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Howard County, Missouri Queries
July - December 2002
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Sarah(surname unknown) married Henry WINGATE in January 1835 in Howard Co. MO. I am hoping that someone knows her maiden name and perhaps her parents. She married Daniel GRICE in 1849, Linn Co. MO and is listed as Mrs. Sarah WINGATE. Thank you for any lead or suggestion.
Fame--Fri Dec 27 11:37:16 2002
I am looking for information on the death of Robert Lewis WHITE. He died some time after March of 1847 when he and his wife Nancy Jane STINSON sold land in Howard Co to a Mr. RAY. His father was Richard White who died in Howard in 1825. His son was Benjamin Franklin WHITE, born in Howard Co in 1841.This family disappears until Benjamin re appears in Macon Co in 1860. {Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I don't expect this to be posted until Jan when life get back to normal after the Holiday. Thanks. Linda)
Linda Brown--Thu Dec 26 19:16:21 2002
Hello Listers, I was wondering if someone had the 1820 Census for Howard County, and if so could they Please do a look up for me? I have John , Squire and Francis MCGUIRE listed in Ray county 1830 and would like to know what McGuire's, or variation of the spelling are listed in Howard county. I know Ray evolved in 1820 or 21 from Howard County. Any help would be Greatly appreciated, Thank You for your time, Robert If you would like to see if you are related to my MCGUIRE's pleasae go to my site at :
Robert--Sun Dec 22 11:17:51 2002
I am looking for the Parents of Charles DUNHAM b 1855 in Fayette, Howard County, Mo. His Father was Chilian DUNHAM from Ireland. Ray Harden, 2517 First Ave, Perry Iowa 50220
Ray Harden--Fri Dec 13 07:31:41 2002
Anyone have a record of a marriage between years 1821-1840 between James Jackson, Jr. and Elizabeth Carson and their ages at time of this possible marriage?
Jerry Hendricks--Thu Dec 12 09:35:00 2002
Hello Listers, I am looking for information on McGuire Families in Howard county bewteen 1800 and 1820. The childrens names I have are all born out of state and moved here, they are found in the Ray county Census of 1830. There names are as follows: Rachael, Francis, Mary Jane, John, Sarah, Squire and Nancy Ann. Nancy Ann is seen marrying Nehemiah O'Dell or Odd (have seen both spellings)in 1818 Howard county. John Married Nancy Wheat 1827. Francis married Rebecca Jane Tarwater. Squire married Sarah Rowland. Rachael married Nehemiah O'Dell ( after sisters death ). Sarah married Allen O'Dell. If you would like to see if you are related to this family please go to my site at : As always ANY information would be greatly appreciated, Robert. I can be reached directly at
Robert Randall--Wed Dec 11 08:29:49 2002
Hello Listers, I am looking for the marriage of my Nancy Ann McGuire to Nehemiah O'Dell in 1821. I know that Ray County (where they are listed as living) came from Howard county. Hoping records may be here. This Nancy Ann would have been 12 to 14 at the time and one or both of her parents would have had to sign or give permission for the marriage. I need the date of marriage and the parents name that signed or gave permission. This information is not listed in Ray county. Thank you for your time, any help would be greatly appreciated, Robert
Robert Randall--Thu Dec 5 09:12:47 2002
Looking for children of Joseph Fields and Susannah Leach. Family came to Howard Co abt 1822 from Scott Co, KY. Joseph d in Howard Co 1850. When did Susannah die? In addition to William C. Fields, who were their children? See the following research report for additional details.
Gerald --Sun Dec 1 22:06:04 2002
Looking for information greatgrandfather Henry H. SMITH b. 1851 Tennessee, m. 1876 Missouri d. sometime between 1880 & 1890? in Howard County..buried at Mt. Pleasant (Howard or Boone or Cooper Co.'s) Father of William Archie SMIHTH b.1881 (& also a girl who died at a young age?) wife: Sarah Agnes BAILEY b. 1843 d. ?? Especially interested in middle name, date of death and name of Henry's Father & Mother ( Tennessee)
Russell Smith--Tue Nov 19 13:30:15 2002
I am looking for any information on Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS born April 5, 1837 near Fayette, Howard Co., MO. Her father was William W. WILLIAMS. She married David MORGAN in Monroe Co., MO January 12, 1860. Any information on this WILLIAMS family would be appreciated.
Mary Beth Dollar--Sun Nov 17 10:41:47 2002
I'm looking for information on Tyson DINES, his wife Mary STAKES or STOKES DINES and their children, Tyson, Sarah.
Craig Winter--Thu Nov 7 16:31:45 2002
Looking for any information on Nancy BLURTON CHIPLEY of Howard County. Nancy was married to Henry CHIPLEY. Per the 1880 census they had 8 children. Tabitha, May, Catharin, John, Minnie, Alice, Deller, and Walker Chipley. The family lived in Boons Lick.
