has not been here long Mrs Lessel has not been

here since the funeral of Dr Nasse over 3 months

July 20th Sunday-73 degrs Pa the same Julia went to

church Jack to Sunday school in evening to singing Dr was

called over the river Mr Stewerd was scalded by an engine

also another young man Julia went out to Lauras they got her

in carriage Mrs Wm Poeschel was here brought some pears I

took a walk to Gentners this evening

July 21 Monday-72 degrs Dr come back 9 AM Mr Steward

died about 10 PM sunday Pa had a bad spell dizzy Dr went

over the river to funeral. Mrs K Poeschel sent us some

tomatoes & apples

July Tues 22-72 degrs Pa took a little walk this AM

Jack went for blackberries got about 2 gallons Julia had

company Emma & ch Hannah & Amelia Poesehel Jonny Goodman

brought a basket of apples

July Wed 23-73 degrs Jack & Mr Boehm went out to the

Schamburg got a basket of Blackberries left 1/4 of 5 AM come

back at 2 PM Pa took a walk that is over to Slender I went

to see Keupers after tea Mrs Robyn was to see Dr & Julia

this eve Lewis sent paper

July 24th Thursday-78 degrs Pa went out this AM but

come back soon felt: so dizzy had to lye down. Emma Stork &

Julia went out to Poeschels after supper I went to Weise &

to see Eppler. JacK was out this eve it is raining

July 25-79 degrs Pa not able to go out this AM felt the

heat to day more than ever recd letter from Media to day I

was invited to Mrs L Meyer Mrs Sohns from St Louis & others

where there Mrs W Poeschel was here to see us

July 26-72 degrs pleasant fine breezze Pa not feeling

well Jack was with Fred Heinke for Blackberries Dr was over

the river this AM Mrs L & Mrs Kreck was here this eve first

time since Dr Nasse funeral the former one Ricke had not

been here long before Dr Nasse died

July 27- 73 degrs AM Lewis took us by supper come from

Chicago this noon is going to leave in nite for St Louis on

bussiness left all well, took a walk with Dr & Julia and

then they all took supper with us

28 July Monday- 72 degrs Lewis left in nite Pa took a

walk Dr was called up in nite, was also over the river this

AM this PM Jack went for blackberries, is out this eveg Mrs

Lessel & J also left for Springfield Mo

July 29 Tuesday-73 degrs Pa took a walk this AM Wash

sent a paper Dr was over the river this PM. Jack is out it

is raining this evening to day Charlie Moffman come from

Sedalia Benne H from country they stoped dinner with Dr,

Benne went to Sedalia to attend to C.H. bussiness till he

returns, I sent the doll for Luella with Benne

July 30 Wednesday-70 degrs raining this AM and all nite

recd letter from Wash Bessie was sick Malvina was here with

baby this evening Julia has co. from St Louis also Mr & Mrs

Wensel are among them. I was to see Mrs Arrot this eve.

July 31 -68 degrs Pa very sick all nite did not get up

till after 12 noon did not- eat anything was feeling so bad

obliged to go to bed again is not resting wel1 this eveg Mr

Stecklin was here to see Pa, recd letter from Mrs Hoffman

August 1st 1884-68 degrs beautiful day Pa about the

same but eat a little to day. after supper I went up to

Gentners.recd letter from Media Lotte is in Herman passed

the corner with her mother and Emelia Dr & Jackson was at

the Democrat club meeting

August 2-72 degrs clear and windy Pa no better after supper

went to Keupers thundered & lightning & blew in eve, Jackson

did not go out it looked awful but did not rain

Aug 3- 76 degrs clear AM splendid breeze Pa no better

is lying down not able to be up Mr Goodman was to see us

Jack went to Sunday school come back went to child funeral

to the catholic cemetry after supper I took a walk up to the

catholic hill Jack went to sunday evening singing Dr & J

took a walk in evening

Aug 4th-63 degrs Pa the same Jack went for Blackberries

this PM George Krech was to see us come from Marshal Texas.

to day is emancipation day Jack & Charlie Snyder went out to

the fair ground to see the colored folks dance Dr & Kunge

also went Julia is at Malvina Minnie Linn was here this eve.

