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Slaves owned by William Jefferson Smith, submitted by Harriet Stewart.

Slaves owned by William Jefferson Smith of Sunnyside, New Franklin, Howard Co. Mo.: VINY, the family cook. CINDY, Henry & John, Viny's children. Henry & John were about grown at time of civil war & went off & joined the army. Cindy was the house girl. APLHA, the cook of the negroes, also looked after milk & butter, who married, I believe ALLEN BLANKENBAKER, owned by Jonas Blankenbaker who was a preacher & tied the nuptial knots of the negroes, much beloved by white & black He came from VA, once married to NELLIE of VA. 2nd to Alpha , called "Uncle Allen", a cobbler. Sadly Uncle Allen closed each ceremony with "I pronounce you man & wife till distance does you part", JERRY, BLACKWEKK, DANIAL, THRONTON "Thornt" who had a large scar mark on his knee from a drunken brawl with Daniel. JAKE, beloved Uncle Jake who came with William Jefferson Smith from VA to Ky to Mo. to look for new land in the mid 1800's by mules. Jake died at Sunnyside July 12, 1877 & was between 75-80 years old in the cabin built for him near the house in 1870. Note CINDY married a negroe belonging to Mrs Scott & were both mulattoes.

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usgenweb missouri

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