Aldra Allison--Mon Oct 28 17:29:42 2002
Looking for any descendants of my great grandaunt Marion (NEIL) BARRON who was born 1839 in Kent Co.,Ontario, Canada. She married a John BARRON (b. 1836) from Howard Co., Missouri in 1869 in Kent Co., Ontario and moved to Howard Co., Missouri. I located them via the new online 1880 census from the LDS and it shows them living in Richmond, Howard, Missouri. I am not sure whether Richmond is a town or township. They had at least 6 children, Nellie(married Thomas Tatum Ketchum), William, John, Anna (married Charles Smith), Marion and Charles. Any information at all would be appreciated as I have been looking for this family for years.
Robert Neil--Sat Oct 26 17:12:09 2002
John & Rebecca HENSON of Greenville Dist, SC d in Howard or Ray Co, MO. Dau, Mary HENSON b 1796 Greenville, SC d 1860 Monroe Co, MO m 21 Dec 1825 Howard Co, MO. Archibald TAGGART ch 7 Sep 1787 Kirkubright, Minnigaff, Scotland. d bef 1860 Ray Co, MO s/o William Taggart & Mary Marshall, who died in Howard Co, MO [I think]Known children: 1-NANCY JANE TAGGART b 1827 Howard/Ray Co, MO d aft 1880 Jasper Co, MO Bur Galena, Cherokee, KS m 24 Feb 1841 Monroe Co, MO [MARRIAGE RECORD is from Bible of youngest child, THEODORE SEBASTIAN DRY.] JAMES J. DRY b 1823 Allen Co, KY d aft Jun 1880 Jasper Co, MO 2-MARTHA C. TAGGART b 1831 Howard/Ray Co, MO d aft 1868 Coweta, Wagoner, OK m 2 Jan 1851 Monroe Co, MO WILLIAM B. "BUCK" DRY b abt 1827 Allen Co, KY d 19 Aug 1902 Coweeta, Wagoner, OK !MARRIAGE Bk II, p. 41, Monroe Co, MO [copy of Marriage Book page]: WM. B. DRY }STATE of Missouri, County of Monroe. I, HENRY THOMAS, preacher To } of the Gospel in the Christian Church Do certify that I Martha TIGET} did on the 2nd day of January A.D. 1851 Celebrate the rites of Matrimony between WILLIAM B. DRY & MARTHA TIGRET both of lawful age & of the County & State aforesaid. HENRY THOMAS Filed April 3rd 1851 & duly Recorded. JOHN G. CALDWELL, Recorder !MONROE CO, MISSOURI MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1831-1849, Vol. II [Film #975086]: p 41 Dry, William B. to Tigat, Martha NANCY & MARTHA were sisters who marr brothers, JIM & BUCK. Need info on HENSONS & TAGGARTS who were in Howard & Ray Co, MO. Any help greatly appreciated. Kathy in Utah
Kathleen Overman Tobiasson--Tue Oct 22 23:58:32 2002
I found this in Howard county deaths. Can any one tell me where she was buried? GEE, Matilda sc: female, white; ao: 59y -housewife; dt: 17 Sept 1885, 12 p.m.; ms: widow; nw: American, Kentucky; pd: Howard County, MO; cd: cardial dropsy; cdd: one week; pdb: Howard County, Mo 18 Sept. 1885; up: Swirk & Bower, Fayette, MO; rp: J.H. Crosswhite, Armstrong, MO Leon
Leon Gee--Tue Oct 8 21:09:31 2002
My Grandfather Rice PRITCHETT had several siblings, Carrie PRITCHETT, was one of his sister's. They were living in Howard County, Mo. Carrie PRITCHETT Married the Rev. Robert NEAL and they had a daughter named Ruth. Ruth grew up and married Albert TRUE of Chanute Kansas, I beleive the TRUEs were from Chanute, Kansas. I need anyone that can tell me if they know what happened to Carrie PRITCHETT and her family. Are there any descendant's still living that can get in touch with me on Carrie PRITCHETT . Carrie PRITCHETT's father was Strother PRITCHETT from Va, Ky, Mo....... Thankyou, Cheryl Wallace
Cheryl Wallace--Wed Oct 2 08:20:42 2002
Looking for the names and birth/death information of Ruth Burris parents and siblings. Ruth Burris married Samuel Blyth on Sept. 7, 1943 in Howard County, Missouri. I would also like information on the children of Thomas Pendleton Burris and Susan E. Blyth.
Judy Burris--Wed Oct 2 02:39:45 2002
I have relatives born in Howard County, Mo which is Fayette, Mo. My Grandmother Hattie Bell Duncan Pritchett was born April 9, 1880 in Howard County, Mo, she married Rice Pritchett Dec 25, 1901 I beleive in same county. My Grandmother Hattie Bell Duncan Pritchett had a cousin name Etta Worrell about the same age and birth. I know Etta Worrell hung around my grandmother growing up. Most of the Worrell's I am related to are from N.C., Virginia,Kentucky etc. If anyone has information on Etta Worrell, please contact me at thankyou.
