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  Gasconade County Missouri Queries 1999

Last updated  14 January, 2000

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Ada Ocheskey


Any information on Frank OCHESKEY or Louis M. OCHESKEY or any of their descendants.....


Cryssa Smith

Surname: KEHR

I have been trying to find out any information on the Kehr family I can. They lived in the Gasconade Co. area. I would like to share the information I have with anyone with a connection to this name.


Tom Hart


I'm looking for information on decendents of (sur)Leimkuehler, (sur)Brinkman (sur)Honer with accents over the o. Persons: Heinrich Ernst and Wilhelmine Brinkman Honer Person: William Henery Brinkman it's for my future mother in law she lives outside Mt. Sterling Mo. Her name is Shirley Liemkuehler maiden name Honer her husband is George


Sarah Kellis


Looking for my ggrandmother, Rheua Ann Stafford, born 11-08-47 in Gasconade Co. Her father was William J. Stafford, 1805-1867. Mother was Maritta Thompson, 1808-1869.




I am looking for some information on my family. My Third Great Grandfather is

found on the 1840 Gasconade Co. Census. I would like to know if you can fine

him or his family members in history books marriage records birth records ect.

Any help will be very greatful.


John Robinson (Robison)

b.? Ohio

d. May 19, 1879

m. Annie Wolfe possibly 1841 earlier or later



b. est 1844


Ann Elizabeth

b. Jan 12, 1848

d. April 23, 1914




John T.

b. Feb 26, 1852





James W. (possibly Wesley)

b. May 20, 1861



Thank you for your time






Ann M. Rogers


Am searching for any information about CASTLEMAN, John, who may have lived or have relatives living in Gasconade County. The only firm information I have on him is that he was over 21 years of age in 1899 and was born in Missouri. I am not sure as to "how much over" 21 he was in 1899.


Cheri Astrahan


Would like to connect the Gasconade CARRELL/CARROLL families to the larger clan that originated in Harrison Co, KY from Bartholomew CARRELL/CAROLL(1719-1827) who moved to Johnson and Morgan Co, IN after 1800 and died there. Several of his descendants live in Shelby Co, MO and Moniteua Co, MO. Some of them that went to Cumberland Co, IL apparently turn up in Gasconade Co, Wessley Carroll and Hesekiah Carroll in the 1870 census.


Rowena Vincent


I am searching for my great grandfather John Anderson Johns born in Gasconade Co., Mo August 25, 1855/56 can't find where they went when they left Gasconade. His father was Henry Johns and Mother was Mahala Tackett, they were married in Franklin Co December 8, 1849. I am searching for the Marriage of John Anderson Johns born August 24,1856 in Gasconade. He married Manerva Elizabeth ?, don't know her maiden name or the date. They later moved to AR. and he died there in 1928.


Bill Mattocks

Surnames: MATTOCKS

Seeking info on grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfathers, all from Gasconade County:

1. FRANKLIN R "BARNEY" MATTOCKS, married to NANCY REED in Gasconade County, MO, on 20 Jul 1856. May have married again, to Lucy KINKEADE, also in Gasconade County, MO, on 26 Nov 1863. Unknown where born, possibly Ireland. He had four children: John Daniel "Jack" MATTOCKS, Louiza MATTOCKS, James MATTOCKS, and Marion MATTOCKS.

2. JOHN DANIEL "JACK" MATTOCKS was born in GASCONADE COUNTY, MISSOURI. He was married to EDITH EVELYN CLARK. Circa 1870's? He had two children, and adopted one child: William Bryan MATTOCKS, Leatha "Sally" Mattocks, and Harry Lewis BLOSS.

3. WILLIAM BRYAN MATTOCKS was born on Mar 1 1906 in GASCONADE COUNTY, MISSOURI. Married to UNA FERNE JONES. He moved to Peoria, Illinois.


Cliff Statler

Surname: KEHR

Johann Andreas Kehr. He was an original member of "The German Settlement Society of Philadelphia" which established Hermann MO as it's Colony. I have quite a bit of information on the family of his brother, Charles Gottlieb Kehr, but no knowledge of Johann Andreas' children. He was in Hermann by March of 1840 which was very early in that town's history. Any information on him would br greatly appreciated.




