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Last updated  August 23, 2000

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Barry A. Cotton

My grandmother, Closra Beatrice Reed was the daugher of William H. Reed and Eliza Jane Lamb. She was born 4/1/1898 at Cooper Hill and married Lesslie William Rogers at Freeedom, Osage County in September 1918.

I am trying to trace both the Reed Family and the Lamb family...all I know is that William H. Reed's father was named John Reed and he was born in College Hill, Osage County.

In addition, I am looking for information on William Amos Rogers, born 2/17/1870 in Useful, Missouri and his marriage to a Fanny or Fannie Wolf or Wolfe on 11/23/1888. These are the parents of my grandfather Leslie William Rogers who was born 5/5/1891 at Stoney Point, Osage County, MO. William Amos Rogers married again to a Gertrude Anderson. I am looking for information on Fanny Wolf and the siblings of my grandfather.

I know that William Amos Rogers was the son of William Barlow Rogers (born Osage Country in 1845) and Sarah Walker (born 1851 in Osage County). Sarah was the daughter of William Walker and Mary Jame Matthews.

William Barlow Rogers is the son of Elisha S. Rogers born 1813 in Viriginia, married to a Susanna Wallace on 12/17/1835 in Gasconade County , MO and died March 1874 Osage County.

The father of Elisha S. Rogers was a George Rogers born in 1777 in Virginia who married a Sarah H. (?) and died in Missouri after 1871...In addition to Elisha, George and Sarah had the following children thatall died in Missouri (most in Gasconade County):

Alexander Stinson Rogers b11/10/1804 VA died 9/24/1875 Osage County

Thomas Rogers b 1807 VA died 1858 in Missouri

Elizabeth Wallace Rogers b 1811 in VA and died 1849 in Missouri

Valentine Rogers 1814 in Virginia and died 7/9/1886 Missouri

Joseph Roger born 1817 in Virginia, married Patience Rattles 12/14/1837 Gasconade County


Sandy (Perkins) or


I am seeking information on my great grandfather Ed Vincent he married Fannie Sharp and then some time after Fannie's death he married Minnie Wallace. I may be spelling Wallace wrong and Fannie may be a nick name and Ed may be short for Edgar or Edward or both. This is all I have to go on.

Ed and Fannie had five son's that I know of : Joseph Gilbert ----he went by Gilbert Married--- Minnie Mina Leach

Forrest (Unknown Middle name) Married--- (Unknown) Earl (Unknown Middle name) Married--- (Unknown)

George Wesley ----he went by Wesley Married---Rebecca Kemple

John W.---not sure what the middle Initial W. is for Married (Unknown)

Ed and Minnie had one daughter and one son:

Author ---Middle name unknown Married (Unknown)

Virgie ---Middle name unknown Sylvester C. Leach


Donna Stealey

I am looking for information on the Massie families. David Massie married Jane Ballew abt 1786 probably in Madison County , Ky, but the parents Charles ballew and Polly Ballew were in Gasconade at one time. Would there be a tax list or Census report for that period Also any information on their son Yerba would be helpful. thanks,


Dorris McKinney

I am researching Gasconde Co., for any any all information that anyone might have on the following families:Peter and Charlotte Rodney Massie and David and Maria Louisa Massie, daughter of Peter and Charlotte.


June R. Guinnee

My grandfather, Charles Lewis Lockhart, born 3 February,1870 Oak Hill, Gasconade Co,died 26 Sept 1908 Gasconade Co, is buried in the Warren Cemetery, Gasconade Co. Could someone please give me directions to thiscemetery. Thanks very much.


Richard Holland

Searching for any info on Leroy McGOWAN, especally his parents. He md Sarah BRANSON in Gasconade Co.? Found one son David McGOWAN, my Gr Grandfather. Any help on McGOWAN family would be much appreciated !!


Vivian and Charles Swift

Looking for descendents of Joseph Bieber and Anna Bauer. Especially children and their spouses.


Pamela Eagleson


I would like to make contact with anyone who has knowledge of the following early Hermann families. I am trying to find the town in Germany where my gr gr gr grandfather Wilhelm Stoehr/Stohr came from. He was in Hermann by 1839 as he is listed in a 1839 membership list of the German Settlement Society of Philadelphia. In the 1850 census he is listed as William Stair, 60 years old, a carpenter from Prussia. Listed with him is a Christopher Stair also age 60, a farmer from Prussia and 15 year old Charles Stair from Prussia. His daughter Fredericka is my gr gr grandmother and a family record which hung on a wall says she is from Saxony. No mention of a mother is ever found in any records or family papers.

The 1851 probate file of George Christoph Stohr, administered by Mathias Klenk, listed his heirs as:

Johanna Kengie/Keugel (?), formerly Johanna Stohr,

Frederica Moltenhauer/Multhaupt, formerly Frederica Stohr,

Augusta Klenk, formerly Augusta Stohr, and

Charles Stohr.