Augt Tues 5th- 58 degrs quite cool. Pa no better recd

papers also letter from Lewis & Hugh after supper I had

business to settle with Goodman stopped at Niehoff. there

are 8 sick there I also stoped at Quandts Mrs Witt teacher

moved to day

Wed 6- 58 degrs clear AM rained in evening Dr & J went

to Malvina Jack also went out Mina Linn stayed with me till

Jack got home

Aug 7-66 degrs Pa awful sick in nite toothache dizzy &

c no better to day Julia L birthday

Aug 8- 62 degrs Pa no better Mr Sohn & Mr Gus Kirchhoff

from Morrison was here to see Pa he could not talk to them

had a bad spell dizzy & c Julie not well has a bad cold in

throat head ache & c

Auq 9tn Saturday-60 degrs fine AM Pa I think little

better recd letter from Media to day after supper I took a

walk to Niehoff to see how they was 8 her son was down with

fever no better stopped at Quandts, Meyer, & Rickes Julia

better. Dr went to the meeting

Aug 10 Sunday-59 degrs Pa worse had a bad spell this

PM. Mr Keuper was here to see ah. albo Mr Gentner Jack went

to sunday scool also to singing in the evening

Aug 11 Monday- 58 degrs did not have the spell as bad

as yesterday but is poor. Jack & Dr are in Market house have

a law suit one of the Democrat club an Irish man thrown with

stones Colons Arrott was found guilty of the deed

Augt 12 Tuesday-63 degrs Pa no better Jackson went to

Teachers Institute this PM recd papers from Chicago

Aug 13 Wednesday- 64 degrs rained little in nite Pa no

better had an awful bad spell PM. Mr Obenhaus music teacher

from St Louis. we had letter from Lewis to day.

Aug 14 Thursday-70 degrs Pa not able to be up to day Mr

West also Mr Brunse was to see him to day recd letter from

Wash also one from Lewis it rained a little this PM is

cloudy this eve the teachers institute was closed this eve

Aug 15 Friday- 70 degrs- Pa no better the catholics had

a big time Virgin Mary ascention day. Mr Keiper was here to

see PA he could not talk to him Niehoffs are still sick, Mr

Labbard & wife stopped to see Dr & J. this eve

Aug 16 Sat-75 degrs Pa same recd letter from Ella Jack

got a few blackberries to day the Democrats had a meeting in

Market house this PM Jackson was nominated delegate for

Cleveland & H club Dr & Julia went out to Starks returned 3

oclock in carriage

Aug 17 Sun-73 degrs raining AM clear off PM Pa same Mr

& Mrs Snyder carte to see us also Mrs Hertzer I took a walk

up the catholic hill then went to see Mrs Snell Dr was

called to Rosa Robyn child died

Aug 18- 73 degrs Pa not so well confined to bed all day

no appetite very weak. recd letter from Media also from Wash

August 19- 76 degrs Pa was bad in nite we all was up in

nite Pa was up little to day is worse this evening recd

letter from Lewis

Aug 2Oth-76 degrs Pa about same recd letter from Lewie

also papers

Aug 21- 70 degrs Pa no better I recd postal from Wash

Mr Stark was here to see Pa just got back last sat from his

trip from europe Pa was so excited to hear about the Old

country Mr Stark said he did not get through must come again

he was to see Mosmeyers he says Amelia looks old they expect

to come to Herman next year Amelia sings on the stage

Aug 22nd Friday- 73 degrs rainy AM also rained in nite

recd papers Mel & letters from Wash also parlor target Dr &

Julia went to R Robyn tin Wedding they sent a tin sloop

bucket also tin cup with a boguet

Aug 23 Sat- 70 degrs Pa the same. after supper I went

over to Snyder she gave me a beautiful boquet also pears

August Sunday 24- 66 degrs Pa was awful restless in nite

groaned a great deal had stomach ache. Mr Goodman was here

to see Pa Jack was to Sunday school I took a walk after

supper about a square when I come back J & D Mr & Mrs

Wentszel and some others from St Louis was invited at

Begemans Jack is gone out I am alone with Pa.

Aug 25 Mon- 68 degrs raining cleared off PM Mr & Mrs

Poeschel was here after supper I took a walk up to Gentners

Pa same Goodman was also here

August Tuesday 26- 70 degrs clear then cloudy. Pa the

same did not go out. Thad head ache Jackson went to the

Cleveland & H club meeting held at the parlor of Mr Brantley

(our old home)

Aug 27 Wed-74 degrs Pa was awful sick in nite no better

rained this AM cleared of this PA Jack recd postal from Wash

we recd from Media Jock is still sick with loose bowels Mrs

Lessel expects to leave Springfield to day the girl also

left I guess she will feel lonesome recd letter from JL

Aug 23 Thursday- 70 degrs rained AM Pa no better recd

letter from L Springfield sent 2 bottles seedling wine

Aug 29- 78 degrs Pa very sick all nite also to day Mrs

Lessel was to see us Lotte & Julia also. told us all aboub

her journey to Springfield & back

Aug 30- 68 degrs beautiful AM Jack was delegate for the

nomination of candidates at Drake left home 1/2 past 3

oclock rode out with Mike Jordan in his new rig Dr left at 6

AM come back aL 7 PA Mrs F Keller died at 6 PM.

