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Mt. Hope


ALMSBURY, William Attempts Suicide
Clinton, MO - December 1885
Monday afternoon, William Almsbury, on the Allen Dorman farm about 6 miles north of town, attempted suicide by hanging in the stable and would have succeeded if his wife had not discovered the body and cut it down with an axe. Dr. Jas. F. Land was called and Almsbury was able to come to town Wednesday.

ARENS, Aloysuis Injured With Gun
Montrose Recorder, Montrose MO - September 12 1913
Aloysuis Arens living south of town received a very painful and serious injury of the left hand Tuesday morning by a shot gun being accidently discharged. He was standing on the porch holding the gun when it was in some manner discharged, the load passing through his left hand. He was taken to Dr. MillerŐs office where the wound was dressed. The forefinger was taken off.

ARNOLD, C. C. Off For Gettysburg
Montrose Recorder, Montrose MO - July 4 1913
C. C. Arnold, former editor of the Recorder, left Friday for Gettysburg, Pa., where he will attend the old soldiers reunion the first four days in July. He will also visit relatives in other Pennsylvania points.

AVERY's Visit Old Homestead
Clinton MO - March 1901
A.C. & J.M. Avery visited the old homestead Monday when they attended their sister's funeral at Sardis. The old house, which was the first built of hewn logs in the county, was built in March 1832 and still stands, but dilapidated. They also followed the little path that led to the spring their father first drank from 70 years ago this March and recalled the older folks telling that when they first arrived here on March 12, 1831 the only thing out for spring was the buckeye buds and one of the two yoke of oxen ate them and died. A buffalo was killed near the homestead and wild animals, including wolves, were plenty.


BAKER Horse Killed by Train
Montrose Recorder, Montrose MO - October 3 1913
Last Saturday afternoon the dray team of E. Baker became frightened by a passing through freight and ran away, which resulted in the death of one of the horses. The team was standing by the tracks, the driver being in a dwelling delivering some groceries, when the train passed and the team started, running into the train which instantly killed one horse and bruising the other considerably. The tongue was broken from the wagon and the harness damaged some.

n/a - Clinton Daily Democrat
Joseph V. Beaty, 24, USNR, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Beaty, Blairstown, MO., piloted a Helldiver on 29 missions during his recent tour of duty in the Pacific. Now returned to the United States on leave, he was assigned to the bombing squadron of Air Group Nine and saw action over Tokyo, Iwo Jima, Oita, and Okinawa. During its four and one-half months tour of duty aboard an ESSEX-class carrier, Air Group 9 exacted a heavy toll of damage from the enemy. Its fighter squadron shot down 128 Jap planes; the fighter-bomber squadron bagged 51 and sank over 7,000 tons of warships; the bombing squadron helped sink an Agano-class light cruiser and the torpedo unit assisted in destroying the 42,000-ton enemy battleship, Yamato. Thirteen dive bombers, seven torpedo planes and 16 fighters from Air Group 9 roared down on the Jap cruiser in a coordinated attack. Thirteen bombs crashed into the stricken warship in as many seconds, followed by five torpedoes. The Jap vessel was literally blown to pieces. Meanwhile, torpedo planes from the group joined in the attack on the Yamato. In supporting the Okinawa operation, Air Group 9's pilots routed Jap air attacks on U.S. warships. In one engagement two Hellcat fighter pilots disbursed 35 Jap plans without any damage to either of the two Hellcats. Eight Jap planes were downed in the Melee. Air Group 9 was led during the first part of the tour by Cdr. Philip Torrey Jr., USN, who was shot down over Tokyo in February. He was succeeded by Lt. Cdr. Herbert N. Hauck, USN, of River Falls, Wis.

BLEW, Oden No Trespassing
Montrose Recorder, Montrose MO - March 14 1913
All persons are hereby notified not to trespass upon the land where my coal bank is north east of Montrose, either north or south of the railroad track or upon any part of said farm. All persons trespassing upon said land will be prosecuted to the full extent of law. - Oden O. Blew

Montrose Recorder, Montrose MO - July 4 1913
A pretty wedding ceremony was performed by Rev. Father Hovestadt at the Catholic church last Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock when Henry Boden and Miss Louisa Fiersick were united in holy wedlock. Immediately after the ceremony the bridal party went to the home of the brides parents where a wedding breakfast was served. The bride is the only daughter of John Fiersick and wife and is held in the highest esteem by her large circle of friends. The groom is a hustling young farmer south of town and has many friends who are pleased to learn of this event. On Tuesday night a reception was given for the happy couple at the home of the brides parents attended by a large number of young folks from Montrose and surrounding country. The young couple received a number of useful presents. The Recorder and readers join in wishing the couple many years of happiness. They will reside in Montrose.