The probate probate file for William Stohr (died Dec. 1859) partially administered by Mathias Klenk and finished by George Klinge listed Wm's heirs as:

Johanna Stueck (do not know the circumstances of the change in last names, her husband at this time is John Reinhardt Stueck) ,

Augusta Klenk,

Frederica Henze (she remarried on 10 Jan 1856 to William/Wilhelm Henze),

Charles Stohr,

Sophia Wittig (a copy of an 1843 indenture is found in Gasconade probate records where Wilhelm Stohr, guardian of 9 year old Wilhelmina Sohia Mary Stohr, bound to Jacob Schiefer the said Wilhelmina Sophia Mary Stohr until she turned 18) .... Gasconade CO Marriage Records list the Jan 1 1853 marriage of William Wittich to Sohia Wilhelmina Stoehr.

One other whose maiden name was Helena Stohr

And one other name unknown.....

Also found in Gasconade Marriage Records: Casper Schubert to Maria Sophia Stohr on Dec. 17, 1854. From Goodspeeds' History of Franklin, Jefferson....and Gasconade COS Mo comes the information that "Casper Schuebert was born in Bavaria on 12 Aug 1825...married Mary Star in May 1855 who bore him one child now deceased....Mrs. Schuebert died Jan. 20, 1857." Do not know who this Maria Sophia Stohr is.

William/Wilhelm Henze came from the area of Einbeck Germany. His father George Henze and third wife Elizabeth and three of chis children settled in Roark Twsp (Sec, 34, Twsp 46, R 5). William had first married Rosine Schramm (11 Sept. 1853). She died soon after daughter Lina (m. Joseph Rebsamen 18 Aug 1870) was born. The Henze roots and army service in Germany is well documented.


Pauline Caldwell Baganoff,

I am researching my Caldwell, Johnson, Winningham, Hensley ancestors. my grandmother, Martha Johnson Caldwell, told me stories that her mother,Sarah Emmaline Winningham Johnson (married to John Meshach) told her stories of a rr bridge disaster while they were living on the Gasconade River. Any information or suggestions would be helpful.


Sharon Kay Boysen,

I am looking for the parents of Elmer Emmett Clements, Bill Clements, Pete Clements, John Clements, and Bell Clements Tarrant. They are brothers and sister. Elmer Emmett Clements was born 1896 or 1898 in Gasconade County, Redbird Missouri. At a young age Elmer was given to a Mizell family and it is unknown if he was legally adopted. But he used the Mizell name until his death in 1951 or 1952. He is buried in Cleveland Okla. I need to know if there are records of births and deaths for Gasconade county 1890-1910, if so I might be able to find his parents names. I was told they died and that is why he was given to the Mizell's. The other brothers and sister were old enough to care for theirselves.


Scott Thompson

I am searching for a Henry Reynolds and His wife Sarah Miller - they lived in Gasconcade Co for a brief time before 1850 - then he moved on to Stone County. He had many children (ten) - One John Reynolds who married an Emeline may have also lived in that county.



Seeking any informationn on Clemens MAURATH, who was born in the Black Forest (Baden), Germany in 1834, and who was living in Richland Township,Gasconade County in 1870. His occupation was that of a "cooper" (barrel maker). He ended up in St.Louis by 1890. His family was Roman Catholic. MAURATH has been mis-spelled as MARAT, MORAT, MOWRAT, MROT, MYROTT, MURAT, etc.


Kay Steele Newton

Looking for information on a family by the last name of Hussmeyer (could be Hussmarr or Husmier). I do not know the father's first name but had a daughter named Prudence and she was born in 1839. Prudence married a John Bauer, who was born in Caseyville, IL. She was mentioned in passing in a book titled "A History of Kansas and Kansans". the book mentions that her father was part of a German colony of substantial farmers near St. Louis, MO. Also have old family notes that I don't understand about Hermann, MO. Maybe her mother's maiden name was Ringold or Rienhold. If this sounds familiar to you, please contact me at the email address listed. Also would like to know if there is anyone that could do a census look up for me on this family in 1840. Thank you in advance.


Susan Nugent

I am looking for information on Farmberg. My great grandmother was Hattie Farmberg (Rohlfing) and I have come to a brick wall on finding information about her family for my genealogy. I believe her to be from Drake, Gasconade County, Missouri due to a book I have of hers. I also believe that her family may have owned a mine somewhere in Missouri. I would love to fill in this hole and find out more about that part of my family and ancestors. Hattie had a sister named Sophia and at least one brother, who's name I don't know.


Merle Southern

Looking for any data on William D. Earp. Reportedly lived in Hermann in the 1940's. Married to Tonce Vache. William was a riverboat captain. His last boat was the USS Bixby of the Federal Barge Line. Thank you for your help.


Janice Cloud

Looking for any information on or descendants of Dr. John FELDMANN (d. 1899, Hermann, Gasconade Co.) who married Theresa STEIGER, the widow of a Dr. Steiger.


Homer I. Howard

I am trying to find the parents of Harmon & Philip Howard. Harmon was born in 1828. He married Priscilla Foley in 1854 in Gasconade County.