Aug 31st Sunday- 62 degrs fine day Pa no better Mr

Goodman was here Jack was to sunday school also in evening

to singing I wenL to Mrs Snell to get a few flowers for JBD.

Ella wrote sent present

September 1st Mon-63 degrs fine day Pa the same Julia

birthday recd many presents from Herzog silver card receiver

Mrs Stork pepper & salt castor Mrs Klinqer sham pillow

covers Ella Austermell a white apron Mrs W Poeschel pickle

stand Media Lessel scrap basket dusting pan and brush. Pa &

Jack stairs carpet pillow cases from Ma also rods for carpet

brussels carpet from Dr & boquets from different persons.

also a basket of pears from M.P. Birthday card from Tony

Kramer.Mrs Keller was buried to day 34 years old leaves a

Husband and 6 children to morn her loss she had a very large

funeral. Mrs Klinger Mrs Wm Poeschel Mrs Begeman Mrs Stork &

children.A & Lina Poeschel, also Mrs Wagner Mrs Wentzel &

sister in law Mr & Mrs Herzog also Tony, where here to her

birthday Tina Frank & children Mrs Lessel Dr Mrs Lessel Jr

Lotte Ecrect & Julia Lessel also.

Sep 2-75 degrs Pa same. Louisa Buente & Brother was

here there was a young man burned to day a stranger from

South Carolina Bellinger by name Jack was with the funeral

Dr. Hibbard pd all expenses

Sepr 3- 68 degrs Julia & Dr went over the river to Mr

Price daughter wedding left 8 AMcome home 3 PM Pa I think

little better rested better in nite recd card from Wash

paper from Lewis

Sepr 4th-73 degrs Pa no better recd postal from Wash

Julia wrote to Ella, Hugh birthday today

Sepr 5th Fair comnc-73 degrs clear day Pa same Jack is

helping the Teacher to lay carpet & c.Just been married

expecting his wife Dr & J took a walk out to the fair ground

ball come home at one 1 oclock

Sepr 6th Sat-74 degrs rained PM cloudy this eve Pa

same. recd letter from Media Julia was out to Lessel this PM

Dr & Julia took dinner & supper with us to day went to

Labbard this evening Julia gave J a pair slipper

Sep 7 Sunday-76 deqrs Excursion train from St Louis to

Fair Ground abouL 600 from:a St Louis there where about loco

at the F Ground I went out with Dr we rode out saw many I

knew from St Louis was incroduced to many enjoyed myself was

there about 2 hours rode in town with Rudigers Julia & Jack

stayed home with Pa had Dr Gross son for supper Dr & Julia

took a walk to the depot to see the excursioners off Jack

recd neck tie from L & E: also 2 letters from Chicago for

birthday Pa was some better to day I think

Sepr Sth-78 deqrs Pa same. Jackson was helping Sneider

in P Office all day Dr went to Jefferson City this noon Mr

Poeschel was to see Pa. also Amelia Poeschel bid us good bye

expects to leave for Detroit to morrow

Sep 9- 78 degrs PM 103 degrs. Julia recd letter from

Ella. Lewis sent papers. Pa same Dr went over river this

evening I took a walk up to Gentners after supper Jack went

to the D.M. this eve, this P.M. went out to fair ground to

fix up for the delegates to the Democratic congressinal

convention which will be held to morrow

Sep 10- 79 degrs Pa little better Jack Dr also Julia

was at the convention held at the fair ground there where

speaches made quite a number where here Mr Krauthoff and Dr

Gross son was here to supper at Dr, this evening is also

meeting. Mr Gross stayed with us all nite took breakfast

with us

Sep 11-71 degrs recd letter from Wash which brought the

news of an increase in the family of a son Maude and child

are doing well we was all rejoiced to hear it and hope they

will have the pleasure of raising him to be a good man Lewis

sent papers also advertisments of wash machiens

Sep 12-62 degrs Pa not well to day Spery wife was

burned died in confinement the baby is living 3 days old

she was a daughter of Ferde Metzler Jack was with the

funeral they all took it hard, Julia recd letter from Media

also from Ella Butt Jack was very sick again is little


Sep.13-58 degrs Pa same Col More was here to see Dr &

Julia Lent Brookmeyer is also here there are others here

that will make speaches at the white house Dr Julia &

Jackson have gone.the Republicans also have meeting at the

concert hall.Malvina & baby also Emelia Lessel Arnanda Doss &

Lotte K was here

Sen 14 Sunday-68degrs home all day till after supper I