I am looking for the parents of Frances (Fannie) Colter. On Fannie's funeral records it says she was born 24 Jan 1863 at Herman Gasconead Missouri. Her father's name was Joseph Colter. Her mothers name was unknown by the person giving the information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Connie Schuessler


I'm looking for information on the Wilhelm STUDE (m Johanna PERIZOWSKY)family who immigrated from Germany and settled in Gasconade County. I would love to hear from anyone with information about this family and descendents.


Elvin Haynes


I'm seeking information on my great-grandfather's brother, Allen M. Hanes/Haines/ Haynes. He died near Redbird on April 26, 1897. Prior to his death he lived with his wife, Lydia, and children. During the Civil War he was a private in Company I, 50th Missouri Volunteer Infantry. I am seeking information on his marriage to Lydia and the names of his children. He married Elander White on July 27, 1856. She apparently died in the late 1860s and he married Lydia. He may also have married a Lousia Carroll on July 17, 1853. From the 1870 census I have the names of two children; one apparently his and Elander's, the other one his and Lydia's. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Fay C. Mesa


Searching for Francis W. Brinkmann b. about 1810 in Hannover married Mary (?) b. about 1817 in Hannover, issued the following children

Wilhelmine b. 1842

Friedericke b. 1844

Louise b. 1846

William b. 1850

Malinde b. 1852

Charlotte b. 1854

Frederick b. 1859

There are found on the Gasconade Co. Mo census of Boulware Township for 1860 thru 1880. Friedericke married Johann Friederick HELMICH on August 15, 1867. Would like to know what happen to the rest of my gggreatmother's brothers and sisters. Would like to know what port, date of arrvial, etc. regarding her parents.


Jennifer Rader

Surname: POINTER

Seeking info on the Pointer family--Jane was a daughter of William and Sarah Pointer. William died abt 1820. Jane married William Jarvis in 1834 and died abt 1844.


Diane Glover


I am looking for info on Allemann, Danuser, Moore, Oelschlaeger families from in and around Hermann, Gasconade COunty, Missouri. Any and all available info would greatly be appreciated. In particular Barbara Allemann who married John Moore my great great grandparents. Thanks in advance.


Jeri Heinz


Anyone on the list related to Buntons and Lacy Families?


Frances Forest

Surname: WHEAT

Seeking any info on James and Mary (Polly) Wheat who moved from Indiana to Gasconade County. Children: Sarah, Ely, Isaac, Mary. Where was James buried?


Glenda Baxter

Surname: BAXTER

I am searching for the grave of Richard Baxter and Meekie Kinkead Baxter, married in Brush Creek in 184l and supposedly died in Brush Creek Township. Can you help me find any cemetery info. or death records for that township? Thanks for anything you can do for me.

Surname: WOLLUMS

I just learned that my gt gt gt grandmother Sarah Stephenson WOOLUMS (1780-1862) d. in Gasconade Co. This made sense because her daughter's family (James & Elizabeth EAGLIN) settled at same time in Crawford Co. Zachariah WOOLUMS Sr may have d. before family left KY. Probably Sarah was living with her son Zachariah WOOLUMS Jr. I would like very much to learn information about their descendants.


Jeanne Arledge

Surname: JAITE

I am researching the surname JAITE, and have found the name in Gasconade county in 1857. This information came from the LDS website. Jacob Jaite married Louisa Amalia Lorbeer in Gasconade County on January 9, 1857. Does anyone have or know of any information on this family, or where I can find information?


Jerry Stude

Surname: Stude (Stute)

I am seeking information on William Stude (Stute) and Hannah Louisa Perizowski and their descendants. Both were from Lippe Detmold, Germany and were married at St. Louis on January 17, 1852. They were living at Owensville by 1860 and had seven children born in Gasconade County. The children were Fritz (probably Fred), Mary Louise (Marie) Meyer, Mina (Minnie) Moelling, Louisa (Lizzie) Sluter, Anna Wacker then Bartell, William and Lydia. My grandfather William was born October 1, 1861 and homesteaded near Stafford, Kansas.


Terry Heismann



I am trying to locate information on Richard G. Hazeltine b. Jan 5 1897 Jamestown, NY d. April 5, 1990 Rosebud, MO (Gasconade Co.). His wife was Marie Diert b. Jan. 28, 1893 d. Feb 1979, St. Louis, MO. I am trying to determine if there were any children, and if so who they are and where they may be located. Our family has letters from Richard Hazeltine's father Albert Flagler Hazeltine to my husband's gg aunt Mary Emogene Hazeltine in which Albert discusses a Family Bible and letters from fellow Hazeltine researchers in which he was able to "get them straight" on their anceastors. I would love to obtain copies of these letters and the info from the Family Bible, if they can be located. Would appreciate any information on this family. Thanks!