Surname: SOUDERS

Looking for information on HENRY LOGAN SOUDERS and ELLEN ARABELLA (BELLE) STUBLEFIELD SOUDERS. I'll be happy to share any Souders information I have. Additional spelling in the family tree - Souder, Sowder.


B. Rodgers

I am seeking information on Raymond Thomas Castleman b.abt 1909 died 1988 in Hermann, Mo Gasconade County. His mother was myGreat Grandmothers sister. Would love to share information


fay mesa

Researching the following surnames Helmig, Helming, Helmich, Budde, Bade, Cox, West, Duncan, McKinney,Hufstedler. I am looking for descendent of Johann Friederick "Fritz" Helmich and

Caroline Badde. They were married about 1853 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

from this union they had the following children

Christian "John" Helmig b. 05/18/1858 d. 09/08/1932 married Ida (?)

Minnie Helmig married Fritz Helkman

Bertha Helmig b. 1864 married Fritz Deppe and Albert August Greunke

August Helmig b. 05/05/1865 d. 04/07/1937 married Mary Jane Duncan

Caroline Badde died about 1866 and Fritz remarried to Louise Brinkman on

08/15/1867, from this union that had the following children.

William Frederick Helming b. 10/06/1867

Friederich Helmig b. 03/1875

Herman Helmig b. 04/1881



I am looking for information on the Massie families. David Massie married Jane Ballew abt 1786 probably in Madison County , Ky, but the parents Charles ballew and Polly Ballew were in Gasconade at one time. Would there be a tax list or Census report for that period Also any information on their son Yerba would be helpful. thanks,



Don McKinney

Researching the following surnames in Gasconade/Osage County: McKinney, Briggs and associated families.


Steve Bareis

Researching Bareis, Brinkmann, Schuetz, Pfatenhauer families in Hermann, Gasconade County, Missouri. Any information would be greatly appreciated.




Betty Brooks

Who was the Community of DRAKE named for; I am looking for a Drake family that may have lived in Gasconade Co., O. ca 1870 & 80's. John Wesley Drake, "Link" Drake and other siblings, names unknown. need paretns and nativity- were they from IL., IN., Ohio??


kitty o'cairre

im researching on my ggg grandparents.. william hollingsworth & rhoda reed,,who was said she was full cherokee, im lookin for varifacation on ANY record that she was. she died there in gasconade co, sept 27 1873.. and william passed on oct 29 1843,,, any information would be GREATLY appreciated,, it was said that they were land owners about 400 acres,, and opened a store but un sure where..

Brad Pulaski and (home and work respectively)

I am curious if anyone from my maternal grandfather's extended family might be working in parallel on the same family history as me.

My grandfather was Leslie Lensing, one of 12 children born in Rhineland, MO. Most of them settled in Hermann, McKittrick or Rhineland. Other last names from those areas are Bahr, Bezold and Brown. I know that the Hermann Hospital and the old Ken Boyer home were both built on Lensing farm property and the city golf course was built on Bezold farmland.

I'm also curious what research facilities might be available in Hermann other than the county offices. I have lots of family info related personally, but little hard evidence

Cecilia M O'Neal []

In Gasconade Cty my 3rd Great Grandparnets lived in Morrison Mo. Nicolas Wolz born 7-11-1827 died 1-25-1898 he married Barbara Neckerman she was born in 10-4-1823 died 4-27-1905.They were married 10-19-1852.

I am looking for information on there parents name where they came from any info that you can locate.

I do have some names of there Children:

Sebastain 1855- 1915 not sure if this one is theres

Philp 3-24-1856 2-21-1927 married Anna Lenenberger

(would like info on last name Lenenberger, I know her (mothers name was Anna but that is all)\

Rosa 5-5-1861 2-23-1957

John 10-20-1862 9-9-1888 not sure if he is there son

Joseph 4-14-1868 5-30-1921 he married Anna Kuebler


Christy Peacock []

Both of my g-g-g-grandparents lived i Gasconade Co. I would like any information on them. Their names were Burton Cooper died abt 1875 & Mary Elvira Burgess Cooper died abt 1887.


Diann Kiester-Gentis []

I am looking for information on the Kuester/Kiester-Pardeike families.

My great-grandfather was Frank August Kiester, son of Franz Frederick Kuster and Charlotte Kiester who setteled in the Hermann, Gasconade, Morrison area of Missouri in about 1862. Frank married my great-grandmother, Johanna Pardeike at Hermann, Missouri December 26, 1885. Frank and Johanna lived in the Central Missiouri area until 1916 when they moved with their eight surviving children to Colorado. One child, Oscar died in 1904 as the result of blood poisoning after a sledding accident. He was buried near Canaan Missouri (no one knows where) and Canaan is also where Albert Edward Kiester was born on January 30, 1904.

There are still descendants of the Kuster family living in the area, but our branch has a different spelling. In the old Fredericksburg cemetary at Morrison, Missouri, there are three different spellings of the Kiester name, but they are all from the same family.

