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Holt County, MO Biography

John GLENN of Mound City was born in Gallia Co., Ohio on May 23, 1818. His grandfather, William Glenn, was one of the pioneers of the southern part of Ohio having emigrated there from Virginia when John Glenn's father, George GLENN, was very young. John GLENN'S mother was Nancy CARLISLE, also a native of Virginia who immigrated with her parents to Ohio. He grew up in Gallia Co. which offered only the most rudimentary opportunities for schooling; as a result, he had to depend on outside resources and his own industry for an education.

On Jan.1, 1840 John GLENN married Jane DUPRE of French ancestry. He continued to farm and engaged in milling in Gallia and Highland counties until 1860. He moved that year to Mo. and selected Holt Co. as having the most promise for new settlers. He purchased land in Whig Valley (this is some two miles southeast of the present town of Maitland); then, as now, one of the most fertile and beautiful farming districts in the county. Mr. Glenn lived there until 1870, taking no part in the Civil War, except to aid, as far as his sympathies and influence would go, the Union side of the contest.

He was elected representative from Holt Co. to the Mo. General Assembly in 1868, serving in the winter months for two years, an important time in Missouri's history. In 1870, he gave up farming, moved to Mound City and has engaged in the mercantile business with his son and son-in-law. He has had five children: Addison N. GLENN is engaged in the stock business at Mound City; Sherzada Angeline is deceased; George P. GLENN is a high school professor in Indiana; Nancy J. is the wife of William MACKOY, the present county surveyor and active Mound City businessman; and R. H. GLENN, one of the proprietors of the drug store in Mound City. Mr. Glenn's father, George GLENN, moved to Holt Co. from Ohio in 1865 and lives in Clay township at the age of 83.

Mr. John GLENN was an Old Line Whig and supported the party of Clay and Harrison as long as it existed. He became a Republican when that party was formed, has taken an active interest in political affairs and contributed to the success of the Republican party in Holt Co.

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