took a walk up the catholic hill went down to Lessels Mrs

Lessel come home with me Dr & Julia went to church to hear

the farewell serman Dr & J took Mrs L home about 1/2 past

10. Mr Goodman was here.

Sep 15 Mon-73 degrs Pa about same Jack recd letter from

South Carolina. (Barnwell) the man brother that fell from

the bridge & caused his death (Norman Billinger) Julia &

Malvina with baby rode out to Poeschels. Dr was across the

river left 11 AM come back 4 PM

Sep 16-73 deqrs Pa same last nite it rained was clear

to day Dr was over river to day after supper took a walk up

the hill stoped at Mrs Snyders

September 17 Wednesday-63 degrs rained awful in nite

lightned & thundered also wind to day clear & pleasant Pa

the same Amanda Kresch was here Jack recd letter from Wash

also papers from Lewis I was to see Mrs Gentner also Goodman

Sep 18 Thursday- 56 degrs Pa same.Emelia Lessel

birthday to day Dr & Julia where there in evening. I walked

up the catholic hill the convention (Republican) just

marched in from the wine celler to nite they will have torch

light procession the Washington band is also here. I stoped

or rather went down the hill and congratulated Emelia

Sepr 19 Friday-59 degrs Jackson recd letter from Ella I

was at Gentners a little while this PM. Dorthea Goodman was

here today also Julia Lessel. there where about 170 torch

light in possession it look beautiful many houses also where

illuminated and then they had great speaches & c, at concert


Sep 20 Saturday- 60 degrs recd postal from Media

Jackson still sick Dr went out to Brunse this eveg Malvina

was here this eveg Julia Lessel brought us some apple to day

Sep 21st Sunday- 60 degrs clear day Pa same. Jack went

out in country about 40 mile left 2 PM on horse back

Sep 22 Monday-70 degrs very warm and clear this eve it

is cloudy and lightning, Mrs Greis was buried to day Paulina

Weber boy left her yesterday

Sep 23 Tuesday-70 degrs AM rained nearly all day it is

lightning & Thundering and raining this even Jackson come

home we recd letter from Lewis Hugh & Edith Pa did not have

dizzy spells but is about the same these few days Paulina

Weber baby was burned to day

Sep 24 Wed- 70 degrs AM recd papers from Chicago Pa

little worse this evg Mrs R Poeschel & Mrs Wagner was here

Dr & Julia called on Mr & Mrs Kleinsmith

Sept 25 Thursday-53 degrs AM fine day Pa same I was to

see Epplers after supper to get aired Pa awful fussy this


Sept 26 Friday- 58 degrs rained in nite and awful it

rain to day and still raining this eveg Pa groaning in sleep

not feeling good. Julia recd postal from Wash

Sepr 27 Saturday-73 degrs rained AM Cleared off cloudy

this evening Julia recd letter from Ella Pa not feeling good

groaning and awful restless this eveg.

Sepr 28 Sunday-63 degrs.rained all nite cleared off AM

Dr & Julia Johanna & Hattie Poeschel went over the river to

Talbot Mrs Lessel was here this afternoon stayed to tea

Julia L come and got her recd letter from H.L. from


Sep 29 Mon-70 degrs. partly cloudy all day Pa same.

Emma Stork was to see Julia I took a walk out to L Meyers

after supper (just for a walk).

Sep 30-70 degrs cloudy AM, rained with lightning &

thunder awful hard PM. Pa same is up best part of day

Oct 1 Wednesday-70 degrs cloudy AM clear PM rained few

drops about 6 oclock Pa not so well. Mrs Lessel & I took a

walk to see Scherer also Nasse apple establishment and his

new store stopped in at Slenders. recd papers from Lewis

Oct.2 Thursday- 70 degrs fine day no rain. Pa same went

to store stopped in at Lessels

Oct 3 Friday- 73 degrs Pa worse to day recd letter from

Media Dr & J went out this evening Jack is home with me

Oct 4 Saturday-74 deqrs Pa little better Mrs Keuper was

to see us to day Dr Turne took tea with Dr & J then went to

Lodge and Jack to hear Bland speak at the C & H club white


Oct 5 Sunday- 74 degrs recd letter & c from Wash Mr

Keuper was to see Pa to day Mr Kleinsmith was to see us took

tea with Julia also J & _

Oct 6th-68 degrs clear day rained few drops PM Dr went

to Gasconade City to see a patient walked home it was

moonlight we had an awful scare there where so many tramps

in Lown Mrs Keuper was here to day I was to see Mr Damm also

Sneider after tea.