Mike Hardister


Samual HARDISTER/HARDESTER married Elizabeth HELM, in Gasconade County, on 5 June 1826. Trying to determine Samual's parents, any children from this union, and, who was Elizabeth HELM? No other information known about her. Marriage record on file in Gasconade Co., but no other information has been found.


Ladonna Vendegnia


I am looking for information on Theodore Koepke and his wife Johanna and their family. I know they had 3 sons and 2 daughters, August D. (William Peth), Adaline (Henry Buchholz), Herman G. (Clara Hansen), Hermina (Albert Czeschin) and William and Richard

I am looking for any and all information on Peter Henry Buchholz and his wife Catheine Ahring. They came to Gasconade county around 1849 and settled in Bay, Missouri. They had 8 children: Charlotte (Heinrich Lueders), Frederick "Fritz" (Caroline E. Schuett), Dina (Friedrich Lange), William "Bill" never married, Carolina Katharaina ( Hermann H. Uffmann), F. Henry (Adaline Koepke), Henriette "Harriet" ( Charles E. Sassmann) and Francis of Frank ( Mary Poppenhouse)


I new to this site and have been trying to get some info re: relatives who lived near Swiss, MO and Stony Hill, MO. My great-grandfather's name was Jacob Michel, b. July 31, 1840, in Zurich, Switzerland and died Nov. 24, 1912 near Swiss. He married Maria Phillips Oct. 24, 1863. She was b. Dec. 25, 1843 in Zurich, Switzerland and died April 8, 1928, near Swiss. Their children's names: Jacob, b. 1864, Albert Conrad (my grandfather) b. Jan. 25, 1866, Margaret b. Jan.11, 1868, Edward b. May 28, 1877, Catherine b. Aug. 8, 1879, Jacob G. b Sept23, 1883, and Mary b. Jan. 22, 1887. All the children were born near Rural Route Hermann, MO. Does anyone have and information as to when Jacob and Maria came over to America? Any information will be most helpful.


Sue Dette Reed


An Augustin Hawkins born 1814 married Sarah Hutton bprm1816 on 7th August 1834 in Gasconade County. I want more information on Hawkins and Hutton, their parents and family. The couple had at least one child born July 15, 1848 in Gentry County, Missouri named William Wesley or also went by William Rhoades. He accompanied Col. Powell on his first expedition down the Colorado River. Thanks for any help.


Jack Vaughan

Surname: VAUGHAN

Looking for information on James W. Vaughan and wife Arabella who lived at Owensville about 1830`s to 1880 and son Joseph.


Rodney D Bedwell


Looking for info. on William Akins & Mary Smith Married April 4, 1856 Gasconade


Sandy Dunn

Surname: REED

I have traced my gg-grandfather to Gasconade, Co. Mo., but have not been able to find any information on him. His name was Joseph Richard Reed and his wife was Florence Clem (1800?) How can I search for land and deed records? I was told he owned some land or maybe a house. I have searched marriage records and found nothing, however I did find one of his sons. I have also searched cemeteries, I was told he was buried in Maris, Co. @ Grove Dale, but again I found nothing. I have records on my g-grand mother that show she was born there. Any help or advice would be great.



Surname: MOORE, BEST

Searching Gasconade Co, Missouri for descendants of Thomas MOORE & Mary Catherine BEST born abt 1800 Washington Co, PA. They lived in Gasconade Co, Missouri in mid 1800s. I believe some of their children were born there.

Jennifer Rader


Seeking info on Sarah Elizabeth Litton. She married Mr. Watson, who died 4 May 1872, leaving her with a daughter, Mary, who was born in Boulware Twp, Gasconade, MO in 1870. Mary married George Wilson. Sarah remarried Samuel Jarvis 18 Jun 1873 in Linn, Osage, MO, and had 10 children.

Barbara Crouch


I am looking for my great-great grandparents: Charles Langford/Lankford Birge married Sarah Elizabeth Minks (where?) and lived in Gasconade County. First the father died, then the mother, possibly in Gascondade County,when their only child, William Langford/Lankford, was very young. He was raised either by her parents or a step-father, names unknown. They may have lived around Canaan. William, born 18 October 1868, married Nancy Melvina Cooper, who was born in Franklin County. Any help would be appreciated. Are there newspaper records available around 1864? Charles died from eating a poisonous plant, might have made the news.

