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Meeting Schedule:

APG Heartland Chapter meets monthly online or face-to-face at various research repositories. To accommodate our members schedules we alternate meeting times on a bi-monthly basis. On even months the meeting time is the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm and on odd months the meeting time is the 3rd Saturday at 12:00 pm.  Listed below are the scheduled online meetings for 2014. The asterick (*) denotes a face-to-face meeting is scheduled.


January 18 (Saturday) at 12:00 noon - Robbi Ryan - Records Preservation (RPAC)

February 18 (Tuesday) at 7:30 pm - Colleen Fitzpatrick presentation on Forensic Genealogy

March 15 (Saturday) at 12:00 noon - Thomas MacEntee - presentation on Social Media-Social Media Workshop: Marketing Yourself Virtually

April 15 (Tuesday) at 8:00 pm - Michael Hait - presentation on Online federal resources for genealogists

May 17* (Saturday) at 12:00  noon - face to face meeting at NARA in Kansas City, Missouri; The Importance of Language, Meaning and Terms we find in Records

June 17 (Tuesday) at 7:30 pm - group discussion - Article Analysis

July 19* (Saturday) - History and our Research:  do your homework first.  We might think this is a no brainer but how much history do we neglect or underutilize?  How analyzing history in relation to our ancestor’s era and locations at the beginning of our research can help determine the direction of research. Timeline comparison of history and our documents; the setting of our family; use history in our narratives when records are scarce. History and Genealogy interlocked. Discussion of go to resources we might use. Do you have favorite source or books you use for finding historical information needed in your researching?

August 19 (Tuesday) at 7:30 pm - To be determined

September 20* (Saturday) at 12:00 noon - Place to be determined - Discussing Brick Walls, Bring your problems or what has worked for you to the table. Discuss strategies. How reviewing or reorganizing helps us. A fresh perspective.

October 21 (Tuesday) at 7:30 pm - Writing: Writing our own Family History to Research Reports:  All things involved in writing. Sharing writing tips, good resources we should read.  Do we neglect writing a narrative about ourselves?  Have we thought about what will happen to our work after we are gone?  Have we thought about writing an article? The different styles and the important elements that should be included in research reports. Are we effective in our communication? The styles of reports. The importance of writing. Do we neglect our own citations etc....

November 15 (Saturday) at 12:00 noon - Sharlene Miller, CG - presentation about the Genealogical Proof Standard

December - no meeting - Happy Holidays!!


For More Information

Contact:  Kathy Burhman, Program Chair