D.Cheryl Wallace--Tue Oct 1 09:53:28 2002
I have two sister that married and lived in Haoward County. They are Olive Keithley born in KY in 1826 and she married Robert Rowland who was born in 1821 and died in 1878 in Howard County but is buried in Boone County near Harrisburg. Olive and Robert's children are: 1) Homer, 2) Luella who married L.M.Ricketts, 3) James, 4) Sallie born 1848, 5) Thomas who was born 1850 and died 1914, 6) Jacob born 1857, 7)Isaac born 1858 and died 1893, 8) Cora 1861-1865 and she is buried in Boone County, 9), William Rowland 1865, and 10) Olam 1868. Any information on the family I would appreciate. Sarah Keithley born 1840 in Boone COunty married Azariah Grigsby Sarah died in 1904 in Howard County. Her husband died in 1902 in Howard County. Their children are: 1) Harry born 1890, 2) Paul born 1871 died 1902, 3) Olvie Rowland Grigsby born 1872 died 1978 married a Wheeler. Any information on this family I would appreciate also. Their brother Joseph who live in Boonville is my ancestor.
Carolyn--Sat Sep 28 10:04:35 2002
Strother Pritchett left Virginia by 16 covered wagons and slaves. His first wife died in route to missouri or shortly after arriving in Howard County, Mo. His first wife was Mary Powell who he married in Virginia. They had three children but the kids died of childhood diseases. When Mary Powell his first wife died, he remarried Martha Ann Powell cousin to his first wife. I have a letter dated Aug 7, 1978 from my Aun't Martha Irene Pritchett Philgreen telling my mother this. Strother Pritchett and Martha Ann Powell had several children and Rice Pritchett from Howard County, Fayette, Mo is one of the children. Can you look for any information on Howard county, Missouri Fayette, Mo for this family. Rice Pritchett's death certificate lists Strother as his father and Martha Ann Powell as his mother. Other children were: Gabriel Pritchett born Nov 5, 1878 died Sept 4th, 1957 in Kansas City, Kansas. Gabriel was Rice's brother. Lonnie Pritchett, Lena Pritchett, Josie Pritchett, Mollie Pritchett, Carrie Pritchett who married the Rev.Robert Neal but I don't know where maybe in Howard Co? Carrie Pritchett and Robert Neal had a daughter named Ruth Neal who later married Albert True. Any help is alway's appreciated and not expected. Rice my Grandfather was born Nov 6th, 1873. Thankyou and God Bless D.Cheryl Wallace
Dorothy "Cheryl" Wallace--Wed Sep 25 17:16:01 2002
I am interested in family of Hamilton and Sarah HITT THORNHILL who came to Howard County ca. 1860 from Virginia. Related families include FREEMAN and FLUD. They lived near Mt. Pleasant Church in NE Howard County, and may be buried there.
CAREY BANKHEAD--Wed Sep 25 11:53:21 2002
I am looking for any information on Thomas J. Keithley and his wife and family. Thomas was born in 1833 in Bourbon County,Ky and moved to Missouri around 1839. He married Julia Mead in 1869 and lived around Fayette on a farm. I am trying to find when they died and where they are buried. Their children are Robert Lee born 1874 and Harry born 1876. Harry died in 1918 and he married Mary Alice Drane. Their children were Thelma, Emmet who died in 1918 and Julia. Any information on Thomas and his children I would be happy to get. I would be glad to share what I have. Thomas is the brother to my guy Joseph who lived in Booneville.
Carolyn--Sun Sep 15 09:12:54 2002
Is there anyone searching in Howard County for the surname Duffield? I'm particularly interested in a Frederick Duffield who lived in either Howard or Randolph County in the 1880's. Gail Hocker
Gail--Tue Sep 10 15:43:57 2002
Does anyone have any information on LEWIS MONROE (MUNRO) who lived in Howard Co. in 1827? I have a tax receipt showing his name for that year. It was in the possession of James Stewart Monroe (1814-1884) who was b. in Howard Co. and in 1852 moved to Oregon and then to California. I assume Lewis was James Stewart Monroe's brother and thus a son of William M. Monroe and Jerusha Williams, but I have no evidence other than the tax receipt.