Debra Wells


I am looking for information about my ggrandfather Marshall LUNDAY and his wife Amelia Emeline MARSHALL. Marshall was b. c1838; Amelia was b. c.1847, both in Mo. I have been told they were living either in Osage or Gasconade counties. They married June 1, 1863.



I'm searching for information on my great grandfather and great grandmother: HENRY F. G. GROTE and SUSAN GROTE (nee MAUPIN) and their ancestors. Henry was born in 1848 and died in 1932. He was Postmaster at Rosebud in 1912 and also owned a grocery store. Susan was born on May 13, 1850 and died in 1910. She was the daughter of JACOB and RHODA (nee HOLT) MAUPIN. Henry, Susan, Jacob, and Rhoda are all buried in New Salem Cemetary at Rosebud.

Garry W. Coulter

Surname: COULTER

I am interested in any information on Hiram Coulter b.1847(?) It was my great-grandfather and we are trying to find his father & grandfather. We are told gradnfather was John Coulter(Colter).Owensville area is where my grandfather was born in 1903. Please send information to:

Brenda Kerns


Seeking name and address of Catholic Church in Hermann, MO

Seeking information on John J. DRULLINGER - lived in Callaway County, MO in 1906; lived in Montgomery County, MO in 1918. Member of ? Catholic Church in Hermann, MO. John married Cora Lottie ATTERBERRY on 06 Feb 1906 - do not know where.


James Aytes

Surnames: AYTES

I looking for ancestors and descendents of Hiram Aytes , Alonzo Aytes and Sylvester Aytes . Hiram died in Tennessee about 1870 Sylvester and Alonzo moved to Gasconade county with their mother and family about 1870 . Her name was (Mary Jane Vandergriff )(Aytes) and she married William (Seymoure)( Seymour) depending on which member of the family you talk to .

Barbara Freeman


Anna Lucretia SELLERS, b. April 16, 1877 in Hermann, Gasconade, MO, m. abt 1896 in Pike Co IL to Francis Phillip SAXBURY and d. December 29, 1961 in Pittsfield, Pike Co IL. Her father was Miles SELLERS and mother was Mary KINNAMON. Children of Francis & Anna Saxbury were: Mable Irene (m. William SEBA), William Benjamin (m. Alma Ruth BLACKETTER) and Dorothy. More information on these lines can be found at:

Laura Foreman


William Julius Rommel, born August 13, 1850 married Catharina Johanna Quandt, born July 19, 1855 on May 25, 1976. William Julius Rommel was a druggest. Any info regarding how & where he was trained. Marriage certificate or church records, probably Lutheran. WJ Rommel's parents were John Jacob Rommel. born 1801 in Schaarndorf, Wurtenburg, Germany. Any info on when he arrived in MO. Wife's name was Louisa Schaefer, born October 17, 1822. Any info on her also their marriage information if available. Death notices on John J, 1881 and Louisa, April 24, 1898.

Catharina Quandt's parents were Philipp Quandt born in Germany;mother was Anna Maria Muller. Any information. Marriage and or death certificates; birth announcements of children. Anything.

LaVerne Frost

Surname: Young

I am looking for information on my g-grandfather, Christopher Columbus (Tobias) Young, born in Gasconade County, Hermann, Mo. in 1844.

M.M.Baldwin Westerfield


I searching for anyone who may have imformation on the following people in Gasconde Co and elsewhere. Isaac ROOKS mar Sarah REYNOLDS 7 Sept. 1862 in Gasconde Co. I know nothing about Sarah. Need Parents, siblings etc. Need imformation on Isaac's ROOKS siblings b in Grundy Co Mo. Louise , b 1837 b in Randolph Co Ind, mar Joseph "Joel" BORING 22 Feb 1860 Clinton Co Oh., Harrison b abt 1840, Smith b abt 1842 , Allen b abt 1845 , Millie Maxine b 1847 mar. Emanuel Brannan 30 Oct. 1862 Susanville, Lassen Co Cal. Their parents were William "Billie" ROOKS and Mahala SMITHSON died abt 1856 ?? Grundy Co Mo. My GGramo. was Millie Maxine. ROOKS BRANNAN .

