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16th Missouri Infantry Roster Company F

Confederate Army - Civil War

Submitted by Marlene Beaty

The 16th Missouri Infantry was Commanded by Col. Sidney Drake Jackman, Col. Josiah H. Caldwell, Col. Levin M. Lewis, Lt. Col. Pleasant W. H. Cumming and Lt. Col. Jesse P. Herrell. Organized August of 1862 as the 7th Missouri Infantry, and served as such until being redesignated as the 16th Missouri Infantry in January of 1864. (Not to be confused with Col. Cyrus Franklin's 7th Missouri Infantry.)

The 16th Missouri Infantry fought at the following engagements: As the 7th Missouri Infantry it was in the Battle's of Lone Jack MO, Battle of Prairie Grove Arkansas, and the Battle of Helena Arkansas. As the 16th Missouri it was in the Red River Campaign, and fought in the Battle of Pleasant Hill Louisiana, and Jenkins' Ferry Arkansas. It surrendered on May 26, 1865 under Gen. E. Kirby Smith's Department of Trans-Mississippi.

An interesting story about the flag is recorded in the Louisiana Historical society. Upon the 16th Missouri's surrender, the regiments Lieut. Colonel W.P.H. Cummings, could not bear to see the dear ole flag be given up. He there for took off his coat and vest, and wrapped the flag around his body. Replacing the coat and vest, he took his parole and promptly bore the flag home, thus keeping it from being captured by the Yanks.

The 16th Missouri's Battle flag was last seen around the turn of the century, when Lt. Colonel Cummings widow put it on loan to the Louisiana Historical society. Some how when the flag was returned, the notes that were kept during the loan has survived to this day in the society's archives, thus giving a basic description of the flag. It was the Missouri Brigade Battle flag and was made out of bunting. The Flag was a dark blue flag with a red boarder on 3 sides. A white Latin Cross was on the dark field nearest to the pole. (See picture at top of page.) Attempts to locate the original flag have proven to be unsuccessful, and we can only speculate of its final fate. - James "Duncan" Crofutt

Adair J.N.
Adair A.E. - Sgt.
Anderson James
Anthony B.F.
Armstrong J.S.
Atkins M.
Beard S.H.
Beaty B.
Beaty L.P.
Beckett John
Blakley J.J.
Bowman N.B.
Brannin T.W.
Brown Thomas
Caldwell T.J. - 3rd Lt.
Calvert Walter
Carpenter S.W.
Casey G.M.
Casey R.B.
Childers H.L. - Sgt.
Childress B.F.
Childress W.H.
Clark Henry
Coats H.C.
Covington E.B.
Craig J.M.
Criswell H.B.
Cumming M.W.
Cunningham William
Divers J.H.
Divers Stephen
Divine W.H.
Donald S.H.
Dudley L.B.
Dudley B.F.
Dunn J.A.
Edwards D.C. - 1st Sgt.
Egbert J.D.
Faubion L.
Fewell J.M.
Finley W.H.
Finley J.T. - 2nd Lt.
Fitzgerald W.M.
Flemming S.R.
Flummerfelt M.
Fuque John
Garrett William
Gelham J.E. - Cpl.
Genoways T.S.
Gilham J.W.
Gilham Isaac
Gillett J.H. Capt.
Gilliam Thomas
Gipson S.
Gowins Jacob
Grant William
Gray W.P.
Green W.C.
Greer E.C.
Hawkins L.B.
Herrington J.L.
Hiser J.F.
Hiser J.J.
Hiser J.W.
Hite George
Holmes R.H.D.
Howard N.
Howard Samuel
Howarton J.B.
Hunt H.C.
Hunt T.D.
Jeffries George
Jennings T.F.
Jones R.E.
Jones W.
Jones V.
Jones J.C.
Judon T.P.
Keys William
Lakey John
Lane J.M.
Lane P.D. - 1st Sgt.
Laney J.M.
Lewis W.C.
Lindsay R.T.
Malby Thomas D.
Martin W.A.
McClanahan A.
McClanahan William
McClanahan Thomas - Cpl.
McClinneck D.
McCowan J.S.
McMahan J.H.
McMahan James
McMahan R.
McMahan George
McMahan ---
McMahan H.W.
Means J.W.
Miller C.C.
Motsinger P.H.
Nave J.
Neil D.P.
Neil J.P.
Neil J.M.
Neil J.B. - Cpl.
Newland Abe
Null D.P.
Osborne T.B.
Page Joseph
Parsons G.W.
Paxton B.D.
Points C.A.
Powers T.H.
Ramsey J.L.
Reed William
Reed Thomas
Rice J.E.
Shockley W.F. - Cpl.
Smith R.B.
Sparks Alfred
Stewart R.M.
Stiles David
Strong J.E. Capt.
Tanner N.B.
Thomas W.D.
Thomas T.M.
Thompson S.M.
Thompson J.D.
Thompson W.H.
Votan John
Walker James
Wall J.M. - 1st Lt.
Wanack James
Webster J.F.
Webster M.V.
Webster W.F.
Wells H.C.
West J.H.
Whitaker C.
Williams J.P. - Sgt.
Wood John D. - Sgt.
Yankee J.A.