I would like to know where the Missouri KUESTERS originated from and if there is anyone doing research on them or their related families. Franz Frederick Kuster had a brother named Louis that is buried at Hermann.


I am new to this list and want to communicate with anyone who may have information about William Rudolph and Willamena Paashitz of Old Woolam area near Owensville who lived there in the 1870s to 1900 or so.


Hal Hughes



Harry G. Sprague

I am looking for information about the ancestry of Jacob Saladin who lived in Gasconade County. He may have been born in 1841.According to LDS records, Jacob SALADIN married Catrina Unknown Abt. 1858 at Roark, Gasconade, Missouri.

Their children were Marie SALADIN, b. 1871 at Roark, Gasconade, MO, Michael G SALADIN, b. 1880 Roark, Gasconade, MO, Peter Jacob SALADIN b. 1861 Roark, Gasconade, MO.

Ralph W. Saladin, great grandson of Jacob Saladin, adds Charles Saladin, Katherine Saladin, and Henry Saladin. Ralph says that Henry Saladin was raised at Hermann, MO, and that Michael Saladin drowned in the Missouri river while still a child.

Other descendants of Jacob SALADIN believe that Jacob's children were born in Germany.


H. Martin Soward, III

Seeking info on, descendants of, Richard RICHARDSON, res Gasconade County, 1830s to 1840s. His first wife was Jincey BROCK whom he married in Franklin County, Missouri, in 1822. His second wife was Charlotte COOPER. He died about 1846 in Gasconade County. Emily RICHARDSON, born circa 1824, daughter of Richard and Jincey, first married Thomas POPE in Gasconade County and then secondly to William FRYER/FRYAR/FRIER/FRIAR. Need date and place of Emily's marriage to William FRYER. The Fryers, along with Emily's brother Robert Miller RICHARDSON, and other family members, migrated to Marion County, Arkansas, in the late 1860s. Will exchange info.


Brenda Ochodnicky

Seeking info on the following:

Willis Brumley b. 1824 d. ? married Mary Johns 2/25/1844 in Gasconade Co.I believe they only had one child: Walter Isaac Brumley b. 8/5/1874 inOmaha NE (no birth record found so far) and d. 1/10/1940 in Little Rock AK.Walter Isaac Brumley married (1) Maggie Smith (2) Martha Bell Moon and (3)Nancy Katherine "Katie" Cox in Vienna MO. (Her father was Ralph Cox).Walter Isaac & Katie Cox had the following children: Walter Willis Brumleyb. 7/23/1908 Dixon, MO (my gfather); Nancy Beatrice Brumley b. 10/10/1902 but don't know where but probably in MO. Nancy had a twin who died atbirth.; William "Willie" Ralph Brumley b. 8/1896 in Vienna, MO. d. 2/8/1961 in Kansas City, KS. Willie never married; Henry Elmer Raymond Brumley b.1907 d. 1956 in WA or OR; John Leo Brumley b. 11/16/1895 ? and d. 5/29/1976in Dixon, MO.; Thomas Clinton Brumley b. 7/1899 ? d. 6/23/1971 ?


W E Zorn Jr.

My Great Great Grandfather was Joseph Zorn. He was in Hermann in 1880 and was a saloon keeper. I am trying to find date of death and burial. His brother Peter raised a large family in Hermann.


Gary McDonald


Rev. John T. Davis, a Southern Methodist minister was enumerated with hisfamily in Burbois Township, Gasconade County in 1860. His wife at that timewas William Ann McFarland, widow of Thomas Spenser. John and William Annwere married in Crawford County in 1856. Children born in Gasconade Countywere Daniel Lacy (possibly, 4 Apr 1857), Martha A. (c. 1858), possiblyPierce B. (c. 1860), Hershel (c. 1861), David (c. 1863). CarolDavis-McDonald, 827 Berquist Dr, Manchester, MO 63011, is researching John'sancestors and descendants.


Ed Noice,

Great-grandson X 3 to Jacob Moeckli, and looking for anyone in relation or general knowledge of my family lineage.


Jonise Stone -- I have some relatives from gasconade co mo. The tayloes, William tayloe that married a Sarah Outlaw and had George Tayloe., then George married a Mandi Hinkle she was born in1842. George was b. 1838.Then they had a Marhta Tayloe my gggranmother,, Does anyone know anything about the Hinkles or Outlaws in connection to this family. We not have any info on them.


George L. Conway

Francis CONWAY (b.6/9/1907--d.1/17/75). Rachel also helped raise a daughter of Josiah & Carrie HAASE (1st wife), named Minnie Rebecca CONWAY (b.9/25/1891--d.1/5/75) As you can see my father was three when his mother died. Can you find out where she's buried and who her family was? For a bit of history, Josiah died in Owensville on 7/11/28. Charles & Minnie sold the house in Owensville & the farm in Franklin Co. and moved to St. Louis. Charles worked in the Chevrolet plant, Fisher Body Div. and was one of the original instigators of the first United Auto Workers union in St. Louis. He had seven children. His oldest, James Francis Conway is a former member of the Mo. State Legislature, State Senate, Mayor of St. Louis, and St. Louis Police Commissioner appointed by the Governor. Thanks for the help.