Linda Neuner


I am looking for any info on these families. My Grandfather was George Michael Duffner, married to Lorena Catherine (FAES) They had 2 daughters: Rosemary Emma & Frances Caroline. Bro/Sis of George were: (?) Fred - Frank - Caroline {Carrie} (Hoffmann) Bro/Sis of Lorena Faes were: Edmund - Vernon - Hildegarde - Florence (all deceased) and Donald (still living)

Surname: HOELMER

I am looking for any info on the Hoelmer Family. My father was Orville John Hoelmer he was married to Frances Caroline (Duffner) Their children are: Dodorah Kay - Mitchell Orville - Susan Ann - Phyllis Lou - Larry George - Linda Sue.Orville was the only child of Harry & Mathilda (Mochel) Hoelmer. The family was from around the Swiss/Hermann area. Brothers of Harry were known to be Fred & Leander Hoelmer.

William Klein

Surname: WOBUS

I am searching for any information about my great grandfather Gottlieb Daniel WOBUS who was a minister or retired minister at Swiss, MO in Gasconade County in the late 1890s and early 1900s.

Jane Moore


I am seeking information on Luster ANDERSON. According to the 1850 and 1860 census, Luster lived in Third Creek Township,Gasconade County. He married Oleva BRANSON of Gasconade County in 1855. They had five sons: Hiram, Pierce, Brison Halligan, Allen, and Alfred. This family later moved to Crawford County, Missouri.


Surname: WELLS

I am interested in Peter Wells who lived in Gasconade county in 1830.All I know for sure is that Peter Wells married Nancy Simon(s) Gasconade county in 1823. I have a Peter and Nancy who may be these same folks.

Robert Moore


I am looking for the following surnames: HEMPELMANN, HEUMANN, SCHARNHORST. They have shown up in 1850 & 1860 census for Gasconade Co. Missouri.

Bob Lucas


Looking for descendants of Edward LUCAS and Mary "Polly" BURTON. They were in Gasconade Co from the 1840 to 1860 or 1870. Their children were born there.


Gordon F. Sieckmann


I'm looking for relatives named Koelling and Sieckmann who lived in Gasconade County near Morrison. The Koelling name is likely William or Wilhelm. The Sieckmann name is likely Henry Sieckmann.

Beth Talken

Surnames: NOLTE and HAHN

Looking for others researching the following NOLTE family: Henry NOLTE b.1804/d.1875 and wife Mary b.1807/d.1869 had 6 children: Henry, Martha, Frederick, Louis, Christian and Wilhelmina (Emma). Immigrated from Germany to Gasconade Co, in 1845. I am a descendent of daughter Emma who married Thomas Charles HAHN.


Harry A Isom


Seeking information on William W MARTIN who married Elizabeth ISOM, Dec 31, 1866 in county. Married by Rev William HAMBY. Possible other family members in area at that time.

Norma Stollmeyer Maier


I would like to find descendants of Heinrich and Wilhelmina Stollmeyer who arrived in NY on November 1, 1853. I believe they were from near Osnabruuck. There were 5 children--Anna, Maria, Heinrich, Jr., Elise and Johann Frederick. I am searching for information about Anna, Heinrich, Jr., and Elise.

Heinrich, Sr., became ill shortly after arriving in this country and died in the hospital on Ellis Island. In 1859 Maria married Franz Stolle; when he died he was buried on the Stollmeyer farm. Then, Maria married Christian Fleisch. Johann Frederick (Fritz J.) married Caroline Dorothea Lang. They are my grandparents.

I would like to know where this family lived between 1853 and 1800 when Wilhelmina and Johann Frederick are on census records in Richland Township. Johann Frederick bought this farm in April, 1881, from the Stolle family. I have absolutely no knowledge regarding Anna, Heinrich and Elise, and would like to contact their descendants.

O. C. Oakley

Surname: BRAND

Looking for information on Benjamin F. BRAND. He was in Casconade County in 1857 when he obtained 320 acres of land. Any hint of information will be appreciated.


Pansylea Howard Willburn

Surname: HOWARD

Seeking information about a HOWARD family in the area of Gasconade/Franklin Co., MO who had a son William D. Howard, born in MO, ca. 1834, and a daughter Elizabeth Ann Howard, born in the 1820s. Elizabeth Ann Howard married Joel Stites in Gasconade Co., MO, on October 21, 1841. I am particularly interested in learning about the families of Enoch Howard, Henry Howard, John Howard, and/or William Howard who seem to have been in the area of Gasconade in the 1820s, 1830s, and 1840s. The family of William D. Howard and of his sister and brother-in-law, Joel and Elizabeth Ann (Howard) Stites, were enumerated in adjoining households in the 1860 census of Madison Co., AR.


