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Meeting Schedule:

APG Heartland Chapter meets monthly online or face-to-face at various research repositories. To accommodate our members schedules we alternate meeting times on a bi-monthly basis. On even months the meeting time is the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm and on odd months the meeting time is the 3rd Saturday at 12:00 pm.  Listed below are the scheduled online meetings for 2013 and 2014. The asterick (*) denotes a face-to-face meeting is scheduled.


April 16 (Tuesday) at 7:30pm

May 18 (Saturday) at 12:00noon

June 18 (Tuesday) at 7:30pm

July 20 (Saturday) at 12:00noon

August 20 (Tuesday) at 7:30pm

September 21 (Saturday) at 12:00noon

October 15 (Tuesday) at 7:30pm

November 16 (Saturday) at 12:00noon

December – NO meeting – Happy Holidays!


January 18 (Saturday) at 12:00noon

February 18 (Tuesday) at 7:30pm

March 15 (Saturday) at 12:00noon


For More Information

Contact:  Kathy Burhman, Program Chair