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Gasconade County, Missouri

Descendants of Thomas McMillian


Surnames mentioned: McMillian, Bilbrey, Bowman, Branson, Burchard, Chandler, Dillard, Gibbons, Hall, Hart, Hasafele, Horsfall, Lemon, Lucas, Mayberry, McKenny, Morris, Read, Rieke, Shuck, Snow, Stanley, Viemann, Wacker, Willis, Willard


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Generation 1


1. Thomas McMillian c1750 Scot/Irish, Killed at the Battle of Trent in the Revolutionary War.


Children of Thomas McMillian are:

2. i. William McMillian c1770 Pittsylvania Co VA


Generation No. 2


2. William McMillian was born c 1770 Pittsylvania Co, VA, died before 1860 in Carroll Co., VA. He married the daughter of Thomas Dillard and Ruth Goad believed to be Ruth Dillard.


Generation No. 3


Children of William McMillian and Ruth Dillard are:


i. Edward McMillian(16 Feb 1811-10 Nov 1888) Patrick Co VA m. Massilvia Ester Robertson (11 Mar 1824-6 Mar1883) NC m. in Gasconade Co MO

ii. Ruth McMillian m. Parker Hall in 1822 in Patrick Co VA

iii. James McMillian

iv. John McMillian c1802 Patrick Co VA

v. Thomas McMillian c1805 Patrick Co VA

m. Mary Branson (23 Sep 1809-11 Oct 1847)

vi . Abijah McMillian c 1806-1 Apr 1877

m. Sarah Chandler c 1809 m. 1828 in Patrick Co VA

vii. Isom McMillian c1810 Patrick Co VA

m. Catherine Hart c1816 in NC m. 1837 in Patrick Co VA

viii Rebecca McMillian c1817 Patrick Co VA

m. Rowland Bowman (c1804-22 Apr 1878) m. in Patrick Co VA

ix Daniel McMillian (5 Jun 1821-15 Sep 1876) Patrick Co VA

m. Eliza Jane Burchard b 1828. m. 1849 Gasconade Co MO

x Jeremiah McMillian c1818 Patrick Co VA

m. Jemina Lemon c1818

m. 1846 in Wyeth Co VA

xi Aaron McMillian b1823

m. Jane Willis c1830 m. 1843 Patrick Co VA

xii William R. McMillian (1816-23 Mar 1881

m. Amandy Snow c1816 m. 1832 Patrick Co VA


Generation No. 4


i. Children of Edward McMillian and Massilvia Ester Robertson:

a William Riley McMillian b. 7 Oct 1842 in Canaan, Gasconade Co., MO. Died 2 Sep 1908 in Salem, Dent Co., MO. m. Frances Willard

b Martha Ann McMillian b. 21 Feb 1841. , d. 5 Mar 1926. m.Edmond Cross Gibbons in 1860 in Gasconade Co., MO.

c Mary Ann McMillian b. 9 Aug 1848, d. 30 Jan 1903 m. Henry Read in Gasconade Co., MO


ii. Children of Ruth McMillian and Parker Hall

a William H. Hallb c1835

b Drusella Hall b c 1837

c Daniel J. Hall b c 1840


iv. Children of John McMillian

a Martha Jane McMillian b. 1828 in TN. m. Lewis G. Morris 16 Aug 1854 in Gasc Co.

b Mary Adaline McMillian b. 1830 in TN. m. David Lucas 18 Dec 1850 in Gasc Co.

c Mathilda (Emily) Ann McMillian b. 1843 in TN. m. Carafree Hasefele (Hausfeldt) 27 Feb 1861 in Gasc Co.


v. Children of Thomas McMillian & Mary "Margie" Branson

a Henry B. McMillian b. 1831. d. 1842 in Gasc Co.

b John B. McMillian b. c1832 in Gasc Co.

c Daniel T. McMillian b. c1841 in Gasc Co.

d Martha A. McMillian


vi. Children of Abijah McMillian & Sarah "Sally" Chandler

a William McMillian b. 1835 Patrick Co., VA

b Pleasant McMillian b. c1840 Patrick Co., VA

c Mahala McMillian b. c1844 Patrick Co., VA

d Nancy McMillian b. c1840 in KY

e John McMillian b. 1829 in VA m. Elizabeth ?


vii. Children of Isom (ISHAM) McMillian & Kitty Hart

a Mary J. McMillian b. c1838 in NC

b Sarah E. McMillian b. c1844 in NC

c Thomas F. McMillian b. c1846 in NC m. Mahala Stanley


viii. Children of Rebecca McMillian & Rowland Bowman

a Nancy Bowman

b Asa Bowman

c Columbus Bowman

d Jeremiah Bowman

e Aaron Jackson Bowman

f Edward Lee Bowman

g Jemima Bowman


ix. Children of Daniel McMillian & Eliza J. Burchard

a Thomas J. McMillian m.1. Charlotte Wacker 1887 in Gasc Co m. 2. ? McKenny

b Mary Martha McMillian b. 9 Dec 1855 in Gasc Co. m. Lorenzo D. Viemann in 1872 in Gasc Co

c Samuel R. McMillian b. 1 Jan 1859, d. 5 Apr in Gasc Co.


xi. Children of Aaron McMillian & Jane Willis

a Willis McMillian

b Jeremiah McMillian

c William McMillian

d John McMillian

e Rufus McMillian

f Martha McMillian


xii. Children of William R. McMillian & Amandey Snow

a Henry A. McMillian

b Adam J. McMillian

c Edward W. McMillian

d Martha Sarah McMillian m. William Anderson McMillian

e Samuel M. McMillian

f Leannah M. McMillian

g Susannah Jane McMillian

h William T. McMillian m. Elizabeth ?


Generation No. 5


ia. Children of William Riley McMillian & Frances A. Willard

a Samuel Wilson McMillian b. 20 Apr 1878 Hermann MO, d. 1946 in Detroit MI. m. (1.Jessie Mayberry,2. Nellie Barton)

b Cora B. McMillian b. 1871 m. Joe Horsfall

c James E. McMillian b. 1869 m. Susie L. Shuck

d Adah G. McMillian b. 1867, d. 1875 Gasc Co.

e William E. McMillian b. 1876

f Ella M. McMillian b. 1887 Dent Co MO, d. 1899 Salem MO.

g Charles A. McMillian b. 1885 Dent Co, MO. d.1888 Dent Co MO


1b. Children of Martha Ann McMillian & Edmund Cross Gibbons

a Olive C. Gibbons d. 1905 Anchor TX m. William Thomas Hibler Jr

b Eunice Cordelia Gibbons m. Lee Bilbrey

c Edmund Jackson Gibbons

d Walter Artemas Gibbons m. Leda Rieke


1c. Children of Mary Ann McMillian & Henry Reed

a Lando REED

b Jessie REED



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