J. Moore


I am seeking any information concerning Luster ANDERSON (born 1832 in Tenn. -died 1884 in Crawford Co. Mo) that lived in Third Creek Township Gasconade Co. and Jakes Prairie, Crawford Co. He married Oleva BRANSON in 1855. Their children were : Hiram, Pierce, Brison Halligan, Allen, and Alfred

Shirley Hobson


I am look for information on Francis Marion Fitzgerald, his wife Ellen Burns Fitzgerald, and any of their children: Lee, Francis, Dicey, Mary, and others whose name I do not know. Their children were born in Gasconade County from 1866 to 1875.

Sue Ivie


I am searching for more information on a Mary Elizabeth Michels (Mikels). She died in Hermann, Gasconade County, MO on January 16th, 1920. She was 83 years old when she died. Her death certificate states she was a widow and her husband's name is not listed, but her parents names are listed as Bavarian Straub and Mary Marsh, both born in Germany. She was my husband's grandmother's aunt. My husband's grandmother was raised by this aunt, but his grandmother died in 1916, 4 years before the aunt. I am hoping to find any descendants or relatives of hers.


Bud Adams

Surnames: GROEBE

I am looking for Ancestors and descendents of August Groebe, Grebe (1900 spelling) born in Lippe Detmold, Prussia in Aug 1839. Immigrated to Gasconade Co. in 1855; married Sussna ? , born 1838, in 1861 with whom he had seven children, (five living in 1900). Their son, Gustav, born 1875 is still at home in 1900. Henriette Kattelmann, his older sister, born 1828, is also living with them at this time.

Diane Schroeder


Jesse Evans married Elizabeth Breckenridge in Wythe County. Jesse followed the Breckenridge family to Missouri after the death of Elizabeth. He settled in Gasconade County. He died in Osage County in 1843. His daughter Ann married James McCampbell and also moved to Missouri. Seeking any information on the Evans and McCampbell families.



Looking for Missy Nar Ballew Born Mar 1862 in or around Gasconade Co., m William Marion Archer 1879 in Grapevine, Texas. She is dau or G.dau of Jesse Ballew first white settler in Gasconade, co., Mo. She is buried in Carterville cemetery, Carterville, MO. died 1939. Any help appreciated.


William K. Sites 


I am looking for information concerning the VIEMAN family. Adam Vieman and his children (Garret, Lorenz, Johann, William, Sibilla (Vieten)) emigrated to Gasconade County in 1840. Garret Vieman farmed approximately 800 acres in the Brush Creek area (Bourboise River) of Gasconade County until his death in the 1890's. The farm remains in the family today and is owned and operated by my uncle John Vieman. This is the information I need:

Garret Vieman and wife Martha Ridenhour Vieman (1840's - 1900) - specifically the events surrounding Garret Vieman's death.

Adam Vieman - My GGGGrandfather came to Gasconade Co. in 1840 and died around 1841-45. I need to know events surrounding death, domicile, burial.

Lorenzo D. Vieman and 1st wife Mary McMillan (Bem, Oak Hill) - (1870- 1935)

Lorenzo D. Vieman and 2nd wife Henrietta Fort Benner Vieman (1880's +)

Post Office and store at Vieman, MO- near Redbird, off Shoemaker Rd.(1870-1915)

Wm.. Henry Tayloe and Isabell Vieman Tayloe (Oak Hill area - 1870-1930)

John Benner and Emily Vieman Benner - Oak Hill area/Benner Cem. - 1870 +)

Shelton family from Brush Creek area that married a Vieman (1840-1940).

Mary MacMillan - daughter of Daniel and sister of Thomas. She married Lorenzo Vieman around 1875 and died several years later. Buried in Buchard Cemetery near Bem, MO.

Lockhardt's or Lockhart's from Owensville area - 1870's - 1930's

Sweetheart Lockhart - who is this individual from Gasconade Co.?

Any information on the above would be greatly appreciated. I have a lot of Gasconade County information. As a former employee of the Mo. State Archives, I would be glad to help with research there (or newspaper items from State Archives in Columbia, Mo - especially Gasconade and Crawford County area.)