Fay Mesa

I am looking for descendent of Johann Friederick "Fritz" Helmich and Caroline Budde. They were married about 1857 ( can not locate marriage) from this union they had the following children

Christian "John" Helmig b. 05/18/1858 d. 09/08/1932 married Ida (?)

Minnie Helmig married Fritz Helkman

Bertha Helmig b. 1864 married Fritz Deppe and Albert August Greunke

August Helmig b. 05/05/1865 d. 04/07/1937 married Mary Jane Duncan

Caroline Budde died about 1866 and Fritz remarried to Louise Brinkman on 08/15/1867, from this union that had the following children.

William Frederick Helming b. 10/06/1867

Friederich Helmig b. 03/1875

Herman Helmig b. 04/1881

Thank you

Follin Key,

Looking for information on Alexander A. Cox, in Missouri, married to Martha Holland, also born in Missouri. They had a daughter, Minnie Mae, who was born in Feb. 1880 in Texas. I have found records of an Alexander Cox born in 1832 in Gasconade county, son of Andrew Cox & Mary A. Shockley, and married to Martha Unknown. The dates seem to match. I am wondering if he's the same Alexander Cox I've described above. Can anyone help me make this connection? Thanks in advance.


Raymond E. Leber

I am searching for ancestors of Nicholas Leibach who lived and died in Hermann, Mo. during the 1800's. A number of his children moved to St. Louis, Mo. but he and other relatives stayed in Gasconade County.


Lenora Bryant

I am looking for any information on my great grandfather, John Thomas Davis. The information I have is that he was born in 1848 in Gasconnade Co., Missouri. He was married to Mary Francis Jackson who died in Oklahoma. Their first two children were Minnie Ola Davis (born 1885) and James Carroll Davis (born in 1887) but I am not sure where they were born. My grandfarther was Everett Harrison Davis who was born on February 1, 1889 in Sunset, Texas.

Grateful for any information anyone can give me!


Margie Maul

I am searching for info on my gg grandfather, Christian Plattner, who lived in the Gasconade county area, was taken prisoner during the CivilWar, (did not serve in the war, was a farmer) and donated land in the area for a school which was named after him.

Is it possible to obtain school records from the 1800's to early 1900's?

Are there any Civil War records in the area about prisoners?

Also, Christian Plattner emigrated from Switzerland. Was married to Margareta Herrmann His daughter, Louisa Plattner Wink, was born on May 18, 1863.She moved to the St. Louis area in 1895 with her husband, Phillip Wink.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you.


Norma Maier

We are researching the Martin Adam and Caroline (Bock) Klick family who came from Pommerania in 1858. They settled near Stolpe in Gasconade County, MO. The Fritz Klick family moved to Callaway County, MO in 1888, and part of the Karl Klick family homesteaded to North Dakota and Oklahoma. The John Ferdinand Klick family (with all the preachers) lived in St. Louis, Kentucky and Illinois. If you are connected to the KLICK family, get in touch with or



My great-great grandfather was Walter Anderson Chapman born 1811 in Franklin County, Missouri. He owned property in both Gasconade and Crawford County. May have been the postmaster in Adamsburg in 1852 - 1853. Not sure, but there was a W. A.Chapman who was the postmaster. He died about 1877 in Crawford County, Missouri. Don't know any of his siblings. Our understanding is that is father's name was (guess what) - - John Chapman from Virginia. Do not have his mother's name.

Walter married Louisa May Gray Saunders on November 14, 1831 in Caroline County, VA.. Louisa was b 1812 in Virginia, the daughter of Reuben Saunders (b. abt 1785 Caroline County VA, d abt 1848) and Frances (Fannie) Gray (b abt 1788). Louisa died after 1880 in Crawford County, MO. Walter Anderson and Louisa's Children were:

1. Alexander Campbell Chapman, b 9/26/1842 in either Franklin or Crawford

County, MO. Married Virginia Elmina Sanderson (daughter of James Strange Sanderson of Limestone County, AL & eldest son of Joseph Sanderson & Sarah Strange). Married Virginia in Bossier Parish, LA, the location of the Sanderson Plantation. Migrated to the Ennis, Bardwell, TX area in 1869

2. Mary Frances (Molly) Chapman, born 1835 possibly in VA. Married John Adams.

3. Walter Frank Chapman, born 1833 possibly VA. Married Virginia Gray (probably a cousin)

4. Margaret Chapman, born 1837 possibly in Virginia.

5. Walter Anderson Chapman, Jr., born 1843 in Missouri, died 1919 in Crawford County, MO.

6. John Chapman, born August 3, 1849 in Missouri. Died April 26, 1925 in Crawford County, MO. Buried in Delhi Cemetery. Married Ellen Janette Pease

7. Julius Chapman, born 1854 in MO. Died 1919 in Crawford County, MO. Married Nancy _______.

8. Reuben Chapman, born about 1840 in either Virginia or Missouri

Does anyone recognize anyone here?