Henry County Democrat, Clinton MO - January 3 1924
Their many friends will be interested to learn of the marriage in Kansas City Sunday of Albert Bratzler and Miss Grace King. They were married by Rev. Waters at his residence. Mr. Bratzler is one of the proprietors of the Bratzler Dry Goods Company, and is indeed a very popular young business man. For years he was one of the mainstays on the Clinton baseball team and since then, he has donated his services as umpire, and has made a great host of friends who will forget their natural aversion to a baseball umpire to wish
Albert happiness. Mrs. Bratzler is a daughter of County Judge J. D. King and formerly lived here. She is a very beautiful and talented girl with a large circle of friends. She has been employed in the claim department of Wolferman's store, at Kansas City. The Democrat unites with the many friends of this worthy couple in extending congratulations and good wishes.

Montrose Recorder, Montrose MO - June 6 1913
Ernest Brown, of Deepwater and Miss Reta Lindimore, of Montrose, were married in the rest room Thursday by Squire Dillon. Both are popular young people of their communities. The groom is a hustling young farmer. Miss Lindimore formerly attended school in our city and has many friends who wish the young couple long happy years of wedded life. - Clinton Eye

Montrose Recorder, Montrose MO - April 25 1913
One of the prettiest weddings of the season was that of Mr. William Joseph Brownsberger and Miss Irene Cecilia Huber of Boonville, Missouri. Rev. Fr. Krissman, pastor of the church assisted by Rev. Fr. Hovestadt of Montrose performed the ceremony in the presence of a large circle of relatives and friends at nine o'clock Tuesday morning, April 22, at SS Peter and Paul Catholic church, Boonville, Missouri. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Clara Huber, as maid of honor. Mr. Albert Brownsberger, brother of the groom was best man and the ushers were Ben Huber of Muskogee, Okla. brother of the bride, and Schuyler Dauwalter of Boonville, Missouri. The bride, a beautiful and attractive blond, one of the most popular young ladies of Boonville, was gowned in a tailored coat suit of French Serge navy, carrying a beautiful shower bouquet of brides roses and sweet peas, entered the church on the arm of her brother, John M. Huber, who gave her in marriage. Miss Clara Huber was gowned in a tan tailored coatsuit, and carried a handsome bouquet of cream Killarney roses. An elegant wedding dinner was served at the home of the bride. Mr. Brownsberger needs no introduction. William is one of Montrose's most energetic and active young business men, being mayor of the town, a leader of the commercial Club and always in line to progress and further the business interests of our city. The young lady he has chosen for his bride is very amiable and deserving of the best in her choice for a life companion. We gladly welcome her to Montrose and wish this worthy young couple life's choicest blessings. Those attending the wedding from Montrose were: Rev. Fr. Hovestadt, Albert Brownsberger, Mrs. Theresa Brownsberger, mother of the groom and Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Cole. Mr. and Mrs. Brownsberger after a trip of some ten days to Galveston and the Gulf coast will reside in an elegant home in Montrose on East Third Street which has been made ready for their coming.

BROWNSBERGER, William J. Serenaded
Montrose Recorder, Montrose MO - May 9 1913
Wm. J. Brownsberger and bride returned Tuesday night train from their wedding tour - their return at this time was a bit of a surprise to a group who had planned big doings on their home coming. The newly married couple went at once to the home made ready beforehand for them. Later in the night the Montrose Concert Band serenaded them at their home. Mr. and Mrs. Brownsberger met the number and thanked them for the courtesy.

Henry County Democrat, Clinton MO - January 3 1924
On Friday evening at 4 o'clock, Rev. A. N. Lindsey united in marriage Mr. J. E. Burgess, of Freeport, Texas, and Miss Montess Lain, of Clinton. The groom is a young business man of Freeport, and the bride is a daughter of W. P. Lain, of West Clinton street. A host of the bride's friends will join in proffering their best wishes with congratulations to Mr. Burgess. Immediately after the ceremony, they left for their future home in
Freeport, Texas.