Hugh Mottern


I am looking for the burial site of Christenia Mottern BLEVINS, wife of Moses BLEVINS. She was born about 1800. They were living in Barloise Township, Gasconade County in 1850. Any help would be appreciated.

 Jackie Hobaugh

Surname: VON ARX

I am searching for information on the name: Von Arx. I believe my great-grandparents lived in Herman, Missouri in the late 1800's. I would appreciate any information on anyone with that last name who resided in Herman, Missouri. Thank you

Jeffrey Lawson

Surname: LAWSON

I am researching the Mathew Lawson who appears on the 1860 Federal Census for Gasconade County, Missouri, Canaan Township, Page 182. I take the Drury Lawson, enumerated on the 1860 census in the aforesaid county, township, and page, as his son. I am looking for connections between this Lawson family and that of William Lawson (1/2/1813-8/31/1867) living across the way in Franklin County; William Lawson 's family was enumerated on the 1860 Federal Census for Franklin County, Missouri, Beouff Township, Pages 42-43. Mathew Lawson's will was dated April 27, 1868 and recorded in Gasconade Co., MO on June 23, 1868; his daughter Elizabeth is named as his heir.

 Judith J. Shafe


Amstead E. MYERS m. Mary Jane HIATT 08 August 1850 in Gasconade Co, MO. I am attempting to research both lines. I have a copy of personal correspondence to Daniel B. MYERS, son of Amstead, from his cousin, E. A. Roberson, dated 04 November 1908 RFD 1, Box 29, Rosebud, MO. In the letter, E.A. is responding to Daniel's letter of inquiry regarding conditions of tombstones in the "graveyard". His cousin assures him that "they are standing good and solid". This leads me to believe that one--Mary Jane--or both of Daniel's parents are buried in the "graveyard". Where? (My mother has heard that Amstead went to Johnson Co, MO, with his young family after his wife died) E.A. mentions an Aunt Margaret who apparently lives close by, two children Pearl and Ollie, probably his, and "Pa and Ma are tolerable well". I am also assuming that E. A. Roberson's mother was a sister to Amstead. In another letter from S.G. Roberson, Collector of Warren County, MO, 01 July, 1903, (bro. or cousin to E. A.) he refers to seeing Daniel last at Uncle Hyram Myers' wedding in Saline Co; and "mother's Aunt 'Add' residing in St. Louis, MO."; signed "Your Cousin, S.G. Roberson" As for the HIATT/HIATTE line, I recently became aware that a Darius M. HIATTE--49, (father of Mary Jane), was listed in the US Census, Gasconade Co, MO; wf. Margareth--52, sons John T.--25 and Samuel--21, daus. Margareth--15 and Sarah--14, along with an Elizabeth--18 (wf. Of Samule G.W. HIATT); Darius M. HIATTE m. Margaret(h) ADAMS. (There are HIATTs who also resided in Franklin Co, MO.) I have a hand written note dated 20 August 1908, Gasconade Co, MO, listing birthdates beginniing with Mary Jane MYERS, Wm. HIATT, .....ending with Sarah HIATT; Crocker, Pulaski Co, MO. This and the two letters previously mentioned were among the personal papers of Daniel B. MYERS b.30 July 1853, Gasconade Co, MO; d. 11 November 1915, Johnson Co, MO, m. 22 November 1877 Susan Jane FICKAS, dau. of Jacob and Elizabeth (ADAMS) FICKAS--my GGG-parents. I also have several letters and notes to Daniel from the Commissioner of Garrard Co, KY Circuit Court regarding settlement of an estate of S. HIATT, of which Darius's heirs were entitled to 1/8, acknowledging that he had 8 children of his own. The correspondence also acknowledged that Mary Jane HIATT was deceased. I am pursuing the court records hoping for more information as 1/2 of the estate had been held up in the Court of Appeals. I'm seeking any information on either of these families. Especially the MYERS's as I haven't a clue when they came to Missouri and from where. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Maxine Baldwin Westerfield,

Surname: ROOKS

I am hoping to contact someone who knows about, or descended from Isaac ROOKS who mar. a Seymore in Gasconde Co abt 1860 or there abouts. Isaac is descended from Joseph and Elizabeth Jackson ROOKS of Grundy Co after 1835. Isaac's father was a son Of Joseph, name William his mother was Mahala Smithson and they mar. in Randolph Co Ind abt 1837. I am also looking for other siblings of Isaac, namely Louise, Harrison, Smith, and Allen. Millie Maxine a sister of Isaac was my ggrandmother who mar Emanuel Brannan in Susanville, Lassen Co. Ca 30 Oct. 1862. They ended up in Colfax, Wash. and Millei died there in 1925 at 78 yrs of age. Isaac's father died in Susanville, Ca abt 1864/5. Will share Gen.