Oct 7th Tuesday- 71 degrs clear AM 3rd AM sky red

before sunrise Pa same recd letter from Lewie- after tea

took a walk as far as Ruegers than to store Mr Lorn brother

was to see Pa to day in the eveg it was 81 degrs

Oat 8 Wed-59 degrs rainy cold Mrs T Neunhahn from Lama

was to see us to day Julia moved stove in room

Oct 9-54 degrs cloudy AM cleared off this PM 104 degrs

in sun. recd letter from Media Pa not so well. I was to see


October 10- 50 degrs Pa little better to day I went out

this PM to see Mrs Conrad Klinge also to Bareiss & Margaret

Smith Mrs Snell sent Julia & myself a boquet

Oct 11-54 degrs fine AM Pa not so well Jackson went to

Washington to day as delegate to nominate a senitor recd

letter from Ella

Oct 12-64 deqrs beautiful day Jack was to see Mrs

Lovenberg also Leonhards stayed witn them last nite brought

me a nice boquet from them Mr Keuper & Mr Goodman was to see

us, after supper I went to see Epplers, Julia was to church

this AM

Oct 13-64 degrs fine day Mrs Lessel & Julia stayed till

amer supper Ricke & Emelia come to take them horns. Dr &

Julia went to Klinges to spend the evening

Oct 14- 54 degrs Pa little better to day recd letter

from Lewie I took a walk up to Gentner after supper they

heard from their son last they heard he was in Vienna

October 15th-48 degrs clear day recd postal from Media

Julia recd letter from Lewis after supper took a walk out to

Lessels she come home with me Dr took her home J was at the

depot till after 2 oclock to hear the return of Election in

Ohia the Reps had majority

October 16- 49 degrs fair day Mrs Wm Poeschel was here

to day took dinner with us in the eveg Mr & Mrs Kleinsinith

was to see Dr & Julia I also was introduced to her. to day

there was a fire at Aujust Meyers house it caught fire in

the garret the roof coramenced to burn the engine was soon at

hand it did not burn much but damages by water Pa not so


Oct 17 Friday- 50 degrs Dr Father, Sister & Husband

come to day from Cleveland (I was to see Mrs Eppley she is

worse) Julia got Inqrahn daughter to do the work

Oct 18 Sat- 50 degrs Mrs Kamerer & Julia was out

calling Pa I think little better Mr Gentner was to see us

to day he want him to go with possession the fire men

anniversary is to come off to morrow

Oct 19 Sunday- 53 degrs beautiful day fire men

celebrated the aniversary Pa was ready to go but Dr thought

better not go they had Band playing in possession Mr

Lovenberg & son was here to see us from Washington Mrs

Lessel was also here took supper with us.recd letter from


October 20 Monday- 55 degrs after breakfast Mrs Kamerer

& I took a walk out to Lessels than went on catholic hill

and home. this eve Mrs K & J went to court house to decorate

the hall with wreaths also made them.

Oct 21 Tues-52 degrs raining all day Pa not so well.

had big time at Herman flag pole raised on court house hill

PM. torch light procession and many houses illuminated and

speaking in court house, had it decorated with garlands

buntings & flags also fire works the speasers were Gen.

Craig H E A Seay Gen Gooding and Col Vinc Marmaduke & Mrs a

Fallon. I was also in meeting with Julia Dr & others lasted

until nearly 12 oclock

Oct 22nd Wed- 44 degrs Pa little better to day I was

out at Lessel also Meyers after supper Julia was sick all


Oct 23 Thurs-36 degrs had little ice this AM the first.

tomatoes and other vegetables hurt by the frost. I was out

this PM went to see Old. Mrs Hoffman & Teitzels also

Slenders. Dr Old man Mr & Mrs Kamerer was out at Poeschels

in the evening where at Klingers (Wm)

Oct 24 Friday- 39 degrs recd letter from Ella Dr Father

Sister & Brother was out riding stoped to see the wine

celler this AM Julia Mr & Mrs Kamecec was to see the cave

this PM this eveng at Maushund.C. to spend the evening.

Oct 25 Sat-42 degrs Pa not so well Dr folks left to day

for California, Mo. Lewis Poeschel was here to day I was to

see P Snyder to day she gave me a large Boquet. Monig

daughter was married to Mr Boescher

Oct 20 Sun-52 degrs Pa awful restless all nite. bad

humour. Mrs Eppler died this AM Mr Keuper was here this AM

after supper I went to see Epplers, they will burry her at

her old home in country where her husband was laid to rest

she was 79 years and 9 months old.