Stewart Monroe--Sun Sep 8 08:34:35 2002
Searching for names of children of JUSTINIAN WILLIAMS. They may have lived in Howard County before Cooper County was formed
Nell Clem--Thu Sep 5 14:37:02 2002
Mildred Mae Crigler daughter of Donie Surtin Married Isaac Clevland (Pete) Johnson in Howard Co. Fayette Mo. in 1924 & they settled in Slater Mo. Pete was married to Hallie M. Burnet first had 1 dau. Hallie Coreen Johnson. Pete & Mildred had 3 boys & 1 girl-Irene- Marvin- George-Robert
John Johnson --Fri Aug 16 14:49:03 2002
Can someone on this list help me? I am searching for a family named Colley who took in my grandmother, Cynthia Marie Dougherty around 23 Mar. 1911. Cynthia was b. 1899 & d. 1967. Her mother, Eliza Belle Atkins Dougherty, 1875-1911, remarried after her first husband Thomas Oswald Dougherty died in 1904. Eliza then married John Hamilton and died nine days after giving birth to their second child. Family history indicates that the Colley family took her home with them immediately after the funeral of Eliza, to somewhere in the Randolph CO. area. Any information would be of help. Thanks
Charlie DeVore--Tue Aug 13 13:55:50 2002
I am looking for any information I can find regarding my GG Grandfather George W. Ballinger. Last Record I find of him is that he was captured while serving with F L Robertson's Regt of the Missouri State Gaurd near Milford Mo. Was listed as a Prisoner at McDowell College Military Prison Feb 4, 1862 took the oath and was Discharged. Previous to the war he was listed in the Census Records as Living in Missouri Township and Cambridge.
Pat Ballew--Sun Aug 11 15:22:31 2002
Looking for parentage of Lillie Pesch Hellyer who is buried in Walnut Ridge Cemetery in Fayette Missouri Howard County. Any help appreciated. thanks Kaye Webb
Kaye Webb--Mon Jul 29 10:15:35 2002
I am looking for anything on John Holman OVERSTREET (his father was Charles LaFayette Overstreet, Charles' father was William Bruce Overstreet)or William Henry JOHNSON. John's son, Lance Overstreet (no middle name) married Ethel JOHNSON (dau. of William Henry JOHNSON) who we believe to be Native American (Blackfoot) Ethel's mother was Rosa Faye TOALSON (or TOLSON) These people were all in Howard Co., MO from about the mid-1800's. Any information would be appreciated. I have just started researching, but I live in Howard Co., and would be willing to share information.
Kitty Overstreet--Thu Jul 18 18:38:02 2002
Hi, I am searching for information and family members, of my fathers family. He was Dewey Hobson PALMER, born in Jan 27, 1898, in Fayette Mo, Howard county. we think.. His parents were John henry Palmer Jr and Carrie Dell Woods, John Henry Palmer Senior was married to Sarah Elizabeth Bunnell. He died in 1866 in Renick mo Randolf County of Thyphoid fever. Elixabeth then married a Charles Stewart and then ? Baker. She is buried in the Fayette City Cemetary. We believe his father was named John Palmer, and his mother was Sarah Darnell PALMER...He had brothers named Robert, and Virgil, and a sister named Opal. He also had a nephew named Morris PALMER...I believe Robert and Morris settled around Huntsville Missouri. I remember meeting Robert when I was a small child...But never met my grandparents, Virgil, or Opal. My father was married 2xs'. He had two children from his first marriage named Dixie and Doris....Dewey later married Lena Margaret GREEN...I believe they may have lived in Huntsville Mo, before moving to Marshall Mo...My father passed away in the 1960s'...Does anyone know any thing about any of these people? Thank you very much for your effort on our behalf! May God Bless you in kind! Sincerely Shirley
Shirley Kays--Fri Jul 12 08:03:33 2002
I am looking to exchange and add information regarding John, Garrison, and William Patrick who settled in Howard County, MO 1810 to 1820. They were born in GA and had previously settled in Christian and Trigg County Kentucky. I am currently involved in a museum project involving a descendent of theirs, and ancestor to me.
Susan Kreizenbeck--Thu Jul 11 22:43:58 2002
hugh washington blackburn wear b: 15 aug 1820 m. 7 dec 1856 saline co fathered w. b. wear b:10-12-1859 anything on w. b. wear and everything
robert w. wear--Wed Jul 10 11:57:09 2002
William M. LEE is a distant grandfather and was born in Howard County in 1833 to Priscilla and John Lee of Virginia. On the 1850 Census Priscilla is listed with her children including William (pg204). Any information on John Lee would be appreciated.
Jim Fleming--Tue Jul 9 21:38:34 2002
Thomas E. Hancock married Maria E. Cropp in Howard Ct. in 1869. I am inquiring if records exist of Thomas marrying Maria in 1969 and having children: Susan, Adger, Joseph, and Lewis. Was she a Cherokee Indian and are there records of Thomas' parents, Franklin Hancock and Susan Browning? Thank you, Marvin J. Hancock 10465 Neland St., Raleigh, NC 27614 919-870-4438
Marvin J. Hancock--Tue Jul 9 09:23:14 2002
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