The Chapman's resided for quite awhile in and around Crawford County, MO.

Some are buried at the Delhi Cemetery.


 Ranee Griffin

Searching for BRADER, Gerhardt. Brush Creek Township, Gasconade County from 1870's. May have been related to BRADER's in Franklin County (John, Anna, Louise, Henry John BRADER).


Rejeana Zinn Griffin,

Anderson ZINN b ca 1847, IL. Married 29 Mar 1875 Bates Co. MO to Amanda M. Gardner. Two known children:

Joel E. ZINN b 05 Feb 1872, KS, married Julie DRYDEN;

Mordica ZINN b __ Apr 1874, married Gertrude ___

Anderson was in Gasconade Co. MO in 1895 per his father's probate records. What happened to him, where did he go, where is he buried?


Robert L. Sanders RLSMS2@AOL.COM

I am looking for information on my wife's family. Her mother was Malvina Hergemueller reported to have been born in Herman, MO on 03 September 1878. Her mother Louise Elizabeth Andrews was born 02 June 1857 in Herman, Gasconade Co. MO. Her father was Casper Heinrich Hergemueller born Germany. came to US 1870 Lived in Herman and Wellington the remainder of his life. Died 16 December 1921. Any additional information on any members of this family would be greatly appreciated.


Sheri F

I am looking for information about Christian Schuster or any of his family members. 3/1891 - 4/1972. Thank you.


Alleyne Fields

Looking for information regarding my grandparents, Agnes Owens Brown & Jess Prater


Audrey Jones

Looking for information on; GRAHAM, George Washington

wife; Lorinda Hulvey

children; Thomas C. Graham-1837, Martha

Graham, William H. Graham, George

W. Graham(Jr.), John Wesley Graham,

James S. Graham, Robert A. Graham,

Phillip A. Graham,Christoper Graham

Looks like they lived in Gasconde Co. about 1848 for the child John Wesley shows to of been born there. Does anyone know what the word (Bon) is connected to Gasconde Co.? The info I have shows the parents to have lived and died in Maries Co. buried in Clifty Cemetery. Sure could use some help.

I'm looking for Fisher and Meador in Franklin and Gasconade Counties.



I am looking for some information on my family. My Third Great Grandfather is

found on the 1840 Gasconade Co. Census. I would like to know if you can fine

him or his family members in history books marriage records birth records ect.

Any help will be very greatful.


John Robinson (Robison)

b.? Ohio

d. May 19, 1879

m. Annie Wolfe possibly 1841 earlier or later



b. est 1844


Ann Elizabeth

b. Jan 12, 1848

d. April 23, 1914




John T.

b. Feb 26, 1852





James W. (possibly Wesley)

b. May 20, 1861



Fay Mesa

Researching gggrandfather, Francis W. Brinkman born about 1810 Hanover, Germany his wife Mary born about 1816 Hanover, Germany. I located Francis in the 1850, 1860, but not in the 1840 census. In the 1850, 1860 Francis lived next door to a Henry Brinkman whom was older than him. I believe that they were brothers, but I have not proven it yet.

I recently received a copy of Francis's naturalization paperwork from Gasconade County, MO, but it did not give any information regarding the ship, port or what town he was from. I'm sure he came over between 1840-1846.

Looking for any suggestions as too where to start looking for Francis W. and Henry immigration???


Sharon Tabor

I am looking for any information on Thomas W. OLIVER b. 1796 Warren Co KY, d. 1859 Bland MO. His wife Lucy Chambers OLIVER d. 1867 in Bland MO. They left Allen Co KY about 1851-3 and migrated into MO. Several of their children migrated to MO and returned to KY before 1860. I am interested in finding more information about their children Francis Marion b. 1835, William J. b. 1838, Thomas C. b. 1824 m. Nancy Marr 1851 Allen Co KY, and Benjamin Franklin b. 1841 m. Elizabeth Agee 1861 Allen Co KY. I am descended from their son John Shelby b. 1829, d. 1877 Allen Co KY m. Mary C. STRAIT.

Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided.


Ginny Clements

My great-grandfather, Frederick William MEYER, was born in Herman MO- 7 October 1862. (He married Regina HELDENBERG in St. Louis.) I am looking for information about his parents.


Guy Beck-

Surname: BECK

Looking for any information on BECK family of Gasconade County. Thank you


Joe & Charlotte Holzen



Joe Duncan

Looking for people connected to Charles Stephen Duncan (1875-1960) and his wife Margaret Jane Young (1881-1956) Other related names are: HAMMOND, CARTER, VANDEGRIFFE,HOLT, BRANSON, & PHELPS


John Gross

I don't know if you will be able to help me or not, but I was wondering if you have any information on Mt. Sterling in Gasconade Co.

I am researching Charles Samples, who was born in VA then migrated to Clay Co., MO. His father died in 1850 in Russel Co., VA. Family legend says that he sent two of his sons, James & William Sample to collect his inheritance and that James & William died in a hotel fire in Mt. Sterling before reaching VA. Some researchers believe this was Mt. Sterling, KY, it could be but a careful search of the news in that area has not yielded any hint of their deaths or of a hotel fire.

