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Officers for 2017-2019


  • To promote awareness of and interest in professional genealogical services
  • To promote professional standards in genealogical research, writing and speaking
  • To engage in activities which improve access, facilitate research and preserve records used in the fields of genealogy and local history
  • To promote awareness of activities and / or laws which may affect genealogical and historic research
  • To educate the membership and public through publications and lectures
  • To provide support for those engaged in genealogical pursuits as a business


Membership in the Heartland Chapter of APG is open to anyone who is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and willing to support the APG Code of Ethics.

  • Annual dues - $5.00 - to be mailed to Treasurer
  • For information about joining Chapter please contact our chapter representative:   Rebecca Christensen

Activities and Meetings

  • Meetings are held online and face to face at different locations
  • Field trips
  • Booths at genealogical events
  • Online discussions
  • Access to group communication site

More Information

For more information please contact our Chapter Representative. Contact:  Rebecca Christensen

Looking for a researcher

Many of our professional genealogists will be happy to assist with your research; speak to your group on numerous genealogical topics or provide a variety of other services. Most must charge fees to cover their expenses, investment in their continuing education, acquired experience and valuable time. We know you want excellence in the services you seek and we encourage you to contact our members to see if one can address your needs. Since we travel frequently to attend conferences and conduct research, please allow time for a response to your inquiries.