Oct 27 Mon-50 degrs. Pa about same Julia & I went with

funeral up to the Catholic Church from there to the bridge.

the Horse & Carriag left for the country, about 7 miles from

town she will be burried to morrow. Mrs Doss left for Texas

accompanied by her mother to Washington was here to bid us


Oct 28 Tues-42 degrs. Julia sick all nite & to day. Pa

same. Julia recd postal also paper from Lewis

Oct 29 Wed-50 degrs Julia better to day. Jack & Otto

Monig went in the country to distribube tickets for the

Election Mr Labbard and Wife are spending the eve with Dr &


Oct 30th Thursday- 42 degrs Julia not so well recd

letter from Media Ella & Lewis Mina Heinke was here to bid

us goodbye is going to marry this ev also her brother and

leave for Quincy Ill where her Husband is living Fred & wife

are going up the road. i was up to Gentners this PM.

Oat 31- 50 degre fine day the newly married folks all

left recd a letter from HL for Jack. I was out to Lessels

this AM, Julia is not well yet.

Nov 1st Saturday-48 degrs Julia is not well has those

pain in stomach recd letter from Swiss also one from Jeff

for Jackson Mr Keuper was here this PM.

Nov 2-48 degrs rained last nite we also had 2 meeting.

Dem & Rep.Phil Snyder shop burnt little before one they say

it was set a fire Honigs moved all the furniture luckily

nothing burnt but the brick shop a frame one just adjoining

it was saved. Julia and I was up till Dr come back she is

still ailing. Mrs Lessal was here I took a walk with JL to

see the fire Jack come home this evening with Otto Monig was

gone since Wednesday noon

Nov 3-50 dayrs lecter from Jeff P0 of 25$ rained nearly

all day

Nov 4-40 degrs cold & cloudy AM PA went up to court

house with Jackson to give in his vote had not been out of

house nearly 4 months Mr Brunse was flare to dinner. Mr West

was to see Pa so far it was a quiet election day beautiful

evening and monlight. Jack recd letter from Wash

Nov 5th-34 degrs heavy frost and ice it was telegraphed

Cleveland had a majority in New York & other states hope it

is true. Mr Keuper was here today.

Nov 6th-32 degrs Pa I think better than he was Mr

Keuper come this AM to hear the election new. she was here

this PM Pa wrote a letter to Lewis

Nov 7th-32 degrs clear day still bett election new for

Cleveland but not all returns in yet. Mr Keuper was here

this PM they fired off the canon 13 times.

Nov 8th-39 degrs Mr Langendoerfer was here this AM.

this PM Mrs. Wagner Mrs Poesehel & Mr was here to spend the

afternoon had coffe drinking also Mr Gentner was here

Nov 9th Sun. day-44 degrs fine ILA. Pa was sick all nite

has a cold. Mr Goodman was here Mrs Lessel & Julia L also

Nov 10 Mon-43 degrs beautiful day Mr L & Mrs Mary

Poeschel was here als Hattie Poesehel to coffee Mr L Hoffman

from Sedalia come to day and gave me a package of celery by

request of their daughter Luella

Nov 11 Tuesday-42 degrs Pa not so well Amelia Niehoff &

her brother was to see us

Nov 12-50 degrs partly cloudy recd letter from Media

Mrs Keuper was here I took a walk out to Shubert and gave

them the names of the states the girl will represent them in

white on wagons and go with the poscession to be to morrow


November 13 Thursday- 43 degrs fine day had torch light

procession also had our house illuminated 100 lights burning

we had porch decorated with flowers & evergreens also

Cleveland & Hendricks portraits & about 100 roosters with

Cleveland head the house looked beautiful and bond fire in

front of house.

1884 Novr 14- 40 degrs Pa not so well Mrs Lessel was

here this PM Pa was sick all nite

Novr 15- 36 degrs fine day Pa about same Julia recd

letter & pass from H & Media expect to go to St Louis with

Dr folks when they come back from Kansas City. from there to

Springfield.Julia & Malvina was out to Lessels had coffe

drinking there

Nov 16 Sunday 46 degrs beautiful AM Pa was very sick in

nite had a bad sped this AM I took a walk stopped at

Slenders coming home.

Novr 17th Monday-46 degrs rainy day Pa little better

Novr 18 Tuesday- 38 degrs snowing all day a little

first snow. recd postal from Wash Dr folks come back from K

City they liked the city very much, but they like Cleveland


Nov 19- 40 degrs Pa about same Mr Keuper was to see us

Mr Kunge Malvina & Roman was to see Dr folks in eveg

Nov 20- 38 degrs Pa not so well Mrs Kamerer Julia &

myself wrote out to A Poeschel in carriage also brought us

home had a nice time Jackson stayed home with Pa.