Since my GGrandfather Robert Samples married Nancy Crider and lived a time in the Maries & Gasconade area, I thought that the Mt. Sterling referred to in legend may be Mt. Sterling, MO, in Gasconade Co.

Do you have any information that would shed light on this mystery, or do you have any suggestions on where I could research this ?


Kay Martin

Surnames: DOUGLAS / DOUGLASS, BARNES, MARTIN GLO records show a Martin DOUGLAS deed dated 7 Sept 1838 (or 9 July 1838?) in Gasconade Co., MO. We have a Robert M. (Martin?) DOUGLAS(S) who apparently came to St. Louis Co., MO from TN with his parents in about 1815. He married Sarah BARNES on 13 Feb 1838 in Polk Co., MO, but there is no evidence that they ever lived in Polk Co.. They are in Jackson Co., MO in1850 (census), then Sebastian Co., AR (land grant) in 1860 and 1870 (census). Robert M. was believed to be the son of William Isom DOUGLAS(S)and Nancy MARTIN. Could this be the same man that was in Gasconade in 1838?



Laura Clark

I am doing the research on my husband's family of Clarks.

J. B. Clark was born in Williamson County, Tennessee circa 1867

He is listed in the household of T.J. Clark and Annie Clark. In his early adult years he married a woman unknown to us, and had 5 boys...probably in the Memphis/Nashville Tennessee area. Mary Mueller (daughter of Minnie Oberdeck and Henry Mueller) was born in Bland, MO (Gasconade County) in 1887

In the 1910's he was working on the Rankin brother's farm in Atchison County, Tarkio, Missouri. I did find him on the 1920 census with wife Mary, daughter Laura and son Johnnie. Mary was a Mueller, and I found her mother and brothers in Tarkio City listed as Minnie Miller (head of household) along with sons Lewis, Herman, Fred W. and William W. and daughter Rose. They lived on 3rd Street in Tarkio City.

In 1923 I know they were living in Mt. View, Missouri ( Howell County) where my father-in-law was born. William E. Clark was born on 1-28-1923. I am thinking they may have had a farm there, as the story goes that Dad only weighed 2 pounds when he was born, and his grandmother, Minnie, saved him by keeping him in a dresser drawer right by the wood stove.

We recently found out that Minnie Oberdeck Mueller was buried in Tarkio with her husband, Henry Mueller. Dad was very happy to receive that information, as he never knew the correct date of her death, nor did he know when she died.

Dad has never met his father, J. B. Clark, as the old man left right when he was born. I am anxiously searching for anyone that may have any information on this family. We are going to be in the area around the end of this month. The story goes that J.B. died in an automobile accident enroute from Memphis/Nashville to Missouri. But we are not sure at all. This may have been circa 1948 or 1949.


Nyla Verisario NYLAV@AOL.COM

My paternal grandfather, FRANK HOENER, married my grandmother, MARY EHLER, in Gasconade County where they had six children: JOHN HOENER B 5/4/1889, HANNAH HOENER B 3/13/91, SAMUEL HOENER (my father), B 8/23/1893, FREDA HOENER, B 3/3/1896, WILLIAM HOENER, B 4/27/1898, and LYDIA HOENER, B 3/1/1900. They left Gasconade County with their children around the turn of the century, moved to Saline County, MO where they lived for many years. Any information you can provide will be appreciated.


Pat Volkmann

Surnames: Roberson, Hiatt, Warden

Researching families of Galen ROBERSON and Martha HIATT. Where were they born, who were their parents and when did they marry and where? Their son Edward married Sarah Elizabeth Warden. Where were they married?


Peter Wilson

Trying to locate death records of Jeremiah Wilson, whose wife and children were in Washington Co. AR at the time of his death traveling in Gasconade Co. MO.

James Reed Wilson died February 3, 1898. His obituary in the February 20, 1898, issue of the Cedarvale Commercial describes J. R. as "adevoted Christian, admired by all his friends and respected by all who knew him. Before his death J. R. was confined to his bed for weeks, but was always patient and agreeable to those who attended him... His remains were buried in the cemetery on his farm, by the Pleasant Valley school house."Reverend Kidd preached J.R.'s funeral sermon from Hebrews 11:14, "These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and embraced them, and confessed they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth, declaring plainly that they seek a better country."


Phil and Amy Frick

My name is Amy Frick, and my great grandmother was born and raised in Hermann, Missouri. Her name was Thelma Breuer Turner (b. c. 1898). Herfather was Ransom A. Breuer, and mother was Josephine P. Kragle Breuer. I can't find anything on the Breuer's before Ransom. Does anyone have anyinformation on the Breuer family?



Searching for Joseph Stanford Dodson,son of William and Maryanne Kingcade Dodson. William b. Gasconade Co. in 1830,m. in 1857. died at Fort Dodge ,Ks in 1922. Obit list sons surviving as Joseph, George,Sherman and grandson William Sherman Dodson. Death Certificate for William list Stanford and Matilda Shookley as parents ?Tenn. Any info on any of those listed would be appreciated.