Any info. on Julius Albert Schaef(f)er lived in Hermann in late 1850's thru 1880,then moved to St. Louis.Married Wilhamenia Kulman in 1857.


Surname: HOENER

I am seeking information regarding the family of my ggparents Henry Ernest HOENER b. 11 Jan 1842 Prussia, Germany, d. 16 Jan 1924 n. Bay, MO and Wilhelmina BRINKMAN HOENER d/o M/M Fritz Brinkman, b. 6 Oct 1847 in Lippe Detmold, Germany, d. 6 Dec 1917 Mt. Sterling, MO. They were married in 1917 in Gasconade County and lived on their farm on Third Creek near Owensville in the Woolen vicinity. Their children, all born in Gasconade County, were Henry A. Hoener, Christina Hoener Sickendieck, Ernst Hoener, Augusta Hoener Fritzemeier, Fred John Hoener, Edward Louis Hoener (my gfather), Minnie Hoener Niebruegge, Carrie Hoener Neese, and Emma Hoener.

Tonia White


Looking for information regarding a marriage between a James Madison Humphrey and a Sarah sometime between 1840 and 1845. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Anne Crase

Surname: Stephens

Henry J. Stephens is my 3rd gr-grandfather. He was b 22 Mar 1836 NC, d 7 Feb 1899 Franklin, MO. M. 7 Feb 1861 Gasconade, MO to Louisa Sullivan, d/o Francis "Frank" Sullivan & Lucy Holt.

I have never found anyone else researching him! I descend through his son, Tarleton Migail Stephens (b 28 Feb 1871) who m. Martha Jane Rodgers. Whatis it you are wanting to know? I can give you info on his wife/children and the ancestry of his wife, if you don't already have it. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea who his par/sibs are or what county in NC he was born.

Beverly Bennet

Surname: Bennett, Jarvis

I would really feel fortunate if I could get information on Bennett's or Jarvis. Elizabeth Jarvis married my gggrandfather Henry Hovey Bennett. Henry came from Illinois and settled in Mo. I do know they are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery and have located their graves, however I have really hit a brick wall. Their son Eugenus married Sarah Hassler and lived in Osage County until 1911 then moved to Pettis County. Would like to hear from anyone regarding these Bennetts.

Cameron Cox

Surname: Cox

COX, Abner Davis b14 Nov 1840 and Christana Allen b 1Sep 1843 Would like information on there ancestors. Do not know if Allen is her maiden name. Have this note from my Mother "Margrett died at age 2 yrs in route by covered wagon from where they (A D and C A ) came and was Buried at Owensville Mo must have died 1882." I have a list of Abner's and Christana's Children if that would be of any help to other people.


Melissa L. Davis

Surname: Davis

I am looking for any information on the surname Davis. My father-in-law, Charles Jefferson Davis was reportedly born in Gasconade in 1907. His father, Charles "Charley" Davis died around 1910 and C. J. Davis was taken in by relatives. Somehow C. J. Davis wound up in TX. ANY info would be greatly appreciated. I have been working for several years trying to find something.


David Nofsinger

Surname: Meyer, Hiatt

I am looking for information on Thomas A. Meyer, born 1836 died 1921. He was married to Margaret Emily Hiatt 1866 in Gasconade County. She died in 1914. Both of them are burried in Swiss, Missouri. They had 8 children, Frank Meyer (b. 1868), Alice (Meyer) Ruskaup (b. 1870), Luella (Meyer) Strunk (b. 1872), Thomas Meyer (b. 1874), Anthony Meyer (b. 1876), Christ Meyer (b. 1878), Carrie (Meyer) Schaumburg (b. 1880), and >Harry Meyer (b. 1888).


Fred M. Domke

Surname: Domke, Latall, Bock and Mast

I maintain a Web site for the Domke surname at My particular branch of the Domkes comes from the Stolpe area of Gasconade County. I would appreciate any information you have on the Domke, Latall, Bock and Mast surnames. I would be delighted if you would post a link. My particular family is at












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