Nov 21 Friday- 44 degrs. Pa not so well to day was

confined to bed best pact of the day Julia & Mrs Kamerer was

out at Laura Stark. got them with carriage it is Mr K

wedding day. they had a few friend invited, are having a

jolly time this eve

Nov 22- 49 degrs Pa little better rained all day

Novr 23 Sunday 84- 30 degrs AM coldest .PM turned colder

was 27 degrs all day. awful wind storm all nite. I took a

walk up to Geutners to see how cold it was. Mr Gentner Jr is

back from Europe is in Phila was 13 degrs at 9 in evening

Nov 24-20 degrs Mr Kamerer left in nite for St Louis.

Pa little better to day. Mrs Lessel was here this PM. Julia

& Barbara trunks have gone to depot will leave to nite for

St Louis. Edward Neuh left for las angeles california

Nov 25- 40 degrs folks left in AM 3 oclock recd postal

arrived safe at St Louis to day is Lewis birthday recd

papers from L. I was out to Meyers Lessel also to see Mrs G

Snyder the won_ stopped in at Begemans coming home Pa about

same Dr eats with us since Julia is gone

Nov 26 Wednesday-42 degrs did not heac from Julia she

sent hat by express for Dr Mrs Lessel & Julia was here to


Nov 27- 48 degrs Thanksgiven day Dr was invited to

turkey dinner at Wm Klinger dressed up in his new stove

pipe. recd postal from Julia also from Wash Pa not so well.

I took a walk to Mrs Klenk also to see Mrs Arrot we recd

telegram that Julia arrived safe at Springfield 1/4 after S

oclock. HL meet her at Rolla

Nov 28- 38 degrs 7 AM 10 AM 28 degrs fine day Emelia &

Ricke was here to see Pa also Mr Keuper. Pa had a very bad

spells to day Mrs Gentner was here this eve is going to

leave for Coffeeville to see her daughter Emma Schutz is

very sick

Nov 29th saturday-43 degrs dissaqreeable day raining

snowing Dr Gross son took dinner with us to day Pa was a

little better I went to store also stopped in a Riegers Dr

recd letter front Julia. I wrote few lines to Jeff also

remembered his birthday

Novr 30-30 degrs Pa not so well Mr Will was here also

Mrs Les. Dr recd letter from Julia from Springfield Jackson

one from Lessel. I took a walk over to Snyders after tea

Dec 1st Monday 84- 30 degrs AM partly cloudy all day Pa

had dizzy spell. I took a walk this PM to see Mrs Brantty

has a son they narned him Grover Cleveland Connd Klinge

joungest son was christend Grover Cleveland yesterday. Mrs

Arrot stoped to see us today

Dec 2nd-30 degrs fine day. heavy frost on ground. Mr

Torn was to see Pa, also his brother come to bid us goodbye

is going to New Orleans. I took a walk out to Lessels Emelie

& I went to Kropps to see the young son. Pa not so well this


Dec 3rd Wednesday- 30 degrs beautiful AM. Ricke was to

see Pa. Lotte Kreck went to Washington yesterday. I was at

Shubert also Lessels after supper. Bergner & Heckman failed.

recd letter from Jeff postal from Wash

Dec 4 Thursday-40 degrs fine AM Dr went to Washington

on 11 oclock freight train come back on 5 freit train

brought Dr Coughlin with him the board of health met at W he

stayed to tea then went out to Poeschel with him. Orella

Herzog was to see Pa Jack got a letter from Ella

Dec 5- 46 degrs Dr had letter from Ju. I took a walk

and stopped in at Lessel PA is not well had a bad spell this


Dec 6 Saturday- 56 degrs PA not so well Jack got letter

from Lewie. Dr went to Lodge. J went out to get his shoes.

it was a dissagreeable day rainy. the wind is blowing this

eveg and still cloudy Card from Wash

Dec 7th Sunday- 46 degrs Dr was invited to dinner at

Klinger Mrs Lessel Julia was here to supper also spent part

of evening with us J took them home Pa the same

Dec 8-46 dgres clear AM. Dr recd postal from Edward

Nuenhanh arrived safe at Los angeles Cal. Julia talks of

coming home the 12th I went to see the Eppler girls after

supper Pa I think little better

Dec 9 Tuesday- 42 degrs cloudy all day drizzly fine Pa

same was at Keupers also Weise and Sonsong before supper

recd paper from Lewis Chicago.