Richard Birkett

I am attempting to locate information on my ggf George COPP. His parents were George COPP and Barbara FISHER, both from Germany. Theyhad the following children: John, Andrew, Caroline, Christina and George. George later moved to Wisconsin, then South Dakota, then Idaho, and finally Washington. George Jr. was born in Herman, Gasconade, MO. around 1863. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Sandy Schultz,

Looking for descendants of KARL(1813-1883) AND HENRIETTA WILHELMINA(1829-1906) PREUSS, nee VIET. Children are HERMINE GRIENKE, FERDINAND, AGUSTE BLUMENTHAL, ELISABETH POLENSKE, and CHARLES. They emigrated from Pommern in 1857, and died in NE.


Robert Snyder

Need obit lookup for Wilhelmina "Minnie" Honig Waigand Dec 24, 1904 or any information on the Honig Family.

Thank You


Scott Raymond Vaughn

Vaughan, Branson, Murphy, Turnure

I have a Canaan Township, Gasconade County mystery that I hope someone can help me solve. The 1870 census indicates that two young women, Sarah Branson and Sarah Murphy, were living with my great-great grandparents, William and Arabella Williams Vaughan. I know very little about Sarah Murphy other than the fact that she married Daniel Webster Turnure in 1874 after the death of Daniel's first wife, Mary E. Vaughan (William's daughter). I know nothing about Sarah Branson. I would appreciate any information that would shed light on who these young women were and why they were living with the Vaughans.


Janice Cook,


Charles Chesterfield Davis m. Mary Ann Colter 1855. Their children:

William Curtis Davis, b. 1855 MO, m. (1) Mary Leach, (2) Mathilda Perkins

Joseph Milford Davis, b. 24 Nov 1856 MO, m. Frances Medora Kincannon

Franklin Davis, b. ca. 1863 MO

Andrew Felix Davis, b. 30 Mar 1861 MO, m. Harriet Eliza Vaughan - Owensville,

Gasconade Co, MO - April 18, 1885

Benton Elijah Davis, b. 1863, MO

Leonard Lafayette Davis, b. 26 Dec 1866 MO

Charles C. Davis is found in the 1860 Census for Gasconade Co. His son, Andrew Felix Davis is my Ggrandfather. Would like any information on the rest of the Davis family, especially what happened to Mary Ann Colter Davis (d. 1870) and Charles Chesterfield Davis (d. 1874). The children were then separated and Andrew Felix Davis was said to live with a family of ARMSTRONGs. Does anyone know anything about this family? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Shara Forrister

Surname: Myers

I am looking for information regarding Thomas Myers, originally born in Kentucky @ 1808. He lived in Gasconade County prior to 1840, and supposedly served as sheriff of Gasconade County during that period. @ 1840, he moved to Bates County, and resided in the area which later becameVernon County. Most of this information is from a _History of Vernon County_, published over 100 years ago.


Sharon (James-Hauskins) Sanker

Stoecklin, Scharff, Gadient, Winkler, Proett, Philipp Kraettli

Searching for furthur information on the children of Johann Jacob and Maria (Sprecker) Stoecklin from Aesch, Switzerland about 1850 to Hermann, (Gasconade County) Missouri. Maria Elizabeth m August Scharff (sp?) 1853 in Gasconade Co, any furthur information? Where to from then? Joseph m Catherine Gadient to San Jose, Calif, Bernard m Ursula Gadient stayed south of Hermann. Another younger sister, Elizabeth Gadient at age 19 on 1870 census, living with Ursula after death of Bernard, also father Stephen Gadient there in same census. Who did Elizabeth marry and where did they go? Any back information on the Winkler or Gadient families in Stolzenberg, Switzerland birth place of Catherine Gadient about 1832?????


Brenda Smith

I am looking for info on John Matlock born 1820 in Gasconade. I believe his

father's name was Isham Matlock. The name at times was spelled Medlock, by

people who did the census or marriage records. Any help appreciated. Brenda


Weslie Tayloe -Tracy

I am looking for ANY family information on the Tayloe or Rutz families. Harris Tayloe, of Bem, was my Great Great Grandfather. He had two wives, both named Elizabeth. Between them they had several children, I don't know all their names. Some were, Wilbert E., Earl, Henery, and Nora, (from second wife). I believe there were all girls from the first wife. Wilbert E. Tayloe is my Grandfather. He married Caroly Hazel Rutz-Tayloe. Earl never married. Henery married and had children. Nora married and also had children. Only Wilbert E. is left living. Until the last year my Grandparent's lived on a farm in Bem on Tayloe road. Earl, until his death several years ago, still lived and worked his families farm in the same area. His son. my Father, has heart problems and we are trying to do a family tree as far back as possible. (not much luck) I do know that someone in the family did have a large family tree history that was hanging on a wall in someones home. I saw it as a child. If anyone has any information on any on these family names please let me know. Thank you.











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