Dec 10-46 degre cloudy AM rainy day Dr got a hog Jack &

he cut it up sent meat to butcher to make sausage. Jack went

to church they are practicing for Xmas

Dec 11 Thursday-32 degrs Dr recd letter from Julia Dr

went to Jeff City with Wm Klinger it was snowing all day and

still at it Telegram come from Springfield that Julia will

not come friday on account of the bad weather Jackson wrote

2 postals to Julia

Dec 12- 32 degrs snow on ground Dr come back at 4 AM Pa

not so well Dr recd letter from J that she was coming


Dec 13-28 degrs Dr birthday recd box champaign. from


Dec 14-36 degrs Julia come last nite Dr & Jack was at

train looked so well enjoyed herself recd postal from Wash

theives got into baserient stole many eatabbles also clothing

Dec 15-30 degrs cloudy AM cleared off in PM Dr went

over river Mrs Kleinsmith was here to see Julia also Pa Tina

Linn was also here frota St Louis

Dac 16 Tuesday- 30 degrs recd letter from Ella also

Lewis Mr Keiper was here to day Julia went out to Lessels

Dec 17 Wednesday 1834- 10 degrs Pa birthday recd from

Wash a beautiful card for Birthday also concratulations

frrorn all the family also from Jeff & 5$ Alie & Junier Photo

also coqds from all the children L.Ell & children also congr

from H.L. a pipe & tobacco from Jack a box segars. Mrs

Lessel, Mrs Poeschel and Mrs Wagner was also here brought 6

bottles of wine & cake Dr & Julia also to coffee drinking.

Dcc 13- 8 degrs in second story 2. 1st recd letter &

congatus from Media & H.L. also papers from Chicago also a

package of tobacco for birthday

Dec 19th Friday- 2 degrs below zero wrote to Jeff

Dec 20-10 degrs cloudy Pa the same went to concert with

Dr Julia & Dr Coughlin from Chamois Dr come home with me 1/4

after 10 Jack & Roman was in office when I got back

Dec 21 Sunday-23 degrs cloudy C Weber oldest child died

to day was Mrs Hoffman birthday 89 year old

Dec 22 Monday 1884 18 degrs first snow on ground for

over a week (send Ella a letter & all the family) Jack was

with the funeral could not leave Pa it was very slippery

Dec 23-10 degrs Pa little better recd papers from


Dec 24 6 degrs Pa no better recd letter from Ella sent

a fan tidy & Julia hand made lace. to Media silk hdkf Julia

crazy pincushion & book for Jackson. Dr & Julia come up in

our room and gave each other the presents. Julia got a fine

gilt China tea sett froa Dr a silk hdkf from Ma, Dr a segar

& ash stand lava from Ma. I got an apron & hdkf also box of

paper from Dr & Julia. J. got 5 white linnen hdkf Pa a segar

stand from Dr & J I gave Jackson silk hdkf

Dec 25 Xmas- 10 degrs snowing about 6 inches snow on

ground some of the snow on ground about 2 weeks cleared off

PM cook dinner with Julia also Jack Pa is about the same

Julia sent Pa dinner up but he had no appetite recd happy

merry Xmas frorn all the children also Xmas card from H & M.

Mrs L Mrs E L also Julia to coffee & c I got a card basket

from JL. Jack sent Wash hdkf for birthday I sent Maud fan


Dec 26-6 degrs below zero Pa is worse to day was in bed

all AM up little PM recd tidy from Daisy satchel from Hugh

for Dr Julia a tidy, for G Pa, Grand Ma, Uncle Jack & Dr each

one a satchel. the folks are all to church they are having

Xmas tree singing a peace. Jack is representing

Santa Claus. river closed.

Dec 27- 30 degrs cloudy AM raining all PM the Union LS

presented Santa Claus clock with ink stand combined was a

very pretty thing Jack was very much pleased the only one

that recd a present

Dec 28-40 degrs rainy all day snow & ice melting east

very bad walking have not been out for over a week recd

letter from Wash he also represented Santa Claus the class

also presented him a splendid beacaers bible (Oxford) in K

City Mr Goodman was here to see Pa Mr Weidemayer was found

dead on the floor yesterday was buried to day Jack sent

telegram to Republican

Dec 29-54 degrs raining & cloudy all day Julia had a

letter from Media the ice all melting there is none to be

seen this AM the river opened in nite

Dec 30 tuesday- 50 degrs raining nearly all day recd

papers from Lewis we sent New Year cards to day also fan

tidy to Alice K To uka today. married to Vallet

Dec 31-13 degrs snowed a little in nibe recd

letter from Theodore Hoffman we sent New Year cards today to

friends & relations


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